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Scripture Stories Can be Confusing -- Six Strategies

Ron du Preez




  • June 27, 2008
    4:47 PM
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what is worth using I remember I've heard people when they talk about political issues they say man I got a choice between Barack Obama and John McClain McCain and I have to choose the lesser of two evils they were able to that rather lose use all that time in the lesson of Vietnam played the evil of these is the word very loosely nowadays and so sometimes it confuses people when we use terminology very loosely call for all for example you go to the cafeteria line item that they were there and then some people come to light and they say all know I hate sloppy Joe is an I hate those that he had I had to choose the lesser of two evils my wife Linda says my wife limited that's not a moral dilemma season is a norm sold the land by okay at the Lawrenceville is not a moral dilemma guys I will regards as you know we we we we create our own problems there is another choice most of us can go without it is meant to go get some of the water did some lots of fresh air and a video enjoy the day so anyway I was little time here on stories and contemporary issues I know this is a hot topic and but the reality we have to look at it we are facing all kinds of problems nowadays and the standards are going down also think the guilt inducing this is what's fascinating to me what is most interesting is to see how people out there are addressing these issues for example how many of you heard of Melinda Gates 's a few hands let's try again on their view of Bernardo Bill Gates well Melinda and his wife him that was interesting I want to show you the time of Melinda Gates and down over the continent and was fascinated when England did remind she is the wife of the richest man in the world is considered a resident life and over the years right I like Venezuelan along this was in entertainment weekly ending entertainment weekly talk about standards and styles November sixteen two thousand and seven note is what it says after years all the waste lines solo laborers on pornographic I think getting the weekly says that all that is interesting for entertainment weekly to recognize that the styles of gentlemen I'm coming to America law don't get to it on your high horse hair cut I will talk first about women entertainment weekly estimates that the style that the women have been wearing borderers on pornography everything went after years of waistlines will love the birds on pornographic fashion has turned to the other extreme highways the tenth waste no crazy things professionally goes to extremes as you know I found it very interesting they recognize that the clothing that has been promoted borders on pornography strong words cinnamon you listening cities are cracking down on Sundance site events yes yes very interesting did you know that is easy depends on what you are if you aim in Louisiana Dell camera and it is the town passed an ordinance that carries a fine up to five hundred dollars or six months in jail for exposing underwear in public and I say on that gas several other than Fidelity's of the Louisiana have enacted some will once was the style of saggy pants come from guess what it comes from prison where inmates are given belts with baggy pants to prevent them from hanging themselves and from beneath other so people who wear saggy pants gets within models are in prison as you don't have a presidential model we were talking about who is online on when oxygen bungalows of the president Henry and diseases please do that under these on all models these are the people we need to wait for the Lord and the siding and so your bottoms all your underwear is a prison issue while be careful and is recognizing Arafat for some people that are not converted they don't come to the translucent blue sky but I had the opportunity to become a friend of a Muslim we started talking about things eventually he was almost persuaded to become a Christian however on boarding he couldn't bring himself a Muslim to enter a Christian church because of easy reference anything decent to rest his soul among Christians in such news is that I can collect why don't he believed that search is a house of God and that he could not escape God 's judgment if he allowed himself among people who show such disrespect in God 's presence now when I think how we dress is a positive or a negative with this fascinating Melinda Gates is and what they say about her she would violate the top of it but first the bad account of the Limited the world women to watch fifty women what fatherless Melinda Gates not because of money but because of the charity and because of the work she is doing and in the end of private water notice other than yellow the more they say about Melinda Gates she asks smart questions said him the space-based feminine and eight World Health Organization veteran okay she's so humble in our interactions with others in the last last line is and what is this idea season monitors in dress as well wearing a blue work shirt and slacks or long skirts one it's an image crafted to reflect the gravity of our mission Melinda Gates dresses modestly because of the gravity off our mission what solution to integrate people didn't like to help people with a my question is how much more writing a mission don't we as Christians at should we not similarly a tire ourselves in accord with the gravity and seriousness on a mission when you say let's get serious let's not simply follow the prisoners or the prostitutes the way they are dressing without we were not attacking a gallant and wish him and bring them to the Lord okay I don't follow their fashions and I say wow thank God for Melinda Gates addresses in accord with the gravity of our mission of the unit of domains on you please do so it is evident that if you okay with going here what do that and it will come over here for session number three hundred and eighty positive and show you how it's done you know because it's not what you say in how you thinking that by the beginning I started about that sort of article how you rejected my message that God 's message and then he accepted because I had changed my approach in addition to whatever you go white with white allegiance and identity you did sometimes it's the messenger and I remember wondering meeting only was interested in Bible studies him I see this young lady I noticed that she had been researching more than we are interested by the third of what was going to my knowledge that I noticed when the same hearing family why is it all they are heirloom from my grandmother they were hers they are very precious to me are okay what do I encourage this every day I gave her a bottle right it really is a sort of others at SNL read the Bible every day spent time in who they were expecting the end that we had the Bible they think after we got with and when they showed up without those precious feelings and he couldn't keep why I said I is and is doing so precious I don't think that you have them on this do not valve reply I wrote it down she said I was reading the Bible and I found out that a Christian woman abusing is an inward adornments psychodrama those precious earrings yes so I took them off and put it on when I done by God 's grace I focus on Jesus nothing tools encourage them to read the word of God and that brought conviction to a heart so did focus on Jesus bring people to the would encourage them she said I'm a person I needed in order to augment and we talk about that is you see the Bible says in Peter that the way you live the way you dress slacks or a horse that descends people away from Jesus Christ the MIB your good behavior in Christ the people must see what the new English translation see what a good life you lived because they belong to Christ the regarding the way you look at the witness so as we talk about standards as we talk about choices has a government helping with the Lord remember how we live is a positive or a negative witness and you know it's interesting they are I just only licensed by the evangelical digital drawing you know that you know that mainline churches are dying you know that in Canada whose identity and from Canada Okanagan along the leg okay in others in Canada where they calculated that by the year two thousand sixty one as long of it that's a fifty seven years enough of a calculated at the current rate on the decline I'll be anything such in the year two thousand sixty one if Norton building anything left in the entire judge in Canada will that's the rate at which they are losing members they are remain stagnant they are losing him was so fast that by two thousand sixty one at the rate of consistently on the death of the church that suspects that's what happened to members left I think these are actual reports as an end of the charges think they decided back in the nineteen sixties to the psychologist sociologist right give you with the California they decided to do a study of searches between nineteen sixty and nineteen ninety thirty year longitudinal study what happens when churches become more accommodating war loving and less sentimental left the standards down for the people won't believe they studied several churches I have three other book that they published secular press of faith from the University of California after faith they concluded the following notice is this study I'm not attacking the search of a study that five churches lost on average forty three percent of their members as they became more accommodating as they left their standards down at the beginning less sentimental and less and more so-called loving the United was the team interest lost thirty four percent United Church of Christ lost forty percent of the number it was going to him this law to the present and United Methodist law thirty nine percent as they became going with more so-called tolerance we're not suggesting we be detrimental we save whole of biblical standards high in contrast in nineteen seventy eight Carl Otilia and I do not start a blog 's name became the Pope he became Pope John Paul the second again beside here hasn't find Pope John Paul II indicated the pre- seventy eight they watch what happened in the Catholic Church for twenty five years guiding to the other party remember from nineteen seventy eight and two thousand and three guess what happened twenty five years but we don't both spoke very strongly for commitment to hold high ethical standards the standards of the drug isn't absolutely no to abortion actually noticed the homosexual practice be acceptable note to female preseason at his Catholic standards guess what happened in the Catholic Church collapse time explores the growth globally more than forty percent of that growth of production to forty one percent growth in a Catholic just wait until both it and let's get serious about our religion but there's group to unveil new many of you young people young people is not to refugee lower status people flocking to you they look at nothing it's a site in the world why should I join the ticket is just like the world on IBM or it doesn't make any sense I'm suggesting about the Disney I'm calling upon you to hold high Christ centered compassionate biblical standards we together Christ centered compassionate effective method is the Kelly came to the evidence at Andrews University anything you want to be like the rest of us and I what is this all-knowing I think we can begin declining like everybody else all they have to do is emphasize that abstinence of alcohol tobacco and caffeine it isn't really a sense of the salvation that is on Fridays is developing stories practices and guess what he will die like the rest of us write it published a Methodist is is is is is interesting and the title of the article however this can stop growing there are still analyzing modes that God has given us standards high standards yes but we can lose them if we are willing to be transformed from within transformed by his spirits this is not legalism this is what failure lawyer Liz and that's right not legalism it is an loyal move them Amanda had arrived it and I thought your wife I'll ask that thirty minutes zero so here's a handout I need help again guys take this casein and Tim appreciate that this is ahead on Bible stories because Bible stories of cause so many problems and and I'm using wood problems in the sense of like my buddy who was we work on the missionaries together way back seven years ago and we were testing missionaries he was a brilliant young man I just I had a good friendship with them thoughts after he came back to the United States he many years later he got married and then he was reading Bible stories video exit is reading what Bible stories the Bible story on themselves are okay but they can be very dangerous video is intolerable twenty years after we were related he called me up anything was wrong I have been studying patriarchal all race you know I think Yahoo plural marriages is willing to need to be careful when people use highfalutin terminology applicable things and I think definitely doing yes Billy and so what if I don't have a few more you I said so Billy he said instead and as I mentioned before is studying the lives of the bottle to use stories of them and he decides that God is calling upon him to have more than one wife I'm not joking I tried to reason with him on the telephone I didn't think it anywhere in asking the next question I think Billy what does your wife that goal are and what his life and think about it is a very good question you know that I want to get another one and always answer was she hasn't seen the light yes I live now you are ready to see that you do not have to brazenly exempting the like I like to convincing you are a very good friend but it has gotten really and I mean I would offer job I come up with a tune I'm looking at the delete them again I got unresolved feelings and even play as I said that I is an assessment of any and all the rest of the court the sky was actually brilliance but he started looking is the seventh avenues for you you would think he was ascended to heaven if he started going to look for Second Life it was something I noticed that the authorities vested in October and when that woman found it exhilarating that he she was exactly what she does appear they would consider another one why useful in bottles for a Abraham was a godly man was he the father that I will always be a remnant more than one I've always thought it was the weekend as we think it is time for them what I am going to suggest you here and would have a copy today sign up to going here as fast as you can let's look at these important things here okay in consideration of consequences we dealt with before is reminding you the opportunities on this side of making decisions wanted teleological result oriented while the findings will happen if I do that and what it is they who alone knows the answer got so how should we make decisions that have been working of the language and what are the key on the logic all nicely word that means something to what his rights and leave the consequences of God economically I wanted to be difficult to get A number three are you ready to Christian principle will not stop to way consequences fascinating statement that statement is made when it is talking about Shadrach Misha and Abednego when they face the fiery furnace they have to make a decision either you look at the consequences or you look at the Commandments of God suitable choice and what is the most sacred site to Christian principles will not stop the weight consequences when you first of those decisions you know what could happen the North American five minutes from now does anybody know what happened five and is on now I remember when I was in Michigan that there were people in the hotel minding their own business when an airplane paint and sing to the hotel and obliterated them it could happen right here in the next minute right I don't know what could happen if you don't know something about it if you know what can happen the next five minutes how much more just be faithful to God delay in the future is is was my task your task is to was overweight and let him take care of the results that Google formulae now he's insufferable multidrug talk by six thirty four remaining in deciding up on any course of action we ought to ask whether we can see that harm will result from it but whether it is in keeping with the will of God so we asked the question pastor constantly make decisions how is this in a war with the water of the will of God don't worry about whether you can see that horrible result in a curriculum applied with a number of Fox's testimonies volume four be ready she believes that it do want to die than to say that it do want them to defraud that it do hunger than to live out strong with a strong goal was the purpose of Bible stories that go to extras going to the fittest of distorted as moral models that go there first Corinthians Chapter six Chapter ten verse six and with you but if everybody with your name on the cheap with a special session for okay everybody has session for the first amended chapter ten verse six why are there Bible stories there are many evil of the worst eleven first Corinthians chapter ten and they often go to verse eleven and a gentleman like that he did this lady 's view of ethics spent many years researching and studying this he says that he asked look at verse eleven that's when he starts the ghost would look good with eleven others were disrupted in verse eleven now all these things happened to them as examples and samples with DNA condenses and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the exam so he said are you look at a map that your example Ray it is your what a great life is a life therefore you should do the same go back to work six lets backup fibrosis I don't than one Rosetta convict you mean a holding and six catches the concept now these things became our example sounds like a very regular why notice see the intent for the purpose that we should not lost after he will cleans as they also lost that I has my question how do you know how do I know what is good and what is evil they wouldn't know you wouldn't know it except that the law tells me what is good and what is evil so how do we know when I want to read it was vital we have to recognize both the right people is very clear I wouldn't want to I don't accept the amendments I would know is good or evil except for the men if you never look at the results because you don't know the results I promise you I'm an engineer secret to making decisions for the rest of your life that's the secret to what is right and mean results with guys you never have to calculate fees like this can happen and if I don't get this book and have it exactly asked the question how many are single razor has different notes requested only a single on X11 U got imagined enemies but the gun is a personal friend here okay imagine an reason for the young lady but imagine this young lady is thinking I want to be friends with her if I ask her if I can date her and she says no unembarrassed popular and if I don't ask her I might never have a chance that he knows that he knows what the result of the know he has no idea he has no idea so he simply surprising once you willfully because he doesn't know that young lady has a choice between the at the head on the bottom of the plan on how they you don't know that he is having no idea question is a Nazi come to my door example is the guy told me himself he wasn't even a nine -year-old boy is able to get hot I was the in the meeting between the October story in there in Austria during the Nazi takeover and they took a twelve -year-old boy into their home to protect their job was a young boy nine years of age he and French-speaking conference this morning myself nineteen ninety four from the hot before you got in a car accident he says and so enough one day there was another dog his mother opened the door the gestapo Nazi soldiers military VI answered Mrs. Hansel do you have for this in your home by which women of faith for Cardinal trades up to the nearest closet and audio to it I felt that loud knocking into the closet and any of the questions was causal do you have friends in your home to sanitize the message is that because you are at least five as a thousand ways what would you know enough not really situated that drew the Volvo had a brilliant Ansett eight thirds provided answer by the Jesus says we spent on when we get to knowing the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance what ever I have talked to is not through the Lord brought up to her mind she looked the Gestapo in the eyes he said as an officer of the German Army you know what your responsibility him what the response would thought my responsive and you know what your responsibilities and you welcomed to source my house the cheek no did you tell the truth is it's your job I'm not going to answer your questions you welcome carry out your responsibility to put the responsibility on him the man who doubts nine euros there watched all the company said Nazi soldier who is long turned and walked away yes never forget the story told here before he got killed in an auto accident is a past life in a positive visit see for yourself they are kind of guy who's to be praying God if you want to deliver it up the hill is meant to trust you the audit time like Moses we can do it will take my life there was a bishop his name was for misconduct he came to the Emperor he was hiding people being imprisoned County where those people are or you will be executed is a fine I'll die I love his name for both vision for us F I R M USF with his bishop stood Flemington you can take my I will not leave you with the people we must be willing to die for people is with what is going to love it is known in the way that a man lay down his life for his right is the only options folks and sometimes gone starting sometimes he doesn't one of the most incredible stories I recently I love the story I thought I bought the book you are distorting the reminded it happen in Atlanta it happened there in two thousand and five March eleven Brian Nichols was six foot six for multiple plate was being taken by five with why do they do that but the five foot to females with and on him from the holding cell into the courtroom he grabs her faith in God rising to the courthouse shootings until the giant shoot until the court reporter runs out as he runs up at another security guard hears a commotion but before he could react Brian Nichols had been killed him he escapes from the courthouse and on his way he comes across an federal marshal incomes of ninety he wants to stop in the title that has gone by legalism ready because he is already on multiple killer and he shoots until the federal marshal killed four people think the guidelines exist he's on his way and the entire city of Atlanta is in law you remember the story three years ago some of you might not be called whenever the bar it was midnight that night it was a young lady a single woman at a mother of a child her name Ashley Smith she was unpacking at England looked like it was two o'clock on Saturday morning that happened Friday Saturday morning two o'clock she would she was nomadic working to become to get a feed in the drawing she was having the drugs and all the things she was still struggling with you on the way back to the Lord he was immediately noticeable and she goes up to buy cigarettes at two in the morning because she's craving the sequencing of the devil he went crazy things on a Saturday morning she will get her smoke she goes out and as she comes back strong legal grounds are exhausted in her own home make a long story short it could drop to you think you know why she did know she really didn't she was unchecking the literature wasn't always the utility and had a slice of every meal CNN Brian Nichols multiple murderer escapes today how eyes of the world sure enough say by difficulties kept that he had a shaven headed for the six fellow she's picked up everything and she realizes she's in a very dangerous situation besides his heart she says she says my main focus was three things my child she had a five or six-year-old daughter I have to say life of my child sister and I have to make sure that Brian Nichols doesn't carry on on his killing spree and active reaching for the Lord you need to talk to him to tell them about her husband with Instapundit 's injuries and death certificate she showed stabbed to death recently said anything to me my child will be more she reached for the man's heart hour after hour to talk to you soon I believe I'm reading a book you don't mind we review the season go ahead since she started ringing our devotional visit when we got again and she said she realized she got into when you can read that again she said she realized was getting to make a long story short seven hours she was held hostage by the recording he says goodbye with Ashley but I still is outside your door when you go with me I need to get rid of it teaches you okay so she can or can't do it in the truck and they drive about two miles to a country road we can just leave the car beside a road patrol she is sitting in her car and she's thinking what I do now she had gained his trust in him she was a question she would stick with nowhere I went from you all think about interested in our again to the apartment he says amen she said he said along great she says okay Janie is not rightly with the Brian Nichols multiple murder she coaxing she keeps telling the cement was identically to does seem like it in the morning at nine ago I got a black campus the point page make a long story short I was on he says the number within anything around the house I can do for your business moving I can put pictures up but under and she says listen I believe in human and you could just hang these folks anything out the forty dollars cash that he got when he killed another guy as far as we know he says listen if you take this on the underneath is turning selfish to get in a car at night if she drives off as once she's gone she called 911 and said that Madeleine is looking for Mike Nichols is at my home is going to spend the night there is now we don't believe that addresses no way these two lines note even appointment with her houses but will take okay of the public she takes them to the house to the apartment Brian Nichols comes up with a white towel no bullets fired Brian Nichols said there were thank you Ashley you like an angel sent from God to me and you know what very interesting the attorney I don't believe I don't because the question the attorney said this I'm relieved legitimately why because when people read what happened she's not having to unintended marriage proposals I called it as well I wonder what I like that know how easy it was flooded and facing other targeted to keep on Saturday around around the territories as those I don't mean that sarcastically I'm going but a windowed Twinkies all wasn't able to do things seven and a half hours of talking and praying what all the call and all of them gone and all the radios and all the agencies going to honor that is one of my Facebook there are a thousand ways if we are willing to skateboard by frequent SEC within May the public said he was her think she said no I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support she wrote the seventeenth solicitor read in public before the television booth over the last two days I want to extend my deepest sympathies emissions although the families of those lucky old energy says as I'm sure you can enhance this event has been extremely difficult and exhausting for me all night and my extended family I have experience about every most one could imagine in the span of a few days with you throughout my time with Mister Nichols I continue to rely on my faith in God God help me to find before and he will help me now when I think you are using it which was incredible the policeman came to her and asked her if they could come to teach them how to deal with hostage situations as they were in the S of the common strain them out to be a hostage negotiator and the goblet regarding ball as you know there was a reward sienna they gave a seventy thousand dollars she had done that she didn't like to do we must do what's right and the result of God 's plan of incredible story through the project she was on the front page of people magazine you know people magazine I don't subscribe to it I don't why but every now and then I see an incredible story and I bias people magazine vanities and in Carina All-Star race story and I'm doing it was all over the world it was in other countries their picture was all over an incredible hero why did one of the consequences she said I have to do the right thing and finally orthodontics the gonzo sitting in the back while I was having breakfast she went about the Gaza city there is that I had sent I could've grabbed the gun she said I didn't want the guns was sitting there she said I believe Brian Nichols was brought to my door by God so the feeling how many of us would say that incredible story I collect stories of those they develop people who are willing and willing to reach out to souls who need the Lord okay I could list the time I needed that story I wanted to go to these principles quickly here notice you can read them at home okay considered the Chronicle known Canadian Bible superstars we all love to do that we look at Elizabeth Esther and we make them soliciting you know that doesn't assess and you know that reading the Bible carefully I've counted on many of the site is live at the bottom that you know that the Bible to every basic human people they make mistakes there is only one legislator who that is even without the greatest superheroes like the black lady Diana death of Lady Diana Manny Manny promised talks of day and I bought a book I read I'm not elated I fan but when I saw this book I read it cover to cover a visit to the wonderful woman she was a humanitarian however that and they listed all of the postdoctoral cannibalism other woman but we loved meowing superstars the Bible tells the story Wendy's shows human beings with all of it once and failures and abuses committed the number you see God can save them you can save us as well number two consistency with the him on this question I'm afraid among the theologians said that was a liar as nothing is going to make the life he made our life so that we can also like it if it strengthens the ones I didn't know the clear contextual indications I noticed that his interest in and one of the social cost of the victim got to tell a story about Obadiah who was a helping thing you are doing the examiner will story and he was going out of the wood and water and as fast as it waited for the water is no food and water and the Bible says that Obadiah took hundred prophets but they think you can facilitate and fit it with water so the passive when you think over that water in one thousand and we need more female and everybody started laughing as they all ended with a conclusion basically a stone in the past was basically very clearly I believe the job is he implying they are times when it's okay to steal for God 's prophets accept out of these speculated it's not in the Bible in the Bible does not have any that I really like it when it was no food and water started writing this with a wonderful display Google within the context of the United whole flock of ravens were coming along into the KU slider on delivering their food is gotten beautifully like it could be done if a hundred profits is speculated to make excuses last regard law and unfortunately sometimes chronologically the next I pointed out you don't confuse vulnerable time I made was a man of God that not only when he was a single think they separate the Bible indicates compatibility with the Decalogue don't think that silence means it's okay sometimes the Bible doesn't seem bad boy okay the story if they are a member that came I went and got her father not to get her pregnant and lonely Long story short I even that will give you the okay you've been here for the sessions yes I think that you go without giving you your you and your son how can God bless you country that it is I wasn't a single activity for sessions okay honestly that you have to drive your body and the communities we got a few moments it will finish up here five or ten minutes maximum I gave you been able for sessions audio copy as you leave beautiful four sessions of three hundred and complete no go back to the vital thing off she got her father-in-law to impregnate a strange story that is in the Bible regularly is no condemnation in Canada's mining whatsoever I must actions not interesting anymore had twins and the twins had kids and guess who came to the deadline Jesus came to the line okay Mars incestuous promiscuity when we do we say oh it's okay no no he has to live it as the Bible so that if this was done doing the primer rebellions we don't simply think it's the Bible to condemn it always about us if we are the parts of the Bible in the story you might not find condonation is no condemnation in the story that doesn't mean it's okay in the story and Ray Allen is no condemnation in Joshua chapter two but that doesn't mean it's okay if the living commanders in other places in the Bible finally conformity to Christ example only blindly follow Bible characters only Jesus is our example first going to respond Paul says follow by example and as I also follow Jesus Christ's so the only way we should follow Bible example is when they followed Jesus him a model of morality if you believe that I enjoy this on the refinancing of the breaks you given us so much in four hours affecting forty hours here number two that's all you need to know if anybody ask you the vital fact is ethics for any and every tissue prescriptions for humanity John fourteen recipients has what if you love me as for obvious reason for leaving level C that the responsibility keep an Micah manner that the requirements defined in one burst is our responsibly if you love me reason to responsibility my commandments the requirements so that the love of God the law want and we'll figure that out whatever God the prerogatives of deity on anyone verse revelation to understand which says seeing on anything you want to suffer a fatal and there is as a result of obedient leave the God the reward of obedience the eternal life the life with God the resources for obedience that is because I will hear new and get the law from God Goth business we have our responsibility God has his responsibility to fix color every way to make decisions one of God when his hours as a Windows depicts you need to know if you learn them you understand the principles you know if you need to know how to make proper biblical decisions you so prior to the end let's close here with a story one story and with prayer it happened in Poland yes again World War II the Nazis had taken over these were desperate to it that they go next door him go read doing you always think of celebrated with you what you basically can concentrate this country and her daughter Marion were living in a one bedroom apartments not bothering anybody and one day without warning they had pounding up the stairs to their little one bedroom apartments and no knocking the door flew open as he rushed a little girl bearing a teenage and I see Rusty she went there was one room where there was a bit it's a different type under the bed when you think they realized with having she was running from the Nazis Congress banned a library that does not do that with its mining business and they knew that the paper was thrown into the concentration camp was selling bread you now you know what that means it gave an uninvited guest this is copied with the seventh evidence would love the Lord will right now but you see she had her focus in the right place so she grabs her Bible she sat down at the little kids and people in it one bit apartment from her daughter Marion wrote the story and she said my mom started to pray and seek the Lord 's guidance it wasn't long when the heavier tread was more coming up the stairs and in verse a Nazi soldier and the air was the Cisco at the kitchen table spending time of Christ he looked at her pause for a moment and after the words in German good woman and turned around walked why my tongue the story folks too many times you and I focus on crisis instead of focusing on Christ this is not good had a focus in the right place don't worry about giving the same make sure your focus is on Jesus on the living word of Jesus through the written word and he will provide the best whether the enough walking away or like Boris Kornfeld faithful unto death although marketers is seen and because Kornfeld by Alexander Sullivan has become a huge blessing will lead to many persons may suffer new questions because Kornfeld I thought when the exigencies as he was able to write and encourage many many others because of the faithfulness unto death divorce court costs so as he closed the day I went assisting one more time thy word have I hid deep down in my heart that I might thought that if I give you a fan as a significant phenomena have a prayer to accept monastic distilleries if you would pray for us God will bless us to stand for the rights of an assault weapons was in a Christlike compassionate caring manner thy word and I had him leave Downing on our meeting is that as a again mean my God will a dog gone on in


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