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Stopping the Tidal Waves of Fanaticism, Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    10:46 AM
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her father had I asked if you would join us here this morning that she would save us from the dangers ahead I ask for you to be our teacher in the name of Jesus and him now things just a few months ago I began receiving e-mails from the people regarding one Bernie Knoll for the first time that I'm familiar to Maranatha view order to such happened just two months ago and the first e-mail I received regarding earning I had no idea that our any claim to be having inspired vision I just received at IHOP is right cut-and-paste a copy of a dream he had regarding the many facets of worship inside a large metaphorical church to this lecture is not very as I write is interesting to me that back in eighteen eighty eight after God shows Asia Jones view that there are other very important message several things happened they were a disaster for a young vision so watch this in our own is the one thing a few Jones was not well received John nominated Jones was a genius you know that he had a photographic memory that him and him made presentations before Congress where he was grilled about the inaccuracy of his references and was able to just call number based on the original source documents and is one man representing our church was instrumental in preventing a Sunday law and the iPod that a few Jones wasn't well received and you recall from the book of Hebrews was that he seemed very careful not to allow the top of your experience to users thirteen readers twelve his viewers has less any writs of bitterness springing off trouble you can verify many the defile theology except the father share the class presentation you allow God to send you to do is what I share his route and accomplish what you did you give all likelihood you're going to be poorly received at least a good chunk of the time we are highly satisfied to be treated the way that Jesus was the Angels had quite a support when he was here in the states I mean online profit was his friend is very encouraging even if these U got from her just how you something wrong with your life that is the same kind as part of the general kind of what you're doing without encouraging to know exactly what it does everything you read and Melissa was the experience of a huge opportunity is Ariel and in that helm I went to Australia is one time and him high between her and will you hear from her was greatly lengthen you can imagine the logic underlying his mind that if however here and this would happen you wouldn't get away with such size as this would be review Jerry was in Battle Creek the center of everything in it was a center of mass especially in the eighteen eighties I also end nineteen hundreds nineteen tens nineteen and nineteen seventies nineteen sixty is related to a level shortstop ballot read a lot of pleasantness comes up now I see you will but during that time lobbying Joseph was messing the power of the local profit one young lady and you really read any of the production guideline maybe she arranged to have them over at them as well if you don't have that Hannah had a very interesting dreams if you ever do a Google search for the term lucid dreams will find interesting and fun edifying material to the fact that if the statistics I read they are accurate probably five or six of you are able sometimes to realize that you're getting your dream and able to modify what you do in your dreams is able to do that that's that's lucid dreaming is not very rare ability I don't have to him and in some people have very vivid three weather dreams is seen as real as the reality is more than reality him why I despise those spiritual gift assessment that ask you about your interest in your skills and your personality to try to determine your spiritual gifts no one are a number that irritated me the most was one that in one battery of questions asked do you have vivid dreams for which Virgil gives you think it was trying to differentiate you understand why it bothers me we don't need false prophets are Guy Myers dreams he or she was in a spiritual family was very sudden harasser talk about the end of time in the market movie is now priced in the sense that testimonies and you and you realize that you dream about the things you think about business either I recognize that our not have spiritual things heard that a precise imagine how a lot of notoriety might lead to the excitement like the wind be pretty cool to have Philip Philip is seven dollars versus time was they were prophecy he got from Alabama's dreams eighty John's got a hold of those dreams where you read that he recognizes in them that varies days here is that he may become so familiar with the testimonies and he began to think through which is not my sheep hear my voice and they feel they follow me they know me and he recognized voices of summarizing the story in a shorter patient jumpstarted from and I'm tabernacle more than a thousand people he did not tell him what he was doing and he ran down a familiar portion from the testimonies him this from Jesus said do you recognize the voice nurse leader Leslie Jesus and the life and what God is answering that question of course they are the way in life you will you and the boys in a fast one he wrestled her he said he will say yes and you hear the voice is Uganda's fly how God had visited the church and sent home I was in Australia God has really given us the gift of prophecy right they are a know if it was truly be very nice when you appreciate if there is processing is in the process the next day which was Sunday this was the conversation three when mail went on Sundays thinking Jones got a letter from Australia and not letter he was reviewing what is not available I is more than a month together he was asked how you dare to recommend a visit in English you wrote today he shown there is a you a I a him a him or I will thought his heyday please have a failure as a PC online offenders are looking for what it says you have to send it to you she was tall she's told us that way would happen again and again she said it would occur in scores of instances scores best twenties that's a lot of help from she warned us about it and it did happen in fact after she died to begin happen with quite a frequency a few people while she was alive but more people after she died Margaret Rowan 's affiliate in any of you she was the founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Reform movement but not the one that is has headquarters in Germany are here in Sacramento on Roanoke totally unrelated to those organizations this was in the earlier reform movement that followed her as a false prophet it is the same name vessel and has in common with them or not she was just alive but worth telling you the whole story but people wondered how she was getting all this money she was really accumulated quite a bit of it was found to stop and she mentioned that God showed her invasion is wealthy person in Pennsylvania was her actual mother that she is adopted when she was a child and she's written a test line the lady put her will died and left her all this money will number that was was from the people were I was working on Margaret Rowan in the presence within the firm that their lives as a management thinkers would certainly have lived here in California said Margaret Rhône on the famous interest to you and they deserve to have lived in Southern California and even in the nineteen thirties and it was not a bastion of fundamental Adventism he saw things that he knew were not in harmony with what God is he began to teach a Sabbath school class that was more interesting than any other Sabbath school class and area people flock to hear him because he and her friend minor prophets like no one you've ever been he could explain them and it makes sense and you see a guy was so beautiful to you and explain like this that the Bible was given to be understood right through the window be understood by Matt on the SARS in the world without end is gone Lisa is speaking is there is a lot of the understood before Christ comes back and who houses and explaining these passages and you don't answer that was done nobody else in and so the conclusion he is presented as an God is speaking through and what was wrong with the licenses from God is trying to save the simpleminded men that's most of us and repair hate to many ideas at one time will sell for the sake of saving us he has made some truth the central fundamental testing Shrewsbury five and a fast ensures the focus on those things are true there were special crews from other places and other ties and sensors for individuals in certain places at certain times but there are a few screws are for all of us right now is time that is present from the deserves focus God doesn't even want to teach you every houses all over the place for all to be understood you understand that people were thinking that through under Victor and Army he founded what became known and is still known as the shoppers rod the Davidian movement which is still common in some parts of the world today and then there were others later when I was in Academy there was Jesus Ron and friends and I lost my boyfriend is in the current time there's more than one in my own life as a reliability scores I suppose I've missed some along the way but it still seems to me there's more than twenty to go to think we need to know how to tell the truth be able to register you a few basic principles one one four one thing on my phone lazy Jones is that as a prominent man healed all men should be the most cautious she says that you have found that men with heads up the production of one of these profits and would promote them that it would rain on page title ways of fanaticism him Wi-Fi is easy for me and as ever it is a review of visit free to that spine tingling feeling to until they realize their part of the latter rain you realize how many profits even have a favorite passage is Joel chapter two of my spirit upon all flesh and God is in the forsaken state has a method unfortunately well he needs to have some prominent person related from oversight to follow and I is anyway in my mind I'm just bracing myself for this disaster because it was I told him quite about it what say would be trying to do is trade this guy in the world that were trying to reach they would conclude that we were just a bunch of people there into this anyway but we as women release even the impression so I have anyone to agree the article that I wrote that is somewhat related to Ernie if you know me I'll send it to you related issue of attorney is mostly over it seems to me but the article has a lot of principles and that might just be helpful in dealing with the next comer on the block he was better than getting article for me it's you going to second selected messages and studying the first eleven chapters those chapters are all about this type of mirror her North American case is imminent threat that matter him for a husband-and-wife team and they began to have charismatic exiled experiences of adjusting crop for example they receive the gift of foreign languages were able to speak another language lessons in the enterprise she was at her husband with you Solomon and she would receive I saw that she can get up and sing asked on radio slave with power quite a strong voice words related to what her husband had just preached me make the song I like to make up songs that I'm doing it in public I often have to sacrifice offer Ron and so I don't do that I mean people are really close to the Americans were humble enough that they went to visit Ellen White to ask her whether their experience was legit or illegitimate and you can read the transcript of the discussion with her incessant selected messages is self interest what you gather as these are the most sincere spiritual people you talk to them on they want to do things right they don't have a bunch of gibberish they don't want to get notoriety and they just played the spirit and this is what they received and are so excited about this invaluable to submit adult life I was able to why she told them initially was that she had no life related to but as you can see that issue yet without you remind her some of the experiences she had an egg a positive him what has now was just a short time later she has recently got was getting them some time to develop their visitor who know it wasn't real spirituality but it sounds much more believable than any of the false prophets I've mentioned already in this presentation I think about what had been alive in an American movement I can't answer this question by an identity in their favor this was the same as in the case of a fire that I mentioned in Hawaii 's reproof was received by her side this is the voice of God if you'd heard visions as being sinful dreams became a faithful other words as when we say that someone becomes a false prophet of this type were not in the sun is out this is one online for vaulted up on his father more than half are currently hard to think of these one thousand Massachusetts and there began to tell me about a dream he had half as likely by half 's accumulated funds from health and I can just imagine if I given him a refurbishment is really messed up brother to let half-and-half we don't hear about that definitely use them as you are not really in favor of releasing a little of your life thereof and all office is him hasten you are not an issue this is a serious is five twenty three and only three or four minutes earlier titles Hewitt Jeremiah chapter twenty three just for my own edification how many of you think even Hiram at least three or four of those ten chapters selected messages in doing with fanaticism the one to so this maybe is the main point of this lecture did not know were going to meet the smell you about it so what you do in some schools to you and why do we end up falling for it we just have to read what he said and so I recommend if you second messages the first is Jeremiah chapter twenty three relocate adverse warranty and lonely onto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture saith the Lord who was the first one was responsible for scattering machine and unfaithful as they will be to all pastors are verified as possible as to is not a combination of passed through the general verse two therefore the fifth of the Lord your God him will you have scattered my fly and driven them away I have not visited down beautiful I will visit finally used the evil of your domain and will is is great fear is shattered by Photoshop verse three will gather the rest of my fly out of all countries where there was a say you have driven them to get the idea that some people have been driven away by false teachers son of God has driven into other fields and in most categories the same time what is God some of those hundred and eleven is going to bring them back that's just reset out and from where I scatter them to leave performing freeze and I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them and they shall fear no more nor be dismayed neither shall they be laughing saith the Lord they just summarize the fish as they are one God says that he is alleged to pay for all shoppers and is is is like a job there is she is raising places they have been scattered and lavish holiday shoppers will be the beautiful promise I think we can cleanse Kosovo many places where we were some of you live you can claim the promise that God will set up true shepherds and maybe if you will study your Bible is for your life you might qualify yourself to be part of the fulfillment of this promise is nearby Isaiah chapter one him a Isaiah chapter one four looking at verse twenty one ten nineteen ninety one or thereabouts feminized to I was in Arkansas and I heard a sermon by one of my better judgment got a hold of that is forgot his name maybe that's inspired source by someone and he was preaching on this very verse Isaiah wanted were looking at verse one to code twenty one how is the faithful city become one of the say and harlot it was full of judgment or righteousness lodged in that but now murderers your silver is become dross your wine mixed with water your princess are rebellious and independence of these is charity in this passage the e-mail I got people to self redeliver call the faithful say you are I decided to change that they would be on a harlot that the path is funny enough for that difference is the leaders of the garage about half what to do about that look at verse twenty four therefore saith the Lord of hosts the mighty one of Israel all I will year three of my adversaries and avenge me of my enemies when I first read this I have the idea that the next person describe how God destroyed unfaithful city him faithful city income the harlot and God I got him a not like the Sodom Gomorrah picture notice says in Isaiah one verse twenty five and I will turn my hand up on the end purely was a say hers away at night Ross and take away all thy is a precious state verse twenty six and I will restore thy judges as at the first and I counselors as at the beginning afterward it usually called was a say in the city of righteousness the faithful city is true the same could be wrong and will be a hard vision for his alumni history in fact because of God 's judgments it will be reverse shots as to how to reverse it he's been a guy that is on the phone is really nice there is no counselors as at the beginning is promised a claim will be the result of faithful persons replacing them will the city and will be known just as no purely purge away it's dross it will be a faithful city does not remind you of Malachi three zero nine five three sad thing is we should look at it through the levels to Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three him verse two is only applied that it is coming and who will stand when he appears for his life to refiner 's fire and like Fuller so and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver listen carefully and he shall purify who the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver for the Levites they were the day where the priests were scattered among all people as teachers and God said when using the process occurs by his people he's going to purify the sons of Levi leaders for another Isaiah Jeremiah history place the false pastors with pastors that will feed the flock is to get his people counselors as at the beginning is going to purify the sons of Levi were these are just different ways of saying the same in your Bibles to Jeremiah chapter fifty one and Jeremiah chapter fifty one William versus Cialis is the chapter from which Revelation eighteen process metaphors and much revelations like to metaphors are drawn from some part of the Old Testament to lead you to study the heart of the Old Testament really thinking is from Jeremiah fifty one and you'll recognize versus me out of the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul be not cut off and bring equity for this is that or Morris JC will render under her a recompense got assigned a time is coming when he's going to punish out when you are what he deserves and what he recommends his people about what you write raw because if you say you will receive a third I is in relation he is the question of the life yet God 's people Middle Eastern character was just as evil as now what when God do about that look at verse five four Israel has not been one to say forsaken nor Hewitt of his God of the Lord of host though their land was essay was failed with sand against the holy one of Israel does not say that Judah is faithful now he said listen the event of her land is full of sin is not treated the same as a slavery moved on and off as you are is a you remove the faith of the staff that he is a you he is you have the same character doesn't read them as a individual is a is the same thing as a persona for a purpose not a lot valid uses for its purpose and he treated his people for his purpose and there is a distinction look at verse seven him a golden half loses faith in the interest the metaphor of valid legal and half is more familiar to us but who has the gold the Lord has it here in the first few makes the nations drink of the line of the rafters and I is a you are you are you he is is a nine and is strong and he is a God send the solutions to those who are deserved to help what is a and is not in the last two verses in your that those this he might be made law goes I the same idea the metaphor of outlay in Jerusalem is those that were unfaithful Jerusalem are you are is to a results that were lying about a might have an iPhone in the life of as a new relief wellness referendum forty five so I will the last time and give you about three or four minutes rated and try some more the assessment statements will be helpful to you you may actually is describing the shape along the Bible is about let's have a brief prayer break was the first him father in heaven I ask that you would use your holy Bible use of screws to prepare us to stand against the wiles of the devil that if who taxes raised up in our nets that we would pity him rather than follow him prepare us to the recipients of the latter rain and not the latter deceptions to ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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