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The Everlasting (1888) Gospel and How it Works: A Summary

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 27, 2008
    4:46 PM
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our father in heaven I asked to does I tried to explain your beautiful Gospel and she would help me to do a well asking you for the gift of your spirit and I ask in the name of Jesus he asked her always on a asked me for the nose because I just feel in the impossibility of getting through one fifty radar all lot less I do to inherit eternal life any of our article for me because I was just thinking through that life eternal life depends on me getting this right is an excess you are deserves a high priority my experience I don't want anyone else reading and I just want to carnival ride through an initial part of it I have invited us into a session Wednesday as saying that God is God before I was even born made it possible to really say is a lot as you know and that is a decision has been duly enclosed lifemate is little you say and that is that session are about my heart and you is is is is is section a lot more practical but we got the reception is even guest list you have to just go through the first two sessions were on Yahoo go through anything to you just telling you improve you get my e-mail is we have time to spend him very well why has God is God 's will use usernames in person thought he knew what was coming in the hair so he arranged to pay for myself I wasn't even aware where religious faith myself determine the burden on him Jesus did more than paid for myself in the process of paying for my sin he layers a year valuable life what I mean by valuable I mean is that because I was created by God obedience so when I do while I'm required to do God doesn't owe me anything you hear that Luke seventeen that when you've done all the events hold say we are on possible servants is only done our duty so I can never earn any merit I'm obligated to do everything perfect already Jesus is not created he was under no obligation therefore anything that he does right is worthy this meritorious and he live a holy life so that there'd be married that he could give to my account and message the beautiful thing he paid for my said also he model how to live Bible so clearly this is a big part of why he was here that we should walk in his steps it is no sin we read in first Peter or something else is less understood is appreciated as you know my parents found me were given the gift of probation they really weren't given eternal life in the Garden of Eden everything bathroom where I had there really wasn't eternal life as a hapless probation the laws of probation a beautiful gift that provision allow them to layout and he has failed to prove themselves and fall soon they had the probationary time in the veracity of my fellow data from the South and what they lost they lost for themselves and for their posterity learn from the garden they lost probation that means that he has allowed many of you I was due to give me what they do now with Jesus when he paid for my sins purchased for me and my probation and in that respect he did very Master Adam and Eve caused for me and you besides wrecking the information he has granted to me live the life he has probationary year Howard Plaza nonrecourse is as sure as our seriousness the Scripture is how I mean that his promises as creative in nature and that they can cause in meeting new thoughts and new feelings and just an amazing decisive in the Scriptures he's made available to us the Spirit we spoke about that thing loses one thing I love you you first is is that just the gift that brings every other gift industry someone who a lot how long understand the Bible I want to have peace I want to actually unlock a lot of help my neighbors really I can go a long list of the things I want they all come with God is are you are not his angels ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who should we shall be heirs of salvation God has made angels available to me I mean to you and me us that power handles Excel and strength in something as he created the human mind created it he organizes as he is in strongly easy here as beautiful I mean he gave me a conscience that would allow him to speak to my heart regarding moral values he gave me the judgment would allow me to evaluate most important to least important for example I can compare eternity to life on earth and doesn't the judgment lead me to see the more sensible and solid and my my cartoons my reason really the fact is those higher causes the mind is to be the God of the will so here's my ability to make decisions about how might it make right decisions because God organizes my higher power is behind a house in our last presenter Laura Pallister just a big problem in the life is left is the desires and appetites and passions he did it on purpose his intention was to withdraw me to him he gave me the desires hungers that would lead me to see because of my dissatisfaction so that I for example he gave us a desire to be beautiful it was designed to lead us to seek after holiness of character to recognize the value is the beautiful object is another desire to be strong him well we then are we if we knew that God was strong we receive him for the strength that we need his heart and a desire for love and carefully understood the realities are desire for love would lead us to seek after him I'm saying that the desires placed in the human mind were calculated to lead us to seek after him I like launching into a sermon on why they don't do that but I would be part of the second session God has given us a faculty of imagination that go to go we spent about a half hour on this idea I even changed by the holding by thinking about why I find glory in the salons and a wicked place with parents who don't care surrounded by the worst am I doomed to become like the national morning to I wouldn't even work for the faculty of imagination God has given me an ability to look beyond what I can see the financial eyes I can behold Jesus in his life Jesus going to counseling Jesus the judge in the judgment I can consider him in his intercession I can look back at the fly I can look into the future execution of the wicked further future to the joys of the redeemed in my imagination is capable of lifting myself in a way my mind out of the nest night and by the holding of that early set of scenes I can become more like this one from imagination was created for God has given me a well besides raise the him make moral decisions and give this one is signed please let his friend inside the craziness is frosty young but here in the garden he gave us the home I don't mean like the double wide hiding I live in I mean the idea of a Christian family you understand the beauty that God is there it was designed to draw us to him raising children make quite a different experience of being a failure of the figures and profits the process got treated the setting was beautiful in any provision of what he did not put us in the cities and if you spend time alone in the was thinking of talking to God you understand how conducive setting is your spiritual life it was one of the things I did for me to make it easier for me to make it to have he gave me the setting of the garden to garden it was a lesson but it was designed picture for me some of the laws of the universe cause-and-effect and services cell line to give me the other useful and WiMAX was designed to keep me away from what they call the Devils shot I forget the phrase everyone uses the node ID used to say about the setting that guy is a setting that was to make it easier for us to get to have music was quite a gift designed to make it easy for me to connect his words to my mind designed to lift me from discouragement and despair to give me a way to express thoughts and seems kind of odd to say than normally because they're too you are to allow the same as criticizing him to realize that you just save them feel kind of thirst so beautiful all the fuss are so precious Saunders is a way to say things over and over that we should think over and over as it was if you my spiritual life resides in my mind and God has provided a collection of nutrients plants and fruits and grains that would allow this part of my mechanisms that relate across and provided the South and the ninth time in the number of similar gifts anywhere the setting was designed to preserve this this whole system so they can search after him with I guess this is a long and you are courageous and easy for the same that God is the inheritance society is the one used in this study is not telling you the truth I really don't think that when we talk about Jesus is the son of God and that death is the son of Adam that the first thing is a metaphor in the second thing is reality I think it's backwards the way I read the Bible there were signs before the reverse that Sun ship that similarity in character and that the sons of God were those that were like hinges was begotten son of God because he was one of the only one who's really like him in every way and that Saddam was a son of God not my birth but by being created in his image that's what you said in John a him earlier children of Abraham but Hume artificial of Abraham visited Jerusalem Abraham the works of Abraham he was to I guess I'm saying that God created a system with her boyfriend illustrated I don't just inherit my father my father wasn't a consecrated man his father wasn't a consecrated men and I suppose I really doubt that man's father was consecrated men I hear from them genetically know genetically is the only way I have my father when I was very young I watched like little children watch their caregivers and I imitated in the candlelight him my observation we can inherit that way from three to four generations that God is a system by working with the imagination Scripture I can inherit from Abraham inherit from no one from Moses was my line designed by ensuring them by reading about them in Scripture I can be influenced by them in the Bible calls this type of inheritance is the law of the Limited become changed so I'm called a son of Abraham Dusty just after checking the data nowhere that's bogus this is why the cross for such a picture Jesus could've for our sins in a dark place privately the picture was painted that would allow me to inherit the characteristics of Jesus I mean self-sacrifice self denial Thomas was there I need in my experience God is provided back from you this morning all designed to his faithfulness is safe so the church was given the duty is understood as well as a model a nation of ours is is is was the faculty are the things of this earth to make sure that the rest of the gifted not knowing used for a lack of awareness we just confess that God has done a lot to save us it's so ironic and how is a site is is designed to help listening and knows about this is I won't go through everything is as I certainly has worked in this and is one necessary and that in fact there is no doubt that hold moral influence feeling another way entirely different to say that we are not only do we somehow our righteousness can atone for sin you know we only think that when we are thinking at all just listen to me for a moment if a man goes to Walmart today and steal the candy bar and tomorrow he doesn't feel at him the David Austin the candy bar him him the obvious that we would just think is true when we give up the idea of creature marriage is by doing the right thing in the future we can atone for some wrong thing we did in the past Satan had her in the hospital and will exactly why is I say that there just may there say to us all as they don't realize that there are pronation either way you lose as a is worried to make sure that we don't believe the Scriptures are liable wow how he's than fasting is used in another sphere in a laptop that is you only can pose those financial strength to strength you are very nasty you do this causes neglect to think about them and if we get Lily even darkness to appear as one of them and the most common method is just for us to forget about their luggage and get values made them something to cover up about his he's made a lot of effort you are involved in the lower house she is she's confused their purposes the relation of the high I mean and that this is the way God intended for it to learn I would be running low on calories my lower powers would say you need to test their purpose is to motivate me and I would go in search of food I do see a grasshopper than Apple all I will have her say is you're hungry by reason my heart is my just tell me that Apple is the needs and the grasshopper is and I would e-mail this is the way God invented our system Satan has worked to cause the lower powers to take the lead in for them to go directly will say not only am I hungry behind hungry for such an soft so that instead of us choosing what we do in our lives passions we follow you understand Satan has worked also to distract our desires in such a way that they would not be seeking after God he was so afraid of women seeking after truth will beauty reinvented jewelry I mean at some a weak substitute they would try to make themselves pretty by a superficial adornment if I was sure what I really think there's nothing particularly when it is about jewelry inherently but that she is associate that she is so nastily shallow that God has asked us to boycott the jewelry business just so the whole world could see what the real beauty is that we ought to be searching after taking note of receipt after true law that would lead us to Christianity so he's trying to create some substitute of loss showing goal after that thinking it was satisfied but don't you know they never find a satisfying for me to go through the rest those desires desire for power that is designed to lead us into godliness is pretty distracting so that men would go after perhaps well for position or group four thousand sports and games and privacy are in in our final interview shall always remember that satisfy the latest draft of seeking after what are desires were intended to cause us to see you he's made such progress in imagination invention of television so that instead of me choosing where I place my imagination tonight he benefited someone else places my imagination time further corrupt and in the process of letting my imagination be led by another imagination takes on a life of its own almost like my desires until it is guiding the wills of the wheel guiding you and will always work to destroy the whole surely as much as the child raised improperly in our home that doesn't understand the proper discipline is much harder for the person you have faith as a tax the second part of the cellulite cream cities beyond that very early leaders in Genesis in the first ten chapters and maybe not the idea of the city is inherently evil but it robs us of the extra help when needed in the health was found in the time is a zombie is a guy is Satan is is is is sure is great to see so he do his duty to make parent website design I guess you could say that this flame that him rate plan of salvation for myself personally after this flight is just enough of great controversy between crisis and humor that tremendous amount of work has been done on both sides and I had nothing to do with you as you approach your words and is everything in my life just to have a working definition understanding is a you is reading Jones and Wagner in the message that I sent through them as far as it is reproduced in the literature you defined as they do a beautiful simple job of defining as we set our life is never really understood the only survival life and you understand and face-to-face socialists is a you and is a you know the really and is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God you should not believe it's true just because that's what lessons on faith that is not supported by Johnson Wagner but he resolutely finally proven very well and was living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God then what does faith look like in my experience when I am reading that Jesus is coming back soon let in by the word it causes me to prepare it is a joy when I live by a process that him that his first mincemeat in my file but I remember that guy just one number you may not precisely problems like current by Rithika Mayon the place looks like obedience but I read a warning but it looks like preparation when I read a play review is likely to understand is that is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God we haven't even open our Bibles in the session I despise that violence and lies seven titles are so much material so quickly look at this the Bible faithfully carry feeding bottles to move chapter four were looking at verse four week for the first four and Jesus answered him not a statement saying it is written that he is not live by bread alone but by every word of God that's how men with so I think something that I should live by every word of God and that is accessed through the house and guys getting me a and God is here as those that obey a person to be ministering spirit as those that will be errors will him has that they are really busy I hope that is my life to live and how is made available for me in terms of salvation and that they are studying on a staff resort he has a large deal and seventy night felt like Staten Island where is live in a word restores me is that a policy reason I say about work that you do as we is as much as lazy as I sat in my view myself occupied until he comes and resources needed to beautiful setting is as Grace is anything that I don't deserve you know you deserve to have as I deserve to have a model is God not only will they I committed my first sin was unfairly destroy any as something analysis Scriptures is a will is you what God has done for my salvation gives grace and don't you understand then how pervasive grace is in our experience that you understand a little more now a licentiousness that were surrounded by atmosphere of race in other words we don't deserve any of the multitudinous blessings of the listserv that were designed was what I is I have is a lot like as he left for a easy life is by faith is very irregular understanding is right doing by faith we have a tendency to speak about justification and sanctification quite distinctly even when we say that they belong together but they aren't as distinct as we think when I plan I say I say that Hausmann is a good man my words are merely descriptive all I can do is say what I think or don't so if we think about our own terms we might think like this that he says to a man you are righteous and he says that and describes is not even real most of us think about justification but that's not the nature of the word of God is in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter fifty five Isaiah chapter fifty five were looking at verse eight for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways saith the Lord price the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways my thoughts than your thoughts listen carefully for as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and returns not there but waters the earth and makes it to bring forth invited that it may give seed to the store and rented a theater so shall my word be that close forth out of my mouth it shall not return unto me void it shall accomplish that which I please it shall prosper in the thing were fun too I sent it off latest to you how I understand when I will find is that I is limited by his death is choosing that making bachelors my life that they are as gracious as my past life is that arises for them my characters righteous as he is righteous Ivy has the right to an issue space then God says Eugene you are righteous but that is far more than a description his words have created how they go on a mission they do not return unto him void they accomplish the same morons who they were set so that when God said let the first for him I be sad and let them produce abundantly still today behind homes being born on these trees are the fulfillment of mathematical working however there was no word of God in Genesis chapter one when God says to me Eugene you are righteous his word is doesn't work in me and begins a working meeting and that very justifying statement is a sanctifying force was mean to be under law we talk typically in our evangelistic series that the underlined means to be under the condemnation of the law and we've gathered out from Romans three talks about everyone there is is condemned by the law are under law but that phrase doesn't work too well about half of the places the phrase under laws used in the Bible you know the Bible says that Jesus is made of a woman made under the law and the Bible says Paul said that to those that are without law as without law those are under law has underlie nervous human relational under laws if he himself was under law I tell you that doesn't mean that all related to condemn the people as if he was condemned under law means depending on the law for righteousness to you know that Jesus was dependent on the law for righteousness there was no mercy available to Jesus many of him right here and then made available for were not in any way available to him he was made under the laws to redeem those that were under the law so that we would no longer need to be dependent on the law for our righteous though he was I think I wrote hello there does not probably thinking about one of the traffic in my pocket subconsciously that is I intended to write glory is anyway I really doubt that this is due to more than two or three of you this idea we need to hear a lot of things we already know over and over again I don't mind telling you what you know you want to tell me what is the glory of God it is how that's done for you to did for me you revolutionize your Bible reading what is the message of eighteen eighty eight do the message is a JDA is a show is that Jesus and that Jesus is the one model is that she is so associated himself as God has left his wife that she is as likely as the file is that Jesus living in my arms it is the spirit that he says is him are not as in my heart and my life will I I hired how have you read any of you and only sad about the offering of Cain I mean that she talked about the facility of Hall of Fame that we could disguise as I is I is all is yes and now wants to write the illustration of the state is so live as a sanctuary of sacrifices everyday sacrifices after every scent of blood was last her various parts of purification there was a letting of life wine blind blind blind everywhere it was because Jesus saves me by having my attention and when I understand when I think about Jesus when I give the honor of Jesus for the gifts that he is given you no miracle breakfast things happen the book of acts upon her the name of Jesus I mean that God intended that name of the exalted father did and so when when things were done in the name of Jesus not like a charm his marital power on but it was pleasure of the father to do numerical when him honor to add allowing her to the a lot of the young learner had to say was not as you will price is recommended as it does teach false doctrine regarding drive nature of the Godhead human nature of the Godhead as such an important topic that you can teach falsely on if you didn't make a big deal about it you would hardly cause a problem I know that my experience because when I read it is this book is our righteousness it changed my life I never even noticed that this is the existence of Jesus it wasn't also pointed out to me that when I later saw it and thought is but it wasn't the point of the month that wasn't the goal of if you've ever met anyone who will talk but are pioneers in their view that God is all in the pioneers because they're teaching the same errors of the pioneers were teaching you my words numbers you should know that information of video and they are not following the pioneers taught a semi- 's largest pioneers had an opinion and it was so far from front and center as you have to go searching to find Microsoft Office is related to this idea that Jesus is front and center he intended to be part of our conversation your redneck condemning paragraph is designed to encourage us worth asks who has our thoughts of whom do we love to so the reason we don't do that because were not happy about him prison were not thinking about him there's not just one reason for the pictures the site has been working very hard to make sure that we don't this whole system was designed to make sure that we would need I want to review police have so far that had a couple points a short homily on a such a bizarre my second lecture starts at the start of thirty or forty five a nutcase or some type of health these lectures it just had one start one people here always has so far is that the business of righteousness by faith is very simple I mean a license about it that conversion is simple for you conversion is simple as simple as can be it is simply giving God are well just a question what does the new heart she answers it is the she asked what does the mind she answers it is the will she asks where it is your will and she answers that he is there unsafe inside or outside the choice is up to you conversions as simple as simple as can be to simply giving God you're well him a really busy or not Australia's downfall a half is a you have is a social they said and the soul can understand homicide is so simple that they hardly dares to this that all they asked him off as simply taking God at his word righteousness is not complex and why is it to get into heaven is a problem because of Satan the truth as the only because of Satan is the one who is not simplicity of the campaign with the gospel is a bargain that is probably as an is is is is is is what makes salvation is on his last makes it easy to be as a delay in the Scriptures as well I will decide as our knowledge grows and begins to open July 's entire system designed by God to make salvation easy so that someone asked during the last break do we get to a point where it's no longer to find that my words that I was the question the answer is yes we come to light when doing God 's will we will be venturing out our own impulses as are designed to be that way from the very beginning but there's something more this is a more thorough sermon on this on audio version on what was accomplished by the death of Christ and it all comes from article my own wife entitled what was accomplished by the death of Christ or something like that you know like explains in this article that not only UNI the Angels are eternally indebted to Jesus for the cross that human perfection failed to him shall profession failed and then have them she makes the point that you can understand that if a year from now you have perfected Christian character your perfect Christian character will not keep you from sinning perfect Christian character didn't keep anyone else from sending you know every angel had a perfect character before they send but the thing that will keep you from sending this assignment will keep me from sending angels will keep your attention on Calvary through eternity we will consider the sacrifice made by Jesus and that picture working the way God intended Donald is the mind to work is efficient it is the actual and that is what keeps us from sin said another way the Sentinel will keep me from sin after the work of sanctification is done and keep me from sin now let's far from complete to anyone have to keep me from sin later winners not even the devil is in the universe there was no example in the universe when Lucifer became the devil is only the crosses of fashionable to keep us as anyone have any questions before I close which is now with another big summary I love music some resume how to set everything once I listen again of the Constitution gave the impression of salvation was never intended by the author the complex he working nicely in our and links from a solvation he's is not that this whole thing him everywhere the thought is hereby authorized by whom I follow this all of this is a guy just make sure that symbols are because of my daylighting I have my son is in fast simple and you as you read his festival and you as you also will have your say is as easy as possible for God is using them as a unilateral you will recall based on said we don't have anymore to as humans must do it usually known as a result we all agree is a little down right in line as long as you has nothing to do with the position that have to do is pay you and you must decide and behavior of the entire blame on season and we have refused to take back to say in the way is is is as long as things of the way the setting for me shame on him but not as bad within reason I don't have it is not just a peaceful beautiful about there are the gifts that God has given to make it easy was it boiled down to the simply taking God 's will so easy that we ought to him her father in heaven I thank you for Jesus I'm sorry for a little of my mind to my attention that he is half and I suppose for my limited time on earth that everyone here for most here I feel the same way I asked him and he would pardon us that she would teach us by your spirit how to develop habits of thinking and reading an afternoon talking it would be an honor to your son would bring us access to the great power you've made available that you can succeed in saving us with those simple means you've intended to ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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