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Mixed up by Moral Dilemmas? The Scriptural Solution

Ron du Preez




  • June 27, 2008
    3:32 PM
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hi were to buy in and I need down in my heart as I might not see him now and then I know by and load the rule is in phase I is will and means always deny a losing lady was sitting here since he pray for us after lunch I don't believe she's here now she's not again do we have another volunteer then who will have prayer for us as we start the way okay thanks Samuel leaders the throne of grace that thank you very much I do appreciate that prayer for some reason I didn't sleep very well last night and three or four hours though I got so I need the power and strength we always do it only the asses is that I knew more this time I had done the telling of all of those things just another ready and but before we get that ability Mrs. spends a few moments in the sense that it gives a few other people just to get here and we can start handing out that sign-up sheet processing for I brought fifty four books by the way we had the people in the first possession of the each one of those two session three will have it on right side carefully we have here those books and facility are aware of the illicit this is a book that was produced by videoconference and it's a book on prophetic principles I know you be blessed by it which is the reason that the review and oversight of distributed is what it looks like prophetic principles and it deals with how to interpret the Bible from the Bible itself and incidentally did you know that the all hundred and ninety eight different biblical identifying marks of the little on the Internet on we look at one or two sometimes and in this book you'll find a list of one hundred and ninety eight different identifying marks of little more than two or beast our lady humor and brief discussions about six sixty six vicariously I guess some amongst us who are giving up on all old belief here is the studying of the final study one of the very very best historical studies so these are serious series I will base comprehensive historian I haven't been I'm not I'm a writer okay I'm not promoting my book I happen to be the guy that did the dirty work in auditing the editor call you at present have been working through them and make sure it is solid so I is the editor of the book but I promise it in order to encourage and to lure you to be here on a regular basis if you have four times as I said we will give you a free copy of this book which is sold for nineteen ninety five with taxes at the ABC but this will be your reward for faithful attendance and I know you'll be blessed by either the reader finds them in the editor reader theologically humor even punctually as in the punctuation and all that fascinating find difficult spiritually uplifting you decide that because the awesome people who ask what was obviously a copy of the music got I would like it and him and ask every nation can make a copy later on you remind me of that in addition to that I will make available and point out some other material that you might be interested in if you are is because the Bible conference we actually make it available at a recent price for those of you who are interested because of the conference of the ABC I've agreed with them I will not undersell them otherwise you know ABC has materials and of the undersell them in the book itself on the shelf software but is an agreement at a conference we can have a reduced rate so will the next year is as a Bible conference we had prayer out theme for the whole series is one something better something that I know sometimes by the something that it doesn't seem that way to us humans is little especially children women need to be spiritually or not but I love what my friend that he was walking on the designs T-shirt my best buddy and I said hey what is that on your T-shirt is what he does all entities are keen VP see INS M W W Y and I know some you really know what it is what is it please be patience God hi Don and finished with me yet I love that the money that's not make it an excuse to be lazy and negligent to be rebellious okay but let's recognize that each one of us is still growing as the question always the other foot of the patient with each other right because I thank God I'm a capable person with me I have friends who corrected me sometimes enemies you know something the rest of the regular enemies again and on I mean by that the people who don't like you they point out certain character growth area that is known as a laws category behaviors and I thank God for those people notably those we always grown to become more like Jesus there is story about a minute went to his name was Morris Nicolai unities Kornfeld who is sort of Doctor Boris Nicoletti mix corn belt only Doctor Tim because he heard me before is coming along there is not so unity share story of an interview may have a picnic it is well worth going felt was a secular Jews seek better consultancy acquainted in the development as we found out that CW am writing in these the front row there's a seat back they also tend not to use if these are available is available writing yeah so anyway now enclosed by second Stephanie Stella and anyway the Doctor Kornfeld was a singular as you he was arrested during the time of the Soviet Union and thrown into prison and because he was a medical doctor as we have right here he was made an orderly in the present and so he took care of the prisoners etc. and when prisoners died from I will present my foot for starvation by law the communist era torture beatings Kornfeld faithfully living is the word signed those documents Moscow death from natural causes he was a secular you undoubtedly have wanted to survive in the prison as well particularly when Doctor Bourne felt the secular Jew was an orderly in the prison of believing Christian so it will log anything closely fetches that Doctor Kornfeld button and became a believing Christian I would accept the things I want to be in business who became a real follower of the two Jesus Christ units easily do of course he was the fate of the world but long story short escort self-study one of the passages we regulate what is either think I'm the one in the way the administrators and life and what was he doing signing this death certificates which said that from natural causes this bird began to open his heart make a long story short he realized he needed to go to that reformation of life transformation is in the Bible to sanctify them through thy truth by word is thrown indubitably by the other than disinfectant they are able to come will close at midnight if you want whom I come in one two three four five five or six seats it hasn't gotten if he takes others and finally don't forget to sign up if you hear that she will come back you raise your hand will get if you so they some of us inspect their lobbyists rewrite a front view of the thought is one right here welcome negative eight so what happens alone seldom realizes his face something very likely so he goes and he talks was saucer on the question assassin who is noticing presented is a political prisoner and fight for his SSI become a Christian questioning to follow Jesus Christ Jesus is the way the truth and the life Satan is the father of one lie he says now I'm going to stop signing certificates because Jesus Golden wanted to beautiful person I don't know what the government is likely with the certificate in Moscow facing death from torture and death from the death from starvation the word will come back to these prison wardens and you know what people will do if you hear a commotion at nice please come and check on me it wasn't long when there was a terrible commotion and Sasha went to check and sure enough Doctor Boris Nikolai David Kornfeld had been beaten to death by the cards because he was no longer lie session was social solid pigment that so impressed that Sasha decided he would love to become a follower of Jesus this is a serious fall and farsighted Sasha begin with following Jesus absolutely no rush anything such as an example Alexander and that corrects Alexander 's last name was Solzhenitsyn on the part of Alexander Solzhenitsyn I think a few more hands would go out Alexander Sullivan at the beginning of best-known communist Christian ever to come out of Russia ever ever and honey how did it happen because Boris Nikolayevich Kornfeld decided to be faithful unto wife's open your Bibles from him example if this is a basic principle how I share with you the blood of the martyrs is an old saying is if he does all the martyrs is the Doctor Kornfeld no hand went up except with him was in that story I shared wherever I go I can accelerate the estimate on a couple of years ago and was in Portland and that story inspired by leaving the storybook by Colson the well-known full review in the former Nixon one and a guy was in prison for the intelligent leader he wrote a book on God I highly recommend that the loading dock one who stories contemporary stories is how does an incredible book and chuckles and said God calls upon us to only regardless of the outcome said wow that sounds like somebody outside part of something else yes the circles is correct and would resume a demand on an SUV it chuckled as ethnographic as a relationship with you just look at it I told him when we believe these included measuring device in relationship to a steady feminism and the Bible near you share with them this is the principle from the story promising to leave me the section that deals with the seven searches and this is a message from the angel to speak to the church in Smyrna so noticed that the principal verse ten notice how stock do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer stop and think about these twenty questions that added out to you before remember the one questions now that the honest don't be afraid to raise your hand right now these I have no answers yet a new name on it already and you answer these questions and thinking about the fear of the future will not be handling up to you if I do this that's going to happen if I do this that's going to win always think that's really naturally as human rights as we sometimes can will motivate you to be like about it he did not happen I'm another story Google install story because we're going to be fatal and that you told to fear if you believe that you are about the software at the first principle so if you write something down and immediately writing things down if you depend the city right showing your pencil but that the first thing you fear for the future principle number one fear not the things that now they look at the end of that and looking to the rest of the principle of the second half of that for us fear not the future and health the razor and the second particulate of the universe the end of the verse says it will be placed onto the new face will did that and I will give you the crown of life in other words the feeling of user second-half the faithful to the father simple basic concept I really wanted sellers you would like the cedar not the future be faithful to the father is that I can say that it's criminal to the Christian lot of comes right out of the text to be ready Senior not the future be faithful to the father one more time fear of the future the faithfully to the father on a regular for the session we had the buffet dinner the Romanian boy who was faced with the choice between going to church on Saturday or to school on Saturday he was going to go the church as they said we were going to shoot and kill your mother is simply torn between loving loyal to believe that a father and incredible love as a child for his mother if he operates out of faithfulness to the father not fear of the future you are recycled to the father is in loyalty you are loyal to my loyalty is ultimately due to God who alone knows the future about it how many of you know the song thirty years ago is a Spanish song went this way can set up and all lot has learned well in the world to carry on the future is not ours to see that are said want to move the song she was sometimes I look back at that age and young people are absolutely sorry guys feel really in the South is in yellow losing by the commission everybody writes in a money could be in the first possessions racial anything was very of the first physicians are U S some guys like that didn't get to write in a one thousand over there they are using those of you who don't get that the graying of the air or I never heard that song in our day singular songs and the messages within the different stage now where Christian songs have secular messages on as well as it is all right this lets let's move on but this is a strangely unnoticed through the air the Bible does repeatedly even independently guess is that it can't be limited to the seventh again it says very clearly no man knows that the jar categorically no men of the future Isaiah forty six you can write these words of Isaiah forty six was not intended who knows the end from the beginning was God only God knows the company I don't know what you don't know what more escorts often know it God calls upon us the faithful unto death and then it ends I will give you what what is the problem what is life eternal you were always seen by what I mean some I'm not saying that regulates example another think everything is perfect I'm giving illustrations but Augustine was the third thirty first father said the opposition of life is a life he said old what a foolish market why would you rely to save human life and in the process lose out on the eternal life on why all what a good way the letter that was on the water flow is a definitive evidence of either names on okay what a foolish bargain okay Augustine 's words okay so for my thing we are called upon a reasonable diseases be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life and I told you the story of one thought intentionally because there are times we need to be willing to die God doesn't always let you know the story I think which we love the stores of Shadrach Michigan and that he got better known as an those of the W names and you remember the toys they faced their own lives were at stake here and they face the choice of either Powell or burn it to the Sony Daniel H and Reilly Daniel Revelation were to be having problems even looking at the ethics as well okay so let's go now with dealing with Houston in the game in England of these last days in loyalty to our father in heaven Daniel chapter three one of my favorite passages and I have an entire PowerPoint presentation on that but what is likely with squeezing forty hours of electives into four hours right here as we don't have very much time I did check for a few hours in the right as the things while I tallied the points of all of your things right here and I will be here without love to chat with you little more tomorrow a lot more for those of you with questions because it was squeezing in some basic principles him call for the Andrea and Marvin Lee said the kids we sat here and we talked for a while afterwards and brother Lucien and I talked Jason and Marvin right we had conversations before you want to talk further tomorrow will take as much time as again outside as if it actions I was going to have to visit and talk with you to look at issues but remember the key issue is the key issues how can you how can I become more and more like Jesus so that we can left him because as you all is the real lifestyle and express people doing business with you without being a cucumber to be like a person so that you were not here debating right and wrong with saying how can we how can you help me how can I help you up and I challenge you to reflect the love of Christ in everything you do everything you say how you treat each other is that when one so we might not always agree on the details as we bear each other and motivate each other a lot of hustle compelled to live for his glory remember let's do that in my basic important principles I wanted to share with you there Tora Bora Squanto was so important as I've read I know this part of the discussion what's what are these absolutes that God wants us to do how do you know that we should once they are obviously the ten Commandments are also seeing you know that Exodus at the twenty eighth but he realized the domain of the things of God that we know that your body we talked about writing the right your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is why we as a community of believers tell people that we believe the body by means of alcohol drugs tobacco businesses I don't longer myself I am visibly a steward of my time yes my traders lament how little how much I have find printers Talon is going but also the temple that God has blessed me with and that is not good I just have the muscle to show up during the summer I don't have any other reason we want to have a physically fit body history with fitness for witness to focus on what we want to be healthy so that we can best exemplified when an zone is to be a Christian then you probably don't people think how I want to be like that because that's what newspapers and the joy of the Lord must just be seen through our lives to our healthy bodies and that's why we looking for the little guy but it is not recommended at the bottom of the areas of event until we know that smoking kills and nowadays is public knowledge everybody's aware of that as we look at principles as well with the creation of water leaving how God created Adam and Eve what he established it and finally that's what questions together believe in monogamous heterosexual marriage started like any interest we look at those patterns that God establishes and as we started while we find on more principled and suddenly the ten Commandments in other individual racism I was born and raised in South Africa where the major problem is a window into we realize us to go to the Bible it talks about we are part of God 's kingdom and by the whole issue of racism is a moral issue you know that by now the United States so we want to reflect austerity all of these basic biblical principle that we don't believe the Internet is a far thing is earlier on we talked about the issue of homosexuality prescribed is the six annual meetings Elizabeth some of them are Muslims in the ten Commandments don't believe I learned on the extortioners and if those words in there don't be drunk remember that such were some of you these a hold of vice and virtue lists when you go to the Bible got many places where devices and which is always that don't get involved in witchcraft all oh yes nothing more about Harry Potter phenomenon okay careful of certain things in the Bible has many principles all because God wants us to make wise choices so we can move most freely in his life was a gunslinger system and we know that all of these issues is the fight between the Devil and God to have our lives the question we started for four thirty three thirty four thirty island anemia assign and and about twenty one minutes here so let me before I get the light of some of your one hundred and classes hold on hold on hold on let's not get there quite yet so I would go to the twenty questions which is indispensable with questionable that he hung in the closet evaluated with twenty entities that software statistically resentfully before the public that the eighty eighty five percent was different for you maybe we don't crisis in our emotional nonmonetary doing almost everyone you survive remember find something to talk to the plaintiff in making that argument of food anybody anything with a unit of the bodies of your fellow passes in the compose being the only way to stay alive is to these passages wouldn't be right to do so by doing this app is in the evidence of that you know the story alive article about what some of you and in this case would be right with you what I love and was unable to come I know it is wrong but I looking for is in the first and when I get dressed that I might thought I was asking a question I was asking I always question this morning now my act and always it is an understatement example of faith some people that think I know it's right and by God 's grace I will do a faithful some people again don't know what's right or wrong but they'll be faithful to the ignorance thing is they really don't know the issues but they say I will do whatever I understand me like that's okay are you sure you are using on okay the danger is when we set out to whatever I want even when I know what's right I'll do my own think as ice to present at seventeen percent in the percentages seventeen percent said yes it's like to eat your dead passengers eighty three percent said no it is wrong two the economist country the seven habits questions and you required to send a first rate school of the local status school on the seventy seven seven habits refusing to do so would result in bigger ways and that is the family if there's no other way to avoid that would it be right to send your school to use this underscores that ten percent said yes one of them and ninety percent said no so we got a type going in a different direction here of a problem with three enemy soldiers are there in killing civilians and so forth with the right to join the military as a combatant was to flight and drive the invaders out and kill them forty five percent said yes seventy five percent said no and since we are in a 7-Eleven is a gathering here just so you know what we believe I went and downloaded the just a few minutes ago and I will range you quickly need of Desmond forget fullness perhaps confusion and perhaps negligence rebellion I don't know what do we as output is officially believed and cannot wear the president of the General conference of satnav is the leader of the world search humanly speaking Jesse Morris had two articles the one that he wrote in another one about the article he wrote in the app was revealed in which he is on the pool is up in another one for me as I was worried there has been a global forgetfulness mainly in this country I'll I still kept openly say to people who that debt if you want United States you're in trouble because I sometimes sometimes we become as persons in the Disney will will write you how many non- and eligible I figure that many of you would raise your hands Tony Coelho says that the danger is that sometimes we become more Americans than Kristin 's video on a visit basically and abruptly compose yet we become nationalistic instead of being firstly Kristin and then not then Americans now I'm a South African I got to bask with I carry both axion three citizenships you know what I mean South African American and canine dry the citizens of this year and so I just so you know put a video to his yes here is the official business the unwholesome president of the general congressman immediately year world certainly it reaffirms Adventist churches on competent physician can visit no confidence what is noncognitive what that means no fighting in law that's the headline world church leader reaffirms Abbott 's churches in Hong Kong with the position that what is I just downloaded this a few minutes ago and there's a picture of the president of somewhere here well was but anyway so this is that this is the official position of the seven emissaries that though this is the position we held and March eleven two thousand and eight count has been a grateful diplomat specifically in the United States as to what opposition is young Paulson president of the global check hasn't reintegrated I'm pointing the church 's long held position on naughty competency in an article published in the March issue of Abbott 's world this is the adverb and was rebuked for disability are aware so I find it very curious and then there's that whole article here which he did right and on the whole thing but it's a fact so what is him I find this curious that twenty five percent of US requests said yes you would go to war forgetfulness of all over the loser in the likely than his anatomist present with us because as we get it I think I am a believing seven members but I forget what don't know what we believe I'm in trouble and I don't that is respective then of course more importantly we want to go back further and deeper into the perspective which is moving out tomorrow as will be dialoguing together let's go to the next question here at the end of the season because of the meetings in African country and was only to give and you got for Wiseman requested this one was very interesting I was quite surprised to see you answer the other question was whether the right to baptize them all and guess what more than fifty percent said yes fifty four percent said yes and forty six percent said no now I should I steal more than one fifty four percent against innovators I can fully empathize years ago I held the same position I did and then I kept on digging and studying and eventually I got permission to whom I might doctor visiting dissertation on polygamy and so I bought a copy night we got republished I brought a popular polygamy in the Bible three hundred pages on that topic fascinating few of us have really gone in and study the Bible and look at that information is very interesting but I just love it if you are interested in flipping it we made the smaller pathology of polygamy in the low one Filipinos on it it is in the whole big one here is a little more summary issue of whether and you know you're very deeply yes okay this is an accepted what the answer is whether the answer is actually no polygamy between the Bible study it is not illegal of sociology international and you know that fully meet is a violation of the him us him and I was not suddenly stop living in sin the open window things on the hate coming with all of your practices and continue the political position always has been and is when you come to Christ you stop your life you take care of the problems or issues regarding them I don't get too much of it that's why these things help it but to make sure you take care of and property listings those are the less understanding of the David Jacob Abraham they all stopped illegally when it would be converted to another and another the altogether wise and children and I know that I did I will study a study for the ministry also know that until the time to read the Bible and read see what it is I was amazed to see how God works graciously and compassionately with the problems we've created for ourselves fascinating I'm not suggesting we would abandon in the Bible doesn't say that the Bible says when you converted you stop your sins and you take care of the problem you created in a new ignorance of it let's move on the next lesson the most problematic one the Nazis and it seems you are hiding in winning the right to lie to be soldiers to save the lives of these reasons is amazingly this group split down the middle of the answer the question fifty nine zero sixty one thirty thirty but with twenty nine thirty okay twenty ninth is no thirty sixtieths greater do I find that many people saying no northerly route other than the questionnaire in Russia yes I've done it in South Africa normally it's eighty percent say yes we should like the Nazis and twenty percent say no it's rare to get this must only 50-50 split on that question nor you know some of the things that begin with here about the show being faithful unto death the game of Robinson Stockton community him people hear the sounds and got them brought is unbelievable there would be liked until the robbers was interesting only homes within a sentence like people talking more twenty five thousand eight hundred percent satisfied until the robbers about twenty five percent twenty five percent and I will fight it out I think I have a theory that is vitally as things that's the question I always ask you to go to war to fight you say no to question if they break into a house call you should delete that almost always a question to ask when you and then I find it very do exactly as I wanted people have exactly the same people yet that would be an interesting phenomenon to investigate conduct the study identified during the reduced lunch break I had been talking point in Russia communist sunglasses and in the article suggested we want to build with you are stolen materials within the right to use those stolen materials will twenty two percent of user exists it's right to use the stolen materials to build in searches find it interesting anyway number eight wartime draft as a medic etc. and the law of this youth from thinking this up and I said I'm creating situations and for them as they stands in the Galveston I think it was the situation when the law forbids you from treating any we knew going into many and one and one third that I couldn't and some even wrote as the one that I need to tweak everybody interesting even thinking this through very interesting I was interested in the phenomenon and is the percentage thirty eight percent announces two percent say yes he is saying what I'm hearing from that we need to love everybody I think that's what I'm hearing from this group here from the third thirty eight percent the issue of abortion one I created your daughters emotionally mentally and save him always and only one finds that it would be right under these dreadful circumstances Norman the percentage is much higher but only one third I was in a class that is was eight percent said yes also and only twenty states and associated health system uses a younger classicism of older costs number ten as a passive investing and the wedding members of the wedding between people of different faiths in a consistent I wish that one day I was in at this bookstore down in the south Nashville was that I was to pick up a book because as I look to the book inside it said once should do this guess what I said Baptists don't marry seven Dallas said while the format is and so they may don't marry seven Venice why because they are of a different faith and that was about that book in the Baptist bookstore easily upset about a week we have held the position you know we could be together again all in all is it anyway very interesting what percentage of twenty seven percent said yes you do that to the none of them married sorry please continue to manage between seventy three percent said he wouldn't you in the past of your regular draft New Delhi sounds like a solemn vow to support your parents and you join the prison unjustly wrongly you offered false documents by eight helpful bar when you use these falls for its documents to escape if you want because I was shocked here almost half of music I would use these you must get out if you would be caught forty six percent said yes to four percent said no finally last one people took on his country after the smuggling Bibles that have innate in it is him way of presenting this you would do that you think is that it would be right I'm according with the right to use this method to fool the authorities and get the word of God to be spiritually hungry souls and you said yes highly find it interesting that people will use the section the differences of others I believe that is a better than anything that their lives in the forty eight that has been noted by asking for donations on the good life annuity principal did remarkably I think my own view on things I used to hold certain views so I hope on setting up those likely to get the OS on my toes and then help me I think God on many issues finally I think money on polygamy identical deep within the Bible I changed my view on abortion best buddies challenge the one-day sentencing Monday on so many areas of the death penalty of editing money on hotel is publicly one day over with the centralism and I basically swallowed my view because my friend showed me from the Bible that I was wrong he was not against me it is the Bible that convicted my heart I think your links I hope unchallenging easier and the lip of the Jeremiah forty eight for the fascinating birth unfortunately you can only find visiting to the new King James version the other translates as vacant different tack on the ticket original language and yes it seems and looking to our correct Jeremiah except the forty eight the fascinating first and then on the value story that happened on the border of Romania V8 let's look at that one verse is the first that will part of the principal and after you close it was then voted within the first part covers it is he who does the work of the Lord what a seasonally low oh all in everything negligently whatever deceitfully and white thinking the danger we face as questions we ought always to do God 's work but we decided to go in our own way the story comes from Russian and Romanian Russian housing lost a few years ago teaching and Emily are those teaching ethics and we had all fascinating but we didn't have for our season we had thirty hours so apologies if you feel like you being comes from you can raise your hand and you just want on sorry about that that's what will spend tomorrow in dialogue okay and by the date five forty five leave as soon as we're done here that I can minute leeway to run I'm not running away I'll be here tomorrow okay to discuss the details but I remember the question came up about this issue these issues Sony out of elective with a translator and by day by day so we wonder why we decided to focus I disagree with you and I looked at all he was missing yesterday and this was a difficult one week electricity was thirty hours one week six hours a day five to six hours he was five to six hours elected at the bullet I only thought what does and I suddenly realized how do I catch one guy out to his electors in intensive and and and the Lord gave me an answer as if there's anybody here want to respond to his question and a fifty something outline of fundraising that is it I would actually welcome and at her greatest president of my interviews after the help of his vitals the lesson and he's the distortion will get company says I got a job working down arthritis he said before this course will pass a lot of these all pastors and pastors in joining these early people pass through the passageway and the president of the conference is bonding to his son in Yosemite on Sabbath day holy familiar doesn't it does want to be in there and everywhere and that was activated before will help in the fluid though the heavens fall how to stand for the right how to be faithful unto death is the lead is to smuggle Bibles in deceptively hidden the year anything and when we got past the border guard is a warning we were so happy to get the glory for ourselves if we play smiles and instead is only we had done Kahn's work God 's way who knows by now we may have succeeded in evangelizing our country I never forgot that statement if only we had done gone over how in God 's way and brother shall point was a valid one reason we all face as we want to do God in our way to let myself again and I finally got his sort of my own moral diabetes okay done in their limits I did something I have seen nothing but a moral dilemma and I buckled under the pressure because I was afraid of the future yes I remember vividly was that one can't tell you what these of the fight is because I went ahead and did it anyway and I was a professor at Southern when I did yes I've failed on the video doesn't believe I look to the executive I don't do that could happen soon who knows the future God do I will go so we Muslims were excellent about smuggling Bibles is able to run and okay you were to run and it will call smuggler he says I got to the Romanian border one date with my little peanut about and I had all these Bibles in the weight well hidden away and then I know zero six cars ahead of me and I said I said I didn't have fast today for forty minutes of such next car one hour jefe balloon and into the hubcaps off they pulled some of these cars editing and design front end was worth I remember he said I suddenly realized that no want to know whether this was going to get me through the border today that communism he says I began to pull Biblesoft Lucy and I was on the passenger next to me and I and the Lord is he likely to go to the border at your job it took three hours three hours for the six car they had any research thoroughly he said I pulled up in my VW bug and unless the delay pushed I couldn't get it open the guards he was against the door he said your papers please I I I open my window remember those windows that open my window I pushed my fingers through the window the guard looked at them and within thirty seconds he waved me for what I said I slowly inched forward looking my way of the mirror expecting him to wait we retroactively will know the next car had pulled the driver had been the pieces and then I realize my heart was pounding pounding with the excitement of having crossed successfully another border but when the excitement of having caught such a spectacular glimpse of God at work you think the problem I face is I wanted to go on to my way and then I think critically that I dictate how I really got a good laugh talk over the abilities of pride the Original Sin is going to the report not a very unsigned as you and I am glad I went ahead and made it because I started thinking here my wife always easy on the printer to and that's the danger we had weekly system does we get everything we have so much fun breezy that we forget what we doing that yes yes Jesus including I estimate that why will the which will keep you out of trouble here is that you can help anything think one thousand one hundred sixty copies this month is at the level of impact and then I want to share with you briefly here is essentially equivalent if anything I feel me off as soon as you tell me how is everybody has a copy of individuals was already with them part one are we loyal legalists portable units in which the letters we change the second one on one ride who inoculated with wooden loyalists and I've got a few messages there just to remind you of that vehicle we can put in the manifesto might have been a part of the law do we then nullify the law by faith not at all rather we uphold the law updates we know those biblical passages there is another a single step the Christ by sixty one some things of a passing back there okay and I'm here to one of the young far right and if we need more copies that were going to have to we got a few extra and will look in your cause yeah we had a decidedly sixty is that a seventy three hundred at the Abbeville make some copies I think it was only the meantime show was nominated on the memorials of the moment of a leader that you make a copy for me but that's that's the one the film will do unethical okay you can use your something out now you make a dozen wounded in a population and who didn't copy googling we didn't get a copy anybody one to three of a Mecca for the six copies please him go through this year assuming no one does anything here will notice that channel God 's moral comment on because there is important is that people always believe a lie but a moral dilemma no matter what I do I will have to do wrong okay the lesser of two evils you know three single men these men were faced with a choice between how Anbar and women whose guarantees that none of our know you don't know you don't know you know is located in the environment enough out of the fire and because no one knows the exact pleasing that's very important and consummate the Minnesota Duluth and on law laws conflict with the vengeance of the evening briefly see the dot character you didn't know that the moral law is a reflection on the perfect daughter biblical texts that I would like to read at home and is a statement by the man was not defeated by Doctor Norman Geisler is a well-known Baptist theologian ethicist he is assigned to the moral commandments are a reflection of character the notice is the long thought is affected is going to intimate revelation always will because you carried the expression of divine love and wisdom law blogging and will especially start a must for ever and do nothing about it logically does the character conflicts no if the law is a written agreement revelation of his character will be any conflict in Gaza law know the law and disregard of it in a very good excellent people that hold God 's laws completely is one main problem confusion or misreading of the law and that's the time we must ask for Christ and of the Holy Spirit they might be a time when you consider I don't see a way out if you know the language if you say there is no way out even a problem when you say I don't see all you do is what having more him this guide has a thousand ways of doing given no remember that some something when it looks like a problem in using the excess and even new vision for use in emergencies like the Molina season additional points so the question is not life they actively fight genuine moral dilemmas they face off anything in a moral dilemma you must choose the lesser of two evils which is a moral evil that needs to the proviso that the communal with amazing what medicine can do that with the no diseases that affect the situation we have to choose between tomorrow able no income with those addresses don't exist I don't exist you can read it in the Scriptures and I noticed though that statement if you cannot see and advise on obedience to the law Christ the vitamins immutable character and proved that the ruling his grace including the perfect domain every human being human freedom all humans have real free choices we are never forced metaphors sometimes the choices we face to undo what I wanted to pick a favorite toy still you can still choose I will be faithful unto death as happened with many people definitely on markers that's why Stephen was stoned that I don't about either lost that's why Jesus died faithful unto death and that's what you and I'll call the book that is finally the ends of the Facebook event and I will give you the ones that he is my question when you consider the crown of eternal life something better how we would love to have life is life because of the offering one of them would have to be faithful under the evidence uses that common like craigslist finally nothing heralded faithfulness but a humble faithfulness only by God 's grace can I stand here and I want to do this for his glory remember him with a minimum whether they let your light so shine before men always within our lifetime yes why is that they may want to see you will works yes those are good work what's the purpose of you and Laurel five I haven't I thought that's what Jesus says to the regular people feel good works as long as it so that they can glorify God if other methods and that's what Jesus himself says quoting Donovan for divine protection okay God will provide an ethical solution for all trials and then either I was remain in the home in some implementations here is one from seventy four D God permits trials to come to them why to draw them here to him by his liberty as he lays on them nobler to be greater than they are able to bear is very exciting for disconcerting that the first was we had a little bit high when doing this because of the size on the sixteenth is my favorite Linda's favorite is my wife and verse for his government 's authority Denver thirty nine thirty first benefit is allowed to present his Denver is looking beautiful pass this year on often seventeen we had an absolute guaranteed Henry God to guarantee even taken to the bank is a site you know it can happen right with God beyond the here and so the way I'm challenging you when you have to make decisions don't worry about the future we had a simple no fear for the future while faithful to the father Henry knows that we didn't just before lunch is at Annapolis as I sit here okay with it again no theater for the future faithful to the bottom remembered accurately isolating eroded on this frequent in September nineteen fifty of guaranteeing you a patient has overtaken you accept such is common to man but God is what God is faithful and you will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make a way of escape that you may be able to Barrett as the guaranty there is never a time when you are stuck and cannot go anywhere with a minimum he feared to the community remember I'm offended do you want is a standard that is the Bible says that the free will of God is the standard in the judgment at all the law of liberty the royal law of liberty and individual and sold the adjustment vastly inferior standard if you cannot keep with you you must use the left off tomorrow it with anyone recommend how can it be a fair judgment you have to break a law is passed the nuclear standard if there is a fair judgment number six is an independent law James was the intent he who breaks one of his view of what you available in a very interesting item I was in Zimbabwe as a nineteen means that I wasn't involved with we radicalize and the ladies asleep behind the guys all possibility loves you other guys off and they went up and the ladies Faye -based they were willing with marvelous as they discussed and debated and dialogue with me and they said also we must we must save life at all costs have considered all costs we got to save life I said okay so you are now not working for the government and so you become friends with a good gut kernel or commander of the all the enemy forces and commanders it wasn't I know we want people to the government and the commander said listen I will give you some secrets on one condition one provision you go to bed with me and I think the young ladies and discuss is the secret weapon it includes ten thousand of his him with one of those women said no no we would know what you thought you said life is the highest value is assigned to me we must do anything to say what anything is not that possibly men and women it's the home of the Roman you will go and live with the commander know we were going I would think that I think you would like to him to get the difference these young ladies that it's okay to lie to somebody not to live with somebody just the prepositional difference in question with the seven Commandments and also not what commit adultery the ninth amendment deleted do not bear false witness and I said and I will do you like to pick and choose which commands you want to keep James says he will race one at all finally we read in Genesis and Revelation you find that this concert a toothless is corroborated only thing on the coffee Congress thinking claims God 's law is fully an unfair and so it is the devil was it just now we cannot obey from the first Congress candidate on the long I think that's all people that God is unjust that is always for the good of the University quietly to be changed in attacking the lofty aim to overthrow the authority of its software fascinating very interesting so what am I doing I am challenging you don't worry about the future be faithful to the product they were great don't worry about the delay don't fret about the visit don't fear the future okay be faithful to the father and God is through this you understand is will you not been what you do you think of the father and you know if once you stop worrying about the future think about this from him once you stop wearing him with there is the slightest guidance on Symphony Ron this is simple it's like a huge weight off my shoulders I don't have to worry about what we got I don't know what's going to happen the only thing I need to do is be faithful to the father and let him take care of the results is not my business my business is faithfulness absolute faithfulness not worrying about the future that God 's business I had wanted to say this about the faithfulness and maybe I should share them with you before you take a break with anything the morning and you will you want to get this business is vulnerable ongoing controversy I paid six oh nine sixty two millimeters NATO and I think that it is the same I don't relish it was bad God Christ's ambassadors have nothing to do with consequences they must perform their duty and the result with God it is another one is very easy to remember about twelve or from a controversy before six zero we should choose the right cause it is wife and leave consequences of not think everything is evaluating we should choose the right he calls it his wife and leave consequences with God one more time we should choose the right because it is right and leave consequences with the accident actually was about to ask I know who I know the way we've been raining is always the consequence of a computer junking junk out okay you buy a car you want to know what the result value window with the gaslight I don't know what those are practical matters we are here talking about moral issues moral issues when making moral decisions we must not worry about the future the future is God 's business is not my next challenge to you and me will I will you more by faith and not by sight further secure story closing to as a disorder I know visiting from a source Robert Duong personal friend of mine when class together came from China the Chinese evidence had been studying the Bible some others okay and what happened we got time within the ready they want to be baptized and so they jumped onto trucks and headed out in the general direction of the lake they did note that they were the lake was that they had some idea about it in that part of red China baptisms are illegal as they were driving they decided to stop and ask directions are they walking to ask directions and lately realized that when the local police station but that's the direction does not belong as presented in a few these automated ligament on the development of equity and if it thank you very much luckily the Chinese authorities about what he went into the lake in question was again a that was until they got a nice cleanup of the lake I wasn't increasing audio business they do now and so they said well we are going to have a baptism that they had broken the lawyer and he said yard rest of that so I got back in the truck they started driving and showing up to a big motorcycles going behind to make the rest as soon as the law was broken and as we started driving on the road something absolutely astounding without warning there was a torrential downfall commodities are the motorcycle is unable to see the motorcycle on their way to the lake and the road to the lake happened to be a dirt from anybody ever been on a motorcycle in a torrential downpour on a dirt road what happens when you ride on a dark throat in a torrential downpour in here what I and the motorcycle slid off the side of the nose policeman working voluntarily sprinkle some of you know what I mean by that they were not baptized in an ethnobotanical the story comes to us the miracle was that if the rain only behind the house yes enjoying behind the trucks so that is not the like they've had the baptism they went on about anything else and the story is about the wealthy actually with the story ends this way but beware the new Google like this happen every day I asked myself the question and I ask you the question is it possible that the reason we don't see God working as we like to do God 's will in our own way so I'm making an appeal to you by God 's grace choose every day to two cards will in God 's way


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