"My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes delight in my ways." - Proverbs 23:26

Living the joy-filled Christian life is one of the greatest privileges that God has given to you and to me. But such a life is not intuitive, natural, or easy for us. We are born with natures that draw us away from God.

How can we collaborate with God so that He can be victorious over our natures and give us a deep relish for Him, consistent victory over chosen sin, and true joy even amid the storms of life? Such a life is rare in this end-time age, but God can accomplish it in you and in me. In fact, only He can do it—but we must let Him.

This year for our Spring GYC Southeast conference we will look at a practical, real-life approach to “Delighting in the Almighty.”



Listen here: GYC Southeast 2018: Given to God