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A Better Sacrifice

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 11, 2005
    7:00 PM
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services for reading from verse one viruses and Adam knew Eve his wife conceived under a unsafe I hope that from the ashes again his rev able of February was a keeper of sheep but K was Attila of the grandma and the process of time to give the past that can grow of the fruit of the ground of the F ring of the observer he also grabs the first leaves of this artifact around a graphic respect to Google and Elizabeth for education and to his offering he had retrospect I'm sure it was very but his confidence fell massive entertainment Iraq is that countless fellow if you wish to shut down the accepted as if that was not those sales at the door and on TV shows these desire of absolute rule over him and to tell with it was to give the vast spread the word the field that gave orders up against Abel his brother and she wanted about noncertification where it was at that I decided about about my brother 's keeper I was that has the fence about this but to be from the row that all that is from the earth which is not to receive the medicine made from by half in this passage we have returned the birth of two and it will the first two batters will we learn that it will was if you proceed carefully with Tim McGraw and sacrifices that accepted immigrants he rejected Kay's kid was angry beyond control I'm absolutely killed his brother 's life about shame on us very very searching question the question is where is able to write once read that passage judges are performances with related I wanted to see something that is mentioned seven times forward and Adam knew Eve his wife but she could see a barricade and said I bought a man from the as she again there is a Google University where she became wasn't generally wrong the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the relevant effort of the afternoon of the arsenal of the first things of the smell of the fact unraveling that had respect unto Abel and it was great but abdicated and was laughing at not respect Cain was very well at his countenance fell of the Lancet of the camp I was at continents and is no shop around except that an event was that Wilson lied the one of the visa because the via of our children moving to another state we sometimes divorce to achieve again there is proper in force him to call with Ubuntu 's brother once the mass and believe that it was up against Abel his brother three times and smooth I'm really sick of the cave is a four times and he said I will I is equal to at least as I is now casting to be for the ground she channels I'm mad as the leader of which is to receive value is a friend I had seven silence over the issues why is it because we go where everybody is part of the same format that their brothers leaders that is through the manager have to be a little verse thirty one will best interest of the fact that chapter thirty four hundred and twenty four and we have to work for their sons actually by the specimen was managed thirty five forty eighteen we found is that I would say very well yeah it is this absolutely should that's the believe that you and I can't imagine that I've been left out I believe I have a better shot is as you and I don't really go in these documents return is all him assignments I miss you a is a you know this man tried to tell us unless for this question have you wondered why blogs need adults and one thousand cubic division world came as a baby I was going to make what else he could've made six billion adults are just popular level where betting is not doing that for one reason I felt very critical reason it is the cause design added his thoughts and desire that after Adam and Eve all people come into the world would come into the world in us a of dependence I am told in the animal kingdom by human beings and that kingdom the most helpless offspring is a human baby absolutely dependent on the bottom with all due respect for the fall God 's design I repeat is that we can't enter the world on other people after the baby has to be breast-fed her baby has to be protected but the baby is also dependent on the father and on the mother and father brothers and sisters of all laws will comprise the household the baby is getting of them will you shut up while this current are you following me this is very serious because what the Bible tells us is simply a large degree now I depends on someone else when my father was alive nothing made him happier than to have a book in a quiet corner away from everyone else reading as I draw them I don't know myself it became evident to me that one of my greatest alliance is to have a book in a quiet corner somewhere reading when I get I got that from you of the power of influence the more wrong responsibility we must be for the influence we access on all the people I was a young boy insurance there was an element of my church who had been sick for twelve years and in the last twelve years the only book he read the Bible as a result of fact when Paul raised him up he had a mass of vast store of Bible verses in the is the Muslim trouble thirteen whatever time you want to reach your dreams from his head and a little while I watched it I was fascinated and eleven I said I would like to do that God 's word in my head and reach in and out of my staff will I was influenced by the another human being there is a lady of British Columbia I was a little reader of the book of the week of prayer as shields are how I preached Jeffrey Bolland still has she went back home and she and three sons began to Vegas memorizing she sent me an e-mail three days ago she said I have finished for strong violent moving on to Philippians I got a call from a manager make a unit called a evangelistic school call arise in Michigan run by the international descent I want to learn how to memorize Scripture that the loophole to give him my number and called me a man called them twice a month from Jamaica has to encourage me I want to learn us much viable as I can until Jesus comes I declare any tells me how much is Larry Yost to remind them of the as once a month is almost manic minor metals in but somehow he has been influenced across the season is not us as Christians we understand that we exert our will be in on this form of influence and white rice and more problems of education but in the government parents will be shocked to learn that what the children became that was negative was largely because of them what does this have to do with scalable when authenticating web is able to Braun was asphyxiating to give a report that was holding favorite Marley responsible personally responsible to deliver it for what ever condition and on what now some of you have little brothers you ran your little brothers perhaps you understand that the brothers were should be brother especially if the fairly large gap our little boy watches you get some goal that Jesus he cannot see Jesus he gives you so he watches you are the elves that there was in front of a car because you are driving one this is one of you will have a week long time my weekend went that is in once upon a law will influence today was the home of able occasional out and look after his but instead came to his little brother and more settlers able kids that I will know of my Diskeeper will never answer because the answer is obvious yes you all these people let's move from biological brotherhood to social spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood we are all descended from the same creative thought Jesus Christ on the basis of biology we are brothers and sisters moving novel the numbers on the basis of salvation we are brothers and sisters when law was that the account of the genesis of the fourteenth mindset of course fourteen of Chapter fourteen of the book of Genesis and when aircraft is Rockwell was taken captive now we know that law was his nephew the Bible does not recognize spiritual nephew is the Bible recognizes diverse systems also it says of Abraham when Abraham and his rough was taken after the divorce system the Bible says that he brought back all that was also brought up again his problem a lot someone is watching you will walk someone is watching you how many of you are in school reason has quickly as I could and so all students have certain other republics but mischievous on your friends will hard-working because they observe you awfully lazy because they observe you what influenced you exert on your classmates your customers feel compelled to get to class on time because they see how safely you think last time deal close listening disrespectfully to the professor and what are their formidable points because the class was observed how disrespectful use the as their young men and places as landlord on how many women he has because he's awesome and I don't how many of us are in debt because we saw someone with something we want I will we influenced people and we are in was why people the search was the City Hall Redlands this shows is in readiness Wednesday influence on Redlands will stay away from Yahoo search because of the way the members of Redlands between influence so if one were to come down to my underwear to savor the weather service whereas the city of Redmond would you say I will are we think of this blog will say yes that's why I kiss you and the excerpt of this one that saves a book does not destroy when Jesus was on this earth Jesus said many things possible very nice unlettered people do not believe that the Jesus of the New Testament is the same vaudeville that is one of the easiest things to prove and while the God of the Old Testament is that Jesus was asleep in the boat during the style how many people did Jesus killed in a depressed how many people getting hurt no one how many people who threaten I'll tell you Jesus threatened Jesus have a threat for a certain class of people the first is found in Matthew eighteen whether with me as I come close to the end of the messages of service of a mix of Michael and I have a glass of water if I ever come back plus what would be going to the voices not at peak performance Matthew eighteen River verse one all offices on the same planet in the disciples of Jesus saying cool is the greatest in the kingdom have an Jesus called a little time of him upset with the miss of them said verily I say unto you except he be covered I become as this little child shall enter into the kingdom of heaven many times someone therefore shall humble himself as this little child the same as the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and whoso shall receive one such little child receipt with me I was has over six and a whole social calls and so shallow and was order phentermine calls to stumble misleading shall affect all of these little ones which believe in me it were benefited by the millstone were hung about his antiwar trial of the depth of the sea NASA for this is the Celine Susan saying these words if you are that our influence someone's work out Jesus says it will get better for you will be comforted for us the problem is thought about our next four trial the depth of this it is better to suffer less than to be guilty of misleading someone says Jesus Christ young people their young people will displace what kind of influence do you have on your friends but mass and specific questions let's see you will settle this once and I know you have some your closest friends moving on five does she want after this friend chooses behavior by watching you or do you change your behavior I want to know whenever this for when you come home I have to have a front to rise with your friends you want to help parents my friend has this I want that my friends know this how come I can fast my friends coming up for the morning I have to come in a six wheeled on the wheel is normal to save my send them as friends that is the Bible we find a Bible I sent out his friend dresses modestly Monday I want someone as well what happens as a result of the interaction between the wheel and influences will save them to the adults what kind of influence do you exert where you also steal where is your coworker you can't say I will not abide my coworkers keep it because you want where is able to his available with you when I spiritually are not descended from King spiritually I can send it from you ally says Caleb it will represent tools you also who things golf swing that's able to move things in the fairway basket will still screen sump comparables moist October Saturday there are chains would destroy the brothers of the tables try to save them read Matthew twenty three don't go there now verse twenty nine thirty five Jesus is pronouncing award authorities want to start the Odyssey we build the tombs of the prophets and dumb as a sepulcher of righteous goals although users uploading some of all of us while they are the righteous blood from the blood of righteous Abel to Zechariah easily within the alternate of the list suggestion is that Apple might have been a prophet in the sense that God might abuse him up to you to carry himself right at all was excerpting a feeling saving influence and was exerting the opposite one of the very long because my instrument is not very good tonight I want to get my point some people are what they are because of other people at my church was watching the young man in the church decide to call his parents as far down as he could I wasn't going to the bathroom up in the sanctuary that's why you pull your pants down and insight diplomacy has farmed out the secret to weight again that he had a lot of television of his friends but the way it should work is that when his friends seated most of the Golden pencil that's why God has us here when his friends see him vacant the cigarette out of a mouse when his friends she therefore with the alcohol when his friend see that the attention of the rest of our that is all desire for us we must have us saving influence bought has every right to service charge where is my purpose are we not the salt of the earth are we gone the length of the world a less repressive elements of the car do you believe there is someone somewhere you have driven from Christ but there is it possible that there's some long in the world who will the price because of your influence there are women were prostitutes because they had unfortunate sexual experiences with someone in the early years is it possible there's a prostitutes and was a prostitute because he was missing in my sunroom since the church was the question I'm asking you I have asked myself goal inside the human race to have a certain degree of dependence one of the other you can see that in creation the earth depends on the happens words like the Earth has no marketing capacity building for itself it has been dependent on the power outside of itself went off for Adam he was lying there beautifully formed but before you express his beauty but have to give them something from above we made it and ultimately to provoke thought I want you to decide tonight but by the grace of God you will solely of your lives I will slowly mind that will come into contact with us will not be warped and twisted out of shape but they betrothed to the Jesus Christ him him us him on a car is to lift themselves out of the battle lines whether for the largest since the wall influence continues even after he was eleven for by faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice of the blog by which November this was like this while testifying a limited unlighted vehicle and were dead yes we can like the later influences people today and wants does not a manual die because our part of the life is I want you again to decide tonight by the grace of God and by his grace alone on those soldiers my life goals into my sphere of influence will be blessed and cursed so let me Jesus Christ it's alive with the city with a wry look around I'll see some of my friends wonder Christ because of me I will however the flames of hell where you and I will see on my calls for time I want to the sidelines your mind will soon live our lives by the grace of God that our Nice review means of lifting people up with my friend smokes as a result of friendship with me he stopped if I have a female friend was sexually immoral as a result of knowingly I don't morality she gives it up because now she's let her reception that's what I want from you and for me I want to do one more thing when you go home or even banal plot is another someone somewhere who couldn't care less what price because of your example you need to assume our Lord please follow set your system vulnerable to damage the house I say that I lived in the Philippines I won't will one day the principles are more familiar with the legal cultures I don't know how to respond that a minister makes a call while my glory is the Holy Spirit is not black and white Filipino is a local room is the Holy Spirit when this is a heart risk on the basis of your conditional to culture velvet is global if you will save your file all I assume I will race commit myself to so live my life wanted that might influence with people and want her to raise your right hand keep it up August our Eusebius also nestled on the students send them one more view if there is someone listening to me all beliefs are fairly certain you will influence someone in the wrong direction and you will listen Lord I think I did that this message as such my heart has awakened me to what I didn't I want to see him sorry if there is someone who by that description I want you to raise your hand now all right okay this is almost all right I made another all right keep your hands up everything about please every eye closed father we come to you in the name of Jesus and will one of us better than the other but somehow your word has unsettled us as it should be your Lord has brought our consciousness we may have done a terrible thing by influencing someone negatively will come to say we're sorry forgive us and from Elizabeth forwarded one one oh price you also will have our lives of those who come into contact with us live in glass what is wrong to Jesus Christ along the way because it is not cool to drive people from price something give us we pray will reach those parcels only of where our influence father somehow on the damage and bring them to Jesus Christ will appear this fall let us leave this semester my different people conscious that you have an influence in the classroom job however we all on the playground we gave once people noticing certainly influence that seems blessed this church bless the young must indulge less than leadership have said anything followed to make your work unclear forgive me I said remain on the hearts of your sons and daughters my brothers and sisters I offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake amen


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