Dear AudioVerse Friend,

Recently, I had a quiet moment at my desk when the Lord impressed a question upon my mind. 

“How are you growing?”

It was one of those days where it seemed all I could see was bad news everywhere. Haiti, historic flooding in my home state, Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida, friends sick and dying from COVID, arguing on social media, and so many other terrible things. I felt sad, disheartened, and distracted.

In that moment of reflection, my mind was brought back to the story of the sower in Matthew 13. He sowed seed by the wayside, the stony ground, among thorns, and on the good ground—each representing the varied conditions of the heart to the seed of the Gospel. How was I allowing the conditions around me to affect my heart’s receptiveness to Christ’s influence in my life?

The seed on the wayside was snatched up by birds because the soil was hard packed by unbelief, doubt, and carelessness. Was I in danger of having my heart hardened by cynicism to all the terrible news in the world? Is the Devil snatching away my confidence in Jesus and in His church?

The seed in the stony ground sprouted but withered when the heat came. Is my faith rooted deeply enough in God’s Word and His love that I can endure sorrow, hardship, and persecution? Is the unrest in the world and in the church weakening my hold on God?

The seed in the thorny ground was smothered by the weeds. Is my attention and commitment for God being choked out by the distractions and cares of this world? Are news stories and social media taking my eyes off of Christ?

How Are You Growing?

How WAS I growing?

Since the start of the pandemic over a year ago, have I drawn closer to Jesus? Am I stronger in my relationship with Him today than back then? Am I more like Him now than before COVID came around? What have I done for my Master during these intervening months? What type of harvest is the Gospel seed bearing in my life?

In that quiet moment of reflection, I realized that I was at risk of losing my focus on Jesus. The enemy of souls is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. And he would like nothing more than to distract my gaze from Him who is my only security.

What we see occurring in the world around us is merely a prelude to what is yet to come. Now is still the time of preparation. I’m thankful for the Lord’s loving kindness and mercy in His timely reminder and gentle rebuke that day. I resolve to tighten my grasp on my Savior’s hand, and to ensure that the Gospel seed finds good soil in my heart.

How about you? How are you growing?

How Are You Growing?

Helping Others Grow with AudioVerse

I know for a fact that the Lord has used AudioVerse to sow the Gospel seed into many hearts around the world. 

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And Randy gave this report, “A testimony of the power of God has delivered me from the life of addiction and unbelief to His marvelous light!”

And Rebecca shared this, “The AudioVerse message came at the very moment I needed those verses of hope! AudioVerse has meant a lot to me over the years. I have had the privilege of being overseas several times. There was a time when AudioVerse was the only church service that my husband and I had for several months. I'm sure you will only know in heaven how much impact you have had on the lives of people.

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Alistair Huong

Executive Director, AudioVerse

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