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How to Prepare Yourself to Accept God's Messages, Part 2

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    3:31 PM
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our father in heaven I'm asking that you would make our last five minutes here efficient and she would allow your truth to the understandable by asking the name of Jesus in Somerville etc. note is that God is going to bring a message again he's done it before you do it again and the reason it wasn't received the first time that people evaluate the message the wrong way and then we can be doing now to be sure will be ready as we can be doing our work you know God knows what is going on in our hearts and here I'm sufficient numbers of people were doing the hard work he would send the message that Marcia descended again when people are doing the hard work we need another cycle of rejection to understand how we hold things up by not doing the covers were we can be doing the hard work we can evaluate the message on the basis of the grammar or they just yours of the speaker his appearance on a comments about how after Jones was speaking that in the evening time as forgot in their rooms they start talking about how Joseph was preaching you know I love reading Joseph as he speaks about the way I think it is there's a lot of debt here is an kind of strong statements and that matches well the way I think but it also is easy to make fun of them and made a they didn't realize that it insulted the Holy Spirit who has chosen Jones not by accident the purpose knowing full well on his defects and problems so we do the our work was those who are wise will understand the wicked will understand we should as now among them were willing to do what forgot sass that is safe for safer for us to face the challenges that come in history we don't rely upon the mind of someone else you have that cures remembers Aldrich family and I just mentioned that because that name is so interesting there is no relation to the resume on Brother Aldridge in the past who was a youth leader in Battle Creek read about him that canvassing .org Bible .org brother Aldrich had a lot of influence and when he concluded here's one conclusion you came to love joy and peace are formed part of the gospel to how we dress and how he must have uniformed parts of the gospel they just make a sassy family you and many others in the church when I was his conclusion there was their conclusion whether all rituals are consecrated man was taken that they can do that safely know George Butler wasn't consecrated men and I still wasn't safe you just can't rely upon someone else to do your thinking for you for ourselves how is it that we escape the bondage the news that will never understand really what God is teaching me start by getting on her knees and asking God to strengthen us in the Internet when restricting the inner man we realized that's not to take away my health is not going to obliterate my passions those are going to still be strong but I have a mighty influence in my life than what is shown me him my higher power strength into the wind I am sad free then I'm going to have to use my will to do right going to have to live by the words that this is not of God and that faith living by every word when I will live by each word that's faith that's what it means when Jesus lives in my case I have time to mention that you might wonder in your life sometimes why did God choose Jones you know before was all done enjoy the same of the Adventist church to become part of them Johnson turned against the own life he written a book called lessons from the Reformation forcefully can still find some Methodist bookstores I think that people who sell it or have any clue as they call this is a good location Jones but in but he proves that she is a false prophet he went the wrong way was because of veterans is because he neglected the hard work that he was advocating himself and there came a time of my testimony came to him and he didn't receive it not how we all fall and then Wagner know Wagner and Jones both had a less than ideal marriages I don't mean anyone has an ideal marriage finding their marriage is particularly were not pleasant otherwise and Wagner fell to liking his secretary him believe in divorce have you believe that they are now idolatry but he began thinking things through about the original faith in the locking after the flesh that may be in heaven he would marry her instead he talked he called the document spiritual affinities only call the spiritualism so that in eighteen eighty eight the people who were on God 's side for Jones and Wagner Kellogg and the people that were opposing the truth for Nagy Daniels George Butler Urias Smith to go forward only fifteen years the people who run safe inside for Jones and Wagner and of the first of the three that has been opposing at least some wife it had professed conversions will adjust maladjustment those were feminine one of my sayings why does God choose healthy men to get his message remember the fundamental idea of the truth changes us has our attention this was a man who needs the most change than he needs to have the truth to have the most attention in his life and the very last thing God can do with a man like that is to entrust him with a message to future as the most likely thing if anything to save him by sharing and teaching of the exposed over and over again God tries to save the weakest of man by giving them responsibilities ensuring history him away their weakness I believe that's the reason Lucifer was placed where he was having is not that he became house because he was in the highest place that he was placed closest to God to give him the best chance of not becoming crown in game then we should think through the fact that worsen you God has entrusted us the truth and a mighty good we know more about us and our neighbors might not be to cover more spiritual than them might not be because we sought after the truth more heartily than a half might be because God has made a desperate bid to save us and given us responsibility to teach the very truth is different with you should we change and if we neglect to do our duty there's nothing more that he can do with him our father in heaven I thank you for giving Jones and Wagner if I can and know you want to live a life for you and I ask for each of us here that you would harden our neglect to do the simplest things you commanded to do the hard searching one you would accept our efforts from this point she would strengthen us by your spirit in the aftermath that Jesus could live in our hearts as we choose to live by each one of his words I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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