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Better Hope

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 26, 2008
    7:30 PM
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praying about priorities this week and what I would be sharing with you tonight know the theme of better in Hebrews figure computer and a viable program and look at up to be surprised how much it talks about better than one compare where Paul Aaron Hebrews is making a comparison easy exalting the benefits of Christianity the reality of Christ over the shadows I defined in Judaism I feel some of them my wife because mother was Jewish background my father was from Baptist background consulting the twenty when doing my folly sending it Christian school and delivered my mother she's a major Jewish school has interesting and military schooling required in service to go to the city to go to Catholic Protestant or Jewish every Sunday Sunday interesting even fewer services so I rotate regulators last week your account services will make my energy Mayor had a broad spectrum of Christianity certainly is superior to the shadows the reality of Christ as I thought about what's better in the priorities you think about a lot of the greatest things in the Bible what is a telescope first Corinthians thirteen is the greatest thing the greatest as well that he would ask a Malachi what's the most important thing he probably say do justly love mercy and walk humbly more a letdown for me what's the most important way and as I thought about that underdog is not what I think about what I believe is the most important thing is the use how I was seventeen when I got a hold of me and the enthusiasm Shaw 's group he if you can become infected with the potency of the good news to tell you what I want to say Janice from the spirit of hostility region couple of close review and Herald eighteen ninety two the spirit of God as it comes in the heart by faith is the beginning of life eternal the spirit of God what promises less fulfilled in the church than that of the endowment of the Holy Spirit here is our greatest need whether you knew it or not I'm telling you now your greatest need is the Holy Spirit the teacher must be baptized with the Holy Spirit then the mind in the spirit of Christ will be in him and he will confess Jesus as a spiritual and holy life he will give evidence of the truth has been received it is not than merely a theory that has been sanctified through the truth that he is missing to find the truth he can talk of Christ and him crucified in our language the Sabres of heaven hollering something else you're familiar with for selected messages page one twenty one a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this should be our first work there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because were unprepared to receive it our heavenly father is more willing to give here is the greatest thing his Holy Spirit to them that ask him that our earthly parents to give good gifts to the children but it's our work by confession humiliation repentant sinners prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant his blessing a revival need be expected only answer to prayer while the for so this is Holy Spirit cannot appreciate the preaching of the word but when the Spirit 's power touches their hearts in the discourses given will not be without effect here's some wonderful discourses this week here's a minute about open the word of God and shows very important truths what is this can prepare us for everything that we might receive the spirit of God that my customers I like he's a story in the Bible as a springboard for that principle severely minus please turn with me to the second book of Kings chapter two timekeeper here so you have to pace myself this is a story worldwide is taken up into heaven and why Sharon is present for that experience I think is relevant for us for a couple of reasons one is before this is over the life she has a double portion aligned his spirit another reason is it's talking about translation and were on the verge of that we want to know what is it mean to live a life that can be translated from this world and the next without there also is a picture of Christ and you understand that as we go on verse one and it came to pass it contains chapters and verse one when the Lord was about to take a life job and a heaven my whirlwind Elijah went with Eli Shaw from VLDL ally site is the apprentice profit of your energetic means a similar homicidal for diabetes wash on the next ally jollies my God is Jehovah Shami 's my God a savior very similar but of course different individuals alike show will know why I came back from his her experience and remember job places mantle on the shoulders of young heal myself who must been a wealthy son because he was plowing among conservatives of how when another young locks and involvement of the Audiovox in your middle class if you are twelve of them you don't very well it's like a John Deere tractor today and he walked away from all of that to follow for profit they had to live my cream was filling orders and with us in his service about me then Elijah said to Elisha stay here please alert is sent into battle never means the house of God and Elisha said as the Lord lives and as useful lives I will not leave you at God is preparing to fill you life shout with a double portion of Elijah 's spirit you can tend to have these when Elijah had money I would never have the audacity to ask for twice of what Elijah had but he's not getting twice I'd like to know what the secret is when you will see greatest these are not staying here are following you wherever you go ongoing and when Elisha narrative when Elijah went to the house of God ally shop when with you word that means house of God we need to be willing to follow our Lord when he was in the house of the busyness of life if you don't have enough faith to consider church once a week you probably don't have enough to get you seventy I will not leave you so the wind out of the whole figure him through with that okay Sydney said to him you know that the Lord will take away your master from over you today he said yes I know Holger Vesely so that they were saying you were dissolved through the prophets that God is in and take away our allies into heaven and he was going through the circuit of the schools of the profits trying to encourage them before he ascended no idea in history something like Jesus what Jesus did before he ascended to heaven after his resurrection he spent forty days meeting here in the early apostles for what purpose to open the Scriptures to incursion as he was going to go off and when he was nice and the spirit in me missing a parallel here the sons of the prophets were sent here to be the resident profit when he says Andy Elijah was saying as the father has sent me a license so I'm sending you I trained you to complete the work of revival that I started as Jesus said as the father sent me so I sent him in the same way that they were schools of the prophets dark energies of the apostles lovely godlessness schools of the profits in the last days when people come together with a common love for the truth that's what we want this to be in NYC as we will want we marked to be way more school of office in Nashville and the whole thing anyone is particularly so hold your peace one six would cease happy that all of his boss was gone I was a summer he was happy to serve your page notified one time when Elisha was being introduced to the king of Israel that he said this is the one important water on the hands of Eli John and he was content with a menial job he was checked the same with for water on his disciples to serve you well serving Jesus in heavenly release of the beginning and I I dig deeper and find a theater watching the door praise the Lord people asking questions I don't want to have as much as not to be there your home to Southern California to get married as the looming high in heaven for eternity away friends this is not a I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you get there if you do not experience matrimony on her first worry about that just get there I promise you I'll apologize you come up to him and you see when you get there you have then Elijah said he analyzes the here and now the Lord has sent me to Jericho pasted as your soul lives in as the Lord lives and as useful as I will not leave you so they came to Jericho the word journal literature is a very ancient word either means fragrance I prefer mean that our means moon and I haven't gone after everything framers sometimes the Lord leads us in framework places you start his own guilty on not actually circle sometimes one of these is in circles where the Lord leads us to stay with Anna Gonzales applies to all say the same thing you not know the Lord is to take away your master from your head is and I know who your VCs are analyzing to him please stay here for the Lord has sent me to Jordan Anderson as the Lord lives and as your soul lives I will not leave you so the two of them went on to Jordan together Jordan means the set I was the lowest river on your symbol for death Jordan is a simple word death burial and resurrection Tommy Hanson he saw before talked about Jordan 's building crossing the Jordan at all possible symbolic identity to him Reuters news that and some as the Lord leads us through the valley of the shadow we follow him they are to take up our cross we follow him to our crucifixion and he said where you go on the following payment so they go on towards the Jordan together and the sons of the prophets personalized Glenn Jericho came to Elisha Australia Hyannis was in the mins of the sons of office when acidification at a distance now the two of them stood by the Jordan and Elijah took up his mantle and rolled it up and he struck the water and it was divided this way so the two of them crossed over on dry ground at a crossing over Jordan it is probably springtime probably consolidate times a year you get across in the summer I was disappointed when I went Israel because I heard a mighty Jordan again Christian when Israel expected to see something like the Missouri and Mississippi any control rock crossing I certain times of the year is a series of stagnating pools he reunited Jordan rivers of the fact that it was a staged invocation it might even be the springtime which is the type of year when Jesus was a visit by thinking that of the sons of office washed may come there and would like to give you a soft dismantle now if Elijah is a type of Christ what would his robe represent if there are however is a symbol of death how do you get across will him across their press room that makes it possible for us to get across the only earthly possession of Jesus left behind was a bloodstained robe is not right everything else was gambled away corner individual welcome within the put back on his blessing what do Jacob 's sons presented her father to cover the same was in the bloodstained robe of Joseph what is it that makes it possible for you and I to go to that feast is the father give us a row when the bottles come home that's the same role one dancing a row before that was the same analytically seneschal was when he first called him a justification now he's releasing it on human sanctification because he followed him for several years and he's been transformed by beholding to the difference they now different function person places it on saving call it begins to follow for justified but one is over he owns the role stay with me entry rules of any hill with a talent for doing the military school Eudora five eighty River tax videos they go over on dry ground utilizes that digital slogging through the muddy dirty on the other side the fact that this is the one over on dry ground he came up clean and houses eliminated the other side of Jordan is legal of Christ and his righteousness and you can speak I didn't bother the neighbors him when the crossover Hawaii just says to Elisha asked what I might do for you before I was taken away from you is present in the greatest of the prophets who isn't it appears that Jesus on the mountain transfiguration Moses and Elijah Old Testament closes with remember the law of Moses behold I send you Elijah the lighting his life is the essence of the power of the profits she prays it saw three key praise and rain comes down and raising fire comes down in effect three times a brazen liar is details James what to do as you are getting ready only when the Lord descending a limo of Angels anything I can do for you before I leave what would you ask for don't I think the only small think about the best thing however is vague about the muscle there you know how excited greatest of these is love could be something greater than welcome what is the fruit of the spirit law joy peace if you got the Holy Spirit will but in order to help his love of the Holy Spirit and so what is when you get right down to the root is there something more evaluating to ask for in the Holy Spirit entering other good thing you might consider that leave for the blessed hope begins with God the most important thing the greatest need what do Solomon was really pray for twenty seven was a three in Isaiah chapter one is one of the gifts of the Spirit is he was asking for the Holy Spirit is the last thing the assumptions and pray for is the spirit will help on campus for his strength came from every good and perfect gift that you could ask for this can be summed up in the Holy Spirit if you don't have the Holy Spirit then he can prepare now having said that wanting to his encouragement God 's spirit comes in different degrees I believe everybody here has the Holy Spirit diseases have the Holy Spirit before that has levels in a difficult question imagine any type teases like he didn't have the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit anointing in a special way at his baptism the apostles how Holy Spirit before Pentecost sure whether in the upper room in Paris and all manners and receive the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John but they receive a special filling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost so what were talking about here is not a mist or fog of the Spirit a little bit of moisture were talking about really twenty for the filling of the Holy Spirit is the most desperate need of the church right now in the last days and it's the most desperate need in my life it's the most desperate need in your life I believe before Jesus comes back he's in the sand spirit and power of Elijah but he usually behold the central identify designing a life is getting resurrected and walking around somebody sent me a YouTube e-mail is not an Russian planes of these pieces of the following and are probably people out there I met folks he claimed to be Elijah and when the Bible said I'll send you Elijah again he wasn't talking about life in the are you so you like these and no using restrooms are you willing to resurrecting the Rossignol question but was John the Baptist Elijah in the Spears yes reincarnation he had the spirit and power of Elijah was the first one who has the spirit and power of Elijah Elisha Sonja mean that allies should not register a trademark for the Holy Spirit one and only did Elisha get it John the Baptist got designing the UI and I think we should as well the story is important because I know what was the baptizes people in the last phase with the spirit of power delighted to work on Cheyenne shop and if the Elisha needed a double portion of our being we need from you as I get carried away please tell me where in the Bible somebody asked for too much from the body Joshua says about the sun stand still as the Lord had come on Josh was still think a certain way for the Lord always please when we asked for big things I see that the Lord is his please only ask too little when Elisha was an old man with a double portion of Elijah 's spirit and King of Israel came into CM adhesive tape arrows and smite the grounds for the ground three times and the man of God was wrong with him he's if you showed us around five or six times the thing is he would have five or six victories against the series finale only three pieces of until now UNESCO last season 's only more willing to give us his Spirit leaders were that human when we are asked him over anything the Holy Spirit in our earthly father get a hungry child food and is not like me my child might get hungry I could be how the food but if you need the Holy Spirit never need to worry that God was saying the refrigerators and he will always have to get himself is not that he doesn't have what he doesn't want to get it was not what I'm asking on his people I don't want to hear the gospel the harvest is great believers are you what we need is a revival of the first for all isolation where you go like Ruth is a great versatile way where you go I will go your people might be your God is my God do so to me more also often death separates you and me as we can make the Jesus understatement here only to follow you wherever you go after this is all the way the Holy Spirit 's power from within has been wasted right now I'm really interested in alternate energy and I was interested in it before it was popular our house in the hills was a independently powered twenty some years ago forget a couple of youth I was at her house luckily zero article will cover training from the sun I went to the big Island of Hawaii years ago however drove around the island of Sicily is no place on the planet and I know that has more potential for natural power that's why the legal reports the sun shines all the times overpowering the war we go to Wyoming wind blows all the time when power England out of the Southland is titled power him erotic explosion Pacific currents and items in the volcanic are the geothermal power is yours you will reason with three hundred visit your waterpower galore and a music by some of the islands powered by diesel Steve Lisle and having a little overpowering desire to turn things around they are doing more than everything you know is the same dynamic I've never seen a file signatures abandon the lack of the Holy Spirit sometimes proposal pleasure working for you whenever money for that letter labels for student into my whole of the seven churches is that we design the spirit for the legal info and we might go through the program anyone was not successful because we don't slow-motion easy diesel the one on the same right now is I think a very important point you can be deceived into thinking your God is using God 's power when his relation out and why is it wow what natural dynamo whole island and not always really being driven by diesel we see all connectivity in the church someone is man's the finds himself in enough distress which is only when that happens all of the things we plan to know what amazing guys always think I was at work marketing a whole different attention of the people involved and I know in my heart a lot of times what we're doing is we're trying to make things happen which is a substitute for the offering of the sphere is when God 's Spirit is poured I wonder how did Peter do it without PowerPoint him to him all souls is thousands without cases the and only a few hundred holiday kingdom 's incident in civilized world without printing presses the answer is warmer afterwards Holy Spirit is one thing they were able to do as they happy baptism of the Holy Spirit we need the latter rain to fall upon us and especially now Satan has been honing his skills for thousands of years on how to distract the scene may the worldliness in the world is more worldly rather than an excess energy in the churches obviously been influenced by our pastor told her frizzy or bruising sorry systems flimsy is the ministerial Director North America explained one hundred family that we observe is is is is a ministry that it seems like the church is always content to have higher standards than the world doesn't long for higher the world we feel like you're okay for the world standards are continually going down is what happens is here you've got the standards of the world the standards of the church and over time as the standards of the world-renowned yours as well that in the world is all we can worry about what's happened is eventually weakens where our standards can even feel lower than the standards of the world and were sometimes also case in point I think a public school in New York City but exactly paragons of modesty and I remember growing assertion you see you know she has some really save him to send home in public school in New York City working modest dress but you can wear today in Christian schools wishing award proposal in New York and this is one of a thousand examples of what I'm talking about is old when the world pushing us you need to have a deeper power this guiding you otherwise are having battered about by every wind of doctrine as something like an iceberg you get a big iceberg and it's amazing you can be out there in the ocean using the iceberg moving against the wind and the White House is very moving it is when the wind is blowing south of the iceberg is coming our any answers because most of the iceberg is under the water in the current is not going the same way is something deeper is controlling this direction and we all need something a heard the best controlling our direction it started to get power from within the event my story here so they come across the Jordan and why this is Elisha asked what I might do for you before I'm taken away from you and Elisha said please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me one lady asked for double portion of his spirit I mean why don't it wasn't he got a double portion for the Bible the firstborn son would get in the force coming children video I have one of the married Elijah honey only than by Creekside by ravens and running from the mountains and now I think his wife is you will very often he wants to basically adopted a life analyzes a lot I know you're not a rich profit by getting the horse and a double portion of your most valued possession and his most valued possessions the spirit of God within cylindrical portion not other reason I think yes or no portions because he why did okay in a given double portion to him so he's similar to if you've adopted me and if you love me I want to double push and you and I can see the same thing Jesus is Jesus a doctor says he calls his sons and daughters that it which is what please alert baptized does he love us analyzing and tell us know if we ask for a double portion of his spirit and we needed this today I'm not just talking you taught me I know I need on how we can live as Christ live in this world today without the power the Holy Spirit and his disciples needed back then and they pray for Pentecost we need another Pentecost now is the most important thing we do is so we goes on he says I wanted a portion of your spirit alike just sent you asked for hard thing for you to ask for a big thing nevertheless notice if there's a criteria if you see me when I am taken from you it will be so for you that is not it will not be sought so what is the criteria in order for him to receive a double portion the sphere so you need to see me lifted up got everything on a log analyzer right now you think you see me now is all that is needed to see me go will there something there for us verse eleven it happened as we continued on and talk this suddenly a series of fire and horses of fire about five hundred years later it was going because I separated the two of them Elijah went up by a whirlwind he went up into heaven notice verse twelve Andy Elisha saw Christ says it finally ended up I will draw all men to me as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness Christ said to the disciples after six days he said I said verily I say to you Mark chapter nine through some of you standing here will not be subject to see the kingdom of God come with power and after sixties equipment and had a revelation affect us all like American as we see Christ exalted not only do they see Jesus lifted up across that appeared and receive the Holy Spirit with love they saw Jesus said in an as he ascended he blessed them and said I'm with you wherever you go no teach all nations that knowledge of seeing Christ the same for the presence of the father 's will better hope they ever get discouraged from that point on that he forgotten ever for second debate with the rest of their lives not worrying about what people are realizing that God was always watching not being concerned with what the world thought of in the much more preoccupied with what God is based on Jesus and just left and disappeared the song and he's in with you always and it is always had this idea that he was with them wherever they went on easier to live a spiritual life if you realize you're living in the sight of a holy God I think we get into trouble him us what you think we can run away and hide and seek with her so I flee from your presence will buy just the system of the sea monster the bottom of the mouse is there right he's watching you wherever you go and I'm glad I mention it because I think my son John is here not calling you anything once you dedicate your life and ministry and Elisha saw any quite opposite my father my father that she argued at Israel in this horse what was that it were true the power of Israel was not his army the power of Israel was a guy spirit it didn't matter if they had an army unit one Sampson with the spirit I took on a whole army is not right one five annual later all Malaysians got a double portion that spirit he blinds a whole army and he leaves into the city of Samaria committee opens her eyes were surrounded by the Israelites that's way below what I looking a little something same thing thinking Elisha said to Elijah thinking this was said to Elisha when the nineties of my father my father started his own horse because the power of God 's people within the relationship with the Lord through the prophet that profit and will die and that was that was their connection was the power against this were not done yet so he saw him no more and he took hold on his own clothes any more than two pieces what is represent Palestinian righteousness or unrighteousness but his character depends on his clothing it is all our righteousness is like filthy rags I do him this is he took his own closing torn into pieces and he took up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him maybe a little romantic I can't prove this but you can't disprove it some say that I think that as a light job was being caught up to him as an angelic vehicle was going to connect vortex no I didn't have the Angels and civic leaders were to perform me look down on election said that I will be any cost me and says that it is falling from I think that he passed the loss of his face any notice video I wish I had to take it off as provider righteousness for you and me but only the many good to pick up his theology circulating deleted everybody's lot of a salient issues Valerie but this is a world in darkness we need to embrace the light and were lost and we need to be found were dead waiting to be made alive to me all through the Bible 's language of a we can make a choice is a choice of choosing life is what Melissa said as so now just in case you're hopefully nobody hears mixed up with you guys pick up uses radio check fashion France is not to force it upon you he took up the mantle that had fallen from him after carrying his own as a junior all-around righteousnesses carries their own takes up a life his mantle in Overland Park KS after Jesus called him as a casting aside his garment with regard to the white better war behind the nose dirty fraudulent to the cast him Jesus we were not alone with our self-righteousness and we come need to toss off their feet who leads to take up the garments they got me for bluegrass came from the definitely we take the wounds of Jesus gives us as a gift he took up the mantle of Elijah that are fallen from the angles that he stands by the bank of the Jordan River cases where is the Lord God of Elijah and he struck the water and was divided this way and that Noel Beasley was in value as he said I'm in a do what Jesus I knew exactly what you like to do the way Eliza did it and I expect the same results in assessing the pattern for you and me are Christ's ascended he sent the Holy Spirit we need to take it up and try to model his behavior is also claiming that honesty soon alike in that promise he said I see him taken I will have a double portion of his spirit and now I'm missing my first example of the spirit where is the Lord God of Elijah I will have the power of lightning strikes the water taxi and he goes across the dry ground and says here that when the sons of the prophets who were from Jericho saw him this is the spirit of a whitish armrests on a life and it came before him out of the ground before the disciples that all hail when he came to Jesus they can look at his face like Moses we came down the mountain his face was shining how many think a licensed face was shining after that experience he was filled with the spirit and power of life now here's the good news for you what you're hearing right now is aware to me violently what God did for reelection because he asked what Jesus did for the hospice when different John the Baptist living in the spirit and power of Elijah this can do again in the last days the disciples were on their knees putting away their differences were not without the Holy Spirit humbling himself a sense of power the children of Israel when they felt down there when the lighting was unknown listen the Lord his God the Lord his God they were gathered together and present summary I think it's given me a meeting just like the economy when God sends the Holy Spirit and what we need to do is ask him he's infinitely more willing to give it than we are to ask for daughter 's story one time about Soma sailors that there should went down in the accident in the lifeboat was in an unsecure very much water they floated around in his life both in resolution for days and I nearly died of thirst this sunburnt and miserable and after several days of floating around rescuing vessel came by and the first thing they said when they were out being more sure don't want onboard to the rescuing vessels water water water and exempt a little bit perplexed he said Weiss on Thursday this is nothing to drink he notes interesting you can't live without water and chemical solvents and drink some water your kidneys shut down too much salt concentration C one and the captain said you're floating in freshwater they happen to be in that part of the Atlantic for the Amazon River pushes freshwater over a hundred miles and though it might have a little variety it was drinkable here they were in an dying of thirst I submit to you that is probably fitting description of many in the church today they know something see him first they a lot more analysis and the latter rain anything to lower your voice is gone safe online of four of the Holy Spirit when the prophetic clock reaches a certain point refineries in the spirit two thousand years ago in Christ saying that when I know I'll send the comforter do you know where in the Bible he printed a retraction on that is it still true if you still believe the word of God then we can ask the Holy Spirit with the exact same authority as Elisha S John the Baptist as the apostles and expect results BNP according to your faith has healed the Lord showers in the time of the N Hilson flashing classes need to be asking for the Holy Spirit is our best hope that is our better hope and I'd like to close his meeting with prayer night I recognize that the Lord will deliver situated here to pray him hoping he wouldn't stand for upholding the legality of some human prey all throughout this week and wasn't really bring the spirit honestly is for personal prayer with me when it's time to free myself reading groups the spontaneously to show each other what you're looking for and God what you want from this meeting I have right now and you see the presence of God and honestly that you desire in standard master and Lord this is the better home that instead of us going through our online is with a man-made experience driven by human power that we might be driven by the power of your spirit born without we do nothing but we believe all things are possible through Christ father I pray you will pour out your Holy Spirit not because were worried that because were very needy is our greatest need we look in the world around us and we see some evidence more than ever everything from leaving the rattling swords with World War III the honey in the new the worldliness the immorality we see the days of Lot no all rolled in one window Jesus is coming soon and were we should have been praying a lot sooner a lot more for the gift of the Spirit now please send your Spirit forgive our sin 's we want to humble ourselves before you and ask you Lord to cover us with Jesus blood when choosing to take up that room that he left in this world to cover the sins of the world his righteousness and not only are we pray for justification Lord that we come to you just like we are for sanctification it can give us power to be holy there can be that deeper power that will lead us who are craving only when each person in a special way beware those who are the speed of the lead out in this event fill them with your spirit that he might communicate a double portion of the Holy Spirit and as we open the word we prayed about his lithosphere will come upon us bless us more when I'm coming asking that with anything that played other than our great need and were asking in the great name of your son Jesus and


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