Whenever people share with me about AudioVerse’s impact on their lives, not infrequently they mention a specific message or series that made a marked impression on them. Sometimes it’s something posted just recently, but more often than not, it’s a message from farther back in the archives.

It may be a particular seminar on apologetics from eight years ago that restored their confidence in God, or a series over ten years ago on Daniel and Revelation that grounded their understanding of Adventism’s prophetic identity and mission, or it was messages on practical Christianity preached decades ago that the listener discovered at a pivotal crossroads in their lives.

God’s Word has no expiration date! The Truth that was preached a decade or more ago is no less potent than that preached last Sabbath.

With over 17,000 messages on AudioVerse today, I sometimes go back to listen to messages from deep in the archives, and invariably I am blessed because the Truth resonates through time with the same power today as the day it was recorded. And if the testimonies I hear from listeners around the world are any indication, God is still using those “oldies but goodies” to touch hearts and transform lives.

There are real gems of Truth within the vast AudioVerse library, and I encourage you to take the opportunity to dig into this tremendous resource to see what you’ve missed of the powerful messages from years gone by.

Exploring the Archives

In your exploration of the archives, if you come across sermons that you’d like to save for future reference, you can do so in several ways as long as you are logged in as a user:

  • You can save it to your Favorites list by clicking the "Heart" icon so you can find it later. This list of favorites is synced to be up-to-date across all your devices.
  • You can add it to a personal Playlist either privately or to share publicly with others.
  • And as long as you are logged in, the website and mobile apps will automatically record your listening History so you can refer back to what you listened to. (Your history is specific only to the device you are using.)

Growing the Archive

Although there’s plenty of content already in the AudioVerse library, we continue to work with our trusted partners to provide the latest messages on an ongoing basis. This task, along with the upkeep and maintenance of a heavily frequented online platform, requires resources to sustain. And none of this is possible without the financial support from listeners like you.

If AudioVerse has made an impact on your life and you want to see it continue to impact lives around the world through the free distribution of God’s timeless Truths, please consider making a financial contribution toward the support of this work. You may give by check to the address below, or you may visit our donate page to give via credit/debit card or to become a recurring donor.

Thank you for your generous support!

Alistair Huong 
Executive Director

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