Over three hundred years ago in an English prison, an inmate wrote what would become one of the most influential pieces of religious literature in the history of the world.  From its first publication in 1678 until today, this book has never been out of print and has been translated into over 200 languages.  John Bunyan’s timeless classic has transformed lives and inspired generations.  Here’s what Ellen White had to say about it:

This book, The Pilgrim's Progress, portrays the Christian life so accurately, and presents the love of Christ so attractively, that through its instrumentality hundreds and thousands have been converted. [RH May 30, 1912]

As part of our initiative to provide wholesome media materials for the whole family, including our children, we are delighted to announce today that AudioVerse is making The Dramatized Pilgrim’s Progress by Orion’s Gate available to all our listeners. This unabridged, amplified, and richly narrated version of Bunyan’s beloved allegory will bring it to life as never before.  I think you will agree that it is one of the best audiobook versions of The Pilgrim’s Progress available today.

We are so thankful to Jim Pappas, adaptor and producer of The Dramatized Pilgrim’s Progress, for the permission to share this incredible story with the worldwide AudioVerse family.  Both the stories of Christian (part 1) and Christiana (part 2) are now available for free streaming through the AudioVerse website and mobile apps.  It will work in the new AudioVerse skill for Alexa and the Amazon Echo soon too!

If you are blessed by this adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress, we encourage you to obtain a permanent copy (in MP3 download, MP3 CD, audio CD, or book forms) for yourself or to give to a friend. Please visit the Orion’s Gate website for more information on how to purchase a copy.

Additionally, we are also launching an unabridged, non-dramatized version of The Pilgrim’s Progress audiobook. Simply visit the new “Stories” section of AudioVerse to find both versions as well as the stories we’ve shared previously from Your Story Hour.

Your Gifts At Work

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As we continue our efforts to provide more media material appropriate for the younger members in our families, we invite you to partner with us financially to press forward this work.  As pilgrims together on the journey to the Celestial City, let us recognize the many individuals still in the City of Destruction who need to hear the Gospel.  Your gifts are essential to enable them to receive that message.

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Your fellow pilgrim,

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. The Pilgrim’s Progress has come to AudioVerse!  You can find the incredible dramatized version by Jim Pappas as well as a non-dramatized version of both Christian and Christiana’s journeys in the “Stories” section of AudioVerse. Check it out and tell your friends!

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