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Better Promises

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • June 28, 2008
    10:15 AM
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loving father in heaven Lord we can only smile because of you you are the source and the author of all good things in our lives and I pray now Lord because you know in the loss noticing that from you comes every good and perfect gift and I asked that he would speak through me now to every single one who can hear my voice letter on tape right now that it may change their hearts they may draw them to Jesus for his name we pray I was asked to speak about better promises and I can tell you that the greatest promise that ever gotten in my life came just last year and it was as a result of a very situation I was called in by my boss and say we've had a meeting and unforeseen those things are like while Iceland 's entire doing a good enjoying the new ER the staff here new CT scanner that means you don't do that when asked to meet them and so I asked my president please pray for me about this medium not sure what my boss and say and I'm not a text message that led me down a path that changed my life family people K by text message that life things changed by one of those forwarded e-mails that you always believe I is praying for you and claiming Luke twelve and he will give you the words to say when you him us I'm proud of you nice careful little text message monogamy in Bosnia loss is still last part because it what ever happens from now is whatever whatever to be a lot of faith it can be know you're the best doctor in an double your salary and cut your with nothing I for beginning you know you must value training unhooked on phonics is and you're just dangerous around patients and items that are dangerous fire I can do whatever I be run on a long time because I work since I was fifteen full-time and part-time my whole life never been far from any job and if I was fired I would be proud to know when the limo user feel like a horrible witness right for the people that were there because they all non- Adventist they'll know all the recent Berlin Sabbath again so I didn't understand that and I began to pray about it and got led me to a story that changed my life it's in second Samuel chapter fourteen verse twenty five seconds annual chapter fourteen verse twenty five not all Israel if there was no one prays so much for what you see how someone was out and made his first son honest very bad I got anyone Helena Highway from the sole of his slips to the crown of his head it was what was perfect he was GQ personify he was the man and what he do every year is a remember because hair and I can imagine that when he is out of bed to see how much away I imagine that people want like a lock of hair analysis people probably the single e-mail Israelites want a lot about hair every year but unfortunately beauty is often just skin deep Chapter fifteen verses one through six in the scene opens we find a long line of people and what are they waiting for labor David S Weaver David to do what the judge them right long line and David is getting older now our government is less efficient and thus the long line of injustices that need to be addressed and who walks up to these people are waiting in line for you is going for a frontline from such and such tribe of Israel and with the problem now I know my neighbors don't use getting my yard and is the fourth time and I'm just you know we'd have been able to settle it in here for just from the King and he says your cause is good and right but there is life no one included in to hear you and when they came to bow down to him assistant to all basins to him what he got a response because he was what he was a prince right it was customary for them about and that he would allow that window is that humankind might handwrite and would lift them up anyway he would just to secure his masculinity and verse six we find out what his purpose in this class was it to promote loyalty to his father King is in this manner as under what stole the hearts of the men of Israel but as in most cases like this figure source drop-down verses ten through twelve and Absalom sent supplies throughout all Israel and they were going to proclaim that indeed the ravens Ray and he is absolutely right and he had two hundred guys that went with them they didn't know anything they were just sucked in by accident and absolutely shows a hint of the David's counselor from God alone while he offered sacrifices and the conspiracy grew what strong the people continually increased last was ahead of the day remember he was the grandfather Bathsheba if you doubt that even though the second annual twenty four thirty two or angles him had us a second Samuel eleven three and even pieces together there was indeed the grandfather great-grandfather vascular and so I think he felt about David probably wasn't influenced right how would you feel your granddaughter right as the know the governor of California are well anyway the president may be the nicest of you lived closer assassinate your grandson in law after he commits adultery and impregnates her granddaughter and what happens to the present nothing apparently that you can see right how you feel about that unit allows their vision all the other was with this prophet said that what happened to him but hey I don't see any harm come to the president he was waiting to even score and he found his opportunity but it gets worse the chapter sixty verse eleven moved to chapter sixteen verse eleven and Absalom and his army March on Jerusalem and as David take a stand in Jerusalem if I know he doesn't he takes those that are allowed to many leaves an act is going out and I need to start throwing rocks at him and dirties is now that's right you better leave you better run as God is getting back for all the blood New Hampshire on the house saw Shamil and is not his manner think please all I need is thirty seconds is just thirty seconds remove head from my very quickly no problem it's cool you know I still himself anyways has no will my son they came out of my own body is seeking what I was more to this man or you can believe it even gets worse drop-down verse twenty of chapters sixteen and Samuel chapter sixteen verse twenty slabs on the set of his kingdom now in Israel and Jerusalem and he says that counsel what should we do and he felt threatened as the right idea and he suggests that absolute sleep with his father 's now does this happen secretly does this happen in organizations we are told that happen on the roof in the sight of who of all Israel and Judah will get worse than this kind of some because our life tells us in addressing problems when explaining this passage that Absalom added to his sins of rebellion and murder the sin of incest building about tomorrow so we dropped down to chapter eighteen verses one through five David is ready to make his last stand against the armies of his son and as you have the majority undersigned we are told by the spirit of prophecy they compared to absence forces his army was a little handful he him unsurmountable odds against you his forces on the three under the three general and as they are marching out to read in this passage to give them some final battle orders busy quote maybe Joshua one nine seven be strong and of good courage is an interesting than the Psalm right using my God will be with you it has been with me from my youth is out he tells his general what he say anything Tuesday outlined tells us that he repeats the command three times one students general and as he whispered in her ear he says if I can hear and what is contentedly with the young man in the house no passport to allow God my miracle of his divine power gives the victory to David's forces and Absalom as he's realizing he's defeated he goes to flee but nothing happens he gets caught and intrigued by what precious hair and the mule to fill you cannot just angling their in the millionaire and a soldier finds and in with you news and I and he finds Joanna and uses no absence I can entreat him to anything he exists on what you think about how to give new reward and if you look in verse twelve the soldier said though I would've received the house she was so by your hand is a pretty bold what was I when not killed him because you remember when McCain said in our hearing beware lest anyone touch the young Angela says what to say here in any case not one not two but three spears and force them into the heart of Absalom is using shock there is no tenderizer on whale on until he dies it from the Pitre bunch of rocks and at the end so they sent messengers to go give word to me easily and sitting right he wanted to go out with the Army what everyone say Wardell BFA in the city they'll care about us there is going to kill you until messenger comes first any arises as we are victorious as is the Lord I knew that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob will be with me to maybe he sings a song of victory he has only one question for the messenger looking verse twenty nine David and eighteen Chapter eighteen verse twenty nine has only one question is the young man Absalom and the messenger cutting is an endless answer not really sure there's okay this way over here on other messages coming patient got delivered you from your enemies there's a least is the lower him you always have realized that David in verse thirty two repeats the exact same words is the young man Absalom and he says may everyone on your enemies who rise is not to do you harm be like and so David here's the news and he realizes what happened I was focusing very carefully on second Samuel chapter eighteen personal injury screen that indicating was much moved and went off to the chamber over the days and wet and SUS Nazis that old my son Absalom my son my son Absalom Miller God that what I die for the collapsible my son must have a question for you if you love absent because he was a loyal citizen to realize what war the United States took more lives than all of our wars combined the Civil War where brother was fighting and Absalom had caused the worst rebellion in history of his David perhaps the lesson because he was a loving son him as murder the one who gave him life that David love Absalom because he had a moral character and you don't get worse than incest times and so my question to you is this if that's not why David Long Absalom why because they know he was he was after all and at that moment I understood a promise from God I heard three words that I'll never forget the rest of my life and it wasn't like I heard a voice and open the closet to see you know there's someone in their there was a fire on the ceiling but I felt my knees because it was God 's voice because of the new slot in my mind something different but I never thought of before it went something like this in my don't love you because your doctor and using people 's lives every day I don't love you because you dedicate time every month to do my work I don't love you because you give your money away my costs I don't love you because you're Seventh-day Adventist or Christian I don't love you because you keep my commandments though these things please me they are not the reason I love you here are the three words out because I had at that moment I saw the hot and I cry more than ever cried in my life I like the dehydrating cry you get your ducks are an easy and nothing else comes out and I realized at that moment that Jesus seen this truth in my job and every day and never understand fifteen -year-old boy came into the emerging critically ill level one trauma team drive not breathing heart not beating the paramedics community CPR for this crunch every time they don't I like wool the intimate and start my machine and blood comes up to put in a central line start resuscitating him put a chest tube in the side and just your blood flows out a leader to leaders and I realize that this fifteen -year-old what will happen I hear a voice in the courtroom saying why why Thailand's high passenger had also been in the car and was thrown clear of the group was at first is Mrs. Doctor resume early in order and triage that for an IV and antenna wow I just put in the room we don't have any rooms okay how old how heavy they -year-old female page print the orders they finally find a room in your vomiting home home home home yes no fingers and hands and methods of french fries more easy-going he was honoring his eight -year-old girl looks like he's five she has no hair she vomits out for lunch and she vomits clear that she vomits up yellow than green than blind and we can't stop the chemotherapy she's on is unable to be reversed or they hear voices in chorus say why why I have had the cancer instead of my opinion that once I was I think that Yahoo running traumas and I usually try to be very concerned that I sat at one four years ago negative I want to say four years ahead all the time another was always one for you sitting there is a confusion I hadn't so you know where I'm going and I see people get on the gurney next to patients and only me evidence of the child I've had conversations with two individuals savor yesterday no one in daughter skins fan she's in shock right now evidencing to you his people Christian one not one of them was crushed but they understand the promise of God him I halfway understand the long they have for their son and her daughter that doesn't depend on anything except the fact that they are my and belong to me but perhaps using to your mind well it's too late for me I've gone too far I created the unpardonable what do I know when you are not senators often and met all doctors are very gotten baby coming in my I howled seven months with GTA five minutes hard respiratory identity piece down here under the nurses HSI 's renowned get ready for the CPR on the child and then giving us how automated and integrated child unfortunately site analysis that little stall aeruginosa the two do a little vocal cords into the trachea and we start analyzing the child and continuously got put essential line in begin the gauntlet of a CLS advanced cardiac life support okay the good okay shopping how much one who feel a certain blue okay rounded at the neuron of atropine nothing is going ten minutes twenty minutes thirty minutes go by and yes something always always here in a way and I wait and see if you are not thirty seconds in a health half from my shoulder to his person well polished fingers is the father basis Doctor Reasoner represent all of you none so far my boy is your monitor and I just as he flatline the whole time and I appreciate you putting them on your machine getting a message that I haven't seen him move over our and right now I need to know something I need to know is there any one of always and will I case awesome activity on the monitor is on my moderate was on your leadership and I saw him move earlier actually took a breath one time on his own and we still have a chance Wednesday going on sorry about yards away in the corner and not paying a case in his eyes as there is within all we can and wouldn't matter if I went for five more minutes or five more hours he is right your son back his heart and his breathing brain is called window and he cried five I have paid in a few more times you are aligning with only fingers are not they hidden what all parents tell me to do this loan and a day after his murder just unplugging the minor taking out the tubes just giving us a few moments to say I rested on a deficit of thirty four a.m. clear your sharps that individual sometimes there's a lot of room and I understand when God is its latest known well because how long do David hope for his until he was on his question over and over again is where is my son is July so we knew it was gone here that no matter what happened at that point there was no coming back and when God understand that you have reached a point where blasting or disaster will not move you to call it shock you again I will do that to a child while make the last moments of existence hanging I would never do and I would go with them to see it is even different figure I will ask the father 's love but how many is not in love for absolute but it was a human love and it was a preferential right to think about anyone else the then God loves each one of us know we were the only ones for whom Christ is all because of his long and daily said in verse thirty three what did God do what I did this interview but Jesus Dan the Highway Thornhill I while we were yet sinners Christ there is a promise and we always quoted in Romans eight Ryan will separate us from the love of God but we always had something in life or death are in his principality but we always something that is not in the Montréal we say except our choice the only people sent you love your son or daughter a list is a Mitchell Linton died his hair green the lip piercing something strange moving with his girlfriend not as we do not price if I spend more time and that's why in Matthew eighteen twelve as my God leaves the ninety nine don't you see I guess what percentage of your head you say all while the majority is ninety percent as in any will that be enough for any of you who are ninety nine percent of America is one you would not rest until all and I can tell you right now when you have when you come out in the first resurrection you are going to raise the life immortal beauty is available for someone right away aren't you going to look for if I am when you look you see that Caitlin you anyhow in heaven when you come straight to the throne of God are you not to ask one question they contain is one word and you say why anyone until you walk you through the streets of gold and easy to point to an empty mansion after emptiness is a lie there was no reason I'm sorry I did all I can't say I had a place prepared for my daughter and for yours in the homes of glory and the yielding another story and you can come to the wrong conclusion when because second Peter three nine tells us this and it makes perfect sense now is long-suffering to us and him unwilling that how many how can we comparison that is not his will to really is not willing to hundred forty four thousand that the great multitude of an economy should come to repentance all I can you imagine in my arms around the stamina symbol Mrs. Johnson I see you have a number of little kids and your you have some more kids and maintenance and replace the windowless world she said she said you are more and I would lose my job and I say to him and it doesn't mean anything and not to do this right now that since your brother Aaron and he was lost he could create another Aaron and he could change your mind company and everyone's minds is that when you sign in but who would know how she would know for all eternity and is on to see us you should doesn't change but even though God wants all to be saved will all be safe going on is a perfect storm because the end of the story despite David uninitialized is lost right and I'm telling you right now if you continuance and you will die you will be lost there is no question but God is going to more balloons for his only son if you die I I heard it as an e-mail saying that God doesn't love is probation closes and will is true this is true I didn't e-mail but Ezekiel thirty three eleven one thousand and ten I have no pleasure in the death of the righteous only Hosea eleven eight look at when the spirit of prophecy is talking about when probation closes service for Israel was on sale NASA how can I give you to go I don't begin to imagine back in the ER I tell the family yes there's no hope and she says can you pull the event and pull the tubes and I see you could usually I can do smart boy do you realize what God has to do at the end of time God is the only one who can give and take away life God must law review cell into your destruction and it's in a break-in is a yeah you get what you deserve no video is an essay I have heard it dozens of times as I walked out of the room and listened through the current and it goes something like this my little treasure were sorry mommy and daddy of July the doctors did all they could go to sleep now so that God has to say something I say sleep now to the night where I was no more go into the darkness never receives like why child is and I can tell you for me what is it is change my life is change we completely and ever woken up in the night dark anyway sure you are you are a will is hung over anything like that I will I don't know where I am feeling always sided that your head is on my way when someone cracks in the world the line comes in when you you know where you are being aware of your head as you know the window is the Doris and God has cracked the door of my heart and I see I cannot does something to me because I look at this story there was one who was created perfect I rebelled against his father who I about the King who committed spiritual adultery with his father 's brine and try and kill his father who was as the great controversy so clear in the story and God 's love is greater than dangerous you're not too bad and even if your loss it doesn't change a long but there is a difference between Satan and I between you and I iron maiden 's pace and sixty one seven sixty two but he is a sinner man was in a different place than last season Lucifer in helping Cindy in the light of God 's glory to him as to no other created beings was given a revelation of God 's law knowing is good with understanding his character Satan shows to follow his own selfish independent will this choice was filed why was final this choice was final there was no being nothing more than could doom to say Lucifer doing with the job so got here is Lucifer director and you can get a closer baby behind God if you got a closer one is easier to repentance Romans two four note this guy needs your kindness goodness as you know all phenomena continuing the passage this choice was final but man was received his mind was dark by the sophistry of Satan the height and depth of the love of God he did not know for him there was whole and knowledge of God 's law to realize us more hope this by the holding his character he might be drawn back to go in that beam of light coming through that door this crack is attractively from my life back to come in I pray that you see God is my whole life Paul my wariness on my sinfulness every promise in the Bible every counselors there posses everything is ridiculous realize this is turning you away from this whole night not anymore I have decided to be rebaptized willingness to give you a chance to that you were going to hand out some cards and there are a number of boxes there one if you have never been done before and you would like to study to understand God better to see as I have the understand that the promise that nothing shall separate as the love of God means nothing nothing you can do will change last night for you and that is if you feel that you have received a new understanding of who God is as you were baptized perhaps you learn greater life check the boxes says Rita if you like prayer requests there is a space for that to and I want you to know that everything written on these cards is confidential and I pray for every single one if you like to meet with myself and/or Carissa McSherry were going to counseling together you can check that box to and will do our best to meet with each and every one of you I'd like to ask someone to come and play the piano the software is at your filling out these costs I pray that you would understand who you are in God 's eyes at last if you're a parent I know you understand as are all falling right now is not apparent like myself that God loves to anything all closes Isaiah forty three verse one Isaiah forty one and what I want to do is put your name in this verse Isaiah chapter forty three personal but now thus says the Lord that created you O ten is formed you my son fear not for I have redeemed you call me by my name there's a promise to those three words home are my and when you understand that something will happen is when you pastor the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow the when I walked to the fire you shall not be burned neither shall the flame kindle upon you realize you're in school when you understand not because in case I lose my job I went FYI like my could lose my job I lose my house my car and ministers all you can say you were tireless in nineteen eighty for the sermon like ninety nine NRA is a something when she my dad made love he has myself as we close let us kneel for prayer and respond in loving father and to truly yes I have heard you tell me because I have been those words ring in my head every morning and every evening since I learned that I say something different now penetrated every person in this audio say the same thing yes I heard because your mind but today I say because I'm horse Jesus


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