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Stopping the Tidal Waves of Fanaticism, Part 2

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    10:46 AM
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him the Star has for prayer will continue our father in heaven I ask that you would bless us as we consider the testimonies of two given that his church I think you and I ask for you to be our future in the name of Jesus amen so our satisfaction is about stopping the title wave of fanaticism and made it better PS some of you the site really has as part of his plan he's afraid of the latter rain and what is best way to deal with that is to give a ladder something else you want to avoid it they are reading to you from a reference and I'll tell you as soon as I get to Mrs. from second-place messages page sixteen analysis and looked here in the very midst of us deceptions will call and of such a character that if it were possible they would mislead a very view laugh if market inconsistencies and untruthful utterances were apparent in these manifestations the words from the lives of the great future would not be needed just to beware of false prophets it is because of the many and varied dangers that would arise that this warning is given water just as they beware of false profit everything I say there may I say I is for false name not reasonableness like that as often as far as I is anything that is on you double as he is wiser than we have a is the reason why I hang out the danger signal is that true the enlightenment of the Spirit of God I can see that was my brother do not discern it may not be positive a positive necessity for me to point out all these peculiar phases of the session they will need to guard against it is enough for me to tell you be on your guard and his faithful sentinels keep the flock of God from accepting indiscriminately all the professes to be communicated to them from the Lord if we working to raise and excitement of feeling we shall have all we want and more than we can possibly know how to manage calmly and clearly preach the word we must not regard it as our work to create an excitement listen general principle the general principle is that God is a beautiful truth probably presented will have a different impact and effort to get people excited we might like folders and excited about everything we make there we are excited on the right side of their minds don't work so well many come from using the site is him for some other place only remember about Martin Luther and the Wartburg know he was there had been sent they are captured and taken to protect him he laughed when false prophets came from the totality of Wittenberg his home and was so instructional to me how Martin Luther undid the work of the false prophets you know he did he went into this inversion and increased six are on simple service and even made a reference to work he was good for profits indirectly by carving down the excitement that made it difficult for the people who think well this is from page forty three assessment messages we must bring our minds within the bounds of reason lest the enemy cell phone again is to get everything in a disorderly way they are persons of an excitable temperament who are easily led into fanaticism this is a good time for us to live in ourselves the question is someone easily than fanaticism one way to see if it was he asked me to say who I have done excitable temperament one of the nicest things ever happen me was that I was a senior in high school one of my teachers came up to me she took me into a private room and she just warned me that you know people like me to her life many of them have become fanatics him she is one thing that I was one is that but she was saying be on your God I really appreciate that Charlene Barstow California review remains are not persons of an excitable temperament who are easily led into fanaticism and should we allow anything to come into our churches it would mean such persons into error we would soon see these errors carried to extreme lengths and then because of the course of these disorderly elements sigma would rest upon the body of Seventh-day Adventist page eighty six the same how is it my brother this is that K Jones how is it my brother that you have taken up these communications presented before the people meeting down again with the testimonies of God that he is given the sister liked where is your evidence that these are of God you cannot be too careful how you hear how you receive how you believe I would say that since another way the default is on looking for the right word for hesitancy with another word if you tell me this afternoon that you've had visions not relate to you entirely neutral defaults this disbelief not Intel I have the session significant evidence that God is spoken through you are going to receive your productions you cannot be too careful how you talk of the ghetto prophesying I stated I said this and that in reference to this matter him famous I well know encouragement women and children who imagine that they have special life in revelations from God when they have not received such life can you hear a mixture of insincerity and sincerity in their parts I remember sincere but it was a result of their excited imagination they concluded that God has given on special revelations you are giving it to the work of mold in which it will take precious time and where he labored to correct the same the cause of God from another spasm of fanaticism I want to give a little bit of credit David Jones when he receive this letter the next Sabbath he got in front of us in thy tabernacle and all the people something like this said last week I recommended a few the vision of I was wrong now I write this if you than the humble with customers the rest of his life expectancy this is from page forty three of the same there is constant danger of allowing something to come into our midst that mean we may regard as the workings of the Holy Spirit but that in reality is the fruit of the spirit of fanaticism to the relation of the first lecture was done was so right when we need in our church power of thoughts we want to A were to ask for offensive play for the believe concerning the adversary asking for this beautiful gap for going to have to watch out for is counterfeit because Satan doesn't bother with the counterfeit eccentric people are looking for the real fact this is a common trick the people fall for this death he prays for the latter rain investment safe and brings the fanaticism and they think like this but it must not be safe and because it came when I played but you really think Satan is so kind is not trying to trick you at the right time so long as we allow the enemy of truth and lead us in a wrong way we cannot hope to reach the honest in heart with the third Angels message in other words this just isn't my soul is in danger from the fanaticism if I really allow this kind of trick to get under and into my experience I cut off my ability to help not my ability to help the excitable elements you know hospitals churches grow like the ability to help the common season honest in heart people who when they listen in my experience will recognize that they are rejected in their path people know that I we are to be sanctified through obedience to the truth I'm afraid of anything that would have a tendency to turn the minor way from the solid evidences of the truth as revealed in God 's word I am afraid of it I am afraid of it she said it twice we must bring our minds within the bounds of reason lest the enemy self command has to set everything in a disorderly way this is from page ninety five Jews in Israel not sentimental you to read that people want to sign as in the days of Christ then the Lord told them that no sign should be given down the site it should be manifest now and always is the working of the Holy Spirit upon the mind of the teacher listen carefully to make the word as impressive as possible the legitimate sign for you to receive is in this particular lecture is on was speaking nothing special about this on the lecturing here is for God 's Spirit can work through me but not that evil trust somehow were to hear my words that when I ask you to read in Scripture you will sense the power of God in the Scripture that is the spirit the power you're looking for is the power of the Bible and not the power of charisma the word of God is not a dendrite theory must spirit and life Satan would like nothing better than to call minds away from the word to let one expects something outside of the words and make them feel they should not have their attention called to dreams and visions if they would have eternal life it must be the flesh and drink the blood of the son of God him a you know I can't read you a hundred and ten pages five so I repeat my recommendation that you're going to actually study the sessions many of our ministers and present to the people only a few doctrinal discourses the same exertion an application was made unfamiliar with these points will enable them to gain an understanding of others there are creatures she mentions to a learner can buy the studies in the present those in power and the various application allow them to acquire those Bible studies if they use are working to enable them to learn other bottles that I can testify to that I always told him to just be teaching everyone the newest things on learning I think the church right now the level we need some fundamental things over and over until he got them right but for the preacher himself you can't afford to just think without it says the prophecies and other doctrinal subjects should be thoroughly understood by them all the song was then engaged in preaching for years I intend to confine themselves to a few subjects being too indolent to search the Scriptures diligently and prayerfully but they may become giants in the understanding of Bible doctrines and the practical lessons of Christ that is and from seconds like the messages is related in this wife is from the hospital workers page one sixty nine government expects us to be diligent in our application understand Bible documents really that is the way he intends to keep us safe you read that right controversy in the ninth focus on page two thirty two I don't know if it is other additions says that the a him or was so carefully enormously when it comes to resemble the true will be impossible if this was between them except by the holy Scriptures this is from dive introduction to the great controversy I just pay seven minutes page seven of the IRI formers the introduction the Spirit was not getting it nor can it ever be bestowed to supersede the Bible for the Scriptures explicitly state that the word of God is the standard by which all teaching experience must be tested says the apostle John believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false profits are gone out into the world I have referred attorney for just a minute and closing the reverse of this you know someone asks very or as has his spirit reason first John former said North is that every certain passages from the flashes of God Mary for the benefit is a fact that it was just a short time after that attorney had a drink in the dream is there testified in the most solemn manner that Jesus Christ can have amazing you are in is a lot you know there's more to confession and words that's why him I fly when the devil is fascinating we know these are the God you recommend them as the hike is saying is the latest health fruit is not based upon his ability to say a certain magical place you require something else those were a dude who is a is part of the way is our father in heaven I ask that you would use the testimonies and second selected messages to do the very worth you intended them to do he prepares to be filled with your spirit that you would save us from being deceived by another I asked you remind us and tell us a happen to be agonizing and search your hearts in relation to using the save us and I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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