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A Mission is Not a Trip

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 9, 2005
    8:00 AM
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Parsons morning I've titled our mission is not the truth omission is not a true Genesis chapter twenty four readings for verse one for public reading I use the King James version Genesis chapter twenty four reading from verse one and I was old and well stricken in age of the Lord bless Abraham in all things a member handset of his eldest servant of his house rule over all that he had put I pray thee thy hand under my thought I will maybe swear by the Lord the God of heaven a volunteer that thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of the kilobytes among whom I dwell thou shalt go unto my country and to my kindred I did a wife unto my son Isaac and the servant said to him but offensive the woman will not be willing to follow the other this lab must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence no chemist and Abraham said of him beware of all that help bring not my son thither again the Lord of heaven which took me from my father 's house from the land of my kindred and which they come to me unless relatively saying unto my seed will I give this land he shall send his angel before the outset that a wife unto my son from Venice out of the woman will not be willing to follow the member shall be free from this my oath on you a ring love my son lifted her down on the servant put his hand under the fog of Abraham his master and swear to him concerning that matter of course that tells us of the angel took ten camels of the camels of his master and departed for all the goods of his master were in his hat and he arose and went you on the city of May home this lab is after Jesus Christ the man I admire most in the Bible is a manifold very little is said right it was reached for an admissible I precisely nothing is written most of what we know of him is recorded in Genesis metaphor his name is a liaison he was Abraham 's chief servant of Abraham dispatched this man on a highly sensitive mission abolition allows to find a wife for Isaac Mao I set up a time is about forty years old why would a man for his old allow his father to find a wife for him but Melissa was so sensitive mistakes were so high that Abraham shows that he could trust the most and liaison of the reason why I am so fascinated by this man and liaison that reason is found in Genesis chapter fifteen reading programs one as we continue our mission is not for that assisted it worthwhile the Bible says after these things the Lord of the Lord came at the interim individual safe April I am thy shield of thy exceeding great reward member and said Lord Lord what wilt thou give me seeing I go childless and the steward of my house is this any a zone of Damascus and was then called to me though it will save on the old blog more in my house is mine and an import for the marbles on the palace and before the word of the Lord to say as I have but he that shall come forth out of my form follows shall be final and now a reformer through the read this not Abraham was becoming impatient but had promised him a see a son funeral home in Iraq that would eventually to follow our submission role of the Messiah Jesus Christ would come out blond hair was promising Abraham when Abraham was most than five years old this focus is recorded in Genesis twelve remembers one of the more onset of April out of my country and from my kindred and from my father 's house on the other hand when I was strongly I will make of the origination I would mess up your midnight integrate of policy and be a blessing I will bless them that bless thee and curse have the person they wanted me shall all families of the earth be blessed it is understood by the commission from God that he was specially and specifically chosen to be the past three o'clock well shows that people represent if you have given very well understand what very careful about who is on his air wouldn't have because when a man or woman medicine rub partner it can affect them leave the rail that person from the truck of success that he or she often does not have it is a one hundred splice if Abraham have not had a son Abraham Center for school mode born what about you seeing I go childless and this Eliezer the store is a sort of my house ever had was on the part of adopting Eleazar as his Charlotte and making areas of the air of all his fortune the him first remember how I've ever had was very rich in cattle in silver and a goal if I have whatsoever that consists of the forty first floor to read on and if I have heard that his mother was taken captive you are his toys from a blog of his own house three hundred and eighty I wanted to imagine ever have to our three hundred and eighty 's I didn't read the memo able to find I think of the vein of the boys to find favorable I think of the children it will have half a entourage the household of hundreds and hundreds of people all this would've been any issues Isaac and Malone and is a good mom one of resentment even though he understood that when I said you could no longer be considered the heir of Abraham Law of twinge of medicine have never been passed over for position what was your reaction reduce all the person who was chosen over you and want to get girlfriend from you what is your reaction when you see that man is a level gone public in a heart and he is a you that I took on any of the soul is less this was the lack of heart refund was free from them Abraham 's falseness eco- trust the lab one okay space Abraham selected him and sent him to find a wife for Isaac this was the mission rental in Genesis twenty four versus one the Eleazar goes on a mission trip to New Orleans for you sightsee as a writer and every six fall review of the land from elevated heart methods for IndyCar race at all you turn that he will hold message for you because I malaria dysentery this section a while and your turnaround and handball because you are letting on that short but when you are on a mission nothing stands in your way if Mount Everest is the only you will either bore wrong about who on the goal through or remove because unless you like the person does not tolerate the presence of obstacles for long period of time while all of you are in presumably on a mission Motrin no event will be on I hope it is in the case let it and not by your behavior by the extent of your time by the way I look at your emotional and mental result is you demonstrated my ability to the law of the listen button on newsroom how a person behaves when he is on a mission and he has a Christopher Golden horse twelve Genesis twenty four hormone all of my master Abraham I freely certainly grossly misled show kindness unto my master Abraham behold I say you are the daughters of the method is a copout to draw one another being other than those of whom I shall say let now like to chat with you my good friend and she shows a drink I would give my counseling also that the safety sheet of bounce appointed for my servant Isaac on their marshaling rules the note shall be kindness to my mass areas ask for sign when he gets through his supernatural and he doesn't sign the woman Rebecca Constable well versus been said before you know speaking the whole Rebecca came out was born with the world the side of the car the wife of Neville Abrams Bubba with potential shoulder sixteen thousand of them was very fair to look upon upwards in life I had any landlord this will have and see if it again to fulfill the signs diesel indications that he was moving in the right direction I have fourteen minutes to go out with your life these added in the fall Rebecca he gives is this the reward for hard work of fetching water for ten samples you are much more long-term Rebecca poured water all the camels and she said I will draw one of my count was also on how they have been drinking at this time for a countless number and she did for ten event would ride with coupons she was drawing one remote yes Oscar is there room in your father 's house for ophthalmology she said yes any of the mouse on his very first twenty six praise the bursitis I will never identify with certain other downloader I told them of her mother 's house is only when Obama comes out becomes a man reversed he sees areas like the Welsh attended by the County party says they had come and help method of the law is not without why happened where the house on foot Midland is extending Eleazar Haas no hospitality then was a method of the highest importance it was serious business you will refuse hospitality and hospitality preceded Christmas anniversary the Bible says in the matter came into the house and he converted his levels identified on softwood levels on the want to wash his feet and legs that were with him now in verse thirty two the Bible says there was set to meet before he took the Eleazar was served food but he said I was now on a mission I will not be untrue I have told my noticing all right speed printer was bitching about that here's the thing eating is perhaps the greatest sensory of course individual full affects at least for the licenses some kinds of food have the right texture on my right you can see a yes for you to have the right are all the on my right for you to have the right to have the right and I will and will ask that the ride low this is the a lot about it once and it has to load it must delight as no one is above the waterline and why the Bible says it is worth a thought of the ground that the Lord Baltimore and reached me that's what this is evidence of his eye and listen for its lineup for flow to be largely Muslim what if you bring your mount looks like Lockhart what is the value is I do not want I will be difficult I did last night and get this something that is used for the eye when used as the Bible says agendas of reversing the woman saw that to me was that won't have that and what method very high for I say obviously I appears to the case appears in all it is the sense of this is a test it's in a PAL still what we call the more press which are quite probably were created by God for appears the man of passion as Marvel writers are of interest of you should work on a momentous video on about passions of the necessary and proper placement like I will become trial by the height of the Eleazar faced with this onslaught of instances the food smelled the food smells good enough you can almost taste it the study a signal might get to see the bread was soft enough that he backed off he was there on a mission he was not there to be he was not there to indulge your senses however legitimate that like me at liaison was there for one reason and that was to get a life as you know that because he wasn't really sure I he was envious of that measured tones with great respect realizing the offense you might call by Wilma E on to I told my ASP you will listen why would his house and if you do not come on a mission beautiful ways that they could you also forgot a specific reason that is costly visual artists how will anyone in the business I love how long is that a lot of little to succeed academically and happy online your address is the radiant light and is a game on Longbow mems business decisions this is from cosmic web address but we tell you what I always told medical students of the University was a person on a mission where is these over the house at six minutes here's what the mission is written on the lenses and you never take them off the mission is accomplished why it is just you put your MD glasses on you put in writing and you put the writer in both the diverse peoples living ever there was a north wall of a web UI is what please like how you will you will will will will shall put away why so when someone says to you let's go down the ballpark of the basketball five hours of institutional rules these glasses and admits precisely some young man says to the skin mounted in first year in the eleven division is flatly visited these rubies and you may realize refusing a high left about the same I did them all and you look at the circumstances that surround you you may find reasons to engage in activities that promote supportive of your mission you must learn that efficient and I wish I will not eat on to work on Tim is sufficient interest of power and find letters UN CIO I will not lose on to I have completed my degree I will punch I have completed this midterm exam I will not will out of why is also a all right exit but in the light of my present responsibilities they are Asian rust and I have to say no and these are the muscles that role with such a form of the mountain when these that I will not be developed wholly out of millions of these Spiegel Spiegel when people realize that you'll are on a particular path earthquake hurricane Suman the caramel sweet you will view the term leave you on but if the offer is to say a high level of responsibility to realize that they will easily loan they will feel called to tell you from my heart for my half success he holds many people because they refuel the adult mind of wish they shall mind this you are here on a mission all of us for further mine on instructions you cannot swallow I see you you have no one comes into this world with a signed receipt on the love life from going it alone including the person 's character is as close as any human being can you have a problem online today you will need a Bible says in Ecclesiastes I was that lots level I have I don't like what my life of my because it is reason for there is no noncompliance Gonzales but was integrated with a loud voice the Bible says a lot of the time because when you have sent your ultimate mission is to write the booklet anything different from that path including your education what does Jesus say what shall it profit a man or woman if that person will gain what the whole world and you won't lose his soul methods adequately the second half last Jesus that will save your data will even say that you have a sad spaniel a Catholic all the while he's at his shop in your temper while Google problems just follow if you got caught in the wild Yugoslav rival on many of you here our mission original receipt Nautilus resort has answer how many of your Cablevision he was slightly sidetrack you need to get back on original but both are members of the rings on please comment if you guess all right I see your house I want to pray for you stand up now look around you just have to you can listen slightly sidetrack you want to get my point got up my prisoner virtue if your business is going to direct my present will not hurt him he is a blessing it was anyone else who needs special representative my time is up every about reverently every eye closed falling in the name of Jesus Christ a committee of those whom Jesus shed his blood for the sun has risen to say I Cablevision I was sidetracked the father by your grace and unity agreement get me back on the track more I plead with you as their brother got the direct them multiply their efforts and he preached the results of those who stood requiring special prayer for unannounced reasons father has to bless a viewable in detail the circumstances bless them I pray father from my heart dualistic God bless their families mess they helped bless their resources blessed shall you believe the statistics was looking back at one of the brightest because they would've composed I offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake amen


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