Through Solomon’s writings, God has given the youth of every generation solemn warnings: Remember your Creator in your youth. When all has been heard, Fear God, keep His commandments, for judgment will take place (See Ecclesiastes 12:1,13,14).

These warnings touch on questions of eternal significance, such as judgment and salvation; questions that have often left people without answers. Indeed, Ellen White wrote, “There is not one in one hundred who understands for himself the Bible truth on [the plan of salvation].” – 1SM 359.

How does salvation work? What does it mean when justice and mercy meet? Is the judgment something I need to fear? What is the role of Christ’s righteousness? What does this all mean on a practical level?

Listen along and discover the significance of these deeply interwoven subjects. It is GYC's desire that this conference will help us to heed the call of Solomon to remember our Creator in our youth, to see the good news of the judgment, and to grow in our understanding of God’s plan of salvation.

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GYC 2016 Seminars:

Amanda Anguish: From Shame to Glory

Sebastien & Candis Braxton: Advising Love: From Attraction to Anniversaries

Chad Kreuzer: Creation and Evolution - Which Faith Will You Choose?

Chester Clark: The Power of God's Word

Chantal Klingbeil: Meet the Prophet

Various Speakers: Mission Possible!

David Shin: Sanctuary Under Siege

Eric Wilson: The Dragon Revealed- Martial Arts, Mysticism, the Coming Last Great Deception!

Ganoune Diop: Coexist- Understanding the World Religions

Ingo Sorke: "Search Me, O God"- The Investigative Judgment in Daniel and Revelation

Janice Watson: For Women Only - Living a Life of Significance

Jared Thurmon: The Digital Revolution

Kameron DeVasher & Ted Wilson: Total Member Involvement

Mark Howard: Soul Winning 201- The Next Level

Melody Mason: Above and Beyond

Vicki Griffin: Living Free - Building a Better Brain, Body, and Habits for Good!