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The Holy Place: The Better Lifestyle

Tim Taylor




  • June 28, 2008
    7:00 AM
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him a father we thank you so much for the way the you have been working this weekend so far we thank you for answering our prayers so far of pouring out your Holy Spirit and thank you for the main message is that we've heard that you have spoken to us and friend this morning on your holy Sabbath day that you would continue to speak through the speakers that your Holy Spirit will be present and that parts of the text and Lazenby change this morning for you but probably thinks in Jesus Christ name amen I want to begin this morning by asking you a question what would you do if a week from tomorrow you woke up only to discover that while you are sleeping he had been robbed talking about a small Robert I'm talking about everything that had any type of material value to you is gone regarding your Bible your computer your cell phone even your iPod stolen is gone how do you respond to such a situation what would you do perhaps you would perhaps you would buy some of the basic necessities for life after that day go to the store perhaps and among other things like reporting to local authorities you would probably buy some local supplies for that day was that he was asleep that evening he will come the next day to find out you had been robbed again and the next day fell asleep and woke up to find out that he had been robbed again what would you do for some people my farewell I would probably to stop buying stuff so that way when they come again there was nothing for them to Rob to know the Bible says we should do let's open our Bibles this morning to Matthew chapter twenty four is a very well known chapter nappies chapter twenty four Jesus is telling us what we should you situation him and him Chapter twenty four hour read verse forty three Matthew twenty four verse forty three says but know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allow his house to be broken into to the Bible provides a solution to what weird you were supposed to prevent you has to be broken into the reason I mention this because there are thousands of people who live in constant fear that their material possessions will be stolen from them and so they buy all sorts of safety devices and alarms encountered cars in our houses to prevent their material possessions from being taken from them they want to prevent what is of value to them from being stolen I want to prevent a great avoid to be left in its place and even though thousands of people are paranoid about their their their personal material possessions being stolen there are even more I would say there are millions who are spiritually blind to the fact that they are being robbed on a daily basis and incentives are there hosting Rob is their hearts that are being robbed there be rock to the precious gifts in a relationship with Jesus however by intravenous Exodus chapter twenty five of these morning sessions we decided to cover the sanctuary message and so easily split it up into several sections and before we begin to talk about this sanctuary this morning I want to read what the purposes of this interaction is Chapter twenty five Moses upon the mountain and he's speaking with God Moses and God are spending one-on-one time with each other they are communicating with each other and inverse agents got begins to tell Moses a specific instruction evening is to give Moses command University says God tells Moses Moses I make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them there are two things I want to focus on this morning in this verse number one that is that God wants to spend one-on-one quality time with you on a daily basis and number two God wants to be in the very center of your life notice I got not tell Moses Moses led them to leave sanctuary that I may draw just around the corner from them notice gotten out how Moses Moses let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell it is not too far away from the noise and Moses looked in a new sanctuary original among them God wants to be in the very center of your life on a daily basis and we can begin to learn this but even though God wants us to have this gift you want to give us the gift of dwelling with him a relationship with him anymore than we can ever realize because John Chapter seventeen verse three says this is life eternal that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ and you have sent to the Bible tells that a relationship with Jesus and nobody is actually eternal life and so Jesus wants to give us this gift I want to get us to get our relationship with him and hear that his relationship with him will lead to eternal life but doesn't probably see because there is a gray robber and he wants to rob us of this gift and instead of having a relationship with Jesus the devil is also fighting for prime time access to have a real estate in your hearts and the devil is constantly trying to force his way into your heart and to place it in the air instead of a relationship with Jesus because he knows that he can get sitting your heart that will lead to death so let's turn now to Isaiah chapter fifty nine through the Isaiah chapter fifty nine he will know God wants to put this relationship with him in our heart Isaiah chapter fifty nine members wanted to tell is a problem that we have a problem that got has Isaiah chapter fifty nine numbers one and two says behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save nor is there heavy that it cannot hear but your iniquities have separated you from your God and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear the villages want to have this relationship of us and wants us want to put this and it is not our hearts he is sometimes being held back by sin that is in our hearts that prevents him from giving us this gift of our relationship with him as alarming as outlined in the years to come up with a great solution to this problem because the plan of salvation and he outlines into the ink in the sanctuary message enhancing domestic types and symbols at a example of plan what this plan of salvation is all about in the sanctuary messages as we learn about the sanctuary message we can begin to learn how this is God 's plan to remove sin from the heart as a sanctuary message is categorized into three sections in which we have decided to preach the three morning sessions causing yesterday spoke about justification the outer courtyard this morning on the talk about the holy place in the sanctuary and tomorrow Eric Nelson will talk about the most holy place of the sanctuary which in reality is not solution to the same problem is not freedom from the three Jesus in our courtyard you find freedom from the penalty of sin justification and aimless as a holy place you find freedom from the power of sin and in the mostly place to find freedom from the presence of sin as of this morning wearing a look at freedom from the powers in the sanctification experience in the holy place of the most think of the of the sanctuary so for those of you freely with the sanctuary is reasonable to place their three items of furniture in the holy place there's alternate since the table of showbread and the golden candlestick and what we're about to find out is that each of these elements each of these items of furniture are a special gift from God there are three keys that God gives us three steps to follow to prevent ourselves from being robbed by the great Robert and so we are not to discover what these things mean because not presently have each of these keys we begin to follow these steps and apply each of these lifestyles I was a user these items of furniture in the holy place represent the lifestyle I represent better lifestyle and we begin to experience these this lifestyle in our life it will enable God to work him into our lives in a powerful way to more powerful when you've ever experienced before but Satan knows that if we get a hold of these keys if we begin to spend time with you guys and follow me they outlined that he's given us in the sanctuary message that is primal Waters will not last very much longer and he knows that it's a war between him and Jesus have access to your heart as we does whatever he can to prevent you from experiencing this kind of a lifestyle pain is whatever he can to provide counter the keys in their place psalm sixty six verse eighteen says if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me now because he doesn't want to because he casts it is so disgusting to God that he cannot hear us we if we regard iniquity in our hearts is what's all about the heart this morning all not a hard experience and so we should begin by talking about the altar visitors represent a prior life but it is not just represent any average kind of her life it is not just an ordinary part like that is a very specific on a private is Alan in the holy place of the sanctuary not a Perl I think this is holy prayers that are a little something like dear heavenly father please bless this to a man is not decision of her life that consists of prayers and more please keep a safety as we go to school as a go to work in Iran those are important prayers but is not the kind of her life that is outlined in the holy place of the sanctuary the kind of her life that is valid in the holy place of the sanctuary is a powerful highlight color means you from a chapter in Chester Christ my way through taking those this morning with a highly encourage you to do I have some homework to give you because is not abortion is not enough times it to go through everything that on that I would like to present this morning and so I would give you some homework so you can take home and read if you want to know more about the holy place experience so step one which is about the altar of incense of her life stepwise pour your heart out to God in prayer arteries you the that opening paragraph of the chapter that I'm suggesting he referred for this portion of the message and asked us to Christ Chapter 11 which is entitled the privilege of prayer and the opening paragraph here says we need also to pour out our hearts to him in order to have spiritual life and energy we must have actual intercourse with our heavenly father our minds may be drawn out for him we may meditate upon his works his mercies and blessings but this is not in the fullest sense communing with him in order to commune with God we must have something to say to him concerning our actual life prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend Sweden Israel and the prayer so much more related to be sometimes it's a little more than just asking God for the way for our wants but it's about actual employee or harness and I'm talking to him about the things that are important in our lives when I talk about hard during our relationship with Jesus I'm not talking about a mushy veggies feel good relationship from talking about the hard experience that is talked about in commerce twenty three seven assets for as a man thinks in his heart so is he as I'm talking about when I support your heart to God we starts talking on about the things that are important in your life whether it is a college test that you are preparing for weather and some family problems that your family is going through whether it's now young lady of a young man that you've taken an interest in whatever is that you find your your mind is thinking about the most is on your heart the most talk to God about that such step number one pour out your heart to God in prayer moving often alter this is the table of showbread we are moving now into a Bible study experience but once again this is not just an ordinary malice that he experiences a very specific kind of Bible study experience it is not the kind of battle study experience where you just perhaps open your Bible to the second chapter region versus enclosing an satellite check for the day is not the kind of Bible study experience where you only read the writings of other authors predigested bread from the table is not that kind of experience but it is the kind of experience we go to the word ourselves and we begin to fill our hearts with God the word and so as this is the plan that God gives in the holy place that would poor heart to God in prayer and obedience to make room for him just fill our hearts with his word as we go to the table showbread and the amazing thing about it is I have experienced in my life as we pour our hearts out and I would begin to talk to him about the things that are important to us he begins to speak back to us on the very same issues as we begin to study his word in the morning devotional life as we pour our hearts out to God he will fill it up again with his words the amazing thing about the worries that has created power as it was one thing that you can know one way you can know in your Bible study experience of your devotional experience in the morning is not what it should be ended if this is not what God wants it to be you can tell you if you are spending time in your devotions any lien day after day is still the same person because God 's word has creative power my Bible says in Genesis that when God speaks amazing things happen when God spoke clients come into existence now the word alone has creative power and so as we read his word in the morning that same kind of power can be our allies and fill our hearts in this kind of power can change our lives in the Bible to study the Bible just like shopping mall is your always are interested all of a sudden the Bible just like shopping along and say how when you go into one store in the mall it's just like opening your Bible to certain book and as you browse the shelves in a store in the mall is just like reading the different verses in a book by that chapter of the Bible and send some young ladies may care to differ with McConnell I'm on I'm a guy and I shop like a guy who what when I go shopping I like to get in the store I know exactly what I want I describe what I need but in the basket out of that in him and I are totally amazing to name the deciding zero document is in the car shopping I like you answer from the ELISA what if I go shopping I leave the store empty-handed I feel like the whole trip was utter failure of a highly disorganized nothing to show for it and eyes my love not on shopping but is the same way with our religious experience is the same way as we study the word of God because I believe many young people are spending time in God 's word but they are leaving him him I live in the holy place experience as outlined in the table of silver is so much more than just Bible study I believe it's actually Bible memorization because as we begin to take God 's word and put into our hearts and he is a memorizing committed to memory then we can take it with us as we leave the store is just like taking those items off the shelf that are purchased in the blood of Jesus and taking those promises about promises with us throughout the day to two help us fight off the devil his temptations on reviewable here from great controversy page six hundred and eight is also from my homework chapter from this section and that is in chapter thirty seven and Ray controversy in the chapter entitled the Scriptures I safeguard bring controversy pay six hundred says temptations often appear irresistible the precise word I appear temptations often appear irresistible because through neglect of prayer and the study of the Bible the intended one cannot readily remember God 's promises and mean Satan with the Scripture weapons so he's saying is that people who are finding temptation to be irresistible like this because they are not arming themselves with the Scripture weapons in the morning they're not pouring her heart out to God we really didn't feel it up with his promises and stored in the heart didn't have the Scripture weapons to fight the devil throughout the day but listen to this minute and ask the next two lines down at chapter says but these teachings of Christ must previously have been stored in the minds in order for the spirit of God to bring them to our remembrance in the time of peril and then she quotes Psalms a hundred nineteen verse eleven which by the way I will use another powerful text sounds a hundred nineteen verse eleven as you were right hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you I never look at numbers and wonder what it means to actually hide God 's Word in your heart I have before and I'm sure there's many things that you mean the one thing I can think about that it means is that when you find out thwarting your heart we can offer immunity to commit to memory and taken with you throughout the day job you're hiding it from your patio from Satan 's leaders is not prepared for that and size you take God 's word in the morning as Esther Don for your heart to God as you begin to take his word or fill your heart with his word and committee is working memory as you then leave your devotional experience and though throughout the day and as the development comes you and me and says hey buddy no question that you like to commit you know that unwholesome website that you like to go to know that unwholesome food that you know you shouldn't be eating what's looking pretty good again today etc. it's had power in your life for the past two years come on one another time your you can tell the state is stand back because today I have a surprise for you today say that I've hated Gotthard got word in my heart and I have a verse for you today Satan the same Hartley are trying to force your way into a postseason today stated it has a big Sinai and it says occupied political universe Mister double that I just got it memorized that is committed to memory this morning 's first Corinthians ten thirteen and he said there's no temptation that has overtaken you but since this is Congressman but God is faithful and will not allow you to be tempted above that which you are able but will with the temptation also provide the way of escape that you may be able to bear us how do you like that Mister Neville and another one for you J chapter one verse twenty four pounds he was able to keep you from stumbling and to present you follow us before you glory with exceeding joy I realized that Mister Satan and as you begin to tell this to him he will be unprepared for annual meetings of fighting back with the Scripture weapons and you begin to have injury over the sins in your life I believe that this is a holy place experience that God wants us to have you guys whingeing us how Jesus that if you look at Matthew chapter four when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness how do you respond every time he was tempted is that it is written easy Jesus miraculously have those words was Jesus spending time in prayer was use of pouring his heart out to God in the morning and affiliate with the word prepared to fight Satan back with those Scripture weapons so step number one and altar of incense is pour your heart out to God in prayer step number two at the English old ranch is still your heart out when God 's word is created and re-created power to change your life moving out to the golden candlestick vision represents a witnessing the golden candlesticks represent letting your light shine it means taking out experience that you have in the morning powerful prayer life in your beginning to experience that powerful that powerful Bible study life but you now have the Scriptures that your memorizing in your daily experience now they are beginning to experience a victory over those scenes in your life now you will become you become in contact with with people who are struggling with the same students that you are beginning to gain the victory over in your life and you will be able to tell them the ways that you were able to find a victory through God 's word to Jesus and say there's nothing more rewarding and helping each other out in our Christian walk perhaps you have heard that Bible study is important in the Christian experience perhaps you heard that our prayer life is important in the Christian experience but I believe that the Golden was there witnessing his one of the most neglected parts of the holy place experience and I believe that Bible study and prayer one leg and I walked with God and witnessing is just like the other leg and unfortunately there are too many Christians this morning at times I know myself have been included in this category people who have more of a Christian hop is in the Christian walk without more perhaps a Christian drag their Christian walk Eckersley both of my legs were to run the race and cross the finish line and so we need at witnessing life as well be ready and prepared to share that experience that we have with Jesus in the morning to share the love of God that we that we gain in our experience with him in the morning in LOI says that prayer is the breath of the soul of the alderman since you have threat which is essential to life and then as the cable show that you have read which is also essential to life and they have the golden candlestick which is also very essential to our spiritual life and unfortunately I think there are too many Christians at times myself included in this category who are spiritually hyperventilating and spiritually oldies because they are not experiencing the golden candlestick and allies there on exercising that experience off and until they share until they share their hard experience with others there's no more room to gain more of an experience as Utah's and they're missing out on the full experience that God wants them to have with Sharon ally with others in the glimpse posted experience sure eventually ride yes God wants us to have the less we can share with others absolutely no oversize window is chosen from he was eleven and if you look at verse eleven that is the Hall of Fame chapter any as you read chapter you see all these great men in the Bible on these brave men and women and you know one of the season I have in common is they these are many women who all made a powerful impact for God in their lifetime these are many women who although sin was prevailing during the time that they lived in they have a powerful impact in the world oftentimes I look at these men and these women and I think man I wonder what it wasn't they had that I don't as a read about how Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness Enoch walked with God it seems that it was something that I don't have an begin to wonder what is the year the Bible is clear about that I will drop Hebrews eleven is a little result the characters we could talk about what their secret was what she was but you know I believe that the key to their experience was found in the sanctuary was found in the holy place how is it that that Moses and God accomplished only great things will actually start to thirty three in verse eleven actually says that diagnosis it is not Moses they spoke face-to-face to the demands because of the friends so you know what Moses as he was he had a relationship with Jesus Moses had a relationship with Jesus through spending time in prayer and Bible study spending time listening to God 's wearing his life and sharing that with others and Moses had a powerful impact in the time that he was living the acts of the apostles wealth and it's amazing to see what they did when the Holy Spirit was poured on them and our chapter two at Pentecost in such a powerful chapter read about how thousands were converted on one day and it's it's easy to look at I think manna wonder what it's according to your and and and and I have the last chapter four in verse thirteen is that Peter and John did businesses that when Peter and John when they saw their boldness when the people saw the boldness of Peter Isaiah says that they marveled and a reluctant these men had been with Jesus these men their real life had a relationship with Jesus and his relationship to the golden candlestick was losing out how it was affecting every part of their lives it was beginning to have a powerful impact on the people that were around them you know over the past couple of weeks I've had several of my friends who company and they said to me seems to be in a habit altogether obviously that's clear please seems to be a young man who loves the Lord he seems to be a young man who wants it he was right with your life and I is just not the same for me I still have that and what is the highlight is something you can share with me and save if someone ever asked that question is the most honoring and humbling thing that you never have asked you but I find it almost amusing I find interesting about that my friends they continuity some of them tell us how this expectation that I would take them into some secret deep dark corner of my room SH time panhandling on telling you right now but the secret to having a Christian experiences secret having a relationship with God isn't this an awesome craving of the never seen the former life as an super shelf cases to have a powerful effect in her life this could change everything that they know to be true about having a relationship with Jesus and I think all men whom I never heard about this before there's no such thing except in prayer and Bible study any witnessing efficiencies that we have to prevent ourselves from being robbed by the great robber of that great gift that Jesus wants to gives us him back to the basics understanding the Bible and praying and witnessing to others he will so basically seem like there's so elementary in those three elements of the sanctification experience are so powerful in this generation are so radical that we don't we live off if we do try strength really not that kind of experience we will begin to have a powerful impact in our generation will begin to like Moses and lying down and Elijah we will begin to change lives of those who are around us so in overview step number one which is at the altar of incense fraud is pour your heart out to God and the homework for that especially Christ Chapter 11 entitled the privilege of prayer step number two at the table showbread is fill your heart with God 's word is created and re-created power to transform and change your life that's reading is worsening his worry Canadians memory and then step number three at the golden candlestick is witnessing and I simply don't be selfish share the love of Christ with others in the home or for that is these are chapters I personally found powerful my life is Christian service chapter one which is entitled God 's call to service so this morning I want to give you enclosing only give you an opportunity to respond to this message before I do I want to tell you about a commercial and I once saw on TV I want to be a more spent several years as I decided not to but growing up I used to watch TV all the time and that's another seriously preached but I don't watch TV anymore but you know how every now and then you see these commercials on TV and there's just something about them that is in prison cells on your memory and it is never him homogeneously from the things that are clear manner but there's this commercialized specifically remember seeing on TV and it was all it was essentially animating character and how he was doing his entire existence was resumed his wallet layout is money and probably the trashcan and immediately precipitate your interest in anything like this guy doing all your diseases digitally animated character a trashcan in his wallet that's all he's doing Eventide 's entire existence is meaningless economy wasn't I doing but as the camera zooms out you can see that he's not alone in fact as a whole line of people who are doing the exact same thing that he is reaching into their wallets pulling out the money and filling into the trashcan and as the camera continues to zoom out he deserves an entire multitude of people who are doing the exact same thing their entire existence is meaningless and pointless but all of a sudden the camera zooms back into one specific character and you can see all three houses Revelation and the commercial has no sellers to it but they should have asked me to be the narrator 's I can say what they are thinking also in this guy that is used back in on Catholic 's revelation and you can tell he is just like awaken and he looked his while he was at the trust anything he can tell you what my doing the case the trashcan he doesn't want back in his pocket and he looked around him knows any notices that he's surrounded by people who are just exacting that he was wasting our money away into the trash can is illegal to the next monotonous immediately shaken and in fact I often changes color from heads until any lasagna realizes all the people who are doing the same thing is supposed to bring on a wake-up floor in the floor the only eight and continues until before you overlook commercials over you you can see an entire multitude of these digital animated characters who are marking onto victory him the same thing in the church this morning probably there are young people myself included are beginning to realize that without Christ without the flu place experience our entire lives are completely meaningless our entire existence on planet Earth has no point has no purpose and as we spend time is not impressed to spend time with God in his Word I believe that we will we will see those around us who are also struggling with the same things that we are and we will begin to share the love of Christ with others I believe today and there are thousands of young people who are waiting often is reality only becomes a reality that we are living in and times and I want to make a difference like Daniel and Moses and Elijah they want to make a powerful impact in their world to give you an opportunity to respond this morning are lasting minutes that we have opportunities in this message is like that commercial it tells you about my personal shaking to diminish your link perhaps it denies you listen to this message you may see Mary realized that you are in a category of people who allow the great Robert to rob you of that great gift and you are in need of a personal relationship with Jesus perhaps as you've been sitting there are you using about a specific scene in your life that you know has been to unless had a hold on your life in the past we must maybe even years when the twenty one hundred victory over sin you want to commit Pentagon only give you an opportunity to bring back to the altar of Jesus this morning Salomé you're a a radical appeal that not expecting anyone to come out for praise God he does if anyone is anyway young man or young woman feels God 's call on your heart maybe you're sitting there this morning you feel the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart and you rely we really my radical kilos morning is if you want to commit the rest of your life to the house the holy place experience if you want to commit the rest of your life to constant daily prayer daily Bible study and daily witnessing an uninvited standing for kudos are gotten a lesion in life godly leaves you to become a bipolar matinee leads you to become a mechanic right Doctor whatever God may lead you if you have the holy place experience may be a powerful bipolar media document wherever God leads you as my president you have the holy place experience using his entire life can change others for Christ let's pray to heavenly father only you know that the foster are going on in hearts of each of those who come forward this morning only you know the things that are our star struggles and challenges in each of our lives perhaps or someone who's come for this morning Lord who has a specific scene in their life that they know has been holding them back from having that full Christian experience that you want them to have at least one a lay them before your altar this morning and leave vacuum with you here are the Western youth conference two thousand eight we want to believe that your feet who want to sue our commitment Lord to be Christians of your words to be Christians of the holy place experience with a solid and consistent daily Bible study prayer life and witnessing life of her lure the heart of the open that you are your word when it would fill our hearts that a relationship with you would would fill our hearts as we commit to a lifestyle of Scripture memorization is a dream into a lifestyle of constant word study of constant Bible study and prayer of constant witnessing on a daily basis I predict that you would give us the power to live this kind of a lifestyle and that you would live through us and them those around this made me see your character through us and that they would be changed when they do so much lower for answering this prayer probably sings in your son 's precious name amen


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