Last year we shared with you our vision of providing engaging and character-building materials for the young ones in our families on AudioVerse. We took the first steps by creating a new “Stories” section on AudioVerse with content from several partner organizations throughout the year, but we’ve also been hard at work on a completely new project that we are introducing today: StoryTime Adventures!

This brand-new series of children programs, hosted by Ms. Michelle along with numerous young friends, are designed to engage your children’s attention and to fix lessons of faith and virtue on their little hearts.  Each monthly episode will feature a true story, scriptural lessons, and a memorable song that I think both kids AND parents won’t want to miss!

In our first episode available now, Claire meets Ms. Michelle at StoryBook Manor to hear the day's story entitled "The Indian's Revenge". Together with them, you will follow farmer William Sullivan during the early American colonial days, where a harrowing experience with a Native American would change his life forever. Are you ready to get started on your StoryTime Adventure? Just click here to listen to our very first episode! (And you can look for new episodes every month!)

You Can Help Too!

Do you want to help support the continuing development of other content for children and to help utilize technology to shape their young hearts for Jesus?  Consider a gift to AudioVerse  to partner with us in this important work today!  You may give by check to our address below or by credit/debit card via our online donate page.

Your gift will enable even more programs like this to be produced for our children!

Your fellow kid-at-heart,

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. AudioVerse has developed a brand-new series of children stories called StoryTime Adventures!  Each monthly episode contains a true character-building story, a scriptural lesson, and a memorable song all designed to fix God’s lessons of virtue onto young hearts.  We know that they will be a tremendous blessing to kids of all ages!  Listen to the first episode now entitled, “The Indian’s Revenge”!

P.P.S. Your help is needed to help AudioVerse continue to provide more wholesome media material for the children in our families.  Please consider a gift today either by check to our address below or on our online donate page.

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