The theme of the conference this year is “Something Better.” We know you are seeking something better — whether that is a better garden, a better family life, or a better walk with God. We believe God is calling all of us higher, and He wants to make this conference a time for growth. Whatever you came to learn, we pray you will find “something better.”

We come from different walks of life, different areas of the country, different levels of skill and knowledge, different races and ethnic backgrounds, but agriculture is a great unifier; the first and most basic of all occupations. We are all dependent on the garden! But an even more fundamental dependence is on the God who created the Garden! He wants to meet us there, walk and talk with us, and teach us His ways. Thank you for joining us in seeking “Something Better”!

Listen to the 4th annual conference of the Adventist Agricultural Association right here on AudioVerse:

AdAgrA 2018 Conference: Something Better