How amazing that we have been called and chosen to serve the King of the universe! He seeks a personal with us and offers to involve us in the process of saving souls for eternity. Even though God has the unlimited resources of the universe at His disposal-millions of obedient faithful angels, unnumbered other created worlds and their inhabitants, enough gold to pave the streets, and infinite power-He chooses to ask us disobedient, weak, and poor human beings for help in this grand work of soul-saving. 

Yes, we have been called and chosen, but the decision of commitment is clearly ours. As much as God loves us and desires us to be a part of His team, He leaves the choice to us. Will we commit ourselves completely and wholeheartedly to the work God has called us to do? Let each one of us search our hearts and fully committ to serving Christ in helping to save souls for His kingdom. 

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ASI 2017: Called. Chosen. Committed.