We're so glad you've come to visit AudioVerse!  With so many thousands of messages to pick from, we know that it can be daunting to decide where to start.  So we've put together some playlists on various topics to help you with some options to pick from.  Many of the messages in these playlists are simply samples of the first few messages in much longer series that may be pertinent to what you're looking for. We pray you will be blessed by these messages and that you will be drawn closer to Jesus!

Happy listening!

Click the topics that interest you to view the recommended playlists:

Powerful Personal Testimonies

Inspiring stories of God's dealings in the lives of real people like you and me.

Encouragement When You're Down

Dealing with pain and uncertainty? Do you need a little inspiration? Need answers for aching questions?  These messages may help.

Is There Really a God?

These messages offer answers to this age-old question and others like it.

What Do Seventh-day Adventists Believe?

These messages help explain the unique beliefs of Adventists from the Bible.  Some of the listings are samples of longer series of messages that you may enjoy.

How to be Saved

How do I receive the free gift of salvation promised in the Bible?  How can my life be right with God?  These messages offer the answer.

The Sanctuary: God's Visual Guide to Salvation

The Hebrew Sanctuary was much more than just a tent in the wilderness.  It is a visual representation of God's message of salvation.  These messages will help demystify this most beautiful truth found in the Bible.

How to Find God’s Will for My Life?

Are you looking for guidance for your future?  Do you need help making big life decisions?  These messages will help you hear God's voice.

What Does the Future Hold?

God, through Bible prophecy, have foretold the future.  These messages pull back the curtain of the supernatural to reveal what the future holds by delving into the pages of Scripture, particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation.

How to Study the Bible

Interested in studying God's Word for yourself? These messages will give you the practical tools for how to do it.

Dating, Relationships, and Marriage

What does God have to say about the most intimate areas of life--our relationships?  Find out in these engaging messages.

Want to know more about AudioVerse?

If you're interested to know more about this ministry and would like to hear some stories of lives that have been blessed by it, watch this television interview of Tim Arakawa, Co-Founder of AudioVerse and Alistair Huong, Executive Director of AudioVerse.