In our tradition of releasing major new features on AudioVerse's birthday, we are excited to announce something especially big!


We know many people would like to listen to AudioVerse recordings when they're on the go. But whether exercising, commuting to or from work, or making a road trip, the lack of Internet access has been a formidable barrier. The only practical way was to download our recordings ahead of time. But this required advanced planning, an Internet-connected computer, a degree of technical skill, and free space on one's iPod or MP3 player.


No more! Yes, that is correct. Today, on AudioVerse's 4th birthday, we introduce, a version of AudioVerse custom-made for smartphones and other Internet-connected mobile devices.


Now all that's needed is to direct your mobile device to and navigate to the recording you want. No pre-downloading hassle. No cumbersome zooming and scrolling while trying to view our full website from your mobile. And as long as your battery and reception hold out, you can freely stream any of our 1700 recordings (and counting!)


We've also made a version of en Español.


Our Mobile websites are in Beta testing, so please send us your feedback. Enjoy!



The AudioVerse Team