At the recent ASI 2019 Convention, a lady whom we’ll call Kelly came by our booth to tell me a story.

Kelly has been an avid user of AudioVerse for many years and she knew that her elderly mother would love the messages on there. For years, Kelly would prod and urge her mother to sign on and listen to the sermons, but being uncomfortable with technology, her mother never did.

Late last year, Kelly got the dreaded call that her mother was very sick. Without even waiting for the final diagnosis, Kelly packed her bags and booked her ticket to fly out to be with mom. She just had a strong suspicion that whatever it was, it would be very bad.

Sure enough, her mother was diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

Knowing that each moment left was precious, Kelly took matters into her own hands and set up the AudioVerse app for her mom. From then on, her mom would listen to one message after another, after another on AudioVerse. As her condition deteriorated, the constant stream of Bible messages was like a balm to her soul. AudioVerse was there as a steadfast companion until her dying day.

Reliving the painful memory that was still fresh on her heart, Kelly told me through teary eyes, “As she neared the end, all she wanted was AudioVerse! Thank you for being there for Mom.”

While we grieve alongside Kelly for the pain and loss we experience in this sinful world, we can also have hope in the resurrection when Jesus comes again. And I believe it was that hope that gave courage to Kelly and her mother.

There are countless souls around the world in need of the comfort that God’s Word alone can bring. AudioVerse’s mission is to reach as many of those with the healing power of the Gospel as possible, but this work would not be possible without the support of people like you. Please consider a gift of any amount today to aid in this work of bringing the hope we have in Jesus to those in need around the world. He is coming soon!

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Looking for the Blessed Hope,

Alistair Huong 
Executive Director

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