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The Seven Trumpets, The Woman And The Dragon

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • July 12, 2008
    9:00 AM
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him oh review we spent quite a bit of time had the past few weeks going through Revelation chapter ten and then last week in this class recovered Revelation chapter eleven fifth or excuse me the two witnesses and the word of God the old and the testimony talked about that and we are going to wrap up chapter eleven with seven trumpet seventh trumpet so all right in getting federal left are the ground will get right into it thank you for waking us the Sabbath day for granting us this opportunity to study a word we know that there isn't much light yet to be discovered and that you the books read Daniel revelation of the will studied we will have a entirely new religious experience today as we look at the great controversy and some of the major players and major events may open our minds that we may understand and most importantly see all role in these last days versus the pretty things in Jesus name all right as mentioned already we are concluding the seven trumpets today with we talked about the first six trumpets up till now first four trumpets essentially the summarized judgment on Western role or maybe I should take a step back before you begin the seven trumpets we see an angel interceding at the golden altar of incense and we see the past it the sensor down according to the Bible it symbolizes a close of intercession intercession is closely related to the incense Christ merits mingling with our prayers and so forth that the casting down the center means that the clothe the probation of some sort how we know that based on another thing that we studied that the timeframe could not mean that clothes of the world probation so what is a close probation it was the judgment on Rome Western Rome the first four trumpet Eastern Rome the fifth and sixth trumpet and then the seventh trumpet 's judgment on spiritual and here is something that I meet it attached to this review and that is in between the sixth and the seventh trumpet we have two entire chapters Chapter ten identified the Avent movement the great disappointment predicted all of that the method that is to be preached the twenty three hundred days the little book that was open we went through that in detail Chapter 11 we see the the the net result if you will of the final culmination of what happens when you take the principles under which the papal power operates to its logical conclusion in the logical conclusion was the French Revolution and also the role that the Bible played and what happens when you negate the word when you cast it aside when you kill it crucified in the streets of London Egypt spiritually but what we have done essentially the fifth and sixth trumpet work time prophecies leading from the Middle Ages all the way up to eighteen forty August eleven eighteen forty and it would take a step back and there's also parenthetical statements relationship attack and we see the little book open in seventeen ninety eight the twenty minute days be fulfilled in eighteen forty four and at that moment that will arise and then an reveille a relationship eleven we see the same thing the same period of history in a way the twelve hundred sixty years in that chapter it was forty two months in which the word of God was being trampled underfoot and it was resurrected ascended up to heaven essentially at the end of twenty twelve sixty and that also brings up to seventeen ninety right about the time of the early eighteen hundreds to see what has happened gone has led us step-by-step hold and focus our attention to bring us by the parallel paths different stories in history different movements are taking place so that we will be absolutely sure when we come to the seventh trumpet exactly where we are in history because what is about to happen is extremely important and has to do with the seven trumpets or the first six trumpets at the movement relationship to ten and also what has happened at the final fruit fruition of the principle to the papacy as we see in the French Revolution so let's go straight to it relationship eleven verse fifteen is where will begin someone look for a volunteer who will read for us versus fifteen and sixteen actually fifteen through seventeen so he'll raise your hand okay Darren Reed loudly and clearly frustrates the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever sixteen of seventy also in the four and twenty elders we sat before God on their seats fell upon their faces and worshiped God saying we give thee thanks God Almighty which art and was West and art to come because thou hast taken to the guy great powers and hast reigned subbase I love you looked at so far what happens at the founding of the seventh trumpet Christ receives something whether the receipt and if they are the kingdoms of this world now some of you may be thinking but is in Christ the King already while you yes and no look with me in the book of Daniel Daniel chapter seven according to the prophecy of Daniel chapter seven when is it that Christ receives his kingdom Daniel chapter seven we will read hers mine and ten nine ten thirteen and fourteenth oh four versus were skipping a few anyone okay up in the front and through much of the hill to the thrones were cast down and the ancient of days did sit whose garment was as white as snow the nervous head like pure wool is thrown was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire the fiery stream issued and came forth from before him thousands thousands ministered under him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the books were opened I saw in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days they brought him near before him and there was given him dominion and the glory and the kingdom of all people nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed three much so when is it that Christ receives his kingdom pointed prophecy of Daniel chapter seven it's during the judgment and his judgments if I may throw in the colloquialism more Adventist lingo is investigative judgment the judgment that takes place at the conclusion of the twenty three hundred days we can confirm this we studied in chapter eight again but we can't do that this class previously thought here we see that the seventh trumpet is in essence the beginning of the investigative judgment now to make it abundantly clear let's go back to Revelation Chapter 11 and let's have a volunteer read for the last two verses verses eighteen and nineteen of enormous and the nations were angry in my wrath is come I'm in the time of the dead that they should be judged and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets and to the saints and them that fear thy name small and great and shouldest destroy them which destroy the years and the Chapel of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his sample the archivist testament and there were lightnings invoices and thunderings and an earthquake and great hail okay so verse eighteen is pretty clear what is about to happen instead it's a time of judgment of the dead should be judged and here pretty clearly we see that the judgment begins with those who have passed away already begin to those who have fallen asleep first and just as a reminder I know I spent too much time but just refer you back to the seven seals remember one of the seals there was a cry for judgment there were sold under the altar crying how long before you avenge our blood remember that and in and you remember when we study the seven seals I believe Norman went through that prior to the fifth seal the persecuting power that is slain dogs people is the people and in Revelation are in Daniel chapter seven we see that the judgment comes after the fulfillment of a little more we get the papal power and in damage after eight judgment comes after the little horn second base after it's trampled the Temple under foot by the century underfoot the question is how long up to two thousand three hundred eight in the center shall be clamped to the pattern here is this the papacy has been given twelve hundred and sixty years we see also Revelation Chapter 11 for it to demonstrate what is the natural interests capable outcome if the world or a nation in them in the case of France were to be run under those guiding principles and jumping ahead a look at Revelation thirteen cool is that they give the papal beast the first beast of Revelation thirteen cool gives it its power is the Dragon or Satan SOS is what we have seen through the study of Daniel revelation after we come through all of this now the time to bring some synthesis that the site some of these concepts added God gave the papacy twelve hundred and sixty literally years forty two months three and a half years prophetically whatever he however you want twice to say Satan show us what you've got what will this world be like if we were to run it like you want to run and the natural outcome with the French Revolution and so God says what universe without the invalid move around and everything enough making enough RIS enough with begin adjustment let's wrap this thing up there's no question left in any of the unfallen universes mind that God is indeed right Satan 's government is going to self-destruct and that is the example of what the papacy has demonstrated to all of these prophecies and here we see that judgment is beginning judgment on those who have passed away first in verse nineteen the temple of God was opened in heaven of course just another point we mentioned before book of Revelation the way that we state put a stake in the time frame where we are we are were walking ourselves through the century are executed Jesus will walk you through sanctuary as better way of putting it we began out in the the holy place walking in here after Mister candlesticks Goddess Roundtable showbread Jesus any of the golden altar of incense and now we are in the most holy place and just interesting side note years of the temple of God ought inside the temple of God we see an arc arc of his testament it's not the Ark of the covenant testament this is just the little tidbit it connects us back to the two witnesses in Revelation Chapter 11 who's testifying God is saying my word is sure and the judgment now is beginning because I have said so the art of his testament and many other things if they disappoint well this year Justine 's study we talked about them little but before they were present when Jesus was inaugurated in the most holy place now he goes in the most holy place they also present one hundred forty four thousand are announced four elders are interesting and I believe some very important players in the book of Revelation but not for this study okay so much more in this but we need to move on to chapter twelve okay let's move on chapter twelve were sort of the putting of a period and congenial the question microphone on here on LI I thought that the Testaments and covenant could be synonymous yes yes in Hebrews yet my point is what I mean by was just a small point that the were chosen with testament instead of coming that and it just bring that little connection back so I'm not building a doctor nor anything like that but okay Revelation chapter twelve all right let's get a little overview chapter four on chapter eleven brings to the close of another major division of the book of Revelation we look at the seven truck seven churches seven seals seven trumpets and so now we begin another transition and for me I like to divide chapters twelve thirteen and fourteen into one subdivision if you would chapter twelve is the overview of the entire great controversy particularly dealing with the battle between Satan and God 's church chapter twelve and in a chapter thirteen we see the full fury of the Dragon or Satan putting into effect the final phase of his plan and then in chapter fourteen we see God putting into effect his final plan the final fate of his plan so in chapter twelve we see a woman and the Dragon God 's church and faith in Chapter thirteen we see Satan and his full plan and then in chapter fourteen with you to church and what God 's final plan is for the church Steve you get the outline in your mindset of what how were going about this for Chapter twelve when I can I cover all of the twelve the day of what we are going to do with the slice this chapter into several parts based on time this church what this woman while prophecy is the church you can look in the Ephesians chapter five Isaiah fifty one and several other places George should represent or pure woman represents a pure church and this church in chapter twelve we see her in three phases this is arbitrarily all just name them apostolic time or apostolic church the wilderness church and the remnant church three phases and that's just arbitrary labeling by my part descriptive but here's how you can identify the in chapter twelve we see the church prior to the twelve hundred sixty days we see the church during the twelve sixty days and in the church after the twelve sixty days so that the biblical division before the twelve sixty apostolic church during the twelve sixty wilderness church after the twelve sixty is the remnant church so that's how you go about looking at this and less begin inverse one that will reverse one into let's have a volunteer okay Chris in the back and there appeared a great wonder in heaven woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pain to be delivered okay so we see a great wonder in heaven and it's oh one hello son standing on the moon and on her head a crown of twelve stars let's look at the description one of the principles of the revelation again is at the visual book very visual so you have to use imagination when you say the revelation so here we see a woman clothed with the sun and what does the sun represent a slick and Malachi Malachi chapter four verse two if someone could be done for us well you and he didn't hear my name Sheldon Sun of righteousness arise healing in his wings and ye shall go forth and grow up as CAD the stall that Jesus is represent at the sun of righteousness we can look in on Galatians three and also features for a distributive preferences when you put on Christ or Christ in you the hope of glory you put on Christ he put on his righteousness and so this woman is closed with Christ righteousness and the sun is white light the white linen of Christ righteousness in a way and peace she's also standing on the moon what does that represent most of the Psalms eighty nine Psalm eighty nine will read verse thirty four and verse thirty seven another volunteer okay dear Monda my covenant will I not break not alter the thing that is gone out of my lips and thirty nine thirty seven thirty seven it shall be established for ever as the moon and is a faithful witness in heaven okay so Christ words what comes out of it let's get covenants of the promises we make the people are at the moon shall be established for ever and the moon and as a faithful witness and so this woman is standing on the sure word of God the covenant the thing that which God had established that come out of his lips as he standing on a sure foundation of God 's word and what about the star let's go back to relationship the one crown of twelve stars relationship to one hundred twenty allows okay I'll just read this big we unlock in the front rank via the last moment volunteers the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in my right hand and the seven golden land sand the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the sentiment stamps which you saw are the seven churches revelation with the Angels represent our I did get away what the photographer that there is an angel sorry for the oil it for you but messengers of ministers that's what angels represent if I find a little angel standing over the church with its wings about the ministers to those churches and the twelve Revelation twelve this woman has a crown of twelve stars and some say the God 's church wears jewelry were well we got understand that is not a crown with twelve starts it's a crown of twelve stars she is carrying this symbol of a characteristic of which the church possesses and it's clearly symbolic I'm never seen a woman literally wearing the sun that would be disturbing or woman standing on the moon it's clearly symbolic but at a rate I just thought I'd toss it out there for what it's worth figure twelve starts for twelve leaders twelve ministers of this church and the dream that Joseph had in the book of Genesis he saw eleven stars bowing down to that last remaining star representing himself so the twelve upon or the twelve patriarchs have been represented by twelve start before and then after Christ established his church he picked twelve apostles twelve angels twelve messengers so this church is the Christian church right before Christ is born will see that moment and then afterwards becomes Christchurch after the Christian church after Christ with honor and verse two receipt of this church is travailing to be in birth actually give me several think the notice this woman is dressed with natural light is not artificial it's not world be not man-made it's heavenly and the lights the light of truth is close with divine truth and just as a reference there is another woman the book of Revelation that woman is in Revelation chapter seventeen she's also known at Babylon the mother of harlots and if you go and you look at her description you'll see a striking contrast between the two women and so although this business simply an application is not an interpretation of prophecies of an application which woman do you suppose we as Adventists and Christians ought more to look like the woman of Revelation seventeen checked out in jewels and drinking the blood of martyrs and wearing already in all colorful or we can look more like the woman Revelation twelve something to think about anything about okay so let's go on here and in apostolic church we see that this woman is travailing in birth and pained to be delivered and we will see in a moment this is referring to the birth of Christ or Christ coming to the world in the Jewish era just a little tidbit for those of you who will go and study this more investigative the idea of birth pains and travailing in birth in relation to the end of time because there's going to be another painting in birth and that is a very significant event as well so verse three here and there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his tests and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast into the earth the dragon stood ready before the woman which was ready to be delivered for the devour her child as soon as it was born so the Dragon here well let's just let me just show you quickly verse nine and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan Mister Stevens the whole world so hopefully we disestablish that clearly the drag is Satan the devil okay so when this woman is about to give birth to this man child the Dragon is sitting there ready to devour her child as soon as was born out what Bible story is this talking about what happened when Jesus was born Harriet and what that hairdo kill all the Beatty boys right now now the question then is the Dragon representing Satan himself personally or is it representative of a power that Satan was working through secular you see that in which power wasn't in that case pagan Rome Herod was unrepresentative of pagan Rome and so here the principle okay because some other time in the book of Revelation you're going to come across another beast that looks on awful lot like this one it doesn't look exactly like a very similar to a seven heads and ten horns and it actually possesses many of the same characteristics and what we see in Revelation chapter twelve is that this beast or this Dragon actually represents what ever power that Satan is working through at the present time in history later on in the wilderness era twelve hundred sixty years what power is it that persecutes the church for those common to sixty years papal Rome is no longer pagan Rome taken from his office he appeared able wrong then becomes the Dragon or the Dragon then B represents Satan working through papal rock you see how that one piece although it ultimately seeks in network it also represents the political power through which they can is working out each specific point in history okay this is very important especially I disorders out there I'm not in a debate about it right now when you come to Revelation chapter seventy okay principle to remember so you receive the Dragon he's about to devour the child's and verse five reverse for something else year on his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and the reuses text to prove that he drew one third of the angels right but what the detail represent us is something we should look at Isaiah chapter nine Isaiah chapter nine verse fifteen at seven volunteers or ready Isaiah fifteen or nine verse fifteen but okay the front here is the last of the Lord is close to the land is blind and the People's Soviet school for science no mention of there is nothing nine verse fifteen Isaiah nine the elder and honorable he is the head of the processor teaches lies he is the tale is whether the tale represents profit that teaches lines and it is not exactly happened and in heaven Satan told lies about God and as a result the deception drew a third of the angels but something else that I'll just be honest I don't have a historical truth this is something that offer out there for you to investigate for yourself coming off of the first verse and chapter twelve the twelfth stars represent twelve meters and is it possible perhaps that there were false prophets leading up to the time of Christ but the seed the Jewish leaders said they were not prepared for Jesus to come as well and it's hard to prove that there was one third of the NFL but I believe that is interesting thought okay verse five chapter twelve verse five and she brought forth a man child with a rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and to his throne the rod of iron it brings us back to the idea of in the seven churches Jesus represents himself as a ruling with a rod of iron and he gives that promises over comers as well and also in Psalms he is resurrected whenever you see the broad ruling with a rod of iron it has to do with Keith resurrected now it's a general with the Broadway I want to spend too much time on that she was caught up to God and to throw all right and in verse six and will take upon and the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared of God that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred threescore days so now we transition into the wilderness the church and what we were going to do and I'm going to skip versus seventh diverse thirteen verses seven to verse thirteen is another parenthetical references things we call the back in time we see that we go back to heaven clearly would talk my beeper the church on earth Jesus Licata but they had us overlooking a beer then we shift gears and we look at heaven a look at heaven itself it's a flashback taking a step back into where we have come from but the twelve sixty days the wilderness church is where we are actually going to focus for the remainder of this is not okay quick comment here the corner and you need away for the Mike with Mike okay okay and the church here in the wilderness were not connected quite as far as I would like but it's okay I'll just end on a few notes regarding the wilderness verse six and number thirteen emperors fourteen are repetition they say the same thing to remember security lithic member thirteen and forty and when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man shot into the woman were given to win the great English to the wilderness into a place where she is nourished for a time and times and half the time the face of the serpent so what is going on during this twelve hundred sixty year or maybe I should put it this way the description of this twelve sixty with a three and a half year period for this wilderness church is very similar story to what other Bible character okay someone went to hiding in the wilderness hit for three and half years was nourished by God exactly Elijah and at the conclusion of the three dear you came out of his hiding and he gave belied the methods and Amalekites at the fourth of five and six is a prophecy that said he will come again before the great and dreadful day of the Lord and so here we see that during the twelve and a sixty days God is preparing you like it for his final mission and how this got prepare him he prepares don't understand that the woman by nourishing him and what kind of food is wilderness food in the manner and how do we know that in the seven churches perkiness if the church right before five high rough which happens also talk to a space in which Jezebel given to repent S3 half years right before the three and half years of Bible prophecy God promises department is faithful I will feed you with hit in the man so for those twelve and a sixty years in the wilderness God is preparing his church with Amanda message and the man was given in Exodus chapter sixteen believe to teach obedience to the sap Sabbath was the nourishment for the preparation of final light emission and we need to close so I better out better wrap up but next week will finish up to twelve and will close with a prayer I have enough time to have prayer with our heads father we are thankful that you have given us such a clear delineation of events at throughout history so we can have no question where we are interested I will read as we continue to study this this evening with us in the next hour now you say she


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