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Our Work of Physical Healing

John Kelly


John Kelly

Physician, Founding President of American College of Lifestyle Medicine



  • January 22, 2005
    10:00 AM
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will will will will will you and when we sing this verse is this me I'm sure this is me how to live and work is made that you never sure we have what I would say is a study this morning with the unsolvable study on how long really on those topics how God would have us to shackle the bus with you boy I just been in place since I was asked to share on the remoteness of the that I've been asked to share some thoughts with you today and now I have seen the Lord prepare our hearts consists of a so impressed with the of on Thursday last last week and many like some of you know I was always oppressed to make a commitment he shared with us while our age of us who were there sure have your own encapsulation what each year but one of them the kingdom means that basically it's that when we want to more than anything else in life to be built with the spirit of the AMI I you want to find out the weather is not so much and that we have been down I than we are being that I knew nothing is new and billing I appreciated that I also like the way he brought out some gambles from old old is new more recently on individuals who are spirit down and how we use them as my cheesiest music e-mail to demonstrate and one thing that struck me was that these men and women while some old some young some of us you know it takes longer in light to learn the things that some of you learn at a younger age and I'm sorry to say but it's true that I was the agent many of you here I was thinking I was just living for pleasure and at the South and I'm so thankful that I can associate with young people who will have those those habits of those goals but he was struck with that many of these men that he mentioned how they would pray with the Lord for your impressive how they would go to go and they would say what Moses his promises their strength was not there cleverness of their was like warned you hence this is your promise this is what you have said you would do how can you fail not fulfill your promise and they would like Jacob the Dutch accent they were excellent not let go so because not only conducted that if he would've been saying this in a presumptuous way he would've been some him themselves on no Paris where he was bleeding onward and instead of spending was change the name was changed he was exalted as I was in it struck me just how we please God promises this morning I want to try to build on that concept I would suggest you it is like he is the basic sciences and Alice go on to the ones okay you taught us one of the principles and and so I want to take one example illustration in practical life and try to bring it on the web you I noted this will be challenging to many of us here on the all-time nuclear new understandings can be challenging and supposed to spring start but by their father and our God thank you for loving acid nuclear weapons forgive us our sins are videoconferencing on hold after your promise that wherever two or three are gathered in then you are in the midst and your promise that anyone who asks Shelby C which of the bank is not consistent I think I said to be help but it's really as I worked the Lord worked with Evelyn this is my choice I work on physical healing genuine medical mission work is my outline some people like to know whether going and if I don't get finished Christ calls us to be child's reviewing this markup send it will this work centers and hospitals are not the same thing this placement each of our special work the centenarians in one smile changed blocks are trying out the last option Satan is to work lying wonders and in the scientific method does not exclude this power we must rely on the law and the testimony to safety only Christ methods his counsel faith is the act of taking God 's word acting on his mean-spirited bill produces faithful loving obedience so let me just share some now instruction is to celebrate these guys I haven't been writing a bit on the screen I saw the people where they were in place before them the great truths in regard to his kingdom as he went from place to place keep blasting trumpet in the suffering and heal the sick this is our God would have us moving you necessities of the destitute and this was not structured to positions that the Christian including comparable health related this world is a vast lazar house to house was sick and dying people the price chain to heal the sick to proclaim deliverance to the captives of Satan he turned away not who came to receive getting our to those who petition number help and disease among themselves yet he did not refuse yield them convert you from Christ entered into these poor souls they were convicted of sin and many were healed of their spiritual disease as well as of their physical maladies but gospel still possesses the same hour and why should we not today witnessed the same results price feels the woes of every supper him us us Randy Brian Christ and he is just an example said now is the person on earth Christ servants or his representatives the channels for his work desires through them to exercise out in the Savior 's manner of doing nevertheless and for his disciples Christ made use of the simple instances nature he sanctioned the use of simple natural visit lessons of what 's dark conditions to be observed by all who would preserve health all should learn what these conditions are the Lord is not pleased with ignorance in regard to his laws either natural or spiritual entity workers together with God for the restoration of health of the body as well as soul page thirty one and we should teach others how to preserve and to recover health for the sick we should use the remedies which God has provided a nature in which appointment him alone in the store because I worked to present the sick and suffering to Christ in the arms of power and we should teach them to believe in the great we should lay hold on his promise and pray for the manifestation of his hour the very essence of the gospel is restoration of the Savior would have us in the sick and helpless in the take hold upon his strength the power was in all Christ's healing and alternate by partaking of that love through day can we beat estimates for his neglect to link ourselves in divine connection with crimes the current of light given and you cannot blow and registrations from us to the people there were places where the Savior could not do many I was there unwilling so now I believe separates the journey from her divine help her hold upon the panel realities is we by her lack of faith God is disappointed that is going the second selected messages page fifty four this is one of my favorite passages the way in which Christ work was to preach the word and to relieve suffering by miraculous works of human but I am instructed that we cannot now work in this way or Satan will exercise his power by working miracles God 's servants today cannot work by means of miracles because various works of healing claiming to be divine law for this reason the Lord has marked out a way in which his people are degenerate border work the physical combined with the teaching of the word sanitarium sought to be established and with these institutions are to be connected workers will carry forward genuine medical missionary work best April Harding influence this runaround those who come to sanitarian 's this is the provision the Lord has made whereby gospel medical missionary work is to be done many souls second selected messages page is to examine there are many ways practicing this evening on but there's only one way that have again the premises I want to propose you are the Mrs. that this is a Bible study providing you modern material I hope that you will I remember seeing the stars in the present what follows are the every disciple of Christ is called to ministry spiritual visible needs of mankind my dear and loving wife encouraged me to assure you and make you these instructions in my talk this morning and not just positions like this for nurses this is for Christians and she sometimes is is empowered through vagueness challenge for his spiritual and physical healing Christ desires to work through us just as he did to his first disciples to bring restoration of health and this is my summation will be different Chrysler was to travel amongst the people ministered to their needs with miraculous works of the camera now working this way because Satan will work is working spurious miracles of healing claiming the divine so Christ is specifying a backup when his disciples engaged in a human work in our day sanitarium -based medical ministry using the physiologic simple natural as essential aspects this work are one point in the movie wants to Christ this power is readiness to join his power number two teaching them to know and follow his spiritual and natural law is very clear my third is not to detract from any medical work presently being done thank you Mike and my own way they repeat that my burden is not to detract in the workplace maybe once when the zealous sons and seventy told Jesus Holly of the day him him not demons in his name because he followed not us rather than raising the their exquisite spirit Matthew nine thirty eight thirty nine and my burn my see my design is to attract us each regards beautiful land for ministering in the to the spiritual and physical needs of those around us I said that we do not all have the same gifts in the same unlike the now unpack this a bit more feminist statement she says so now I believe separates the church from our divine help no I don't see this as a condemnation and I was before I came to Christ I was I was full of sand my arm was selfish I do use my intellect throughout the advantage of people ever I deserve condemnation it was before I came to Christ now he taught me to this icing is a wonderful promise this is a an a a spare piece of instruction you're not into the power but he plugged in and some the church guitar and believe it's a assembly it's a lack of belief a lack of acceptance a lack of certainty this is separating us from our divine helper I know as a position as a student as a resident of this was much on my mind are missing myself more than once if all I do as a position of resident is to bring an equal amount of expertise to my patients that they could get at the state hospital want more help like the me that's like the man but that would be a minimum but I'm a Christian position Chris is into crimes far more limited to the state hospital notwithstanding the wonderful manifestations of God 's grace from time to time yes in the Adventist hospitals were minimalist work things I know there are untapped resources underlying feeling of awaiting our demand and perception of Ellen White's race customized malicious point she doesn't have to be on this earth many more years positive insubordination vandalism and since no I don't allegedly aren't honest inspectors I know that I have to pray Lord help thou mine unbelief turning make me willing to be willing to meet you because there's so set so sure so strong maybe there's not like that of a neighbor that's me to share this counselor talk about this with with my Adventist Christian Prince on various objections as to why it does not apply to us and just should review a couple of them with you I saw objections to the sentient counselor just read one of them is that insist on Wednesday places the medical ministry recalled sanitarium but in our modern age there called hospitals may give her that they had is a very reasonable concern over me look at a couple of the problems of the first hospitals actually work were established and founded before the eighteen hundreds hospitals were around him before our white action and then the first sanitarium was founded about sixty years later in this country and first ones with an approach this is a very distinct him will will use the bottom line the major one is a actually Mrs. White's needs about both hospitals and during the General conference available at March eighth is that we must now dance with you or God and direct our house built mirrors the right thing in connection with the same name is in a hospital is a flurry this would furnish a reprieve the lesson I want to you to be a more there is no position you should a lot explain why one is more of all the surrounding businesses is that people have to send an example of miles away for lack of expensive than five dollars per visit a hundred years ago on my people are more young classically called upon to advise you to administer to do something anyway this work covers connected with the hospital to be able to do so I believe she saw in the end visited two different molds and mold each of these the hospital was needed to provide a cute looking the sanitary was needed to provide I'm putting this in today's words you health education that you care for those of you this is my definition and it's yours to keep cure involves emergent conditions requiring you up in the science chronic care involves long-standing conditions requiring lifestyle change it is true son and frequently the two conditions are the culmination of every good health October twenty ninth the summer health is not worth what was viewed out of hospitals even on describing the workings of the Senate hand connected with this is the message available in the price of the festivals of the gospel it fails in its most important feature contradicts the very object of its existence you know those the other places unneeded work don't leave anyone think of it thinking I have said assailants that we don't need hospital to hospital question this one hour special one we believe that Baptist run cost and with the consumption of wheat have been called a that is spent part of the preparation but in part is a statement from early writings illustrate what I'm saying shoot which is talking about what the burden of our work should be preaching sermons are churches and bar evangelist said there are many precious truths contained in the word of God but it is present true why now another playset of the essence of all licenses and the Lord will write there such a thing and you are married know this and certainly one of their lovely wife life learned illustrate this all the time this was a thing of the right not being in the right you can be very dry mouth right way you're handling right and so that illustrates what I will master the rocks crying out you will help promotion September October two thousand or less is less than six months ago Senator Tom Harkin writings and in the US we spend approximately one eight trillion a year on healthcare boy seventy five percent that total is accountable by chronic diseases things like heart disease cancer diabetes all of which in large measure are preventable meanwhile only two percent of all healthcare spending is on prevention right now our medical system set up a block is one of my thousand dollar gastric bypass is that of offering advice and how to avoid this one from Journal medical medical Association same month two thousand four eight is axiomatic medical education should prepare students well for the clinical problem they will face in the future practice however that is not happening for the most prevalent problem healthcare today chronic disease he goes on the inadequacy of medical education as a consequence of the failure of healthcare and medical education so that through two related transformations in the past fifty years that are central to the good help here today and of course eye disease replaced acute diseases the dominant health problem number two Roddick I am cycling season out of the house and disabilities of health services since an eight percent of expansion the second chronic disease dramatically transformed the role of the patient to me this is the most significant thing he said more and more and more we are realizing that you have to reach the mind and the will you cannot give enough medicine you cannot do enough surgery fixed problem that people it is written I believe it is a responsible as a Christian address position subtle for titrating medications instead of trying to reach the heart and the will and the mind with the truth of Christ now I must say having said that her statement I must say that yes the council is that the spec you are is not the time did you spend the Sabbath not the time to make all of our huge issues stand out like that we are to model it so much that they will say one is that you go to church on Saturday I love that question that question we don't but the two on the day of admission rightly finish the good that you won't say of the summer the unit is Saturday which exactly sets up at the okay I understand that balance don't let that keep us from realizing their full special moments that framework to suggest hospital percentage variance I don't see them as opposite selling point and zoom launches someplace for each hospitals are designed and operated by the most effective mission to cure possible to be very little crime here as little as possible in many cases since they don't specialize in most of what they do this dumbest PR market Senate hands on the other hand not as good at providing they are designed and operated to provide most effective in addition chronic care and lifestyle change possible lectures are not the most effective treatment for appendicitis there is no effective treatment for hypertension and type two diabetes and is growing evidence that bypass surgery may not be as good a treatment for chronic partisans as intensive one-stop check our second objection that hands are not financially viable you can't make this happen work they pay sacrificial wages to avoid losing money and running in the red was Jesus study centers on I know they must face is discounted what is the financial state of our hospital actually our hospitals and came to the place wages but I suggest perhaps the bar of money they have bonds on the use bonds to finance their operations and their they are in fact many of them losing money and running in the red check it out there's in fact may have best hospitals in worse financial condition than some of our center part of the reason this does to the heart of something is a hard saying or not many of us I'm many of you young people it's not as hard because you haven't like Elder club they together then so long and hard and the Lord can use young people that that the not so convinced of this it won't work but one of the few thoughts on the does many things in Charlotte this morning I cannot unpack and develop the happy talk about you with you about this is how I process my states exporting the physician may say that is what is normal tearing that is yet to be proven there are reasons why he should receive large wages affect more than the minister or the editor and many of you may know that God has counseled that position should be paid on the weight similar to pastors the pastors like the event the positions about so excited about the one thing is to do what you this is putting from under Karen on the time José on the fifteenth this month he said to do secondary things well is to know what he was saying them was if we primary things on the him this is the second one the most important thing rested to visiting our patients to Christ you get nothing outgoing and nothing else is the most important thing when I connected to Christ I believe disconnects us we are cannot be challenged or even work God wants to do through us doesn't doesn't it besides he doesn't almost chose to think that God wants to work just as well is a miracle healing of the people you want us to be channels to do what we do accept that's just think our patients the price of the not so hard if you know what Albany I illustrate this and I can take even my own conscious patients Christ and the reason I make them point is you don't have to grind with the pension you don't have to get the patient to pray with you to take the declines you can take the patient that that's unconscious and Anna to Christ they catch so don't don't must not go he unwinds it all was serpents and harmless as the applying literature I suggest the next most important thing is to teach God 's laws of spiritual and physical health to those who seek to help this is the solution to the problem is not me not the medication I been licensed to prescribe its the understand of God 's love God 's law of love spiritual and physical moments of the origin of illness is in the mine she says ninety percent of all illness have in my hoping that means a writing all lessons must be psychiatrists but I do believe it means that all of us must do more than work with medication we need to work with was the more needed me to try to reach the heart and how is the only way that we can reach the by the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit is the one which is the heart uses us as we mentioned and I would suggest an essential thing is to utilize the specific methods God has marked out for us in a week or two ago we were studying about the offering to maintain enable members of a school and I was struck with how Jane so I brought my best offer with this item I wrote produced I bought my best proteins Malachi and .ru money while you are you so this is my offering what was wrong though was it was long winded he chose to bring not the one that God has asked not the one illustrated God 's principles illustrated that there was a savior to come to bare our sins and the print was one of unsure they were excellent vegetables and fruit but it was a long offering when you go to God why I worked look and see on working the way it has otherwise I will not endanger someone listen this is how I work the system where Martha now blessed let us ensure we don't think that has was one stretch then we can do like the man who was similar to yours are promised a new veil of a fulfilling but when your doctor on promise that has very little weight with a complete tangent I know I numbering over the behalf to meet you one offended possibly to support because one of the unstated arguments against this counsel is that it's not scientific use of sanitary markets outside what the company apparent tension with the second Thessalonians two nine twenty four twenty four single work signs and lying wonders so as to see the very elect where possible recovers you are deceived by the miracle Satan 's agents have the power to do that which they pretend to do think about this is the study reported by blackberry nine sixty eight cents and it's trying to inhibit the growth of fungus cultures in the laboratory the conscious intent by concentrating on them for fifteen minutes in the distance of approximately one five yards because of a then incubated for several more hours of a total of her life or culture dishes are fifty one showed retarded growth a good percentage to demonstrate the same effect exchange of sixteen trial station from one to three miles away published in nineteen eighty one sixty University volunteers were asked to alter the ability of a strain of the bacterium E. coli could utilize lectins E. coli mutates from lactose negative to positive unknown rate is at least tried test kids about your causes three for increased mutation rate and decreased mutation rate and three were Lewis will share in the direction desired by the sun my question is does the scientific method controlled scientific spearmint patient Satan 's power to work miracles Satan somehow excluded from exercising his power in a scientific experiment clearly this is not the case if you do this is confusing to you especially interesting studying more carefully work on their problems not what they pretend to want to have the power to do you get nervous and scared now this is this is a little synthesis the syllabus concerning God has given us an answer about this because he said what a prophet comes and sent you something any comes the past don't believe it is it contradicts my word right so that it's always been the test is to belong to the testimony they speak not according to this word is no light in them they are again very conversational time is coming when we will not be able to believe her own senses are we prepared to not use the evidence of our senses you know something in time to spend their time to time when we see miracles of water and we know that's false the listing so we're changing toward that time God is preparing us the devil is trying to be sure or not prepared back to this statement about the Sagittarians about you most of us tend to pass over it hopefully this will help you see she says both regarding influences thrown around those who come to was unable to bring illness and death when done remove the hedge around you almost in this within a matter of hours or days sickness and death what brought back what brought you is when the case was restored friendlier where to look rising I could looking lackadaisical about this spiritual importance of spiritual influence in this world there's no safety in an approach method other than one markup it would have another art to build others in the targeting of its using a simple another Arctic this is God 's provision to save those who choose the same analysis to being his estimates he wants us to help them to build bizarre is like Noah Argos structured plan by the way you know reading papers and property in the nose art literature and sank and enough built according to God 's instructions I will offer you a simple challenge is up and challenge what we dare you studying God 's councils regarding your medical ministry which many of us are working working with and commit to implementing them every detail is something you understand that God has placed his unfailing word that he will give one hour to those who make this on service and give ourselves unreservedly to obey whatever his word him will send wine bottles I think someone is prepared to plan for us the song I want to show you the words once every manner nation by law Mason is lost every manner nation comes the moment to decide this truth with falsehood whether good or evil side sound great on some great decision offering each the bloom or blight in the choice goes my forever but the darkness you know I believe that now is the time for us to put on burners all I'm not asking anyone here this morning to do anything you feel the Holy Spirit pressing you did what you will surrender ourselves our lives our careers our marriages are whatever it is to God will reveal the Ivy League he wants I believe he is anxiously awaiting more his understanding and his power that's your personal commitment unlike you stand unless same this must every man a nation will will will will him me and a him will him and him me I may have him a rude ran on all of the Lord in the own gray and and half in the moon will analyze a more way that a man and suite three who thank you reemerged thank you we will send you we would know we were used it's the one in my room 's storm consulting no line and was desired on one VCR 's you know our designers are we hold onto your own words files and then we believe you want the screen 's this or to prepare for your signature unless assessment is that this is


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