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How to Prepare Yourself to Accept God's Messages, Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    3:31 PM
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him Minneapolis where do I see was the last time I is a surgical place to lecture him now I shoot us to open a door that they are to let visitors about when they are in the door can write off her forward as he was drafted at a molecular value is as a living fuel savings and others can talk and UIC know this was pinned in the mouth I had a helper in Minneapolis in one of my lectures one is you are so you might remember you might not understand their helping hand on the heater would adjust the equipment was little to prevent nicely and I had no idea if you're not meeting the it was during the last week of his life on his way home from that meeting Luke was involved in a car accident and was killed was from the ice and snow was here in Minneapolis that time and done we just don't know who he thought the future so in some ways it was very sad I but the truth is that guy is not a real tragedy for Christian and lucrative version are going pretty from your Bibles revelation revelation chapter fourteen him first third that I heard a voice from heaven saying to me right for less than others who die in the Lord 's nylon from henceforth healing you've read elsewhere in the Bible the fascists in the sight of the Lord is the death of his instrument loop was a man whose social gifts were below average but he had given it everything he had to doing God 's work really for his energy into it he was the oldest of six children generally looks to me life they are following in the steps of her beloved brother one of them has been canvassing with me this summer will his oldest brother was interesting what brought my mind Favre lecturing here is that when we had our evangelistic series total church plan was planting a church about thirty miles my house he decided to do what he thought you should do that this was the audience he pay someone a visitor anonymously came and sat by the visitor that you have read any document is to make friends that visitors Angel Hollis and every day when Bill and come back to move search them out and sit down beside him and just made sure the building combat talk to him befriended him made sure it was just before Minneapolis Seville Hollis decided to be baptized the Seventh-day Adventist church him even the weather may not have some very meaningful to fill the horse will never forget was the patient is version and the bell every few days this summer is the faithful is now looking for ways to witness ways to reach wants to know how to help his family would you like to live a life in such a way that if you die your work which is ongoing on the train this really cute model for my cartilage is also somewhat cute I prefer your Bibles to Roman Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight in looking at verse one there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flash but after the spirit is easy enough for you to see in this verse one a person who is in Christ Jesus what differentiates them from others what is it in this passage is the difference between a man who is in Christ Jesus who is is that when a man is in Christ Jesus wants something his appetite 's passions and desires are aching for something but his conscience is reason 's judgments is not best he doesn't follow the flash but he follows the spirit you can do that without Jesus is not as him shall have the first say forgiving heart I reminded that is fleshly minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of thy God neither indeed can be so you should have sympathy when you meet someone who believes is not possible to keep the law of God in all likelihood that's true for them some exception was a son in all likelihood if they are following the appetites and passions desires and they haven't been set free to know where they are lost to talk today about in this figure our how to buy spirits how to know when you hear a message whether it's right or wrong is very related to the laterally I need that men came that God sent in those listening was evaluated down and concluded that they were false and they were God 's messengers and I was just a serious disaster for entire church so what is a disaster to qualify proposition that would be a disaster that would be a disaster is called God 's messenger a faulty person is wrong you have to write in to Senator GG dangerously provoke the most terrible and so we need to know this is why when those profits came in Martin Luther 's day lunch was how the length fund didn't know what to do besides and I paraphrase them on one hand we don't want to give credits to what is your take on the other hand we don't want to squelch the spirit of Christ newly sympathize with the desire cannot go the wrong way for you to go the wrong way he didn't want to buy you a runway by just refusing to do anything that fanaticism does your Bibles to Daniel chapter twelve show you a message you should use enough of your method that they did use the same good Daniel chapter twelve are looking at verse ten many shall be purified and made wide and try but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked will understand what allies will understand how miserably to understand frankly in Daniel twelve ten whether I understand the Daniel correctly is not the function of the depth of my research or that my academic achievements or even my intelligence quotient what a funny way to say that is not a product of how smart I am it's a product of whether or not I consecrated person and see how senseless it would be the least someone because he had such stellar academic qualifications since you can't read his heart and how measure we can understand none of them really understand and whatever we do as well as talking about and since I can't read the stellar academic man's heart I just can't know whether or not he is rely I will him you see just finally that the house of a plumber when he gives a silent physician with Bible information just because he's a plumber with results selling because to understand this verse applies to understand and is from verses before those who wins souls are wise so what they could have done in eighteen eighty eight to prepare themselves to accept the message God was sending as they could have been doing that day-to-day work in the morning and that he is comparing their lives to Jesus comparing their lives to the ten commands us going through the Commandments one by one think into the stories of Jesus story by story looking in the mirror and putting away persons if they had been doing the hard work will find themselves to be a righteous person they would have prepared themselves to understand when the message came to them you don't know whether or not I'm doing now I don't know when or not you're doing so you have no way to know whether not you can rely on me as reliable teacher gizmo the closest thing you can come to buy what you couldn't rely an refugee relief that following the vibrancy of the Bible says sensible enough about really all you can rely on the message you're not even qualified to do that you have been doing the hard work of young men during the hardware is so dangerously I feel like illustrating a in my own experience of life I've had students who is learned not living the right life and then there confronted with someone him heresies that are in the church for the leave please state his name for the sacred name of alas and then they say I need to study the sound is very scary I would tell them it is before you started out please be sure you do the hard work and make yourself right because you don't have what it takes to find what true even if you really are starting to lessen efficient it usually has a method they did use when Aji Jones was thinking a lot illustrated this way with you I was if I had a full of beautiful fruit I went around each of you I I offered you some of my cameras and was so harsh and so unacceptable to you socially as you said no thank you I don't want to she saw in her vision the picture of him taking the food around no one was taking any and then someone else came with a gentle demeanor of the same bulletproof and it was empty unless yet assuring him of his brother Jones of God is giving you the preciousness of your domain the way you present shame on Jones for not having a sweet but the blame primary blame in that case is on the findings that we've been asked to evaluate the truth on the basis of how biblical it is as if a man tells me the truth in the wrong way I'm not excuse to reject the number once I was canvassing many and I met a lady who is on it I was now finished she mentioned that I found myself that at the same time she was finishes done with Jehovah's Witnesses that her house burned down and finish server sorry to hear that the Jehovah's Witnesses built her new house and today she is a is shame on us perhaps for not doing more with her side of the story might be more to it some Ignatius UN saying that he see that she didn't use the right method to evaluate what is the worst thing about this religious for your same what are we to evaluate by the fruits of the spirit you are right didn't you say that you shall know them by their fruits you purchase know them maybe our sisterhood is know by the fruit of the spirit is whether or not people who were staying with her for really showing Christian principles maybe she didn't know that about the Jehovah's Witnesses but she might know what is true manifestly just as hard as you think it's for is he is as you than the unreliable teacher fifth FL is him them Christian man that has struggled which is different by using the non-Christian man is recovering enough like that lady in Maine there was another lady in the Highlands Jamaica where she was I knew it had been a when a hurricane hitting the roof off for home and the Davidians she befriended one of them the new refund for sheath included motion of joining the movement to stay in I give her credit for that I hope you can see is that they weren't using anything like a sinful and the fact is that some of the nicest people in the world along to you name the religion as a percentage of the world belong to lady your local church is so that the kindness and sweetness of people is not any way to know whether or not they have to do is officially heading currently being a really good person just won't cut it for me in a holy man is Leslie of Jesus in the heart is the now that is a can't make an report evaluating people so I went back to topic and just review the stocks of microphones in her mind she were a man and a session listening to Jones and Wagner make presentations him one of the reasons they rejected them was the manner of delivery wasn't quite what they expected our webmaster but they were hoping to receive and we just can't put God in that kind of a box will either then they could have done we look to the Bible limited unlimited help them learn how to evaluate the message correctly after the heart work is doing that hard work of searching our hearts and turn away our sin is the thing that we can do something about to John chapter seven John Scheffler suddenly looking at verse seventeen Jesus said if any man will do his will he will know of the doctrine whether he is God or whether I speak of myself this is a great kindness on the part of God I mean and if I'm not willing to do what he says he doesn't go out of his way to tell me or said another way that I won't even know the truthfulness of his commands and less assignments predisposed are willing to do what he's going to say that I can say someone is even less positive than them if you are struggling with an issue in your life God has given counsel that says one thing and what you want is another film study outside counsel tell you choose for yourself if you're willing to do whatever he says because if you don't choose that your eyes going to be blinded when you're looking at the Council I had us do not as possible now she could end up listening to silence and something I would've questions for her and she listens to a punish the when she finished secondary school I lost contact with her I saw her a number of years later she was very happy to show me pictures of her boyfriend and I knew her but as the least I knew her when she was seventeen and social change in the years between seventeen and twenty numinous as true leaders were expressed in life and I knew her the seventeen -year-old version and I can tell just by something she said and some of those pictures that this man did not have the same values as her that I write letter concerning a because I cared about her as I think I should care about why students are you gave her talk about that we were shooting a lot of option but to listen because she was accompanying me was several others on a cross-country trip recruiting protocol for work and rely driving involved part of my illustration talking to her I told her about someone from years before that my life a man or woman who gotten married probably too quickly and on after they got married and issued him up for the oh who was as the church will marriage and they just had a child who woman the mother included that she would belong to the Seventh-day Adventist church the father concluded that he would separate from the organization because pastor of an independent church in this would've been terrible enough but it was more difficult when they had an eighty 's the question is where is the moviegoing org chart and allegedly most parents have pretty strong convictions on this topic and you can love someone who differs with your permission casual but he is under a lot of pressure on America in the beginning from the beginning but close enough for this comfort and eventually that was too much stress may end up living quite a distance apart the mother lives of the child and the father would come visit them occasionally and see his life here when believe in divorce he understands so it was just like that for a number of years was a story about a story being told to someone and so I'm sharing this story was the lady young girl overdrive forty eastbound I was going how fast was going but I don't know I was driving I passed an old station wagon that was filled to the gills with all kinds you seem to feel the impact that way stuff like the pillows are squished against the windows all the way around what I'm talking telling stories and driving I drive almost unconsciously now I don't pay any attention as I went by this vehicle I looked at the driver I recognized I haven't seen him in maybe three years him what have I was talking about at that very moment traveling cross-country to go see his wife and child I waved him down he pulled over and I introduced this young lady to the man I haven't a no don't you know that God was trying to help should pay attention she went ahead and marry that man he ended up falling backwards Adventism beating her divorcing and by the time she was younger than I am now she was a divorcee I feel so much hate for her don't you understand that God really tried to help she's happily married now and has children thankfully there were no children the first marriage is not like her life is due to be one there's refinancing time I hope you gain the main point of this is what is the condition of understanding God 's will is being willing to do it the seed of Aaron Johnson deliver something else that was use another method used to evaluate Johnson Wagner live was reliable that is George Butler was a man who done a great deal for the minister know you're from a fairly conservative segment about a dozen police most of you and you high know about holy flesh movement the government expecting too much so I had to start over there was a movement along time ago that similar to that what you might see a lot of churches today him or some finesse for men was excited and nervous playing drums in church was having a wonderful time and they just they just felt so happy was the moving of the Holy Spirit and then when they got very excited like this it had a slight modification of their theology and you know diddly about this this morning someone die out when you get excited it is not as easy to the common method of operation the devil to get them excited so they don't think as well and while they were all excited to begin to understand sanctification and understand until they thought that once they would have a certain powerful experience that they were done was a cousin of epistemology you don't need to know that word but it's nice when you know what it means your way of knowing what is sure that your idea of how to find true venture is demolishing as epistemology they wouldn't admit it but really neurophysiology lies feeling they had healthy eating drinking on major denomination your station has the same epistemology hostels a lot of them do you boiler right down but there's one of what will happen if you ask them if the Mormon church how does the Mormon no that his doctrine is true that talking that's how the powers that that is that's the fundamental hands-on that's also how the Buddhist knows and feels those religions deliver a different document very similar in epistemology him though I'm working for something I really got way off by the U.S. Senate holy flesh move next was messing up the entire conference in the young George Wagner farmer Amanda came in and began traveling church to church in the conference setting things straight and giving people getting them back to their senses restoring order to the conference is in the present of the conference for the great work you've done they are endemic in the present life as factors in this life images and verify such an election became the General conference president it was George Butler who received a letter that we mentioned this morning the one that has been suggested that outlines the influence he then wants to to let things fall apart again he got enough trouble in the conference level there's some legal run the General conference level I don't understand what is coming from and he telegraphed the people that meeting his supporters there I said listen stay on the Bible old white box is a direct quote is probably thought he was going on that way but in the context when his son to it was understood don't fall for what these young men are teaching in these regards what was the method used to evaluate Johnson Wagner there people knew who they trusted and if the person they trust to evaluate Johnson Wagner has been unreliable they concluded that Jones and Wagner were unreliable not only says that she wouldn't give authority for that type of religion she says that she's talking about herself him but I finally someone came to her and said I heard that you need change she comments on the sun in the form of testimonies she commented that happened on one occasion it was in eighteen eighty eight ironically at the same meeting that she was feeling indigestion was feeling bloated assets someone suggested that a little visit she's my call her stomach is a potential medicinal purpose you talk a little bit and it didn't work and and and someone is NASA's way around why needs to know what if without that what she says it tells the story has nothing to do is that have to do with how you know what is true she indicated the way to know what the figures are hard to find what she has written not by what you heard that she has done even if it was true she said she wouldn't give a farthing for that kind of religion religion based upon her why she practices solo does that mean you have to level suppose one or two of you knew me personally enough to have confidence in me as a teacher is to be a good idea is on human only confidential can safely reposed in me is to have confidence that eventually I might give you an supplier sources and you can check those and see if they really teach what I say they teach your sons say with some people him I share in materials until eventually my sure something else she might have a good idea of where you can go to hear some which you can rely on my conclusions and the worst type of conclusion you could rely upon the example I mentioned this morning earning all because I say that he is not a true prophet to take my word for it it's just not legitimate to follow when communicating so that there's really no way we can get out of really starting to carry it out that was a you are the reason for an series years olds in July secondary school Academy you and he is there with me now he is your visit worthwhile to use as him and things that are very practical that you live in your daily life understood with you about not to share stuff with me it's related so we started out with the heart were compelled to know what is right and what is your we begin in Romans eight today in run as a those who are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh hath the spirit was no hallucination that class are all calls I him a him as I following is only half Henry home this is the ACLU who were zoned land uses as a personal matter from another Romans seven and Romans chapter seven we are looking at verse twenty this is now if I do that I would not hit his number either do it send that dwells in me an interesting verse two and it almost sounds like I have two entities Meehan said UCI I see that the passage talks about something that I you is that I didn't do it as soon as well then I just drive over here I like this I love the way policies in this passage is associated himself soon we should talk and act that way your items we were most you were here this morning I thought about how I relate to pizza place a part of me loves the pizza and part of me hates the pizza but talk away Romans seven talks on a safe part of me hates the pizza in the sinuosity so you see on awareness associated myself in the heart of me that is this was related to my tasteless verse twenty two Friday July in the law of God after the inward man is remaining on his phrase is referred to as he is not sure in some part of me I know I higher powers than Launcelot God soul and spirit as I is healed my Hernandez is an related law you know the delights and the truth is this is true for even unconverted people unconverted people know they should not lie the least some of them do and they know that they should be meeting the children even conforming to children the mission of the north there is less apparent than in children they don't want to be the funds of the renowned in the designer Amanda lies in the loft on verse twenty three but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the loss sandwiches in my numbers as you know my heart and lungs the lifetime there is a long time in my experience the loss that brings me a message even though I want you right in Rome and you describe this to people who are laid many of them will realize that you just describe their general experience in life they want to do right by faith can burst him Russian man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death I think God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then it was the mind I myself serve the law of God but with the flash the law of sin agreed in verse twenty five makes it easy to understand if I could save twenty five interpretively I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then when I'm living by the mind I myself serve the law of God the man with the flash I serve the law of sin there is not little space at the same time as one of the and he surveyed by Jesus Christ my sister-in-law is the introduction to Romans eight Teresa is the nation 's after the Spirit is present in your Bibles to Ephesians three and Ephesians chapter three were looking at verse sixteen was fourteen indicates that Paul had a habit of kneeling in prayer will be interesting to verse sixteen that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might by his spirit where when half crazy for people you know I pray they would be strengthening by the spirit of God in this part him as the bathroom is down near the degeneration usually looks like this I mean that I have is desires of a cultivated for generations had a really sorry Holly and I will end this is why you know I want to write I can let his God solution to this process no solution is to eliminate the influence of the passions neither is his solution to bring me into captivity to the spirit his solution is to sell strength that part of me is set for I drawn the illustration after the numerical stated this would illustrate that Harris is how it influences you even if I in my experience as a member of Avenue for the demeanor is easy for me to do right by habits may compel me to do wrong my experience in life may compel me to do wrong but my will is set free when I strengthened by the spirit and I can choose right if I will have you ever wondered what it means in Galatians is will come back to the fusions look at Galatians there's like three pages that Galatians Chapter five looking for diversity says if we him the Spirit let us also walk in the spirit and twenty there there to St. Joseph number sixteen verse twenty five if we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the spirit was the difference between living a certain locking it's just that when I hear in my will Jesus strengthens my and now I really vacillating in the spirit is a will is free doesn't guarantee him to do the right I mean and that Lucifer was a free one with a perfect character when he chose the wrong and he was a free woman with a perfect character when she chose the wrong and when I have been strengthened by the spirit I'm a free man without a perfect character is very easy for me to choose the wrong one is the first day is not enough to give your will to God in the morning you're going to have to make decisions in harmony with the fact he was suffering if you live in the Spirit let us also walk in the spirit because there is no condemnation to them insurance Christ Jesus who was the verb law not after the flesh but after the Spirit to still close to Ephesians three turns back to it in Ephesians three will looking now at verse seventeen what is the effect of meeting strengthened in the aftermath that says that Christ may dwell hard and she is happily in the rebellious heart does not make clear sense of really sunroom is a earlier that the money is not subject to the law of God him blog Nottingham Lisa Lisa love God with us in bondage to the flesh Jesus cannot live in the heart so he wants to live in my heart what's the prerequisite in Ephesians three to be strengthened by the spirit which is hardly strengthened the part of me that wants to do right my conscience my reason my judgment turn back now to Romans chapter eight is a chef is looking at first to you for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus I hope when you read those words now the more meaningful here is a new law of cause and effect the name of it is the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus that is so long ago that when she is in my heart as your strength and the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus José have made me free from the law of sin and death a beautifully simple and understand I'm set free from bondage by the strengthened by the spirit that's what literally happens and not afford that's called Jesus living in my heart set other way it wasn't mean for Jesus live in my heart him me I strengthened by his spirit so that I can choose to do what God says our certified and emphasize that enough in Ephesians three that Christ may dwell in your hearts by your word was by faith that is when I will assess free and I choose to live by the words of God that is how salvation works for pragmatic when my spirit I put two of us was asleep and the restless partially so let's take a five membrane grandstand on his right hand and will come back after you


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