We are happy to announce the launch of a new course called, Healthy Happy Mind: Secrets of Mental Health

This course taught by Dr. Dana Philossaint takes a holistic, Bible-based approach to obtaining optimal health and joy.  Students will learn how to increase their level of motivation, discover positive thinking strategies, gain structured problem-solving skills, understand brain nutrition, overcome depression, and learn how God’s plan for their lives is a key component to having a healthy and happy mind.  Whether you need to improve your mental health or want to help someone else, this is the course for you!

To find out more and to enroll, click here for Healthy Happy Mind: Secrets of Mental Health.

The New AudioVerse Courses Site

When you visit that link, you may notice that our online school looks a little bit different.  That is because we’ve done some remodeling, and have also renamed our online school to “AudioVerse Courses”.  Our new URL is http://courses.audioverse.org.  Be sure to update your bookmarks!

If you’ve enrolled in any of our courses previously, you should have received an email with instructions on how to access your migrated student account and courses on the new site.

If you’re wondering why we changed the name, it’s because we believe it will make it easier to understand what our online school is by simplifying and being more direct about what can be found there.  Our mission remains the same, and we are continuing to work on additional courses to share with you soon, so stay tuned!

Trinity eBook

Some time ago, AudioVerse became the exclusive US vendor for Glyn Parfitt’s book, “The Trinity: What Has God Revealed?”  This book is one of the most exhaustive and complete resources on the Biblical understanding of the Godhead, and is a must-have resource for any theological library.  However, given the size of the book and the high initial cost of acquiring them, it has been cost prohibitive for many people.

So we are happy to announce that we have produced a completely remastered ebook version of Glyn Parfitt’s book on the Trinity, which is available exclusively now on the AudioVerse Store. The best part is that it is now available at a much lower price than the physical copy.  Follow these links to order now: The Trinity ebook. To check out the hardcopy version, click here: The Trinity: What Has God Revealed?

Trinity eBook

Language Translation Project

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a new long-term initiative that we are embarking on to translate many of the English messages on AudioVerse into other languages.  We are starting on Japanese in our first phase, and there is a dedicated team already hard at work. Check out our previous newsletter for more details: To Every Nation, Kindred, Tongue, and People.

Your financial partnership is needed to help us meet our $20,000 goal to fund the completion of the translation of the first series of messages into Japanese!  Each sermon takes up to 20 hours of work, and all of these dedicated workers are currently volunteering to make this happen. With dozens of messages already in queue, we need to support them to make sure this work is sustained to completion. 

To give to this project, simply note “Translation Project” with your donation either online at our donate page, or by check to our mailing address below. (Any surplus funds will be applied to future translation projects.)  Thank you for your support to make the Everlasting Gospel available to the Japanese-speaking people!

ASI 2018 International Convention

We want to remind you that it’s not too late to register to attend the 2018 ASI International Convention themed, “Business Unusual”.  Our team is already hard at work planning for the conference where we will be exhibiting and recording the full session. Come receive a tremendous blessing and visit us at Booth 1109; we’d love to meet you in person!

To a Healthy, Happy Mind,

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. We are happy to announce the launch of our latest AudioVerse Course, Healthy Happy Mind: Secrets of Mental Health which can be found on our newly renovated online school website. Simplifying our name but retaining the same mission, our school is now called “AudioVerse Courses” and our new URL is http://courses.audioverse.org

P.P.S. Glyn Parfitt’s book, The Trinity: What Has God Revealed? is now available as an eBook!  Available exclusively on the AudioVerse Store, order your copy today!

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