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Entertaining The Dogs Of Babylon

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 7, 2008
    10:00 AM
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revelations at the seventeen run a reverse one through six the script is as American one of the seven angels of heaven which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me come hither I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sits upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication the inhabitants of the earth makes wrong with the wine of her fornication so he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness of us saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication upon I had four head it was a name written mystery Babylon the great the mother of hobbits and abominations of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints of the blood of the martyrs of Jesus when I saw her I wondered with great admiration let's put on a second Kings chapter twenty second Kings chapter twenty starting in verse twelve thinking chapter twenty starting in verse twelve the Scripture says and at that time Barack got bounded and the son of valid and gene of Babylon sent letters and a present unto Hezekiah the forty heard that Hezekiah had been sick and Hezekiah hearkened unto them and show them all the house of his precious things silver and gold spices and the precious ointment and all the house of his arm and all that was found in his treasuries there was nothing in his house nor in all is the minion of Hezekiah showed them not then came Isaiah profit on thinking of the kind seven p.m. what set these men and from whence came they unto the Hezekiah said they are come from a far country even from Babylon or message the Sabbath and is entitled entertaining the dogs of Babel entertaining the dogs of Babylon was pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word to learn the truth even our father God I asked Eric Walsh not seen or heard today stepfather got ask that you pour out upon us your Holy Spirit father got the message that is spoken would be spoken not from my lips mouth or mind that this business is from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen Hezekiah was one of the most righteous kings one of the most faithful kings of Judah had to do is significant of the kingdom because June at the kingdom and the first lineage through which the Messiah would come the role of the Old Testament is devoted to showing how God preserves the lineage through which the Messiah would be born around the left of the work at all times so that through that lineage the Messiah would be born and that the Messiah would be born a son of David their times in the Old Testament works even if that lineage would be cut off the W 's of many approaches to try and destroy Judah once especially separated from Israel Hezekiah comes on the scene and changes what will the trend that was going towards all further and further abomination and separation from God and from his will of the guys that's on the scene and rain storms the Passover having one of the greatest Passover ceremonies of a recorded Old Testament Eagles and tear down the altars of the foreign god among the hilltops of the time comes in at a spouse is again the sanctuary and the sanctuary system of worship and of bloodshed for atonement of sin Hezekiah comes in and is a great King over Judah the matter-of-fact Zedekiah one Assyria was going to destroy Judah had its armies surrounding Jerusalem other timely received the letters from the ambassadors of the king of Assyria took the letter then spread them out in front of women and prayed and cried out to God my final profit came to him and that God will take care of it and sure enough that I one of God 's destroys a hundred and eighty thousand of the Assyrian army when we submit to you that when God does these great things for his people others pay attention others begin to listen because Assyria had another great enemy that was Babylon Assyria the Babylonians and war as well be a very even the Babylonian myth phase of history I can't imagine what the king of Babylon thought we heard that there was a God in Israel and in June that one friend to that guy was a little wide five hundred and eighty thousand Assyrians without one of God 's people soldiers raising one sword and you imagine the kind of weapon of mass destruction that that was described as all over the world and they would've all been wondering what kind of God does have the Kaiser when war is taken to have regarded himself eventually he becomes very deal to report that he could do often that the matter-of-fact and second Chronicles when the story is retold with it we are told that God allows these temptations that come one-of-a-kind because these are just infinite God would know what he was made of it's easy to serve God when the Assyrian armies of being destroyed easy to serve God which is abhorrent in two of the fall of the of the treasuries of Judah but can you serve God when the trials are more personal things are gone what is your own physical or your own family member your own marriage of your own education that is in jeopardy for the Cargill something terrible and it seems he would dive a matter of fact the prophet Isaiah comes damaged of Lisbon get your house in order your time on earth is all of the God of the woman dies quite a wealthy successful king you believe that I forgot reminding God of all the things he done I hope you been and is with God I have that word a Bible to the wall God hears is greater than the IBM are they living in our courtyard of the problem not turned around send them back and listen to him while he will be mixed together a natural path the kind of incontinent rub it on his festering wound and Hezekiah is restored the devil doesn't give up so easily if you Syrians couldn't think of a car I definitely wouldn't take Hezekiah maybe Slattery would install vinyl records a story that it is profound in its nature because it is now up about valid than the sum of valid and who was the king of Babylon send an emissary of a group of Amanda Bowen because the kind now what's interesting about this is that I didn't get called in Jewish of folklore and literature and an excess of the summits in Jewish history is called the dog faced King of men in the dog faced King and and and and we are told that the field things happen one of them is that what happens to have the kind of healing the mouse back to the Babylonian king that not only does this I have the kind of God not only of the white out on whether New York filed with the without even one soldier is now a state that I will something happen and that is that whenever I was going to be healed aside from the Isaiah says what would you decide to me would you like this out for ten degrees or backwards ten degrees other guys because anything was out of the forward and reasons for everyday after Saddam will backwards ten degrees to the Babylonians were very serious students of the stars of the sky I cannot imagine when this guy backwards ten degrees at a time when of one thousand heard of the healing of Hezekiah I can imagine how I must've the innovation that there was a hotdog in July that all the good wife but I look at the very world of the midyear that the king of Babylon probably honestly wanted to learn more about Jehovah God of June when he sent easement Belinda got to have the Kia something different because the layout for them the plan of salvation even take time with them to show them the gospel of Jesus Christ as he would've understood that that time they had great prophecy Isaiah I'm sure but are given a great insight into who would be coming out with I and our world we see anything that I get caught up in flowery he decides to become proud of all that God had done for Bible says that when this bald-faced things people get to have the Kia Hezekiah the five to show off his treasuries now they had a very interesting God they worship these are Babylonians when a female God 's gondola on one of her names the lady of ice in some caller and female God was a powerful Donald who was associated with odd altar alter ego was the symbol of the dog at her temple in battle on one of the wrath that will even today when archaeologist uncovered his life up the blue blue blue the little body weight Barry them as they walked up in the imagery over what he thought and she was late because Jindal of healing some wonder if that's because the saliva of a dog is actually good for cuts and wounds or the life of a dog 's mouth is so void of bacteria but somehow they figured out the dolls mildly different than face the mouth of the cat in the way the dog within five to healing and selling bald-faced King would've gone and sent an emissary to do meet the king of Judah one of the things he would've wanted to know is what healing to the powers of his dog styles gone are the kind of informed them he begins to entertain them about seven argument Minnesota while the house of his precious thing the silver and gold and the spices and the precious ointment and all the house of his arm and all that was found this treasuries up treasures there was nothing in his house going all in the meeting unit that Hezekiah sold them not then can buy them a prophet on picking up the car and set up a young what's that these men and from whence came they continue and advertise that they are from a far country even from Babylon Isaiah is instantly upset with what is worried because I understood that Julie was in a position of relative safety of along the fields of superpower of the world did not understand the within Jupiter Babylon was from Babylon must be coming to the www. computer but because Hezekiah had so much the show gone is never even really mentioned by Hezekiah when we fast-forward and submit to you that like Judah 's job was to preserve their lineage of the Messiah when we submit that we as God 's remnant church in the last days are to protect the message of this one coming King we are Adventist and most don't believe in the event anymore about the biblical most I believe in secret raptors and other of a folklorist tales of all targets will result for second chances the gospel of the accident the second coming of Jesus Christ has been wanted out and we like to have been settled by God to that message not only to protect but also in the second coming by bringing the gospel to the world and my gaining of dentistry visit by tainting affect people straight oversee the difficult task of the law was difficult to keep Israel and Judah in existence in those days but just like to have that responsibility we haven't had and just as I was able out alone then Revelation lets us know that there is a battle on now accounting Babylon who you'll is the worship of our false gods to do any slap God 's people doesn't lose God 's people and the reason the imagery of boredom and prostitution if you have begun up just as accessible as it other than a roll of so you would so I am religious corruption Babylon 's yoke and it was they had under the God on the ballot and so do I ponder the gods to be served today we become quickly flattered for quickly impressed when we think we all would become quickly impressed when we think they are we can shout out all our treasures there predicts that if all that you will be well shown them the guy everything to shoulder all the kings of Israel in July have stored up quality here all of it will market the battle even more frightening is that they have a copy of your songs will be trained and taken captive into Babylon and the story of Daniel and the three Hebrew boys if you are not careful Hezekiah you can follow along in and begin playing her in entertaining Babylon treasures of our storehouses and walkable in the treasury the Barcelona by God 's grace God is granted is not the treasures of gold and silver we don't have all the fancy things that have a timely event while we do have some pretty expensive English or Melinda would be a pretty expensive place by as little wood in Southern and Empire Springs Ranch and a capital aquifer an embodiment of the camp down in Florida I'm sure on some levels we got some expensive stuff in this regard Becky's but the real treasuries of this enzyme search but it consists of brick and order for the reputation they consist of truth this is true that a given that God 's people will not get a full well that will come in and I both allowed to walk out of our storehouse with the Lord of truth in them having corrupted by for the good-looking of these modern Babylonians that we must be careful of our church is a troubled place I've been to Europe twice already this year speaking absolutely no herd on the other side of the pond worried me most of you know that a defendant in a search we are different than the other denominations were peculiar people will have to be weird but we are peculiar we have to be different set apart while there's a lot of people online I feel like everyone else bothers people they want to be just like everyone else they want their kids to play all the same sports and become successful and in sports I want to do that if there are all circles I like to include other souls who may not agree with them which of course is defined with whatever often willing to do what we believe why when Israel while in Spain am sorry I visited a place called Toledo a great cathedral they are aware Saint Ignatius of Loyola started the judge would order as they went to the enjoyment and explain to me what this order was about and what it was its purpose was basically to reverse the Protestant Reformation I was then told in Spain that there is a serious problem with the church to its beliefs of the church I find that many of our beliefs the police and let faith rituals that were taken from the book of Daniel then the right in many churches in Spain from the pulpit bridge is operating that we ought to teach Daniel and Revelation that fools are not really clean or unclean middle school in Holland recent most recently I found that even in Holland where there are many sincere and wonderful Christians inside the Adventist church you can need all if you given up hope but I preach anything against the policies if you speak for the profit Ellen G White to get in the pulpit in and the union finds out in the blackballed from preaching anywhere in the unit again let's is the view of the doctrine that they have decided we ought not preach I was told that back in two thousand two at two thousand three greetings from Holland because I found it almost that many of them listened to all University are many of the methods of their very familiar with many of you on what they were they up the Jordan signed an agreement with the other churches in Holland that they would have to respect the baptism of anyone from any of the church so you could baptize someone in the administered as an infant bid and baptize them to the Catholic Church in the capable but I was now found all of these things what actual state there is hard to do appointment in many parts of the world especially in Europe North America Australia India and lots of the world when we are getting to what we want to entertain the all problems we decided that the treasuries there is maybe the physical plant of what we all or the name or childhood idol become more important than defending protecting the treasure of the truth that God was notable and now we have begun to entertain the very doll 's problem part things on an American Catholics believe that their women consider Catholics and glory but have trouble living in a society where you can no longer speak truth I think I think we ought to have the right to be wrong because if it's not my truth that is decided and will we become so politically correct so amenable and movement that anything that we believe is now subject of the modified also not insulted and wallowing anyway you want in this presidential election campaign from both sides I hope you understand impressive prophetic relevance of relevant relevance to what is being done and said how the church is taken center stage in a twisted way at its Babylonian brilliance at its best you start off with sessions where people like Mike Huckabee lost most of the born-again Christian salsa Meetup vascular something other really believe the world was created in six days and that it happened over millions of years sadly the people on this campus do believe that while it got been telling the truth about Genesis chapters one and two while I believe them in John chapter three hundred sixty three got to trust them to make the world like trusting to re-create me that Palestine would hold wary that Clinton and bad at all everyone else in Barack Obama religion takes devastated people thought that because Barack Obama buildings and saying he was a Muslim argument of the world music mistakes like that in America but then comes Reverend Jeremiah Wright black spoken of many Americans that in the we love you the controversial pastor of about Barack Obama 's former church now in Chicago and over and over a plate eclipsed ironically much of what he sang in a very different than what even Ron Paul on the public and get it set in terms of content delays doesn't is bit frightening indifferent one thing is very different at all states centerstage then of course in order to strike back to the Democrat of five clips of John Hankey speaking negatively of this is an allele is a reference to Revelation seventeen the D and I had either way a minute on the side another charges that infamous page in this election campaign and also the final Protestant minister and arson will assume Jesus Protestantism of a Protestant minister in the I believe they are thrilled that one of the virtual that Google was founded upon the bed because I believe Audrey John Haig et al. by understanding what our society gets below when you cannot speak about religious difference we are in grave trouble but it is unacceptable to say that I don't agree with what they believe it is a little my proxy and unfortunately my thoughts will become to speak truth because we want to thank all the along with the captain submit to you we are living in this series Adventist churches of entertainment on the Babylon by taking our past lives and allowing them to get their PhD 's and doctoral degrees in schools that do not believe what we believe of the matter but they get their PhD 's and doctoral degrees in schools that believe that we are heretics they keep some that old method of your Adventist auto of gospel spreading autumn ritual that you have walked off on his women ought not be taught dating him that the methods that you have a solid or antiquated and outdated that's why your search of the rose plant you have no mega- churches now years young seminarians there be a graduate go into the world to work bulletin of the University to work saying heard one say just a couple weeks ago oh I want a mega church and I went to the auto mother church Internet search the way things are going below to have a job begun to entertain the doll 's we dig up and send them to Saddleback and Willow Creek evangelical churches to learn church growth from men like Rick Warren Bill these like going to study at their feet to show them how to grow your church to be a large prosperous church with techniques that include things like going into the streets and at around the charge of finding out from the people around the neighborhood watch their favorite type of secular music that you can then play that type of music in your charge that all the people he works gospel so settle backwards clothing him one Sunday played the old folk song from the nineteen seventies car wash because that's what the seekers walked to call the people seekers we must be seeker friendly sounds sensible except that Jesus never talked that we alter truths they get people and all are instructed to you what I want to believe or what you don't believe it not only that diary of the bill I will just came out recently and apologize representatives of Willow Creek method our read Google will request the method on all of church broken soul winning I apologize for a more readable because we made a mistake when we should've done when people cross the line of faith and became Christians we should start selling people and teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become self feeders we should've gotten people talking or how to read their Bible between service out of spiritual practice is much more aggressively on their own the qualitative interview talk about the fact that the multimillion dollar platform that all of the programs of all the fancy lights and that the bells and whistles that they put into their charges to make these mega- churches when they looked around with us he never said they realized that they were shut horny she will get out a dataset that off-line that have not been saved but in the service on Sunday and I would not sell up the charts again to the next Sunday and between Colorado Bible to the complaint on their own and use all we want teaching our business model we want our church to our success of the week in plastic fragile success we have a total lie even not full of believers with an online beyond that like the story because I would rather go into the battle with a few faithful bendable and let a whole army of fault that I won't turn and run I go in with just five or six brothers and sisters who live now love mom I when Babylon comes hunting the enemy standing there with what when Babylon fell new look for somebody to have go back to nothing but I do but empty pew than entertaining the doll 's allotment like TD Jakes we find these men so impressive record for scale and style in the content of the constant thought of going back to the broken life in an is the kind of you are a new age of psychology that so many of these printer look up and leave into their preaching the idea that there are a set of anymore 's Joel Olson said he doesn't use the word center at the DJs so many look to listen to recently came out and after the seven-day Adventist church at all series that was against the Sabbath and Sabbath keeping it going to work on a church website and watch the sun we learn and become independent of the doll catalog because we don't understand that John and I what I wanted that the jewel in Toledo in Spain and I apologize little order I submit to you that there are still flawed then on destroying Protestantism in the music with you that there only a few true Protestant denomination fingerboard wheels to one of them but the way things are going not interesting been in Iran into comes from one of the outreach is a big concert series is done in Australia by Hillsong Hillsong has some very powerful praise and worship music on over the years they had this big gathering and the harvest oh three update one two thousand and three and let us old people said we have every form of Christian church were reviewed whether it's Catholic Anglican Presbyterian Pentecostal assemblies of god seven minutes there all night and this event the writer of the article that I copied here about Google more detailed business afternoon was flabbergasted by the idea that Catholics would be considered Christians erect a whole section on wide as the Catholics Christians only to be followed by a section that says how could you consider seven administration and goes into a tirade against Alan Weisman and wanted to miss quoted statements along with the Malone had taken all everyone and all the different beliefs and think that you can take him and create a false salad it just doesn't work somebody's got to give up something for all that come together in unity so please have got to take a backseat the wrong let us stand up together and I submit to you that that's exactly what is beginning to happen at some of the local germinal statement this afternoon we don't even begin to represent the Sabbath and may have a fingerprint with Terry pastor thought I'd certainly feel it has a lot of old margaritas or is it that one really good one another the history of the church and everything in it I really take the time and it is again the question I would like to ask the Presbytery passes became that identify sound like to ask is common in the young people came to harvest two thousand three and responded to the altar call after being thoroughly wound up by deafening rock music thinking this was what being a disciple of Christ is all about the fundamental Christian rock of love into a local sudden-death ministers while the follow-up Lévi-Strauss they know we will set off the false view church to be indoctrinated with very pleased that would lead them to worship for God and with all the leaders of these cooperating churches will stand up and be accountable for this gross error dog of Babylon attacked us because we went to their meeting so foolish as we know for a and the pride of the wrong word we know self-respect is the right word that Justin just the begin the mix of what's happening we would we went belly cross sell enter into one concert series where wear and Christian rock is being played unless another tissue but but when even the people sponsoring but we're involved decided that we would entertain the ball about one hundred and three in forwarding the last minutes of the why that happens because we have become deceived into believing we must unite against a perceived common threat if you have a car thought and why if Babylon joined within the industry Assyria but you need Babylon defeated Sarah got Artie 's automatic and of God the defeat Assyrian it only makes at Babylon to be victorious in this world not enough voice people by himself the second is that when of these men from Babylon came it was done in the absence of the presence of the prophet Isaiah was always around Vienna and Hezekiah would happen the methods of the unit as we take our modern-day prophet Ellen White and you will both testimony the fine we open ourselves up the great deception will become liable scriptures in the lesser light to a great alike even a guy from Australia that I believe that God inspired truth and NL warnings that are socially and partly to the task often written in Scripture because these issues didn't exist the judge had not been taken all of our paganism that when whipping that we be desired to be popular rather than the cube by submitting that we ought not try and compete with the rock church down the street not much I compete with Saddleback in Lawrence County we need to do what God has called us to do and we need to simply be faithful to the calling of God not a lot of things we ought not therefore better than anyone else we ought not I believe we are inherently a superior but any humanity I tell you what I think about what God laid almost intrudes it doesn't make me exalted it a basis it makes me really want to itemize and call on the main movable probably the most frightening thing when you read the last two verses and says in verse eighteen to twentieth second Kings adenovirus side effects out issue from the which thou shall beget they shall take away and shall be eunuchs in the powers of the King of Babylon when we entertain the dog lawn we sell our own children into spiritual bondage all next-generation of church if I often caught up in a spiritual bondage what will the calling of God when you want to know what we've been given a nod toward them and I feel the power we do have a children's week slim the adults they see a generation would sell the truth up the river and then you expect them to stay in the church when we don't stay committed to the called of Jesus Christ when we are not bold to make the claimed the blood of Jesus our children as is said in the ten Commandments the sins of the father will visit the children to the third and the fourth generation you can sell our children into spiritual bondage I submit to you that we need to stop this idea that we need to somehow compete or keep up with all of the rest of the evangelical and and ecumenical movement and world we've got to stop racing successful numbers the idea that the bigger the church the benefits or job cellular from Scripture the opposite is true would you look at the way the Scripture describes things we've got to get away from the idea that we can meet up with a seven-day Adventist and you what you want to believe it applies to your life and Avalon we must stop word and the community around which will of God 's word and we must not but they come back to seek game I went to allow leadership the five that they will sign up for that go against the war I for the teachings of Jesus Christ on judgment day then I'd ask meaningful questions about what believers damn I believe how many people attended my church I am popular arts or the house ego is our church will God 's will is when he entrusted me with truth that Abraham which he wishes he had which was good Isaiah wishes he had with the Ezekiel and Jeremiah which they knew I was there live in a time to see what God is the possibility end of the world what did you do take a Adventist Christian living seriously are you entertaining dogs of Babel father God we thank you for bringing us together in this place thank you father God you are a true wonderful God Lord in humility we come before you decide not asking father God for prestige and popularity but I need more of fame or riches Lord we are asking and humility to be covered by the blood of the Lamb father God that I remains of these written in the Lamb 's book of life of father God our lives would be evidence that our names are written in father God help us to take truth to a dying world five I let us not be cowardly and backsliding in our efforts instead father God help us to stand up and believe you even if the heavens seem as if they would fall father God to remain humble teachable single father Lord Ruby vessels fit to be used by his operator in Jesus 's name amen


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