Not long ago, my wife and I began the process of creating our estate plan.  As new parents with a young toddler in our family now, we realized that we needed to make plans in case we were to be taken from her prematurely.  In our preparation, we were reminded of the following principle from the Lord that we needed to keep in mind in our estate planning:

Parents should exercise the right that God has given them. He entrusted to them the talents He would have them use to His glory. The children were not to become responsible for the talents of the father. While they have sound minds and good judgment, parents should, with prayerful consideration, and with the help of proper counselors who have experience in the truth and a knowledge of the divine will, make disposition of their property. If they have children who are afflicted or are struggling in poverty, and who will make a judicious use of means, they should be considered. But if they have unbelieving children who have abundance of this world, and who are serving the world, they commit a sin against the Master, who has made them His stewards, by placing means in their hands merely because they are their children. God's claims are not to be lightly regarded. [3T 121.1]
While our initial motivation to create an estate plan stemmed from the need to make provision for the care of our daughter, we were reminded that we were not to transfer our stewardship responsibilities to her and forget the cause of God in our wills either.  We recognized specifically, as the next passage explains, that anything beyond what’s required to provide for the necessity for our family should be returned to God’s treasury.
Brethren, awake from your life of selfishness, and act like consistent Christians. The Lord requires you to economize your means and let every dollar not needed for your comfort flow into the treasury. [5T 156.1]

While our estate is not overflowing with assets by any stretch of the imagination and our young daughter will require many years of care, we did take to heart the challenge to not forget God in our wills.

Remembering the Lord’s Claims

Perhaps you are in a similar situation as me and need to create an estate plan or need to update one.  Please consider including AudioVerse as a recipient to give back to the Lord’s work.  Often the easiest and most efficient way of doing that is by making AudioVerse a beneficiary in your financial accounts or as a beneficiary in your will.

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