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On to Perfection

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • February 5, 2005
    10:00 AM
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this just dirty I will be my best personal loan I might have a little bit more to say twenty seven minutes a bear with me I don't get you much past eleven o'clock but I believe that today's message is an important one and I'm speaking today from Chivers chapter six she is very favorite book in the Bible it's that sets written with a special message impresses Seventh-day Adventist as a very nice interest to roll in which was filmed at this time in Earth 's history and Hebrews chapter six is a staunch chapter for many reasons of his favorite chapters within the book of Hebrews and I hope that you will understand a little bit more completely white by the end of this message he reached chapter six start us in verse one therefore leaving the symbols of the session of Christ let us go on unto perfection so what if Paul and here she's trying to not let us go on the profession but what does that mean she's just finished saying something at the end of heat receptor five which sets the table for heat receptors six zero chapter five she and the chapter by refuting the Jews of that time the Christian use and you can read this verse of eleven through fourteen use of the family have many things to say and how you can be entered seeing your dual adhering for one for the time you have to be teachers you have studied that once each year again which is the first sensible of the circles of God becomes such as have need of milk and not a strongly for everyone that uses mountainous unskillful in support of righteousness as you may strong me over the matter of full range even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil what's Paul thing Paula saying if you stick with the milk of the word of God you Walmart found understanding a complete understanding of righteousness and being able to discern between good and evil and because of that in chapter six she starts up I think let's leave the principles the milk behind him let's go on to an understanding perfection for chapter six is all about he says I've given you ever used now it's time for you to listen to me in London and give you some strong meet to help you understand how to live a life of perfection and I just made of this work perfection hot what does it mean to live a perfect life in Christ bolus of the Bible see for itself the Bible will tell us how we can go to this experience of perfection he receptors six it neatly summarized that shoots keywords face and patients we wanted you today we want to look at these two qualities a medications based on hubris chapter six and we want to watch at some examples of people who was the face and patience and then we want to see for himself how does that apply to apply with my wife today and serve consumers chapter six him them as members since God is not unrighteous to forget your work and Hebrew for which you have showed toward his name and that you have ministered to the saints and do minister and we desire that everyone of you do share the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the verse twelve that he be not flawed but followers of the creature exchange and Haitians inherit the promises followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises I noticed he says that he did not want its world leading time that it's not a good time to be slothful not a good time to be lazy in our Christian experience alliances to show intelligence to the full assurance of hope and to the end of the things that were continuing your line the things that are most important to you to be the chairman by how much effort you put into the princess of us should have gone to medical school some of us have graduated with it some effort into the desert you were married on the fitness of you who are having good successful marriage a good successful relationship you get some effort into its important to you likewise for us as Christian preacher salvation promises of God that had been given just if that's important to us we want to give diligence to you just as the Bible says in one of the followers of them through saying that he should inherit the promise of eternal life I want to stuff and so on shoe people that Chivers chapter six talks about these are them he will followers of them these two people share people to hold a scratch rest cure if you restructure six war Abraham and Jesus know why would Hall use these two men Abraham and Jesus as examples to us first for people who exhibited a impatience who was Abraham Abraham is the father of the faithful Abraham is the father of the faithful so he lived a certain type of why that was to follow if we want to understand faith and then he mentions Jesus in this chapter why does you mention Jesus Jesus is the author in the finisher of our faith we have these two men cheering fever chapter six we have Abraham the father of the faithful and we have Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and we can learn much from both of these men the story is shown here in the Bible for how we each have the same experience a state impatience the workload our first example and the things I value to be thinking about the reader through this message rethinking how does this apply to faith and patience in that overall her picture of going on under perfection stage inpatient setting and the pictures look like a neighboring Abraham is the first one mentioned here in verse thirteen ounces for him God made promise to Abraham because he can swear you no greater he swear by himself saying surely blessing I will bless thee and multiplying I will multiply and so after she had patiently endured he obtained the promise was talking about a inverse that he is why did he receive the promise when Abraham received the promise that God is after he patiently endured now Paul just mentioned this in passing after he had patiently endured there is an important Bible story for us to look at here to understand how Abraham patiently endure this is our first example the following someone who through faith and patience inherit the promises that we want to look at the story to see what kind of patience Abraham had and what quality of faith he had and because of that this quality of patience and faith that he had he obtained the promise that God has for both the Hebrews Chapter 11 this was a more complete picture humor 's Chapter 11 verses seventeen through nineteen in by saying Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac and she had received the promises offered up his only begotten son of Swiss in Isaac shall receive the call accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the dead from whence also he received nothing based on series Chapter 11 when Abraham received the province it was when he was ready to offer this I think on the altar and we want to spend a lot of the more time the story because this story will help us to understand how we can live I say and how we can patiently endured when God allows us to pass through certain trials in our lives so let's turn to Genesis chapter twenty were to take a look at this story Morgan on the more completely Genesis chapter twenty number interview whatsoever since one three five and he came to pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham instead of the neighboring and he said behold here are antisense take now thy son only son Isaac whom will him the Miranda Mariah and offer him there for him upon the mountains which I will tell the Abraham rose up early in the missing and saddled his ass and situate his young men with and I think his son and claim the wood for the burnt offering and rose up and went to the place of which got a told and then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off and Abraham said and it is a buy feature would be asked I am a laughable go yonder and worship and time again what is so amazing about this story what is it you will such a distance now we fast Abraham did you and how Abraham followed what is it that so he received special about this story first of all I think she had been promised to Abraham as the promised air God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and nice she is progeny would be as the sand and let the sand of the sea that in order for that promised to be actualized I think Heather where I think how to have a family and is on this point Issac was not married Sanford guide to ask Abraham to offer of his son Isaac was really an unbelievable request when God asked Abraham Abraham had to have really wondered if God really asking me to do this how is it possible that the child that God has given me you mean to offer the sacrifice how is that possible you think about this incident Abraham three days to go from his home to Mount Mariah to where the sacrifice would take place how do you think those three days were for Abraham he said he was enjoying the time with highs that can happen jovial conversation with the servants and I think that I think Abraham 's faith was the slipstream to try during this three days because they got to heal I got this had asked him to do something that was totally active character from the God that he is always and now he was walking step-by-step closer and closer to the mountain where he knew he was in a have to offer up his son Isaac on the mountain I believe that Ibrahim had his patients severely tested not only has faith but his patients his next chapter six is after he had patiently endured I can assure you if I had a phone and check retreat is to walk trip is forgot it asked me to sacrifice and that would be a severe test of my patient in phase and for Abraham the father of the faithful we can expect no less but look at the quality of his face he says a bike easier with the acid I am a laboratory under and worshiping him again to you now him chapter twenty she was having something in life that Abraham have sometimes take that would believe that God would bring some other sacrifice in the place of authentic so that he wouldn't really have to offer I but that's not what Hebrews is telling achievers Chapter 11 told that Abraham believed that God could raise Isaac up again from the dead after he had sacrificed and the fact that a Abraham is demonstrating here in Genesis chapter twenty two she believes that God has asked him to do something extraordinary but that God will reword his faithfulness is facing back up again to see if prompts and was revived traverses the country twelve in this business serenity of the stories as they came to the place which God and Abraham mentor there anyway the one in order and bound Isaac his son has played him on the altar upon the board and is pronounced stretch forth his hand and a knife to slay his son he really was going to do it he wasn't bringing his hand back and think okay when in a tell me to stop now he was ready to pull the trigger of your verse eleven the angel of the Lord all the impediments of Abraham Abraham is a shared mark instead of laying the menopause but what did you now is to him for now I know that thou fear is God seeing thou hast not withheld thy son thine only son from the Abraham him and reached the point why they still have so much and that he has so much faith in that he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac because I forgot asking to be critical of the address we can then something from this as well what if Abraham had not been willing to offer this on either and he reminded that the promises from the Lord you promised me that I think is the premise song of mine inheritance so what you're saying now just totally doesn't make sense I know you're asking me to do that I will say that she's not sure they would be so crushing his mother Sarah I just can't do it I usage Abraham had done he would've been placing Isaac between them and God therefore I think would become an idol to serve as we think about Iran wants God have given us things that are good that her blessings but he is happy for us to have it just like Abraham he's asking us to the next frontier is earthly possession for him it doesn't matter what it is some of these things are good dramatic had a God-given stuff that's important it's good that God is a one-year pleasure stops between him and God the image between you and God you have station profession that's good I got a year place between you and he's asking you to sacrifice those things in life upon the altar just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his dearest earthly possessions notice what doctors now know that you fear me important message for us today the first Angels message fears God that conjured your first earthly possession gives that God every be willing to sacrifice anything in your life and so Abraham has around provided form investment into the story versus the angel of the Lord half on the Abraham out of heaven the second time and said I myself have I sworn saith the Lord because thou hast done this thing and hast not withheld thy son by an only son that is blessing I will bless the animal the point I will multiply and I see as the stars of the heaven and earth sandwiches upon the seashore and I see it shall possess the gate of his enemies and if thy seed shall all the notions of the earth be blessed why because thou hast obeyed my voice I noticed something here this takes us that Hebrews chapter six Paul and leverage Chapter six is quoting Genesis twenty two Abraham ultimately received the promise of a cover from God when he was ready to offer up the sun on the him before it was finally in his hand and he will when not tested and he was for the summer and this is a very significant point Abraham had been given his promise many years before that God was required if you will contest this phase detests his faithfulness to see how faithful are you really in the one I visited you in promise you even here and Sarah will bear a son you were both very happy the ballot at a time in your life when things seemed great and then after that you doubt my word you went to Hagar you had additional and I really need to see now if what you say translates in the way the because past evidence would suggest that you dropped the ball when things are going great oh yes Lord I believe praise the Lord for his faithfulness when things get tough how is it possible for me to have a sponsor and I can't use then Abraham created his own way his own method and he doubted the word of God somehow God is saying I needed to test you one final time to see if you really are as faithful as I would have you and Abraham passed the test he was the fabric of the faithful he became him to us and him having gone mainly over to Abraham and let's go back to Hebrews chapter six Lichtenstein versus thirteen through fifteen parallel away party work that starting in verse sixteen says for verily swear by the greater and owed for confirmation is to them and end of all strife wherein God willing more simply to show unto the heirs of poor funds Fidelity at his counsel confirmed it by end of that shoe and immutable things in which it wasn't possible for God to talk might have a strong consolation who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before think about this made in the best on the fact that function out if possible for handlebar that guarantees you that when God makes a focus you understand what is owed is back in the time of Abraham when the need for its future they send out a sign that if a member of that the other member other would die and God he can't swear by anyone else he swears by himself and says I guarantee that because of you Abraham because you are the father of the faithful anyone could shutter system all you change sessions will receive the same because I can't lie this is inherently that is the reason program to us how did God give them see this notice is that she had what is immutable once unchanging we know that God is unchanging I cannot be changed since water for this bonus disc to take effect Henderson 's his son Jesus to die the reason I'm sure that you see relying verse sixteen seventeen as for where testament is also a necessity needs death of the testator for testing the fourth afternoon or death otherwise it is of no strength at all now the testator so God made us promise to Abraham is that it's impossible for the supply that he sends his son Jesus to fulfill this of this covenant that he made with Abraham and with each one of us from Jesus is brought out at the end of Hebrews chapter six because remember we are following Abraham and Jesus and we seen some aspects from Abraham 's wife but not his first porn says there are certain reflection which hope we have an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast and which entered into that within the belt whether the forerunner is for us entered even Jesus made an high priest after the order is worth following Paul clearly says your sheer to the forerunner that you're supposed to follow our Jesus has gone before he's the forerunner and you want to really understand how to live a life of faith and patience jerseys I've made itself I've made this covenant to Abraham the father of the faithful and to really make this out immutable on medicine Jesus in the same flushes unite to live a lie that will show us how to live like you want to avoid a few verses from Hebrews before he receptors it just shows what kind of life Jesus would mortgage it is briefly Hebrew chapter two verses nine and ten but we see Jesus and was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death frowned with Gloriana was that she had a grace of God should taste death for every man for became him for how powerful things and by whom are all things in bringing many sons unto glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through what suffering from a CD that sanctified and they who are sanctified are all of Jesus came down as a man to die for us but in order for us to be passed through that same want she suffered for us he went through suffering for each one of us so that he can sanctify us as well him experience that Abraham and he and we can work further on down versus fourteen drinking forasmuch then as the children are protesters of flesh and what she stands with the same key that Abraham generated and fallen nature and if that is true but the seed of Abraham is mentioned because Abraham is the father of the faithful which God made a promise that each one of us you would follow him to be partakers never seventeen and eighteen wherefore things that you intervene and Mike and his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God and the reconciliation criticism that people forgot he himself hath suffered being tempted he is able to select for more help than letters and tell all of us here are dissented Jesus was tempted he and Jesus suffered when he was tempted that wasn't just as if he was tempted like I hate that he suffered it wasn't easy for his countrymen for you and for me so that we can partake of what he has for us Hebrews chapter four just a couple of mourners on Christ resisted sixteen for we have non- switch cannot be charged with a feeling of our infirmities tempted here you will let us therefore when the throne of grace that we need we have made and to mercy and find grace to help in time of need Jesus was passed with no suffering that we are judged with Jesus and what he don't try to get yourself don't be like him before he finally succeeded down try to figure out what four just have Hagar and somehow got to fulfill the promise I just finished this one time to understand because humans did and there's no way around no God assent if you count the money I understand those feelings of when to suffering I was tempted just like that I can help you to lead the way I was in the way is to define me succeeded in following my face that's a beautiful message for us as we think about what Jesus is for us right now most only place of the heavenly century we can come boldly with confidence knowing and claiming by faith that Jesus will help minimize for the restructure five reverses aging on speaking of Jesus it's as though he were a son yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered Jesus loving obedience but he didn't but the Bible being made perfect him or her eternal salvation to all them that obey how is Jesus is perfect Jesus was made perfect through the thing is when she suffered and I can assure you he went back to Abraham he was suffering those three days as the mountain rock that was a time of suffering for him but he was obeying God and Jesus land obedience through suffering as well my prosperity and social class that I would talk to open more about destinations we can get you it that when Jesus really learned obedience through suffering you can talk about his temptations in the wilderness and yes that's that's good but most especially since you places that Jesus learned obedience through suffering with Gethsemane and calorie but more especially Gethsemane because in Gethsemane just human flesh did not want to go through Calvary she she could sense what was coming as fast there was asking to go through an experience that none of us will ever have to pastor completely shut human nature did not want to but he submitted his wealth of the father father not my will but thine be at three times before the battle was finally each end in the mind of Christ and that is where the seed notes completely where Christ suffered one of much of the work than English that's why we see that Christ was tempted suffered being tempted for we see his intentions really been confirmed directly being sexualized and calorie this is where we see the faith of Jesus really nothing brought forth before Abraham we seen the patient from the fate that he demonstrated report the Christ report of the patients she demonstrated no over the fate he demonstrated on Calvary Jesus was hanging on the cross for each one of us he made a decision that he would die internally so that any one of you could be there with his father and the Angels throughout the rest of eternity he would rather sacrifice his life and his time throughout eternity without a clear mentioned either of them to not be there without us and them is over twenty backup he was willing to sacrifice each of the kingdom of fun without there in the first that we could be there without announcer say ever Jesus comes from the trauma by me accept the life that I have for you how can we turn back how can we say to Switzerland residency just went so I got married so I have my family set up on your my heart how can we save Jesus was willing to give up all but another aspect of what he was experiencing on Calvary 's humility speaking she could not see past the team in addition she felt separated from his father and the only thing she had at that point was his study to remember the way his father had been with him in the past because we now she felt separated from the father right now he can keep the team she can't see the resurrection he can see living with us throughout eternity his wife a enough the same when Abraham by faith but he did say the latter and I will return down from the mountain and humanly speaking seat has the sacrifice was no way there had ever been a resurrection of any human being when I think was about to be sacrificed by Abraham that had never happened but Callahan had such a quality as a basis to believe that God said to six thousand forty can also raise Isaac from impossibility sixty Abraham the patient that he demonstrated the date that he demonstrated we see Jesus the patients that he demonstrated through distant from the city that he demonstrated on the cross him or we see is the errors of the promise what does it mean for us today and choose seven five when God made this promise to keep fit that you see that it will happen if we had faith quest to understand promises that he did that because it on the facts of the government speeds and high affable for him to why it sometimes she would start if you are doubting that God can save you that sleep is for him despite the fact that he'd like the king of Egypt the fact that he committed adultery with hanger is still saved and enabled him to become the father of the state and elect down to the end of time is a faith and patience remember your chapter six of the interview knockoff of the followers of the faith and conditions of the promises policy I want to see if people have faith in Hashem just like them and just like Jesus and the rebel leader John saw that on she saw the time in Revelation fourteen twelve we all know it here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus there is patience and faith there will be in when I look at my life and see all the mistakes I've made in my life as you think in the spirit you are thinking of you ever seen a perfect person you ever seen the people in Revelation fourteen twelve where are they are the one waiting for them where are they you know something I never seen a perfect person ask God to give me the same type of faith Abraham Scott said that if you happen it will be a group of people who have the same faith as if it is Jesus will have patience meal before the full force of the Jesus Avery who through faith and patience inherit the promises we cannot walk or sorry if you look around you your dynasty everyone around you messing up and make mistakes but that changed the infallibility of the word of God God 's Word does not lie and she will have a group of people who have to see his impatience at the end of time and that's the type of experiment I wanted she's not about the experience of Abraham he's the father of the faithful and we can see why this time we reach the point that he was going to know what is dearest earthly possession and by faith he believed that even if he doesn't have something better for him regardless we reach that point in our lives it may take us through some very difficult challenging periods in iLife and how we respond to that Doctor Jesus Lambert Jesus he's the author and finisher of our faith him he will take us all the way to be between a time just like you can he may have to take us through some trial until surfing is a you you really believe you have faith and most times instead of working at the human impossibility of the situation and looking at how everyone else does it even though it's not according to the Bible we look to Jesus and why to help us walk step by step by step and he will help us because he has suffered being tempted so he can help us to overcome so as we work to the time in which we are living I believe that God has given us a window of opportunity to live a life of faith and patience so that Jesus can quietly pointed as believers and say here they are these people they've been through a lot but they've reached the point where they have such a quality of faith that they truly hear me they are willing to sacrifice their dearest earthly possessions because they want to follow my word is my remember God is not asked us to give up anything that's good for us he's waiting for a group of people who will settle the fight of the cast their choice on the side of God but their wives why do you know why Jim Jake good morning for me like Jesus so it is rethinking about ridding the life of faith and patience in the year two thousand five think about how Abraham we can think about all the mistakes that we've made in the past but just like Abraham if we claim the promises of God he can make us victorious if you get a we don't have three stacking with a past memory errors we can have a new ally a new experience of victory just as Abraham finally reach and she says is the one who will make that possible life I'm thankful for Jesus Sanko for his life I'm thankful for as well I'm thankful that he makes it possible each one of us to be with temporary but show him how much we love him but everything in our lives to him was closed after him and he four the examples you interest in scripture prior to each one of us here obviously for the WAC in her fashion experience but that we would earnestly patiently endure that we would be followers of Jesus 's hours of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises of God or even given us the promise of eternal life you've also given us the promise of a new heart and with Abraham that's us keep your eyes on the him he is also the house as you compare herself to be the only reason we should look at is the only way we can learn is through you as help us learn we promise that you will do anything according to your will and more we know it's your will to have a group of people that live by faith and patience to reclaim its promise we ask that we would be faithful this is turn Jesus


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