While the world has undoubtedly been affected negatively by the coronavirus pandemic, one of the exciting blessings that came about during these unsettling times is a brand-new children’s ministry called, “A Place to Do Something” (APTDS) You can find them at aplacetodosomething.com.

Started by sisters Ruthie Reeves and Rachel Nelson along with a team of volunteer moms, this ministry began as a weekly online Sabbath school program for the many kids (and parents!) who couldn’t physically attend Sabbath school. Since its humble beginnings only a few short months ago, they have rapidly expanded to create an online children’s camp meeting, a digital kid’s prophecy series, and a whole host of children’s media resources. They have been featured by Elder Ted Wilson at the General Conference, and their programs are now being promoted and broadcast across numerous Adventist radio stations and distribution outlets.

We're Adopting!

With the popular demand for their materials and a growing audience, the APTDS team needed some formal structure to facilitate their growth. So we are happy to announce that AudioVerse is “adopting” APTDS to become an official ministry of AudioVerse!

The leadership team and vision of APTDS will remain unchanged, as will all of their existing projects and distribution platforms. In addition to being one of the channels through which they will distribute their content, AudioVerse will be providing their team with organizational and legal structure, financial accounting, technical expertise, and strategic guidance to help take their ministry to the next level. We are absolutely thrilled about the possibilities of this partnership, as these two ministries share a deeply held mission to use digital media to help prepare people—of ALL ages!—for Jesus to come. In fact, you can find the Explore the Future kid’s prophecy series available on AudioVerse now!

Lots to Look Forward To!

This team is not sitting still and have an ambitious amount of exciting new resources coming in the very near future. Here are just a few of them:

  • Premiering in December is the Story of Jesus, a daily podcast reading through a book on the life of Jesus. This beautifully done podcast is designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It will be a great gift to share digitally with your friends and family.
  • Premiering in January is a daily devotional podcast called Seedpod for kids up to 10 years old. Jesus loves children and wants to have a personal relationship with them, and this podcast is designed to help children establish a daily habit of devotional time with Him. In each day's podcast your child will practice the memory verse with a memory verse song, review the My Bible First Sabbath school lesson, and learn a hymn.
  • Coming next year is a digital Vacation Bible School program that can be done virtually at home, but which also will be easily modified to be used as an onsite program.
  • The APTDS team will also be re-filming and updating the kid’s Bible prophecy seminar. There will be a greatly expanded and updated prophecy workbook with age appropriate activities.

Your Help is Needed!

This ministry has been sacrificially bootstrapped out of the volunteer team’s own pockets since day one, but as you can see, they have big plans for 2021! Beside what’s previewed here, there are ideas from scripture music to parenting resources, other audiobooks, and much more. This dynamic team of volunteer moms can’t do it alone, they are in need of your financial support!

There are several ways to donate to this exciting new ministry:

  • You can visit their website at aplacetodosomething.com to give.
  • You may select “A Place to Do Something” in the dropdown menu of options when you give on the AudioVerse donate page.
  • You may give by check to “AudioVerse” with “A Place to Do Something” noted in the memo. (NOTE: We are NOT able to accept checks made out to APTDS at this time, so please make it out for AudioVerse and those funds will be allocated for them.)

Since APTDS will be an official ministry of AudioVerse, US-based donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt from AudioVerse in January.

And while you visit their website, be sure to sign up for their newsletter to keep up with all the exciting developments that are on the way!

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to impacting many young lives for the kingdom of heaven together!

Yours in Christ,

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. AudioVerse and A Place to Do Something, an exciting new online children's ministry, are joining forces! We invite you to become a part of the team by partnering with us financially to help many young people come to a knowledge of Jesus and His Word. Thank you for your support!

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