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The Beginning of the Latter Rain, Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    9:31 AM
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our father in heaven I asked him as we spend time here and she would use her holy Bible to be a teacher for us that she would give us of your spirit and help us to understand it is true I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus and unfaithful and last night when brother bachelor was speaking he literally gave an introduction to our series this hour here are the oldest he was thinking about the Holy Spirit about our desperate need for the Holy Spirit and that you were speaking about today is the out for the I life media is reviewing of you is or is assigned a life measures that there was a time when the latter rain began to Florida on our church that was in the eighteen eighty eight experienced Minneapolis I think probably better than half of us were aware of that and yet is true when this truth have to is what has our attention I like it to your attention for a moment to think about that the latter rain began to fall it's an incredible truth to imagine that God is the gain on the work of the fourth Angel the loud cry as you started the process of finishing the work is not we want to have we could just know why or how he chose the time that he did the situation he did maybe we could do our part to bring that experience again what array there are as well ideas why is this guy had been building shrews for some time that is that there was a progression of truth that had been developing as we know is that when Martin Luther people don't understand the Bible is the source of all truth no as you we had learned that righteousness is not based on anything you earn a merit of our own and we as in Christianity in general really built on top of that foundation is a John Leslie before him Roger Williams Robbie Williams taught us that there should be a separation between church and state he was the one promoted by truth of this idea did for this progressive and what our fathers accepted is not enough light for us only paraphrase news about great controversy about four chapters of the night came along John Leslie and he brought out the fact that the gospel includes not only justification sanctification and that sanctification process in my life and now and is educational Leslie will the Bible writers production after Leslie who taught this idea of sanctification by faith we came to the message of the judgment hall all over the world by the grace have been pioneers Joseph welcome Linda Miller into the most prominent lay out an idea of the judgment I hope that you can see a sensibility in the progression of truth is you when I want to know about the judgment until you understand reality is him by faith that God is not asked to prepare for his coming until he taught us as a people it is possible to prepare after this message that were in the judgment hanging the next development was to show the judgment is based on the ten Commandments and that here we came to the Sabbath truth the message of the seal of God in the process of of the law being sealed in her mind I was in the early eighteen forties and fifties progression through a Irish and I was in leading up in this progression to what patients for cause the full stature of Jesus building up the church the church was ready for the last building block I can summarize all of this video latter rain came as a message in the message was a message that was building on top of what is not of been doing the charge for three hundred years besides that whenever says Trousdale worse as rumors circulated as referring to the fact that Satan understands the purpose of the testimonies in the church maybe you understand that he was Ephesians four say about the purpose of the guests their design for example to keep us from being blown around by every wind of doctrine are designed to build a sovereign by us and bring us to measure the full stature you read Ephesians four so Satan hates the testimonies and if you've read in Matthew five what is the standard way that profits are persecuted when he says rejoice me seeing glass for so persecuted they the uncertainty of the last two him in the last one is by speaking all manner of evil against them falsely that the standard way for stream profit is so helpful for me to tell me understand the why there are so many faulty arguments about allies that are out there like that otherwise he is a little bit of research just annihilate most of these and the answer is that this is all manner of evil against them falsely is just the standard method of persecuting profits according to the sermon on show in eighteen eighty eight there is a brother in California and he observed that home life seemed to be friends with a few Jones and Brother Wagner and that her dear son Willie was also friends with his initiation or this person observing included that these two young men with her heretical views were poisoning the minds of the profit I'll tell you for myself I've written letters to more people embrace places of all other speakers I do understand them as coming from if you believe there's a danger time right ahead and one you carefully want to know you might want about someone who teaches the truth on our hands there is a warning mark those which cause divisions and offenses there avoid them in the first word on Mark so this man wrote letters to the Battle Creek I was so tempted to expand on this you won't even get our Bible study the summary of the thing is is rumored or was influenced that her ideas were partly from how to partly from these young men and Holly had no when you know that what is written as a mixture of truth and opinion would argue figures the truth is the agreement must be the inspired part and the part you don't agree with must be that which came from a human source the light has written about this idea is still involved in his written present when Uriah Smith added that it would be easier for her if he had been avowed infidel then for him to be promoting his view is some of what she wrote was true she wrote the start Bible study your Bible Hosea Hosea chapter six Hosea chapter six looking verse one comment and let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn and he will heal us he has cemented and he will bind us the first three that is selling knowledge if we follow on to know the Lord his going forth is repaired as the morning he shall come unto us was the fact and as the rain at the laughter and the array unto the earth the idea of Hosea six three this is a lot read also how do you do for your face is the one who comes to us has ever been the A and what's the condition was a session on the field was more than one is in the first verse is that we repent of the attorneys right ingredients method but no whale literally means after thinking everything again this in turn from our old way let us turn to the Lord there's hardened they are is idling condition was a six for receiving is that it says in verse three then follow on to know the Lord sometime after my justification is following I will you will be a special as part of your vitals to second Peter second Peter chapter one is located verse two through four second Peter chapter one look at verse two of his grace and peace be multiplied into you through was a say in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him I just say to one year that God sent a message when he was ready to send the letter raised to our church he started as a message about Jesus the latter rain in him here to my home the fire the way it is here well like he was taken up with her last night was light in a chariot of fire and the way that appeared in eighteen eighty eight was a collection of messages about this is not permanently read in Isaiah six the human common to how do we receive the things O my God you think that you assume knowledge is by knowing him look at verse four where a fire given to us exceeding great and precious promises that ideas you might become partakers of the divine nature the way we escaped the corruption that is ruining everyone around us is through the promises the power and the promises of the way we have access to the power that promises is through the knowledge of him for a centerfold in another way when Jesus is a is sure it measures the case is downward trend that is destroying the world PCS is the passage in second Peter what is it that is corrupting the world it's lost the world is sinking lower because of lost we can escape the corruption through our knowledge of Jesus standing at knowledge as is the way he sent the beginning of the letter I encourage you to e-mail me and ask me to send you a society upon the latter rain I have two studies one of the final study that is a testimony site and will address a bank urges at work because I know this power that we will get through perhaps I present him the third two thousand and ten twenty eleven having just lost the entire time does not make sense to underestimate you will e-mail me these were so here ask on day values peace and intercession repentance I know my own disclosures that are parallel forms of verbs and nouns nationalisms but there is one word or two word ideas to summarize how we can have more of his kind titles to Zachariah Zacharia chapter ten Zachariah chapter ten looking at verse one the Bible says ask you of the Lord of rain in the time of the latter verse one Zechariah can one ask of the Lord rained the time the latter rain so the Lord shall make the right clouds and give them showers of rain to every to say one draft is in the beauty of the one draft what God is saying is that when he pours out the letterwriting there is there will not be one living and true Christian who is not married by now Budweiser is passage I deserve that there is a special I is the ASCII as you know that if we ask anything according to his whale he hear us so he's asked us if you told us to ask is it an obvious and is according to his will is certain that we will receive and yet there are people that created last night to prove without the latter rain and him unless were enough what were told by analyzing the references in us that he will get his e-mail me is that not one prayer for the latter rain has to prevent loss idea is that when you ask for the latter rain today is a house today and what you're going to receive them be in proportion to your prayer today last day in prayers of the same sense that high is praying for the latter I want to say investors great intensity and earnestness in his prayer is a very ecstatic figure and not much more intensity that much more fervency in other words if you will not waste effort made to pray for the A work polymorph lawyer with José Turkington asked chapter five past five and verse is conversing he ends and we are his witnesses of these sites for these signs are the basic ideas of the gospel defendant Jesus gives repentance to his people is often sad and so also is the Holy Ghost whom God has given to those that the passage is so interesting to me I mean if your finger through it should be interesting to you and I obey God without the Holy Spirit who receives the Holy Spirit halftime using my interesting to me as I used in parallel so that I observed in my file him Joshua was chosen tribune assistant of Moses because he was unmasked the lithosphere he was chosen Harris relayed on Joshua the Bible says and he was filled with the spirit Jesus was filled with the spirit from his mother 's loan program he was baptized he received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and then solved when he was in the beginning became a Christian could suddenly see he was turn from darkness to light and was filled with the spirit but when you pass nineteen he was set apart again by a second laying on of hands was filled again with Mister when I'm communicating is that this is not what you just have to spirit for you don't have this feeling God wants us to have more and more of his fear and if I want to have more of his spirit will day is one of the conditions listed on the Bible to receive even greater portions of his heart of media violence to huge recesses one Huber 's lumber looking at verse nine Hebrews one verse nine you have love for righteousness and hated iniquity therefore God even thy God has anointed me with the foil of gladness above thy phone him why is that Jesus had more of the spirit Hebrews one teaches this because of his values is because Jesus chose to love righteousness and he shows to pay inequity is surely these are related and everything here is probably sometimes one is a business or idea that is not enough for me to turn away from an evil unless she was in my mind to hate the evil yes he and he I understand your question and let me answer it thoroughly her naturally more okay I'll tell my own experience how I feel about him we are discussing a trade for this was a personal search online how I feel about pizza is part of me loves pizza but he's undervalued by normally is about to join the part of philosophy site is for example of this right my mouth is my toddler loves pizza the part of my mind that is most sympathetic with Nikon also loves pizza but there's part of my mind that thinks I don't want my arteries to the clock I don't want my mind to the no I don't want to violate the counsel of God has given themselves a part of my mind so that part of my mind loves pizza and part of my hi Jesus you follow myself our website what God is asking of me is that I will talk and act in harmony with this part of my mind and not with this so if you ask me I will tell you I hate pizza that doesn't mean there's been any change here because I didn't Jesus hates iniquity in the same way that I hate pizza he understood what it causes he knew where his lead he understood this grossness and because of that she shows to talk and act as if he pays it and that's the right thing to do if I want to do I want to have more of the spirit be sent looks like it's highlighted as there is an attempt to raise something underneath it what was underneath it was anointing is very interesting to me that we do so little anointing in our church when you read about the very foundational the basic foundation ideas of Christianity in Hebrews you have baptism of repentance from dead works just as after one of the foundational things as the laying on of hands rewrite affairs is one of foundation for the mass you'll find out his enough is enough is enough is just as judgment judgment you will find laying on of hands and heads of hands and has enhanced these were the foundational basic ideas of what was going on in the book of acts is not when God sends me on a mission him permission that are far beyond the viability my own experience I never been sent on a mission yet it was within my the life you are not afraid to some definitions beyond my ability to remember what Jesus and the disciples are referred to last night that is received you will become in the connection with his leave out what he communicated is that if he gets the job he will give me what I need to do in Excel in the colleague I received the equipping and so what does it look like the film of the spirit when Isaiah Leal was filled with the Spirit he became professional at nine dollars talking about that is God you can read about it he was filled with the spirit and suddenly he was able to work in gold and silver precious metal then there were ladies they are and they were filled with the spirit and are able to do the most beautiful market seamstress artistry that you've ever seen for making the sanctuary it was the most beautiful sanctuary but no one has that kind of skill was personally incapable of doing my daughter with that team last individuals with varying hues they needed to do the work that you saw the New Testament and calling people are gifted with a gift top line is this idea is because they were sent to speak to the people to whom they could not talk but God is not limited by the abilities of his people and he gives guests what does the spirit do you him here in efficiency between the skills needed on the scales possess the summary by saying Lisa you will is highly excessive holiday gives you and ask them to equip you and this is the standard method of operation except this to send yourself on a mission is the idea of how the works to get together with your church and the congregation and you must be a body of individuals and the psilocybin longer marketing interview for a purpose to set some aside to serve the church and capacity that God 's chosen way of working through the church universal policies against the spirit that wasn't when he was lying to you was when the church work together on himself as someone else to receive because Ananias is more holy than Paul God is not limited by the individual church leaders are really each one of these results in a Bible study as well as a verse I have to service on this guy just recommend you listen to so many feel better about how brief I'm going to be here in Joel two Australians look at it you'll shafted to intercession the latter rain and intercession or intercession A like that going to Joel chapter two him a visit when you observe you want I so recognize that sound ideas I believe over teams and that is very regular sound life experience Joseph two verse twelve and therefore also now saith the Lord attorney even to me with all your heart and with fasting and with weeping and this morning Perez your heart maybe you've read this early writings were only saw a plane vision as she saw two companies one of those companies are realizing that God is for his help in literacy there was hardly a design failure was likely to hinge on how to move away from this class will focus on this class of Ashley 's love God is as old as last he saw was the very same thing pictured Leviticus twenty three Leviticus sixteen euros they are cooling is that is cast out of the Church Limited atonement but those that do not participate in the work of agonizing over the recess those who are not putting away their sins of the sisters this is one of my disappointments in my experiences in my life as it seems to me that this is a patent whose number one oh one the very fundamental idea of the difference about living now I'm living in eighteen thirty is that this is the special time for agonizing over him away it seems like every often as I know this is a reverse greater option of the first letter of the alphabet is a piña we don't seem to be aware of it in our experience still is true that Angel to is one of the first two conditions of receiving the early and the latter rain the socket is in verse seventeen let the priests the ministers of the Lord being between the porch and the altar and let them say spare thy people hold more to understand and verse seventeen that God or their metaphoric classes there is a class on Thursday they are called the priests and there is a class that is meriting judgment and are also called your people used to number seventeen what are the three same Spirit who is not people the priests recognized unfaithful as the God 's people to pray to God don't destroy your enemy is in forgot people in the class receive the incredible blessing of the early in the I settlers were you reading the book of Joe Toth 's office for afternoon to go I just so forgot to read one of the key verse is speaking to them I'm glad you're here we talked about Job forty two verse seven through nine were not told the three friends to go to Job and asked him to pray for you but we didn't come the first camera says Joe forty two ten and the Lord turned the captivity of Joe him I pray for his friends also the Lord gave him twice as much as he had what is the book of Job team Chevelle the jewellike generation the doctor called to alert others recession there were assassinated right of Leslie and their friends family or friends are sparing immediate or sooner judgment but everything else will blessing to Jove himself he receives what his heart has been looking for when his heart goes out to give others what they need in your Bibles to the authors Proverbs chapter one I had a scary moment just a few seconds ago I looked at the clock and I suddenly had this feeling like I was supposed to end at ten hundred and remembered that way unless you Proverbs longer looking at verse twenty three the Bible says turning you that my reproof behold I will pour out my spirit unto you and I will make known my words unto you I can't think of any promises become more precious to me in all of Scripture it seems so simple and direct but God has said Eugene I offer a test treatment on your life I provided health will you finally when you spend a few minutes reading then you'll find every proof of instruction related to you and what I'm asking of you is that when you find the reproof that you harmonize your life what I said turn your life improve what is on his reaction to the part out his Spirit upon the information session to help me to understand his holy Bible as far as I put it summarize the results so far as known to give you a three minute break to stand up and talk will identify key statement so I reviewed the testimonies we decided that God is anxious Russia decided he's anxious to give us his Holy Spirit there are activities and choices I can make it related to the volume of the Spirit 's work in my life is now this time I will ask you please elaborate in some way maybe today in time to learn how is such measure is what the hell is faithful and if I will pay her when he says will choose to do just what you said learn to love the crazy side are good and say the things that he said Arafat the patient on that for about a minute Angels and Adam and Eve were tested in a way similar to the test I'm going to face I mean that holy Satan has to die to buy group force the reason until they say that is because if you don't you will get hurt is not a good enough reason I'm not recommending the way that Jesus leaves is by general counsel and how how un- heavenly minded it would be to not do what Jesus recommends because he did not command it would be relating to the Council of Jesus the way that earthlings relate to the pressure of safe angels and virtualized out of doing what he has recommend I've been looking to see what life made him more to please him is enough to cause them to change their course of action and volunteer to lay down our lives not because the vast and did not ask for it was because they did not want him to be unhappy Arkansas the law must look like archangels would be really something of the testimony of Jesus is possibly say you must repel in cases of liver failure at retreat to very likely sense is not absolutely required to follow in that just as I that angels are why did Jesus have more of the spirit and others because he love righteousness and hated iniquity he wants to send him he sends off like you sent the apostles even just a few days after they had betrayed him in the ass is sending us he will equip us for the work that he gives us to do before announcing his spirit may give us scales the others found from the settlers that is maybe they could learn from using Boston University we might be given as a way you are working whole or in a street I will work and learn you are not secular sources you can but God is not dependent on the secular nationalist requirements of his church for the great work that must be done you will be easily related you classes routinely in the literature film how do I learn more about the holy Bible under what condition will you teach me more about his viable and fill me with history is listed understand of my life I don't want to know you want to know me I don't want to discover myself because self is so transitory and tentative I really want to discover what's right and conform itself to that end in doing that we will receive more of his forehead her friend had shortly our father in heaven unmasking a gift for myself and efficiency in finding which testimonies to share not asking that you would bless us by the spirit and bring back our minds with things that you have Thomas ask for this gift name of Jesus in


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