Discovery Mountain, Season 2: Summer of Strife

by Jean Boonstra

Dramatized audio stories, designed to lead the young at heart to know Jesus.

It's time for Discovery Mountain Camp! Two campers, Ben and Judah discover that Discovery Mountain Camp isn't exactly what they expected—in more ways than one! In this season meet Miss Tamara and Miss Wendy, drama directors for the annual Discovery Mountain Camp drama production and listen to see if Ben and Judah can overcome their competition and jealousy and learn to get along.

AudioVerse is grateful to the Voice of Prophecy for allowing our users to stream these stories completely for free. For more information regarding Discovery Mountain and how to obtain a set on CD, please visit the Discovery Mountain website for more information.


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01 - Goodnight, Blackfoot Cabin

02 - Where's Mr. Garcia?

03 - Gadget's Very Sad Day

04 - "Brothers" of Strife

05 - Ben in the Spotlight

06 - "Mystery Boy" Returns

07 - Judah Goes “Oatmealing”

08 - Changed Hearts

09 - The Race Must Go On

10 - The Story of Joseph


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