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Better Covenant: What's New About the Old Covenant

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training




  • June 28, 2008
    9:15 AM
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was assess the Lord will bless us as my father in heaven nor thanks today that we can come to this place and what better place to be then with your people studying your word for your kingdom today I'm unable to know how to go out or going I have some things written down but you have some things planned that we should we should look at I asked that you would in spite of me because of me in spite of us and because of this be here in Christ Tampere on the Hebrews something better something that I offer my mother was enough to give me just a little piece of a little child will please take a little piece of the of will visit both away little will change little pieces obviously and and she said is a lot more where that came from there is something better and then I can remember driving my bicycle and again that was the best thing until I noticed that some of several most groups sued scooters and then they had little cars when they had Jetson I realize there was something better always something better a glad that they crystallizes dynamic and not static it's always moving forward there's always something that a little Hebrews is certainly like that is better than the Angels is better than Moses he's out of the prophecies that are something better and I I have an idea of it that that heaven is something better and these conferences are title like that they're just a little piece of something better now if you want to have something better as a then you have to be prepared to go the next level and remain want to get up a notch you got to be able to go up and that that allowed phrase in the salt level word Selah it doesn't does anything about it I is a musical note for those those people that are pianist here like yourself already knows you will be modulate up and they go up this will have to note will be more and there's always something better there is those Psalms of ascent where you're going higher and higher and higher with the Lord but he can go to the next level if you haven't gone to the level before me this is like last year 's conference you are climbing the rows and the latter by the grace of God right and so we look at Hebrews to update we can see that Jesus took a quantum leap up and says now this is the main point of the things were saying we ally priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens and so these decrement quantum link is immediately as seen in his at the right hand and he's a high priest how you think that that's that's good news taken the next step is a minister of the century of the true tabernacle of the Lord erected and not man so this is the sector actually of the new covenant that precise wording of the sanctuary of the Newco and Sony 's got away from the tent and he's become even more intense he's in that heavenly sanctuary every priest is appointed to offer gifts to sacrifice their ports necessary to does not have also something something to offer for if he were on earth he would not of been a priest since there are priests who offer gifts according to the law authority was an overwrite driver alone is to be a great him yet he was on the new serve as a copy and is a shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed was about to make Lisa see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain but now is obtained a more excellent ministry insomuch as he 's a mediator of a better covenant which was established on better promises so you have this whole idea of of Christ are for water use is taken a quantum leap these is godfather for further and he wants his people to as well he was tested that the little DNA testing on him that's me not right not yet ascended to my father that so that they went there until the end of the presence of the Lord and he was exhausted and he was accepted because of that analysis and Hebrews one eight oh nine he was accepted because he loved righteousness and hated lawlessness and so he was anointed with the oil of gladness more little brother and and and and and the Holy Spirit was able to descend so while he override road you were his genetics came in the likeness of sinful human flesh and he had an average of the efforts of medical advances that the exercise was having well and we got genetics on review our familiar with genetics makes me long nervous as I was I'm not really familiar but I I am not the result of genetics so that's my only claim to do any any inside information but there is this principle called that is that I think is interesting I read about personal book by Colin Campbell who was doing studies on rats I'm always glad in Iraq and they studied these rats and these rats were developing cancer if a certain amount of protein but if they lowered that protein they could turn the cancer gene off the one back in a bad certain amount they can turn it back on could Jesus have send could have fallen but instead he rose above the genetic sin because of that he could pass the DNA tests of siege and he wants us to have that same experience so down here this element is good to four points this morning in my very brief and limited time my church of three angels I was used to preaching an hour each time but they're cutting things short in righteousness today so you in this particular chapter we see his preparation but we also see his 's purpose in our look for that verse eight architect a versed and what is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws in their mind and write them in our hearts I will be delivering BR will be their God they so be my people none of them so teaches neighbor and then his brother saying the Lord for all selling only from the least of them to the greatest trial be merciful to their unrighteousness in their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more and this is the new covenant of course it's interesting that this new covenant is found in the Old Testament Jeremiah thirty one thirty three as the counterpart to Hebrews chapter a verse ten and eleven so there's four elements there the sanctification and then there is reconciliation and then there's a mission and then there is justification for elements in the new covenant personal sanctification I will write my law in their minds and hearts what is God 's law it is unchanging and eternal law Deuteronomy four thirteen says he declared his covenant even has ten Commandments in so Deuteronomy the secondary level law chapter four verse thirteen alerts is the fact that that the covenant that he wants to write an article something more than that and nothing less than ten Commandments only one that written on your hearts and lives in and he wants the godly to be like God godliness look at Leviticus chapter twenty and verse of Genesis Exodus Leviticus Leviticus chapter twenty verse seven sanctify yourselves therefore and be holy for I am the Lord your God is all he wants his people to be holy even as easily peters says the same thing in the New Testament by the Leviticus is being all the motivation is because he has delivered us the meaning is always the one that asked first and we reacted his grace and his wondrous love back in Leviticus eleven forty five it basically mentions of the this is what motivates you because I delivered you but notice for their Leviticus twenty verse seven says Thursday and you shall keep my statutes and performed them I am the Lord who what's it say sanctified I think that's encouraging sanctify yourselves December seventh but in this design Gloria sanctifies only thing separating her as he and other what can you sanctify yourself but can he come in and do that good work you believe it and so sanctification I love the fact that he we are enabled to do right Ezekiel thirty six twenty seven I will put my Spirit within you and causing a lot I like that and we can try to run your own but his spirit can come with them and cause you to walk now I was listing to a dictate from a evangelical preacher the other that the listing to some sermons on Hebrews agency and how what's for supper so is looking at what they had been eating as a Hebrews and they were making a big point that in the Old Testament people were just not able they were not able to walk a holy life also my Bible says the spirit was there and they if they responded to God 's grace and they responded and he could cost them to want to Norway I think that's good news but look another tax with me just in case you're waffling and remember that waffles many times getting Deuteronomy chapter thirty Deuteronomy chapter thirty one verse six and the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendents to love the Lord your God with all your heart lawyer soul that you may live I love that text does I will circumcise wrapped up in a mental elusive zero anyone lived today is good news verse eleven through sixteen for this commandment which I command you today is not to mysteriously analyze up off it is not an heavenly uses a dual ascendant out in force and bring it to us that we may hear and do it nor is it beyond the sea that uses that will go over the city Verizon brings us that we may hear it and don't put the word is very near you in your mouth and in your heart that you may not dominate is good news CI has set before you today life and doing death and evil and that I commend you they will love the Lord your heart to walk in his ways and keep his commandments instead uses of his e-mail live multiply the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go in to possess themselves good news is not too difficult for you it's not me on your rates the ones in your local Lord your God to walk in his ways and keep his commands I think that he can come in and do that I tell you what we have a problem in this nation physically speaking of heart disease and we haven't spiritually speaking of heart disease God says all into right and an cleansing party from the inside out by the Romans picks up this theme and quotes Deuteronomy thirty Romans chapter ten Romans at the Senate it builds right on Deuteronomy Roman shifts in Romans chapter ten we see that this whole idea is sought again mentioned in verse five Moses writes about the righteousness which is of the law the man who does these things shall live by them but the righteous is a faith speaks in this way don't say your heart who will ascend into heaven that is to bring Christ down rules into the abyss verse seven that is to bring Christ up from the dead but what does it say the word is near you in your mouth and in your heart another with this angle of New Testament well word in the new testament is is recapitulating the promise of Deuteronomy first night if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God is raising mother that you will be saved I think that's pretty good news and just calling on the Lord verse thirteen whoever calls upon the Lord name of the Lord shall be saved the worrying more and more distant cry out to God and have a two -year-old little four -year-old seven -year-old girl was crying out figured I might will try to and they had a create all kinds of our deal my kids can cry out and they get some amazing results from my wife sometimes remained in that the really crowd to get my attention I sleep so have little mileage on panties and I think the guys probably more like my wife than me and he's just listening for cry right so unfortunately on verse sixteen says in Romans says but they have not all obeyed the gospel so even though the good news was there even though Godspell could come over them and they can allow that many of them did not respond in faith and faith of course as demonstrated by obedience they they did not appreciate it but there were notable exceptions meal to estimate your allies I do like to do thy will all my God you're alive is in my heart said David God can save him at the end of his life is a man after my own heart Isaiah fifty one seven you know what is right you know what is right to half-mile law in your hearts and so there were signal examples in Isaiah of those who know was right who had God 's law in their hearts so sanctification than the first DNA marker God can write his lot in our hearts he desires and then it says in Romans chapter eight and we can be well highlight first Corinthians that the six verse ten but such were some of you but you are why you are sanctified you were justified out in a thankful that God wants to do it to us now you know what's new about the new covenant we seen the dildo is relatively new the places I like it and it wasn't but what was new about what Jesus came he was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin he loved righteousness and hated lawlessness therefore he was anointed with the old letters more than all his brethren and he was in fact the new covenant look at Isaiah chapter forty two verse twenty one and so what's new about this New Testament words Jesus calmly as he has made the preparation and he is in fact the new covenant and Isaiah chapters forty two this game he did something he would do something verse twenty one the Lord is well pleased for his righteousness sake he will magnify the law and make it honorable he was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin even though he was surrounded verse twenty four at the end by those who would not walk in his ways nor were they obedient to his laws so we came in were they had failed she was successful and so he was called verse six I will call you in righteousness I will hold your hand and I will give you a you view as I I covenant of the people have a very good news so he was holy he was harmless he was undefiled he fulfilled the law any desires the same to be done in us he has promised to do it his bearings are as enablers I love working at amazing facts than America's I'm surrounded by no former felons well Joseph Illinois a following caveman I believe it is great to be very wrong I just feel so great because it is like those people leaving about the New Testament is the old man who was the demoniac and he had a hard time keeping close on finally he was saved you know he was hee hee he was the guy got a hold of his heart and that is as he was called that in his right mind and everyone was afraid I said this is like that that I was like were back there and I heard his story that she's a walk around the closer now is the head of amazing to actually him him I really like this had happened we more thought someone was something we might've used to have no clothes I want around you write things a man he's clothed and in his right mind and you know the people that were the biggest failures become the biggest successes in the Old Testament Moses killed some people that Lavinia wrote them both on the most real test New Testament Paul Keating would be one kilobytes of people liking for him at this love that he wrote most the New Testament God can change people wonderfully say is that they can sanctify okay I remember Alan Parker my esteemed colleague who preceded me at the amazing facts College of evangelism telling about a lady who came to the college and she was so unanimously confessed finally all colleges as well I labeled as Manny was a Batman bittersweet Ms. went there you know what to do silly tools and sources like I told you that contains people who meant in a way so he wants to sanctify us as part one is for the new covenant experience that he desires number two he wants to reconcile a citizen he was just a person I will be your God they will be my people these are will be your God you shall be my people I will be their God they shall be my people you know Leviticus at the twenty six is pretty key look at Leviticus chapter twenty six and looking this at this from the Old Testament and a Leviticus chapter twenty six you have this cause-and-effect thing going on were God is punishing centers and Andy is allowing them to see the cause-and-effect results of their on the sanctified lives and that it really is spamming all the covenants because of you verse forty forty two were a number my couple of Jacob of Isaac my covenant with Abraham I'll remember I will remember the land so there's the discount a summary of all the covenants and the numbers forty five for their sake I'll remember the column of their ancestors and my bride on the land of Egypt so that's the Sinai cabinet so you have Sinai you have a brand-new advise against Jacob all the commas of seven are summarized to Leviticus twenty six right another what got sank this is incorrect they are trying to accomplish and all those covenant and the Republic is twenty six in verse twelve the catalase the foundation of what was going on was his desire to see happen is desire verse what was I will walk among you and be your God and you shall be my people wrestlers says in Hebrews you know I will be their God they shall be my people another was the punishment that God allowed to come as a result of what was going on with were designed to bring people into reconciliation with God I want to walk with you I want to be your God and you get being my people and then the reconciled within being airlifted and reconciliation ministry on they've been reconciled and now they can reconcile others by the way did Jesus did Jesus have to prepare to be involved in the reconciliation ministry so spake street then he went to the incarnation he himself was compassed with infirmity and says in Hebrews chapter five verse two it was touch with the feelings of our infirmities all points tempted yet without sin Hebrews four fifteen in all things it behooves them to be made like unto his brother that he might be a merciful faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people so they went to this preparation to be able to make reconciliation through the incarnation through his baptism all these things for he himself has suffered being tempted now he is able to succor them that are tempted he presented super seventies and eighties up his incarnation is prepared and make reconciliation is baptism God gave some approval he said this is my son and well please is transferred duration this is my son in whom I well please and then when he was resurrected he said don't talk to me while not yet ascended to my blog anyone's of the body and leg when he got there with his royal inauguration and they said we accept what you've done and because of that because of his preparation he's able to make reconciliation for either I think that's just great I'm related to Jesus prepare twenty one prepare when you want to be prepared for it prepared me to be a sanctuary prepared me to be someone that can reconcile you know these people need like those at work I'm clothing and they were clothing they were right in line of the pneumoniae like the story the W X nobody coming is love the stored them on exiting they were diagnosed out there like the worst possible and then God changes their lives in this anyone know if you lease is not aluminum used a writer New Orleans can overlay what happened in no need you are now ministers of reconciliation and I went to the Coppola snippet and mitigate ministers of reconciliation my landlords are former felons working amazing facts and God is a wonderful things in their lives and they teach Sabbath school now everything else into this other people on this campus like I would've heard Peter Gregory used to be King cobra it was a demoniac ethanol and he was outed on trial there only one of your day was the right with all the wrong ways arrive anywhere dry when cavemen that are going they changed and got says that I'll put you in charge of telling other you probably look at all that the evangelists are always people that were really nice for most effective ones right in this story is a long day we can be messed up in different ways would be no in the midst of and with whatever happens he withdrew demoniac back and changing assess the Wolverine movie theater that was another Muslim brother and his story be really difficult and lamentable and sometimes enormous step outside the sex and sometimes of my stuff inside the pretty twisted individual myself so are you can do wonderful things right it can bring you to be reconciled himself in the nasal golf chat with someone else reconcile them I be little risk can be messed up people reportedly messed up and go process and orange Soviet sanctification is the first thing in this new covenant God wants that to happen he wants us to be satisfied he wants us to be reconciled but then number three he was always reliable Mister timekeeper to have a sense of massive twelve minutes so my goodness twelve minutes who's next okay you can alert him that things are not going his way but anyway knowing itself to create medicine sense of message and will know me from the latest of the greatest is as neighbors at the letters by a burst levees is that we'll all know me from the Lisa guys how they think that's a wonderful mission statement is in fact Exodus nineteen five and six of the God wanted his people to be acting on priests and a holy nation and only rephrased to themselves no to will the same thing with Jacob in Genesis twelve feel blessed that you might be a blessing same figure Israel installed sixty seven what do you make your ways known on the among all the nations this was to be their purpose some know him and make him know that was the purpose of the day the day in fact live up to that purpose I will show myself holy through your music of thirty six twenty three you will note e-mail is a six six and make me know Isaiah forty nine three and six and this would be demonstrated in practical ways Jeremiah twenty two sixteen in Isaiah fifty eight by helping the poor but unfortunately is otherwise twenty six first eighteen Isaiah twenty six verse eighteen it will write that one down Isaiah twenty six hours a date we have not brought salvation to the nations so bad to confess we have not done its way to fail but thank God where Israel failed the true Israelites succeeded Jesus came and said nineteen ten I have come to seek and to save that which was lost what's new about the new covenant Jesus came and we succeeded where Israel failed is that no one has seen the father at any time as he got anytime the only begotten son who is in the blue lobotomy as the clarity let's look you about the new covenant John one eighteen John fourteen hundred if saying many summarizes the rep saying the father declared to him your name and will declare that the love with which he loved me might be with them in IBM's on seventeen twenty six and a set John thirteen fourteen ago allowed as I have loved into denial five you the overall to myself and if you take up your cross and follow me he'll draw others as well the sense of sacrificial nutrition new covenant promise would become a reality for the new cup new new testament church first Peter chapter two verse nine and twelve we are attainable price at only nation knows that they were supposed to be preselect the world but they didn't I can install Jesus game of the night took up the promises again became heirs according to the promise to fulfill the gospel commission does not still desire a group of people a generation of youth and old people for Christ is a desire a group of people today as missionaries they were first assistant velvet than his mercenaries is a desire that today is there a sense of mission purpose is burning in your heart unethical doctor come in sooner and always rating Loma Linda messages the other day I was given visit Loma Linda so I thought I'd read up and as I was reading Loma Linda messages I found it interesting on how all the different things that went forward to starting Loma Linda University one of the things that really got me was that they didn't just sit there than they were supposed to just accept any students they were supposed to go and interview students and find out what students wanted to fulfill the gospel commission it was about to start allow an up and it wasn't those who can afford it will does his parents and so you've got a lot of man it was those who wanted to fulfill the gospel commission 's order one for the gospel commission writer while you love to talk it off or start a new school year is standby waiting but if you want to fulfill the gospel commission and then need to be about our father 's business some people that the school based on what the U.S. News & World Report says about it always one of the top twenty schools and it looks like one of the schools of the prophets but your spelling that wrong I want to find a school that focused on mission I was impressed that Jackson people you know some people go to certain schools and well I went along with the federal essay you know these people want one of those I was about you know what connection is still what these very people had a sense of mission is still good at school and I was visiting with them in a country where they are was no growth of the administered for eighteen years they went than it started doing mission work and that that that search where having grown orchards and run for eighteen years the last two years is that any baptisms and they're reaching everybody in that nation I said man I'm glad they went to this school that's cool amen exactly finally sanctification poses are going reconciliation was the third one mission finally and lastly so I have five minutes so that passengers relax a bit there's justification justification I will forgive their wickedness and remember that sends no more all I think that's the best for the laughs no one where was this promise of forgiveness first given Gonzales New Testament had been testing new governance oh yes actually no sorry wrong answer once again for those of you here at the first time forgiveness is mentioned as an exit is thirty four or the old testament verse one through seven there was a God full of the receipt slowdown in the founding and love abounding unfaithfulness stable user about keeping one for thousands of says board getting an equity and that's the word for really bad stuff transgressive and that's pastor and stand for giving iniquity transgression and sin was no second sacrifice in the site from these medicines averments in there and there was a God who is forgiving in this description is repeated over and over again numbers fourteen eighteen Nehemiah nine seventeen Psalm eighty six they think how Lisandro Skylab four two minutes but it's repeated again and again this forgiving God was found in the Old Testament I think that's good news just as soon as it was at all of the Lord is that we will doubt it's okay let me say how to make things work with as I noted in the mess up on the God of forgiveness I want nothing to keep you from having that second chance is open over one cents is the God of many chances in my life and if your honesty 's been giving you many chances to this I know it hasn't a need to give you another one right now price would bear our iniquity he would heal a seek Sicily or San Francisco holiday celebrations Walt was a God like you are getting an equity and justice are sins behind his back into the depths of the sea and that's Old Testament what abundant just what does it mean that he came what was new about the new covenant well Hebrews four two says all of them in the gospel priest of them even as we did so the Gospels are we seeing that but Christ himself came and addicted up not even know they had done nothing wrong it says here you will send McCain 's Laura Chiesa news while we were still strength while it was sent as well or enemies Christ died for us I think that's good news everything is a little new wealth was new about the new covenant all the others were looking forward but then again he said look I'm here and even though I have been tempted in all points like these you are yet without sin I'll become sin for you what wondrous love what wondrous love so he could be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus Romans three twenty six hundred Lebanese just calmly that he wants to be the justifier I wondered as I'm closing here why was this order given why was it sanctification reconciliation mission and then justification wanted that wasn't like it always rained most of the books put out today one of what justification first no there are some people I could name that would really get into justification first and then comes the other economic viewer but it seems to be in order this repeated there also another places that will try this on for size being Seventh-day Adventists review and you realize that that order is good it's a good order and we just say this to you Jesus comes in return we confess our sins ones us to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness those that sex we confess our sins a special and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of how the pattern we confess a forgiveness that is that he covers that but then he cleanses us from all unrighteousness if you see the progression facility I want to be wholly culinary sanctified I want to be reconciled I want to be a missionary for you but I failed I was a lookout forgive you but then he goes in this this apartment work that begins we see it in Hebrews chapter nine what's even begins this work of doing what cleansing the heavenly sanctuary closes in only covers but he blocks the Sandy's Annie's in the process of doing that right now and I am happy to be a part of the church that proclaims that message and says a lot of what is going to completely blotting about he's going to justify and in the stands no more the good news is like is good news so Stephen could say Stephen can say on Mount Sinai Moses received living words living words the pass on to us am thankful for those living words I lived with my grandfather for a number of years as I mentioned in the assassin his favorite song was saying them over again to me wonderful words of life let me more of their beauty see wonderful words of life and as he took care of my ailing grandmother at six strokes I was even walk up the stairs with the laundry and downstairs and he never said a discouraging word and were gone and straight row grandmother 's face looks long since been rendered unable to display the signs of affection and was struck that day since I love you honey so thankful I can do this for you my grandmother on no stimulants the wondrous love of someone who was being sanctified who's been reconciled who saw their mission of service to the made who now was I unable to do what they had done before saying them over again to me wonderful words of love experience was not just to be demonstrated by Christ he wants us to have that new covenant experience to so as we pray how would you want to buy your house of man just ask the Lord to sanctify you father in heaven Lord give us the DNA that we see in this chapter give us your holiness you call us to holiness but you tell us you can cause us to be holy give us your ministry of reconciliation give us your sense of mission Lord thank you that you are in the process not just covering our sins but blotting them out thank you that we can be a part of that people with that clarion call may we never forget it may we be the people that are your people pointing to that new covenant sanctuary the heavily safer in your ministry there may return soon in Jesus name we pray as we look to something better on


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