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The Beehive

David Ng Robbie Berry



  • July 12, 2008
    5:30 PM
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I hope you're not too tired and hope you will be able to bear with us as we go through this loss session I know Peter has spent a lot of time this morning as well as this afternoon talking about then and showing from the Bible about evangelism about the need for unity but what we like to do now is are little but a little flesh around that and give you a bit of testimony and that's how you lived about what we've been doing in now Virginia would be working with the church chapeau cup of Culpepper my brother and I it's it's not exactly an ideal and a projected something that we were doing before we joined IU and are the beginning of this year but it's itself a model that we would like to emulate to other churches and this can be part of a program 's iron is not just get it consists of a training training school but we like to be able to sue place our students often that out in the field and to be able to work with the churches and have long-term relationships with the churches and so we believe that this is other piece of of work that we are starting up is just as important so please join me as I tell you little bit about Culpepper Culpepper I started I came to US last year at the beginning of two thousand seven and this is not the type for me to share with you my testimony but basically I'd left my workplace was running a software business out in the Asia Malaysia Thailand as well as Australia and a my wife and I decided that we wanted to serve the Lord full-time ministry so we came over and we started out in in Culpepper we are starting their box of my brother came to help me settle in and the first sample will begin her two thousand seven he preached a seven add a income of the church and this is a country church is about forty members at that time and he came and preached a sermon there was really no young adults at the time but it just so happened that Sabbath 's your young people came and and the creature to the seminar and sacrifice he made an appeal and they decided that they wanted to recommit their lives alone and my brother ostomy to stop Bible studies with them and that was the beginning of our story and basically what we did was we formed a small group my brother and I we come from Australia and so we been involved in small group ministry on and off for about ten years in fact the church will looking all grew up in over there has gone on supply to other churches in the last six years and is planning their trip the church funds called Gateway three next next euro so I believe so they'd have thought we we come from a church with a lot of experience in and a lot of appreciation for this this tool called small group ministry and so we started this for small group the little blurry because I use my cell phone at the time to take a picture but we set off thereabouts one two three four five six seven eight nine about nine people and it was basically those two boys these in the middle there their names are Drew and Thomas and we started with a small group of father came along and from there over the course of that time to brother cousin the guy tried to the karate kick that's that's her cousin and slowly the group began to grow and so we were just focusing on small group Bible study trying to implement slowly the things that we had learned some experience in Australia by about April of two thousand seven we decided that we would have us attend so that your family of the people in the smokers could invite their friends and that we had about some all up almost twenty people for that can so that was office outreach can only call outreach camp in the theme was my God is real we celebrated birthdays together we also given a health outreach by the middle of the year as well and one of the church members House she invited friends over and she was summarily well-connected and community so it is argued to some health outreach we get a Mother's Day program and the same group of people that the that we decided the small groups work they also help out in the kitchen and we prepared this program for the mothers and that we invited mothers from the community as well this is one of this love by about June July we split into two small groups so we had one small group meeting in fact we had moved out of the church what will you sign up for this picture was the church we move out of the church and moved into one of the guys houses comments at the meeting in his house in the Culpepper and that will beginning the meets also in another church member 's house in not Madison and later on we moved to Orange which is where Robbie is from and you be sharing little bit about that Samantha Logos by this time he had about ten people as you can see that also people in the group in Culpepper in the group in Madison we also had about between six to eight people so they grown to about eighteen people by the time then began the summer and we spent about ten weeks unfortunately pictures but we did about ten weeks of call ordering some books we decided we'd try something different as well we sold vegetables we had we had a organic bomb at the school so we took the vegetables we went out and tried to sell guys on the leader not so the community respond really well to that and we were able to use that suit share within the health message as well and we did Bible book by the end of the summer we had about a hundred and fifty contacts both in Bible as well as health and by November sorry by September we decided that we would do another outreach can we wanted Sue we had new members in an again we wanted to build more relationships else hope more about the principles behind what we're doing later on but we had a second hours chemist will reach for life again we had about twenty or so people for that by November then had already joined us in the summer a brother and he preached our prophecy summer I was in November at that time we were told that the know a lot of people had come and preach in Culpepper and not a lot of people had come in fact there was one where they had publicized four months over television newspaper and and things like that and on the about ten people came the price a lot for this prophecy seminar we went out that we any printed about four thousand cards but we believe in personal touch so we went out and handed out each one of these cards rather than a typically what most churches today which is male it we went out and gave it personally and spoke to the people as much as we could and we had about fifty people per night averaging about fifteen nonevents so been preached out and was a ten day prophecy seminar weight what we wanted to do was test the waters to see how the community would would respond then they suddenly responded favorably again out of the these meetings we had more contacts and we continue to look with them we had about four people doing Bible studies and as well is very strict member so form part-time Bible appears as well as church members working together for the next five months or so we continue to do Bible studies continue to do door-to-door and as well as by the doctrinal Bible studies in the homes and why may we had a public evangelism and we had a real tough time finding location so in the end we decided that we would have a tense right next to the church and so we put a tenth of the churches in fact on one of the highways and so is very visible and a lot of people saw the sign and we did quit quite a number of people walking as a result as you mentioned it was about four weeks twenty days and we had summary from Zimbabwe his name is Rodney Millon and he preached a really powerful series and at the end of it this is the evangelism in the fence of the Bible look as of the part-time Bible look is also filmed that we also recorded it and so every night off the recording it we would provide the CDs on the night before and the people labeled by then distribute that to their friends as well as so we continue to use a the handouts door to door by the end of it so we had seventeen baptisms and re- baptisms so we praise the Lord for that send in the last five years I believe the number of baptisms have been I think a total of three and so for this church it was a real you know it's a real powerful experience basically grew the church almost fifty percent and the church attendance is done because family members a beginning being bring their own enough family members and and it's been a real powerful journey for all of us I have been involved one of the people who got baptized as you mentioned was is our friend Ravi Barry and we met him last year around September sorry July around July and we started studying with them and his attaches sorry with you a little bit and then I went to come back and share with you a few the principles that so we put together and do a little bit about the program that so we would like to implement for churches who are interested and so I'll classified over to rubbing good evening at the center rather be here in Southern California really beautiful here and David asked me to share with you guys about my testimony as your radon new to the Adventist faith button on my Kristin expense started in nineteen ninety eight in Charlottesville Virginia as I attended a nondenominational church is a charismatic church and was baptized into Christ community in nineteen ninety nine the year after us started attending the church in a few years went by and I moved to orange county about thirty minutes forty five minutes away from Charlottesville to start a new business and that's where I started my business hair expressions and started at the then Christ community Church this was a church plant from Christ community Church of those that that turns I think in an effort about here two years and I really didn't know that I was growing a learning anything in the church plus I have a lot of questions I hadn't got answered some of the questions was about revelations when I was in time for its community in Charlottesville we never really preached on revelations and the time and I often wondered but I never asked questions and limited orange is a smaller church that felt little more comfortable approaching the passive and that the church would not touch on these issues they said these issues dividing the church and the issues was not salvation on and I kind of this agreement I just I didn't really argue the point the beginning of two thousand and seven the early part of the year mark the start and I pray and to God I'm really wanted to know the Bible more and I just just ask God to reveal himself to me make itself real and I didn't know exactly how God worked at that time but it wasn't until a client had invited me to a CareGroup she came him regularly partners signs and who do her hair and she invited me to the full character thing I do know exactly what it was which I know the Bible that if I do this with the Seventh-day Adventist I need that they went to church on Saturday and I went on Sunday so so I went to take care group on Friday evening they pick me up after they come and pick me up at six yes sure and we got there the person that a lot of people likely to amount age group which was really nice Québec Canada like a fit in we got family beforehand for the Bible city we had nailed together as a vegetarian meal of a lot of different foods eleven exposed to the and then afterwards we had about to say that lasted for about an hour then on giant drapey and baptized with the water and the spirit and we sang beforehand before we started stunningly sung scriptures sounds from the Bible which is really exciting for me I really cannot previous church I really love worship and I've never seen people take Scripture Scriptures Alabama tournament said those really exciting for me but the whole Bible seems different from this I will say that we had in our and our church Sunday church every answer we got from the every answer that e-mail we got from the Bible and it wasn't just a conversation of what I think and what someone else and I had bad as I send there the hotel is that while this is really exciting this is really what I'm looking for and then at the end of the evening on average then I just think about think of it a felony common inviting me the I decided then that in this lab really want to know the Bible more and he said what we had to get together studies on time as I don't story in a two exchange said information that evening and I didn't call him back I waited for him to call me an economy when he known the phone and asked me when we get together and study the Bible together I took him up on the software so sorry I'm doing on personal Bible studies within the fleet they can everyone even when studying the Bible and everything again we got all answers again from the Bible but I had some main concerns that I went on and questions I like to get answered and they were about the book of revelations that this antichrist was and what is the market base and Finland Finland shared information with me at first but it's a it's a couple of the study came we finally got that but we started off on the purpose of God in creation and just basic things about creation I went back to my old charts upset and said in a wet with deathly a couple weeks and going to be care groups is really excited about what had been learning fansites Shandwick people in a Sunday church and no one really responded with a negative way until we get to the study about the sad and I will a scheduled work was Monday through Saturday close on Sunday the twentieth of without it were sent only after the Sabbath issue and it wasn't a big yell for me I just really didn't see that it was a foundational issue but David had shared with me and then shared with me at John fourteen fifteen if you let me keep my commandments and that this really hit home back to my pacifists was asking him questions regarding the sad and misses it's not a big issue whatever date you want to take or set is your preference you just take one day at five that not what the Bible said and I is just not real clear with the unit so one Saturday evening a friend from the CareGroup dropped some villas they drop I wanted to hang out and we started studying we got on the topic of the Bible we started looking at the Bible and at the time I was reading on setting up an IV and they were studying the KJ V and they asked me to turn to certain verses in the Bible and in my Bible verses with their they were missing and I think this troubled me said he has been turned for another tax front another text that verse was missing out on this really bothered me when they left that evening I went called my pastor has found that his wife on the phone and I have to speak to him and we're talking about the NIV Bible Mounties versus was not in their and he went on to share with me they were in the footnote and he was right they were the finance and my big issue of the organ of the in the text they should be where they should be not at the bottom of the page in the fine print we know we all know what the fine print in the means we never read it the Summit Avenue and surpasses half-million and and book and notes left with me the great controversy and I just laid it all out my main concern while at Disney's versus where they should've been an alloy then one of the sad and the pastor led me to believe that Matt had been his friends it showed me they were late they were group the legalistic people and and they were they had cultlike tended so this kind of bother me but at the same time I been setting with time been asleep for a while and been going to care groups and everything had been learning and studying from was from the Bible and I couldn't really argue with that because it was written and everything that my pastor had coming it's what he thought or what another theologian so and then the teachings in our church in Oxford think about the teachings and to think that the learned much because of what happened really like the whole lot in the church and our church really is an grounded in the Bible like what I've been learning from the character friends and I didn't know what was going on and administered by the defendant administered second the weather compared to the new what we were learning in the CareGroup was from the Bible and has written beginning to really learn more about the Bible and start ahead and more questions and so on when the pastor told me that the madness friends that was hanging out with were legalistic and it was a cultlike tendencies I said well I just found this out for myself in our living villages listen to what one person said as while figured out for myself and found that this let me know on this last chapter setting the seventh message within I like to follow Christ all the way but Saturday was when the busiest days in the left side of the created another obstacle for me I would have to shut down on Saturday and I know if I should do that and not because I wasn't sure that I would still be successful and the people took continue to come to and and about how many people I would lose if I knew I would lose clients because Saturday was our busiest day but I kept down being reminded of the the burst of John fourteen fifteen is kept on ringing back and ahead and one Friday night a CareGroup David and I talked about it again it's sure that person with me again he just said but what is this that and the fight for that evening I went to bed thinking about the fact that woke up in the middle of the night around two thirty five still troubled by this this whole message and seven o'clock came alarm clock went off the message in the hip with the saddle again I was troubled by this I really didn't have any peace about it and thought it was going crazy and now I said Lord you know that if this is really important and if this is really sad all day Hebrews eleven six thousand we must have faith in order to please God and that indeed it comes to God must have faith so I said I'll have faith on distrust and in an and I just pray to the Lord if this isn't Ron's Thursday the is privately new somewhere else and I wouldn't would not learn anything and by God 's grace akin to that in his church and I've learned so much within a year it's amazing you know God is really at work but there was safe there was Saturday's that struggled with holds that the issue it was an easy that would work you know it works them then I go to church unanimous really not enough how the transition in hauling line but found dead in our assorted ultimate business on Sunday from one to five another sexy huge lesson I wish I had done it earlier it actually added an eight day in the week somewhere and that would work on ninety six Monday through Friday and ninety three on Saturdays being closed on Saturday and opening on Sunday Sunday gave me a day to work out in the yard between the look up until time to go to work and then in the evening had I got off the father had the whole evening to do whatever I wanted today so felt like I had an extra day talk a little slack when I took a lot of flack from some of my clients do I was doing what I was doing when I told them how this can be closing on Saturday and hoping on Sunday and everybody looked at me like I was crazy and then went are you doing S&S and went on to tell them I was done and host us are going to church on Saturday and that ends can be opening on Sunday even the girl that worked for me on Heather she thought I was crazy she would go on to make appointments and she wouldn't tell the people who love rabbits can be closed on Saturday and open on Sunday and she's rolling her eyes and the customers a role in their eyes I like how is this going to work in the side we had to win her over so when I get baptized to get baptized to the server and are now go to church on Saturday and we both observed and sent God works when I started going to the Adventist church there was other issues that was concerned about to liking from a church we had enough it was the charismatic church so we had guitars drums and bass guitars scanners you name it we had an some funny things like a rock 'n roll concert but when I came to the Adventist church we had hands now site while I'm really not sure home to elected but I continue to come because I enjoyed that the friends I met from the category for the disk that's what kept him draw me back eventually the friends and I enjoyed the company of everybody and I got to the church and started sending I noticed there was something different about that in his church everyone in the church was warm and friendly you have the light of the small country church and the like I was part of the family I felt like I known these people for years and I've only known him a couple months I got to attend I got to attend one of the Angela six series of day dad and we went out beforehand like Davidson we headed out on postcards and personally invited of it I was really difficult for me at first because of really don't like to snack on people 's doors and tell them about Jesus and other benefits natives are so many get out of the doors that but it was really good that when I started attending the the Crusade SI Lattimore this is really and then with filters for me was when been preached on on somewhere in revelations this has come out of her my people and it is really just set up a really the light went off in my head was at least attending camp meetings camping trips then we had devotions and Bible study that I got to see the people in Adventist church and in a different light yet but going camping with them hanging out going shopping reprint one of the godly person and sleep actually the care group action and output versus shop a few times to help me in a lipid that vegetarian thing I'm still working on that back to these people about different light these people were real people who love Jesus just like that and all that stuff that people says was not current is my prayer that other people would be somewhat small opening to the truth after setting the year but then I decided that I wanted to recommit my life to the Lord and get rebaptized and had been a stay at the evangelistic series and they just went out for a month and when I decided to do this I started having some issues there were really strange a site be important down at night I couldn't sleep his father made him when I would go to the meetings of the misspelling of them have a nervous breakdown or out of heaven inside I went to these meetings and I was really troubled as I know why to get up I didn't know exactly what was going on and on mine even the gag so think of not going through with it at all it was like as a struggle and I felt that there was a war going on in my mind that some items being torn to but again not to surrender that Dan and after getting baptized immediately they fill in flux and I just know it was another Satan he didn't want me to go through with it and so since my baptism have a strong desire now to serve God more a lot to learn even more and help our church growth is a really believe that experts that inserts had hoped for and I really believe in the day this is God they charge is my prayer to lead others to Christ and help change lives for eternity we went on started to jump out of studies the mouse line and we got around eight or nine people and some experience in their terahertz for the first time I started to help with the caregivers and family family the characters which is really nice I want people to express the same thing I expand because it are so many people who are out there for a while and and that don't know the truth and they don't know their lost and it's our job as Christians to point and back to the line at this praise God forgive me this chance to serve him and could be made with the knowledge of knowing this truth and I'm really reminded that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life what you said earlier there's a lot of people out there who are lost and they don't know their loss and then they don't know the truth and how Christ that that they may have eternal life and I really believe if we implement the character 's inference ship evangelism in our own lives and indirect churches when we network with our family and our friends and coworkers and our neighbors will see life being transformed by the love of Christ God has called us to be faithful and to love our neighbors and I'm constantly reminded of the story in John twenty one sixteen for Christ fifteen Massey he says that three times and the dark side of Peterson says lowered down those that I love the price until him feed my sheep God wants us to reach out to think we did she she I really believe that Jesus has long suffered enough and he wants to come back again when you agree that I if we will reach out the feedback seat are lifelong to be transformed we raise out today integrated evangelism to win souls into the kingdom estimates our seven leave you guys with today is that you guys would reach out and we don't have to be we don't have to know a whole lot only thing we have to do is open up our lives in the open of our homes and time to give of our time and if we give up our time you will really be blessed and others of the last and endlessly great things happen within the church thank you guys thanks Charlie to use another event I wanted to share his experience and the reason why is some so that we can see the struggle that goes through an unbelievers line or a person of a different denomination 's mind when they come to church there's a lot of struggling to serve as a lot of difficulties that they have to do possible and they come to church a minute like your service they may not like you have a lack of instruments the middle like a lot of things but the reason that keeps them is a friendship and so our houses like Robbie second-home advertisements and he's out almost every other night then that he spends dinner with us and so do a lot of the other people who come to our small groups basically integrated evangelism is about integrating everyone into your life and is what Robbie has done even before you got baptized he was bringing people almost every month new people into the church and bringing them along because he was excited about the mess since but also he wanted people to meet his friends and so those in business integration happening right in this along as he mentioned today we have about nine Bible studies difference each one of us that takes a couple and in fact Robbie has started to do Bible studies together with us with a couple of them and so he's learning how to give Bible studies together with us and so is Heather is is is some colleague she also comes in small groups and she told for the first time two weeks ago I believe and so basically we have this this constant flow of people coming in and which trying to mentor them were trying to study with them and it would try to bring them on Bible studies and eventually they are doing a Bible studies so there's this constant flow of this is is you what what we've done is try to set up the structure where people at different stages have something to do even if there are an unbeliever all or a person of a different denomination so basically I just wanted to spend a little bit of time share with you some of the principles before we end but just a tap we had about forty to fifty basically members at Culpepper not really any non- SCA 's and no local young adults I would say but by two thousand eight we had two small groups we haven't young adult class because we have a new group of young adults we had about fifteen non- Adventist attending regularly and we had seventeen baptisms and re- baptisms in not make two thousand eight and at the end of two thousand seven had a marriage and this year with having another marriage as well in fact of the two boys a Cayman Thomas he just got married at the end of last year Drew is getting married this year and sewer helping them with that the beef since when do we get this name the beehive suds before we get there I just want to read you a quotation comes from testimonies volume six it says a well organized look must be done in the church that its members may understand how to impart the light to others and thus strengthen their own faith and increase their knowledge as a part that which they have received from God they will be confirmed in the faith a working church is a living church keywords well the nice we need to organize our evangelism we need to organize the ministries we need to organize our departments organization is very important in our ministry in church and when we got this inspiration for the name of beehive church since the light says will have a multifaceted program for reaching the community and she goes on to list some of the things that this church did which she calls a beehive church she says zero is the beehive in San Francisco has been indeed a busy one and she goes on to list some of the things she said they were visiting the sick to finding homes for all things three work for the unemployed nursing the sick for five teaching the truth from house to house six a distributing literature seven conducting classes on healthful living and the care of the six six eight school for the children has been conducted nine treatment rooms connected with a sanitarium ten at health food store eleven of vegetarian café twelve meetings in large holes PC the number of different things that this beehive church was doing in that time and that's really inspired us at INR especially with the frontline was that we wanted to want to be able to prepare young people and nobody prepared them but then connect them with churches who want disorder program and so I own a mission our mission is signed such as in the multifaceted beehives integrated evangelism and so as of two thousand eight were really going from just unnoticed the Bible and health research school but to a frontline church revival ministry want to be able to go out there on the front lines by helping churches implement at least three things and these three things are evangelism funnel small groups as well as once one Bible studies as has been a little bit of time just talking about each one of these evangelism funnel we call this a framework basically what Peter Shedd with you you can see in this type of final it's it's really going through sewing cultivating and harvesting and so what we want to help churches realize is that in the selling pot we call these inputs all these events are really for you to connect with people the first time noncommittal events where you can meet people but they never have to come again if they don't want to know for example outreach ten or call quartering meeting them at the doors of our health seminar if they don't want to come you should say never have to but it's a place where you can meet people for the first time we call these no really if you acquaintances or or ill surface relationships that you can build in these type of of events then we funnel them into small groups and it's in small group so we surround these people with a group of friends even before they come to church because some of them may not want to come to church but are willing to come the house to have a meal going to come the house to have a Bible study but it only be an Adventist yet within small groups you surround them with friends and as you bring them into church for the first time it's a high risk event because they may meet the wrong person while they may meet an overzealous person I may tell them you know what you need to know who the anticrisis you know what you need to know who the market to be says let me tell you and it's getting so much a male come back again and spots a bit come to church and summary has done that but there surrounded with a group of friends that they build relationships with other than that they know are real it helps to keep them in church and so the small groups is is we see this as as a missing component in a lot of churches today that can fulfill this role of cultivating people with friendships before becoming a church for the first time and then in the small groups to ask questions they get interested they get ripped they get convicted and you stop once one Bible studies each of these areas allow us to train our young people they provide more opportunities because we have some more small groups in a vest was on Friday night if everyone comes together you can only have one speaker but if I have four oh five small groups on Friday nights I can have four of five speakers with assistant speakers and so you get this multiple opportunities for our young people to develop themselves and you find that a church with small groups is able to develop more leaders because of this thing and then officer and by the time we come to the hobbits of public evangelism as Peter mentioned it has been nine to twelve months of groundwork but a person may not get baptized even in that one year they make six two oh three years and if you don't if you finish your Bible studies your yo-yo one your Bible studies what you do with the guy you know he him you have nothing to do with them and he may drift back out of your office relationship and this is work against small groups plays a part in holding them and in keeping that friendship going and hopefully continue to share within different Bible sort Reese know will eventually touch a hot business motives again helps us to keep people even if they don't go through with the hobbits or the public evangelism we bring in the public evangelists he does the harvest evangelism we know that at that point who we've been studying with for nine to twelve months and we know roughly cruise and get back types as well we know roughly cruise at least ready or or express a desire to and so public evangelism is not a hit and miss for us you know we of course the Lord always surprises and we always have surprises but so we have a good idea of who is ready as well out of the public evangelism starts the next phase what we call training when nurturing and this is what a lot of are baptized members who've recently been baptized have moved into they started to do one-to-one Bible studies Thomas is now doing Bible studies out with us Robbie has started Heather has also started so older people can't baptize there was some that didn't go through all the studies so were going back through the rest of the studies with them but there was some that have gone through the complete studies and a ready to go out and start giving Bible studies so we set up this this whole structure of discipleship and mentor ship to continue to follow up with these people and how do we follow we get them involved in the work so the purpose of this evangelism final going from surface relationships all the way to a one-to-one relationship whether in every pot almost of your life like Robbie mentioned you we go shopping together we hang out together you're almost every other day were seeing each other and as a result he's willing to bring his friends in to meet us because were so tight and so it's about streamlining relationships is understanding that the new each event what type of relationships how you hoping to build out of it if a first timer comes near you know that you really owning an appeal the surface relationship and so you need to continue to have these type of move them into the next phase like small groups surrounding unbelievers with a group of Adventist friends before they even get the church build a sense of family and a lot of us we come to church and really that's yummy time that we spend with one another but if we TV united as Peter mentioned this money would soon have one accord if you want to have a strong family this United what you have to do is to spend time together I even you notice each other as much as you can imagine if you give them the father what's all all day in the mother decides to do her own activity and the children all do their own activity was to be accomplished they may all be good things but because you can spend time together interview week family and likewise it is in our church today you know we we do good things we all did different ministries we all have different types of work that we all want to do sometimes found personal preference but we don't spend enough time together and not only do we not spend enough time together we don't we are able to bring our friends to spend enough time together with everybody else and so I think as a church it's good to have ministries going to make sure that we integrate these ministries so that if you're doing something I'll try not to do something that conflicts with you in that time slot so that I can bring all my friends there and know when you do something else over there I can put all my friends over there because it is important for us to mingle and when you look at that moment lastly instructed evangelism every year what we've done in this last one and half years for Culpepper is build a patent that didn't repeat every single year he also no matter who comes into to the church board and no matter who gets nominated it's not been a be a whole new trial and air experience got something there that looks in which is to build upon it and the reuse and every year as you can see in the active project is not a lot you need to do to have a successful house you keep it simple keep your your your yearly calendar as simple as possible so that you people who come into new roles can repeat the same thing keep it simple small groups as I mentioned its units weekly cadence became a with acronym it stands for Christ attitude reflected in everyone social care sense for the basically it's a small group we see them as evangelism units which are well integrated into the church evangelism funnel and accountable to the church board that's important yet it's it's important that if we saw small groups in the church the leaders know that they are accountable to the church so that nobody goes often just stopped doing their own thing teaching their own thing the materials that we teach we produce and we review and all the leaders followed they get a choice of different series but they follow a series that we have reviewed and approved on so that's important as well as well structured and it's basically a network for caring discipling accountability and leadership development so I play a very important role in the public the church lastly once a one I believe that you this is probably the most important aspect of what we've done and together with the church members getting everyone involved in once one Bible study want to read you some quotations just to stress how important personal look it's since White says in acts of the apostles that if one entering upon this look okay not me the service but quite as easily apply to ourselves chooses than these self-sacrificing pot contenting himself with preaching and leaving the local personal ministry for someone else his labors will not be acceptable to God personal ministry personal look I believe God you know he in from this quotation puts in a box preaching and for those of us who like to preach that the good thing but make sure you do the personal look and make sure the church as a whole lens to do personal work set up a whole structure that facilitates and supports that again and not ministry of healing system lysis Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he show his sympathy for the minister to the needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me very famous quotation sure you guys all know it another one she says that this was quite method allows to soften middle his work was largely made up of personal interviews he had a faithful regard for the one sole audience and through that once sold the message was often extended to thousands usually with today we go the other way around doing the go for the thousands and then hopefully somewhere along the way we'll reach the one but really what Jesus said if you went for the one in order to reach a thousand found that in Outlook as well Robbie we spoke report all of our time into working with Robbie and teaching him as much as we could and sharing our lives with them and as a result is brought ten fifteen people into the church in the last one year and so this looks lastly desire of ages social power sanctified by the grace of Christ must be improved in winning souls and when the when I first came to the church outside of the leaving it for a few years but I think the notice from going to Sunday churches and then coming to this back to our administration was that you administer me have a tough time socializing and we're really not that good at socializing wheat we need to improve a social skills I believe that quotation is there for a reason am misunderstood you going us on the church if you are new person especially some of the Pentecostal churches you have at least eight to ten people ask you for your name your number in your address and what you do before you leave church we can come and administer since the day sit at the back and leave without ever talking anybody I know we can come the next week and they may also name and then ten weeks later they're still asking our name on social power we really need to improve that in a church with a finished work I believe conclusion I just want to leave you with this last quotation system what says the Lord Jesus desires the members of his church to be an army of workers laboring for him according to their varied capabilities and carrying out the principles of self-denial and self sacrifice preserving that love for God which drew them away from the will and which will draw them together away from separate confederacies from distant this distant detached parties the work is to be one grand harmonious whole in Christ Jesus the faith that was my love and purifies the soul is a holy uplifting sanctifying agency which is to soften and subdue jarring human nature the love of Christ is to constrain the believers causing them to blend in harmonious action in the cross of Calvary as they live the principles we separated them from the world they will be bound to one another by the sick records of Christian love was a principle here as I said going church today we can do a lot of good things but even with the good things that we do they could be separate parties distant parties because we don't looking together as if we were as accepted to shows us accept wanted to show the the will could be finished today our Adventist churches which too busy doing too many things trying to an end competing for time that an unbeliever doesn't even know which one to go to any window which program to go to because is like five or six or ten programs going on in the church at the same time and I seen that if the church the leadership come together and streamlined activities that they have I just keep it simple will be much more effective at winning souls and will be able to bring our friends from place to place meeting the same people at the same time so that we can all work together and be united and so that's is my prayer that's my burden and as such how is that that's the one to take up in Iota as we going to look with the churches we will be able to work with the church keep things simple and to follow the old ways of the old cause what is already being shown us much or try to with too many different things and will find that the churches will grow and in the community will know about us so at this time the this is my my last life which wanted to open it up to the floor if that's okay if if any but he has any questions for myself of raw being about his testimony are even not Peter we can open that up that that this time on his any questions or comments of votes I was curious about the Bible studies the redoing your care groups where they sort of pre- organized for topic and content or was it just sort of a free-for-all replica for stimulants of field guns we have a lot of ground rules side this is really just an introduction on small groups but so there's a lot of principles ground rules that we put together but one of the ground rules is we do not too doctrinal studies in our small Bible studies it is you never know who could walk up the street into your study and so we try to make them generic topics possible topics or looking at a book for example and that there are studies that we create so we writes every single week people within Iona Peter writes some some then write some I write some and would agree more people to continue to write the series so we have a series called encounters with Christ so we look at the different individual encounters that Christ had and how he won their soul and we also try to with a snap between ten to fifteen questions for each study that we write send that we printed out and each person in the group reads the question reads the Bible text and tries on so from the Bible texts so in doing that we are teaching them also how to do observation interpretation application thinking on four new people that are coming to your church to carry Sabbath do you have a group that they go to where they can ask questions our meet with someone like new believers group or something like that we haven't thought we don't have right now in Australia we do have a separate class of it's it's more due to sue resource constraints but saw the way we get around that is when we do have new people come we generally put them into the small groups for us I said except under the small groups and were able to address a lot of questions in that and then move straights who wants one Bible study at the same time so within our Bible studies of the Sabbath school time of the young adults we have a class where it's discussion base then we study the Bible together I would be using the peters us have a school common tree that we post up as well to help with that question this is Robbie I wonder who were invited into the care group was because I'm trying to reach out to my hairdresser after hearing their already know who invited into the character Helen her name was Helen Sindelar Jesus had invited me just to come to the Bible study yes she was a client and actually a number of analysts who have been cutting their hair at his place for a number of years so one of them us and any other questions if the I understand that there are many ground words that needs to be done in the in a starting up a new one but I'm more geared towards how do you actually get people into the CareGroup will or what was like Robbie was the first thing that that person did to Robby that interest them to come to the Bible studies are to the CareGroup okay our small groups are usually on Friday nights but we do have them on other days and always in the homes so it was only the beginning we sought in the church because so none of the members the church members were comfortable at that point to have it in their home but we quickly after a month or so transitioned to the home so when you have in the homes is a lot easier to invite people to your home because we have a meal as well together and so you can invite them insanely have a small Bible study group usually hopefully Outlook very been discussing or dialoguing with them about the Bible more and they know that your Christian and so you bike them see the small groups and Gisele you come over to my place or my friends place we have friends to get together and we eat together and we haven't small group if they're not comfortable then usually what you will do is wait for the small groups organize a social so would have a cookout next Sunday you want to come along meet some friends and through meeting these friends they will all take turns asking him to come to small groups and so that's normally how it's done friendship evangelism yes I have a question for Rob you how to do that how did the changing from Sabbath to Sunday for your business I mean how is the Lord blessed your business business and I say probably doing about the same amount of business on Sunday as I was doing on Saturday but right now am working less hours at any other questions at the front here in another question is are there any and by the cities that you can recommend an necessary be prepared that we we can use out we had we've written a set of Bible studies series and it was written from the standpoint or because of my experience in Asia where I found that some anomaly with a Bible study series of you have nowadays on the car once a style with the ability of the Bible but when you talk to Buddhists he really doesn't care about the validity of Bible is more interest about how the world began or you'll who is God over and what's what what's the recent stories so we stopped from purpose of God in the creation of man and look at the creation story and for the next five or so studies week we go through the salvation story and so we written those studies currently pewter and then are a reviewing those and that we hope to be able to release him but if you want to have a copyright now the kind of roar because were putting in the teacher 's guide and rolls in and be recording those as well to show you how we would teach it to help us train by workers as well so if you want those please e-mail you can e-mail me or him a few grab a newsletter it has our e-mail their seeking e-mail us for that but other than that there's lots of Bible study series out there amazing facts you have a series I think there's a couple more Suzette 's escape my memory but none show that site even though the leaders that will probably have some series they could recommend as well at the back there was a question was no okay bouquets any other questions otherwise will wrap up well okay I've got a barber advanced user could devout Sunni Muslim I think we struck up really good conversation so you do about it I think the DME suggestions on maybe what I could do do to reach somebody of that type so you said you have a father Barbara Galilei yelled at hairdressers and everything is mostly of wealth basically that the way we approach every single contact is to make a friend of you know you may you just got to wait for those those moments where the Holy Spirit impresses you but don't force it and so if you don't force it and yearly option that you have is to cut you keep in your life is make a friend on and not only make a friend on introducing them to all your other friends I noticed that you as an avid ascent from the proposal experience we have different compartments of friends it would with other friends and become the Sabbath with the friends that we go to work with regard to school a childhood friends and we never really makes them but saw integrated event is the most small group is about mixing all of these groups and when you do that one reaches city of and so what you really want to do is make a friend out of them but also introduce them to all your friends as it may be strange for you to ask or uncertainty a question but somebody else may be able to connect with them hi Vanessa really what we do of watches in Melbourne which is basically a holy run on small groups when you come to church on Sabbath morning if we have a new visitor one of the leaders will approach them the awesome weather from what their background this and they will immediately know within the church who they should connect them with and so they will bring them to another small group leader who may have a similar experience of them are who may have a Buddhist background and being converted from Buddhism or other other religions and connect them and surround them with friends and so those soda processes are what we what we apply in industrially yes so oh when you first talk to a person do you make it obvious that gay you have for gender to us to show that you are a share within your Christian ways or can you give an example of how do you presented it to make a friend that I am going from bad to the neck that it's not difficult for me I really don't know what to say the Canadian example of and well see St. Vincent 's funny there is and this is where the church needs to get involved you can have events that will help church members make better friends and introduce them to you other friends and so we need to create these opportunities and and this is where socials are important creating social events having dinners at your house inviting other church members to come to your house as well just a fellowship not for purpose although you do have in the back of your mind that you have an angle but such as the Fellowship to get together and though we do this all the time of you know we bring friends send and as a result of these regular sometimes rubbing the side seal I would have a cookout at my place right like it might be using a small community but when you leave versus in Orange County where of the parties is their number he wants to take time the size from the schedule I I really not that funny I wonder what I have and I had to do that I really don't know what to know what to say to the everyone seems to be established on their lead singer one a year anything out so you is you and you have time to organize dinners I personally probably shouldn't have even one bedroom apartment and barely have any furniture I I decided to simplify my life and the iPod have much lower place that I can really do that I will I would suggest trying organize dinners but aside from that of weed you meet people in events like health events of your other such events are organized but it's all integrated so even at the health events we will have our small group leaders to you don't sue to connect with them and so if you have having difficulty to reach out to your friends possibly talk with your other friends and seed you can come up with some social events if not social events come to the church leaders and get them to organize something that you think your friends would be interested like a help for Ora seminar in sorry yes while I have an idea because I live in an area that doesn't have bad Dennis and Palm when the opportunity arises like they know I don't go to Saturday swimming class saw so why go to church on Saturday are in this law someone was asking me about this style of eating IE because they notice that I didn't eat anything made of meat when we went to the cafeteria or something inside just let them know and then you just your their friends and then the questions start to come really curious things and so we can be I do water aerobics were in the pool with hard dumbbells doing stuff and they'll ask me a question well what would Venice believe and now other people I completely like Heather 's former policeman who's in the pool and he'll say how I don't even believe in God and so then I'll just say well maybe someday you're never be surprised an ecologist talk to them as a friend and the questions come in the sun were all very towels and now they're asking questions you know so if you just let it be known that your different there is a lot of people searching a specially Sunday people who are not getting any gap just like the person we had and they really have a curiosity and they want to know more and if you just let them know you're little bit different but then they see you're saying in your intelligent then they start to wonder what in the world is going on here cell anyway I just say let it be known in the questions come it's amazing you and from there what I would do is invite an consultant of you also have to be careful about how in-depth you go into a conversation when you're out in a group a public environment when you outnumber because you say the wrong thing of the will create a first impression and that's the end of your conversations or their comfort level with coming to anything that you can organize the so the best thing is to bring them into the comfort of your own home or into the comfort of symbiosis on a small group setting oriented even in a personal setting to go further into those topics and so do be careful when you are trying to address those of you know enough in an environment like that in I think it's it's probably getting late so when I like to do is so let's close with prayer and if you do continue have questions I can not I can remain around and we can talk some more for this lets I like to close that it will need to go can go to let some bias what would occur differently father I thank you for your blessed Sabbath day I thank you Lord for the commitment and dedication of your people here in Ivanhoe and other churches and what I can see that there is a desire there is a passion for your work and Lord I thank you that we been able to meet together and be blessed by you would and fun I pray that each one of us would continue with this conviction with a desire to see the soon coming of our Savior and friend Jesus Christ and what I pray that through the hearing the testimony of a Robbie many of us may have been refreshed in our own Christian experience and desire to see that we could influence somebody to do the same thing that Robbie has done all that that has brought rugby and in what I pray that say each one of us would go into this willing week with a new purpose that we would go out there and mingle with people for the purpose of salvation that we would desire to participate more in the activity of soul winning and be blessed by it I thank you Lord for being with us and I pray for your continued presence and blessing with us with us through the rest of the Sabbath evening for this refrain Jesus name


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