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Launch Out Into The Deep

Michael Tuazon


Michael Tuazon

Director of SOULS-West



  • May 31, 2008
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone happy sounded it is wonderful to be with you hereinafter and hope this morning always find it a privilege to speak to the family about it hope you consider you my wonderful family and be able to break open God 's word and study together such privilege if you saw the sermon title launched into the deep launch into the deep isn't it interesting how we have categorical friendships it we like the people in categories this person is my study friends when these are my only member verse friends leave my church potluck friends with acquaintances know the people we go by campus or Rupert to go by and hydrochloric and we have close friends those who consider a close friend of your ride to the airport perhaps the problem of you borrow the truck to smooth things then finally we like to have best friends right it allows you tell your most intimate details with your you share your your secrets maybe if things of many relationships of trials and tribulations I wasn't with you today the difference between an acquaintance and a best friend is amount of time you spend with them and how much you know about our father in heaven we want to greet you good morning Lord you granted us another day a Sabbath day at that we hear the birds chirping the sun is shining if putting him in our heart Lord I ask that you send your Holy Spirit can to descend upon your people I pretty fill me up but first empty me out of self take away anything that could be a distraction to your message please Lord is my lips in a mighty way in Jesus name amen is garb I will sedate saloon chapter five probably one of my most favorite passages in all the Bibles and the probably hear me say that a lot so this is my new favorite for today with chapter five live chapter five starting in verse one chapter five verse one to give me permission by saying amen when you're there with chapter five verse one if you don't mind we'll be starting our Bible this morning and then the chapter five verse one here's what the Bible says and it came to pass that the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God he stood by the lake again Ann Santos ships standing by the leg but the fishermen were gone out of them and were washing their nets now I want to give some commentary of what I think what's going on here I believe that Simon Peter and Andrew had a rowboat and James and John have their own boat and if any of you know anything about fishing was the best time to fish late night or early morning so innovative twelve all night or started maybe at midnight and I'm gone neutral five or six in the morning the bottom line is we look at these boats and is known in their past probably eight or nine maybe ten in the morning Jesus is walking and their people were following him and the as a good amount of people impressing upon him he had this idea personally and he answered into one of the ships which was fine and asked him that he would thrust out a little from the land and he sat down and taught the people of the ship finale has requested five minutes we should both organa go out into the water just the shallow area and in and teach them from this area and so we see here that Jesus goes into the Mono notice this what happens next verse four and once he was done speaking he's done speaking with say the crowds are gone now he tells Simon laws into the deep and let down your nets for a dropped now that where drought means for a hall for a catch in other words Jesus is telling him are were in the shallow area I want you to launch out into the deep now that we're deep in great meets boffo means that means a mystery so he has now telling Simon Peter hate launch your boat going to the deep area or going to the mysterious area and where can I get a hall I love this part the best part verse five I can relate to find real well and Simon answered and said in a master we have toiled all the nights and have taken nothing nevertheless a byword let down the net knows your verse five there's a lot of content here that were missing I believe that when something like this out into the visit note around the shower to Jesus and let's go into the deep area and take out your net put them down and hear dedicate a hall and humans an anthropologist with Jesus Jesus Jesus will later on we have here Peter Peter I believe is probably another a round from interpreting this correctly is Jesus Jesus Jesus you stick to your carpentry stuff and you let us to efficient if they wait while all night we've tried all the places right next to you if I follow to put it in the modern vernacular it if I was a fisherman probably safe to understanding this to the latest garments five fifty navigation system the fish tracker system and right next to those charts of all the places with the canal the fish come from I've been fishing my whole life I know the straight very well we can't we've done everything we could in his official nothing those who don't know how your grown up in the Jewish society what happened was that it was every father 's dream to have his son to be a Jewish scribes scholar fantasy and you had to go through the top schools and you had it did to get through this hard process and you have to memorize so much portions of Scripture and if you failed and if you weren't good enough what happened if you would be a school dropout your DNA school dropout and that you know what happened to that you have to go into the family trades of fishing baking carpentry whatever it so were looking at a bunch of dropouts who knows what age they dropped out at and then here have been fishing the Royal alliance father 's official to visit their family trade they probably don't know very much about the Bible they probably don't know very much but anything else is that sufficient at this year they're talking to Jesus as a key visit telling us to put enough that you're telling us to go into the mysterious area the deed there is no space there but I love with funds as part nevertheless who that's powerful at thy word I will let down the net the other problem with us a lot of times is reasonably no more than Jesus the problem is we think that because they studied because of a scholar because we have sixteen twenty years in school that we know better when in reality Jesus telling us to do something like that that make absolutely no sense I did study for so long I've been doing this for so long I know this very well that makes no sense Jesus I've even been there I've done that and using on Lucent I submit you haven't hope today that the problem we have with this generation the reason why Jesus Christ has a comeback is we think we know it off when actuality worked for Ms. will blindingly we need to see ourselves torture condition will be really know absolutely nothing I love you Simon Peter 's youth he says it makes absolutely no sense you're telling us to go to an area where there's probably no fishing channels are nothing else but at your word I'll let down the Google happens when you listen to God amen notice makes first and when they had done this thing closely great multitude of fishes and their next broke I don't know how many times their nets have broken but probably not before they also probably had the latest fishing gear if I have the most durable plastic nets that will break you can handle X amount of thousands of pounds of fish and here are my divine appointment they listen to God and Ernesto writing notice more tenderness ranking look what happens next verse seven and they beckoned their partners which probably James and John which are in the other ships and they should come and help them in a cab and filled both the ship so that they both began to what what a haul and only Jesus and let down your neck for a drought for a haul they probably weren't imagining so much their nets are breaking so much that a whole boat was thinking not just one but two friends when we listen to Jesus when we do it his way will be blessed above and beyond government the farm as we think we can do things herself rather fishing with one watch I just once a God wants to give us a few truckloads of fish you have the story is really the premise forward in the state today how many of us first are fishing in the shower area how many of us in our walk with the Lord on the shallow Jesus is asking us asking me why don't you take your relationship deeper level to go deeper with me today is go to our next story Matthew Chapter thirteen verses one Matthew chapter thirteen verse one Matthew thirteen verse one and whatever you looking at that word again D Miller translated as Boston was agreed to be a mystery it's an death Matthew thirteen verse one the Bible says notice we have a multitude of people again verse one the same day when Jesus out of the house and sat by the seaside and like multitudes into the common theme here and great multitudes are gathered together and to him so that he went into where the ship similar story get a fugitive again and the whole multitude stood on the shore and he spoke unto these things unto them in parables saying behold a sower went forth to sow and what he sowed some seeds fell by the wayside and the fouls came up and devoured them verse five were to concentrate on this group of people today solve fell upon stony places where they had not much earth and for when they sprung up because they had no lot deepness that were his office again no depth no depth of earth and when the sun was up they were scorched and because they had no root they withered away there are some people I used to be in this category praise Lord of not we know how to act like a Christian we know how to dress like a push Christian we know how to eat the things a Christian would eat say the things a Christian would say we get excited when I hear certain things about the Bible but in actuality you don't have the foundation there's a lot of surface level Christians out there and I for twenty years of my life was one of you not act the part I would sing the song sing the hymns but when it comes down to what you don't have a relationship with Christ for yourself when the storm is over your relationship with Christ over with weekly prayers over teacher which occurs over the Sabbath is overtly better believe your Sabbath over to your your relationships over that is not how God intended us to live the Christian God intended us to have a twenty four seven Christian life they continually to prayer a continual dwelling place for the Lord and so we see here this is group of people that the reason why they're not growing in the Christian thing if they have no death looked down with me verse eighteen get the interpretation verse eighteen therefore the parable of the solar when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and understand it not then cometh the wicked one and catches away that which was sown in his heart this is which received by this by the wayside so there is from the people and the moment they hear the word of God to get allowed to germinate in the remarks is a rejected everything on us not sure what to believe it and right then and there that see the word of God was but notice the next is the next the next group of people verse twenty but he that received seed into the stony places the same is he that hearing the word and anon with joy receives it so there is a group of people needed to go to have and hope maybe to go to week of prayer meetings are powerful speaker manager seven on a verse whatever it is and the like while this is a sentence is good but their Christian walk stops there they'll go deeper with Jesus they'll move forward in their Christian walk and what happens is this verse twenty one yet he has no root in himself but direct for a while fluid simulation or persecution arises because of the word by-and-by he is offended by anything that we can actually be Christians we can actually hear sermons we can actually read the word of God and how they don't penetrate our hearts that it is not planted deep I wanted to go to market out Mark makes a remarkable commentary on this smart chapter four on the story March after four starting in verse thirteen now this parable is so important the parable of the sewer the seed that Mark says that if you don't understand this terrible orgy that she says Mark records it you cannot understand the other parables noticed me verse thirteen and he said unto them and know you not this terrible and how then will you know all parables so another words in order for us to understand deeper truths in order for us to understand anything else in the Bible in order for us to understand Daniel revelation or go deeper in God 's word we must first understand the main premise of this terrible New Yorkers fourteen the slower so with the word and deed survey by the wayside where the word is sown but when they have heard Satan comes immediately and takes away the word which was sown in their hearts were sixteen and these are they which were likewise were sown on stony ground they have heard the word and immediately receives it with what I miss so there is a group of people who's actually been overseeing the word of God with gladness in other words a net benefit I hate true that a lot of innocent while this makes sense this is great but here's the problem continued on for seventeen days have know what the crown you do not even God 's word they don't have that intimate relationship with him to hear it they like a community of years but it stops there and I submit you up and hold Jesus will never come unless we take our walk before we as a church must be revived corporately each one of us must be revived individually continuing on they have no root in himself and so the interior but for a while any of your get a Bible worker at a crusade or maybe had a contacted in Bible studies with and they sure message and are excited about in your justice is off-limits and you're going through maybe some of the processes and ended getting excited and excited and excited but then as you go deeper and deeper Bosworth all of a sudden they're not home at the Bible study time they don't pick up the phone with the phone number you gave they are showing up to those meetings anymore you see the men face up that's an excited smile it's that way possible an acquaintance here we see something we see whether this group of people and I want to say majority people that I've concocted without I talk to meetings in the play meetings witnessing to people aren't this group right here yes I believe in a God in fact if we pulled all of America did you know that ninety percent of the people believe in God ninety percent that's a lot of people ninety percent believe in God but soft like there but I believe in God but Unitas wanted to stay right there only do my own thing as a believe in God they have a act somewhat of a knowledge of him in fact if you share certain Proverbs within rests on whether there excited about all yes that's great my him will will will be greater yes I can have wealth or health or whatever it is but when they get down to the other things of the Bible trials tribulations on and again I don't like that stuff because the fake Christians they pick and choose portions of the Bible and that's a common thing here is that I've been in and I remember growing up else something that I did before the glow I like the John three sixteen stuff but I like the John eight thirty four stuff that since you had it since the service is not always friends we needed to the Bible for what it is need to got at its word in the entire word absolutely see here this is group of people that date if you look what happened that they were afflicted and afterward of a persecuted arises for the words that immediately they were offended notice the other two groups first eighteen and these are they which are sown among thorns such as a hear the word and the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and a lot of other things that you can choke the word and he becomes unfruitful and finally we get to the good stuff the best the good ground first twenty and Venus are the winter sown on good ground such as hear the word and receive it and bring forth fruit some thirty fold some sixty some hundred one p.m. when she was dialoguing with Jesus and Jesus that does not make sense is that some good thinking at this moment Jesus was beginning his Christian ministry and Jesus and Peter Foley have a close relationship yet if you want to call there like acquaintances yes I'll follow you with Peter had left everything and followed until after the miracle he was still getting to know Jesus and so when Jesus had something as ridiculous as they know they're using we can there's no fish there a castle here let's wait a minute we've been doing at all my pushy sales at your word will do next meet you have been hoped that we as a people need to be that same willingness you have that same Holy Spirit that even though things don't make sense at your word will do so we get to this good grunt out what this is good grounding of what is good ground but back to Luke Luke chapter six the chapter six and let's go to verse forty six F for those of you have studied Matthew and Luke in parallel one another we know that the sermon of the mountain is Matthew five sixty seven and you'll see that same thing here Luke Luke chapter six sermon of mouth still same idea as of here we are looking at verse forty six and notice what Jesus says and why call you me Lord Lord and do not the things which I say there's a lot of people here they believe in God ninety percent of Christians right they believe in God and Jesus say why are you call me Lord Lord why do you believe in me why do you believe in John three sixty one plus a little fish on your bumper sticker at the same time you don't do the things which I say to you not verse forty seven to half again raft and how to get on the good ground and what is a good ground whosoever comes to me and here is my things and do it then I will show you to whom he is like first forty eight he is like a man which built a house and did what interesting it would be that my whole life until May because of couple months ago I saw this story like this in a week because the story growing up that there is a house that built upon sand right and then we have a house is built upon the rock and you probably seen these days nice pictures and it had this beautiful house is built upon a rock you have the word courage we have what ever that the little thing it is one time I thought that one person and one builder saw a nice big rocky area a segment that is a nice place to build a house he went there and he built his beautiful house on this egg rock and then I thought there was another guy know he does on a sandy area he's while I was anything wrong with it I would build my house here and there are two different locations that's not how it goes with study it would be she is like a man which built his house and did what so these men had addictive for it and laid the foundation on a rock and when the flood arose the stream beat recently upon the house and could not shake it for it was founded upon what was an excellent verse forty nine but he that spirit and do it not is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth or sand against which the stream did beat me he lately and immediately it fell at the ruin of the house was great this is what was happening friends we have a sandy area if this long-standing area there's a lot of dirt and we a few builders one decides to say in what it's a lot of work to dig takes too much time on my house now and so this first and sounds good to my house right here if you happen to you is probably joyful for a short time about his great house for a short time he was able to enjoy his mansion but the first in the him settle for this foundation built upon said he didn't think the run-up attractors and the bobcats and everything up and sees that the extra money to dig deep he dug out all the sand until it was solid and then hope that the we needed to analyze we can't settle for another shallow Christian stuff will be needed we do what we need to do is dig deep we can't settle for just a simple truth urinary to stick it out that is no need to go deeper than that God is calling us to be people after the word God is calling us to know the word Jesus is coming soon a looking for a people he asked the question will he find faith on this earth and not only when faith comes by hearing and hearing loss Saban hope I submit to you again that we cannot be sure Christians that we can just settle for building our house on sand that we need to go deeper than that we need to take our Christian walk much further I the privilege of talking to a friend last week and we both are going through a lot of things I had a crazy schedule that I had to deal with and and this person also had a lot of things to deal with and at the end of our conversation I said we pray for you now I comes the prayer I consider myself a student of the word I study prayer I know the ABCs of prayer after leaving claim under the one to three the prayer the conditions of prayer the science prayer I know that access them adoration confession Thanksgiving supplication so because the very second formula our father which art in heaven data and I pray this prayer in and usually people so you don't thank you Michael you don't think that that will help me my Christian walk I really appreciate it this person said factory for you I said sure in this person started good evening father today was a windy day this person began to open up as if talking to a friend five steps to Christ and his clone said that his tape to get me this quote that Ellen White says prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend at her level so many times and others like it will how does that make sense to me when I talk to my friend I told him I did it wasn't always different things and when I talked about it's formally if this shall I say formula and this person prayed and prayed for me and and what it felt like I felt like the third wheel I felt like I didn't belong in a prayer is like to close best friends who knew each other for many many years and had such an intimate relationship with each other here's me the outsider with this box relationship of God and is personally printed at this person did not know anything will happen but when we were done with our conversation to change my prayer life I realize that for now to know how many of them and praying shallow prayers even though their line the repetitive halfway asleep again he was tried playing on your bed you get trotted for next year your sweet and the UAW needs early back six hours your sleeping like a leader that like this you are laughing with me to give diet and I want more I am so sick of a shallow prayer life I'm so sick of in the conversation I remember it was only late unlike me to pray I went downstairs I found my place in our and I just put on my heart and I said Lord I'm so sick of it shallow stuff anyone can pray a prayer in front of the church were people give their wildest personal set up right what do you have a paralyzed for communicating your alternator heart to God the tougher relationship got want to type a death attempted the news media have need be built upon the solid rock built upon Christ's is good our last story I figured I like this one John Chapter nineteen remember Peter started off as an acquaintance of Christ's coming you love him John Chapter nineteen and turn with me to start John chapter twenty one John Chapter twenty one starting in verse one using so we first started with a fishy story remand with a fishy story today John seven twenty one versus one the Bible says after these things remember Jesus is just died crucified on the cross the disciples don't know where he is now they'll know if he's resurrected yet John chapter twenty verse one after these things Jesus showed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberius and otherwise should see himself so John is making a commentary of how this is the first moment that Jesus is the initial himself the disciples is exciting stuff we do see for the first time him Christ birth to they were together Simon Peter and Thomas called it a method of Daniel of Cana in Galilee and the thunder seventy and two other disciples Simon Peter said unto them I go efficient and he said unto him we also go with you and they went forth and entered into a ship immediately and they caught how much the self familiar using the really beneficial manner as Jesus Bennett to try to prove a point here so they caught nothing again and notice what happens next first floor but when the morning was now come Jesus stood on the shore but disciples knew not that it was Jesus and I believe that Jesus had a sense of humor you I believe that Jesus finds joy in seeing us laugh and watch this verse five is good then Jesus said unto them children have you any mates Jesus knows better of the cotton nothing will see at the root what happens next in the story was just having a funny thing was almost like a defeated being empathy no verse six and he said to them the best castanet on the right side of the ship and you shall find none the moment someone would've told me that word out is that there is only one person who do that to me Jesus says that it has its me Jesus on the emboli with you chose a different way to reveal himself he says cast your net on the other side to catch fish percent outside containment they cast therefore and now they were not able to drive for the multitude of fishes is rated good percent therefore that decide whom Jesus loved and I think Peter is the Lord Miller Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord he got his father 's coat onto him for you was late getting to test himself in Tennessee I want you to notice something here it is early in the morning I guarantee you that water is cold Peter and the Bible says he's naked and he's just if it's early in the morning the water school who knows how far that boat is but when she hears that it is Jesus notice what happened he cast himself just got back to the incurable decisions anymore using in our first story we have Peter they caught nothing and Jesus said to us your thoughts in the deep put your net out there and you're going to catch a lot of fish they caught a lot of fish and Peter was so thankful to you must be the Lord will drop everything we have a follow you but now after three years of spending time with Jesus of knowing Jesus the train Jesus which everyone of us in this room and onto we see here that cc is loving merciful Savior on the seashore and even how cold it was in an hour early in the morning it was he couldn't wait for the both the books couldn't get there fast he had a jump out of the boat slip to Jesus in care but the fishing effort we need to be alone at times Jesus will allow things in our lives will grant a certain blessings the beginning will allows this may have certain success in life he loves the city wants the best for us but when it comes down to it more than those successor blessings whatever God has blessed us with what your heart once you question in the can God build a rock greater than he can lift a lot of people who don't believe in evolution and creation a lot of people who make fun of Christians they seem to ask this never any question of can God build a rock that he can't lift and I thought about then I stumbled across an ever different people gave their agent explanations and someone said will that's impossible that's against God 's character God would never do something like that and then I heard the best explanation of long ago someone said a Mike got canned building rock that he can't lift for them for God to build or make a heart that can be hardened so hard that even he himself gets often dotted loves us so much he's given us this free will choice to given each one of us a heart and with the choices we make we can choose to harden our hearts so hard that even all of heaven can penetrate our hearts but not wait for the friends that give our hearts to Jesus now let's be built upon the solid rock might feel for you is simple how many of us here we are sick and tired of this shallow Christian experience restricted tardive this one word Scripture were doing in the morning were sick and tired of baby going to our bed and a thirty second prayer and single frame aluminum trim afford go to bed and forty hundred Muslims take that to next level today true to have stuck father in heaven we want to thank you so much as you so much that you love us we want what's best for us that you blessed us with abundant ways will rewind you something today and that's our hearts Lord our hearts are with you and the couple desperately wicked and we want to give their hearts you so you can replace it with a heart of flesh I want to pray especially for each person under the found my voice today that will take our walk with you seriously take it to another level what I'm guilty of the shallow relationship with you I've been so busy so father I want to pray for each person in this room and myself included that you do whatever it takes to help us to have a deeper relationship with you is someone here must if you must do things to allow them to have more free time with you can wake them up earlier in the morning do whatever it takes father because we your and to have that deep closeness that deep relationship with you thank you again for all that you've done in our lives in Jesus name


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