Discovery Mountain, Season 1: Running from God?

by Jean Boonstra

Dramatized audio stories, designed to lead the young at heart to know Jesus.

Jake Donovan is running—running from something huge! Suddenly, he stumbles into something unexpected, a small town in the middle of nowhere! Jake discovers Discovery Mountain just as Jamey Simon arrives in town looking for her Grandad. Listen to these pilot episodes and discover Discovery Mountain and get to know the people living here right along with Jake and Jamey.

AudioVerse is grateful to the Voice of Prophecy for allowing our users to stream these stories completely for free. For more information regarding Discovery Mountain and how to obtain a set on CD, please visit the Discovery Mountain website for more information.


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01 - Discovering Discovery Mountain

02 - Gadget's Escape

03 - Jake the Jonah?

04 - The Lookout Ledge Prayer

05 - Discovering Home


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