That’s right, AudioVerse has opened a store! You can browse the aisles right now at Be sure to bookmark it and check back often! 

Why A Store?

Many members of the AudioVerse family love our t-shirts, and up until now, we’ve only been able to sell them at conventions during the year. Many of those who just can’t catch us at those events have asked how they can get a hold of them. So we realized the simplest way was to create an online store so anyone can get them easily. Check out our selection of t-shirts here!

Besides t-shirts, we also have many supporters who wish to get sharing materials to let others know about AudioVerse as well. So now you can order AudioVerse sharing cards, stickers, and pre-made promotional kits to help spread the word. Because we want everyone to hear, many of these sharing supplies can be obtained for only the cost of shipping. Check out the AudioVerse sharing supplies here!

More Than Just Swag 

Lest you think that this store is only stocked with AudioVerse-branded goodies, we recognize this store as an opportunity to share other relevant and helpful resources for God’s people. We look forward to using this new outlet to share powerful, insightful, and spiritually enriching materials with our users.

Here are just a few of the products we have available at launch from our partners: 

  1. The Discipleship Handbook – Those who have been through our AudioVerse Advance Personal Evangelism and Culture of Evangelism courses will be familiar with this resource. This powerful and practical handbook produced by the Training Center Church Committee of the Michigan Conference, along with its accompanying Mentor’s Guide, is a tremendous tool to help turn mere church members into active disciples of Jesus. It is an indispensable tool for every church. 
  2. Hindsight  – This insightful book by Dave Fiedler distills some of the most salient portions of Adventist history into a readable format that is sure to open your eyes to how the past has shaped our church of today. (This book is no longer in print, and to our knowledge, we are one of the only places you will find this book online!)
  3. Little Light Studios Productions – We are happy to offer a collection of many of the documentaries produced by our friends at Little Light Studios. Their hard-hitting yet enlightening DVDs have impacted many young people’s lives and have called them to a higher level of excellence in what they fill their minds with and how they spend their time.

There are many other exciting and unique resources we will be adding in the store in coming months, so be sure to check back often! The proceeds from the store will go toward defraying the cost of providing our free content and advancing the mission of AudioVerse in taking the Three Angels’ Messages to the world online. 

Save and Tell! 

As with most online stores, you can check out whether you have an account or not. But to make it as easy and seamless for our users as possible, we have built the store so that it utilizes the same account as on That means, if you already have a user account on to keep track of your playlists, favorites, and history (which we highly recommend you do), you can log in with the same email and password to the AudioVerse Store

To celebrate our launch, there is a 25% discount off everything in the store until Sunday, May 21.  Just use this coupon code when you check out:


25% Off Coupon Code: AVSTORE25


We need YOUR help to spread the word.  Please visit the store and tell your friends about it on social media!

As always, thank YOU for your continued support of AudioVerse. This store would have never happened if it weren’t for enthusiastic users letting us know how much they wished they could get a hold of our t-shirts. So we appreciate your input and your suggestions of great new ideas. And of course, this ministry is funded through the generosity of listeners like you, so we thank you for your faithful support! 

See you over at the store!

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. Did you hear? We’ve opened a store!  Use the coupon code "AVSTORE25" to get 25% off everything until May 21!  Visit us at and be sure to tell your friends!

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