AudioVerse is pleased to announce the launch of the most recent addition to our international media sites! With an audience of around two hundred and seventy-two million people in eight countries across five continents, AudioVerse in Portuguese is a very exciting new project for us. It is the language spoken by one of the fastest growing Seventh-day Adventist populations, and we are convinced that by God's grace this new site can play a big part in equipping and mobilizing God's Portuguese speaking people.


AudioVerse is a valued resource for people who share the common desire of a deeper experience with God's Word. We have been amazed at the impact it has had around the world. Through the international media sites, we see a golden opportunity to, little by little, influence entire language groups. Think of the magnitude of blessing that such simple a means can accomplish with the power of the Holy Spirit.  As we continue our ministry of expanding further into other languages, we ask for your prayers and support. Send us any ideas or resources that would add a blessing to this project, and if you would like to volunteer in any way do not hesitate to contact us at: