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The Missing Key

Dan Vis



  • August 2, 2008
    5:00 PM
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father in heaven again we just want to come before you and pray that you would send your Holy Spirit to be here in our midst of our minds to be clear and focused give us energy just clerical that we might see your your well that you impress upon our hearts and that we would be order quite great with you in this great work of winning other souls to you so bless our time now we pray we ask this in Jesus name amen like you just make quick comment before we actually get started and that is the on the area of Bible memorization I know probably some of you have tried memorizing before and maybe you've had some difficulties and not been successful I just like to say that two things first of all good methods will make a huge difference learning how to retain a verse how to remember references how to meditate us because a lot of principles that will help you to be successful on and on a timely when all of those now I would encourage you to get in one of the fastings here is survival kit or something and our go to our website you can take our bubble memory Corsair get some basic principles that the techniques will make a huge difference on your success in Ecclesiastes ten ten says that the R&B blinds and he do not let the heads then he must put you more strength but wisdom is profitable to direct updated twenty century flavor century language jacks his goal is to take more effort to jot down a tree so you sharpen accept the smart thing to get a better tool and so better methods will give you greater results but the second thing I want out of estrogen memory district quickly again it is a known expected to be easy at first now some of you may have a great memory images come naturally with no problem that's great but not all of us have that ability when I first began memorizing my memory was very poor and it still not really very good in most things but I applied myself to memorizing Scripture and gradually became easy I was part of that discipleship team at University I was attending and every week I have few verses I was assigned and I would have my birth back and I'd be cramming them trying to get them to stick in my head long enough to quote them to the I got the team meeting about the path with a partner versus and as we do programs you without the kind of accountability I I probably wouldn't have got very far but it was like this for a week after week and month after month probably before five months I just that I couldn't seem to get the verses that I would work at it and I basically get them there but it wasn't easy and is begin to think no maybe this is to work for me maybe my memory just you God is not hardly worth the trouble but I remember I'd be sitting in church after while in the preacher would the braking assembly needs refer to some person whom also that popped into my mind to know that verse by restating my devotion on the readings and passage of another verse I memorized several weeks before popped in my mind that all of said shed light on the passage of the setting I'd be praying or not a promise within the online drug be faced with the decision and in some personal public and are beginning of these expenses more and more and you know once it began to happen I began to get excited about the wow this is really kind of cool this is done in the most like I was actually beginning to speak to me I could hear his voice speaking to me to the word and the ones that change happens all of a sudden I cannot get enough Scripture and I began memorizing not just two versus weak three four five verse recent anonymizing a birthday at that time had a job work I could memorize was working at the same time and I be memorizing sometimes to three versus the days I was into the word of God and you and I think back now what happened if I quit after five months instead of redoing this refinement is not working that is sticking and I just gave up while you know I would've lost all those verses I've learned ever since and even the ones I learned up to that point would probably be gone by now last twenty years ago and so don't expect to be easy at first used that method use good tools but real life is going to take some effort is not that our memories are bad it is out of shape and instead take some time to discipline them and him with them back in shape and in and pretty soon they'll start working fine for so if it's you have been successful using the methods give another try and stick with it for well to Lord comes if you bargain that and the enough artistic eye I can promise God ask us to do anything and not supply the power that we need to be successful the process can be easy but he does promise will have success let's talk about evangelism for this last session and a Marty got over a little bit but this is an important topic I have to shoot confess that this is in an area that I'm particularly strong you know I've done a few vendors experiencing a few people baptize a given Bible studies often on over the years but most of my adult life I've invested in this area training and discipling because I saw no one was doing it seem like no one was doing as I was coming up as a young man as I poured my life he knew that I been doing training in teaching and in sending out Bible studies for for years but in the back of my mind I was thinking something like this note if were really good to be effective at finishing the work is not been enough just to train our own member to be more spiritual moment have to train our members to be effective in evangelism is not only a way that the average church member in the effective in winning souls on a consistent basis not just once in a blue moon but consistently bringing people into the church and that are rather young man I'm ever going up to my pastor and setting up faster I would really like to learn how to win Sullivan Avenue Bible states that most of the basics that is there anyone in this entire conference am also a conference what is anyone in this entire conference if you know of that is consistently winning souls to Christ as in every year they're bringing into three people so some just a layperson is doing anything you know there's not a single person in this entire conference I know of is doing and that was a long time ago we have a faxing after you mean the outgoing arise mission college and there's a lot of blog workers out there but you'll still have a gun run from church to church most churches are just not really growing very rapidly and if they do it's usually other avenues that are moving in because they got a good speaker something which is not really winning a lot of people is over twenty years I've been kind of looking thing Lorne where where someone is actually doing my look in the New Testament church is in the New Testament church was growing by leaps and bounds the Lord added to the church daily such as should be safe accepted to have three thousand sold acceptor for your five thousand minutes five thousand families but by then people probably ten to fifteen thousand the identity of acceptor five surveyed felt through some other document everywhere the gospel is just in three chapters and I wonder what is happening today well I like to share with you what I've become more and more convicted I know things are sort of stew in the back of your mind for a long time to not ride on a new Sims lies in a working nonsense and clicks he said I think this is the answer but I'd like to share with you something that the Lord is really burdened me with input on my heart and the update will start actually found the church is doing brought after twenty years I finally found and administered with an average church member is consistently winning souls I found a cellular limit later it's amazing story driven in your Bibles to ask chapter two of my turning their religious make another comment when you think of evangelism most people think of two methods one method we document limit this morning and that is public evangelism and as a church with some of the best DVDs and near all the programs and an good speakers and we have this wonderful brochures are powerful tools for public evangelism and the other thing that pops in your mind is personal Bible studies are knocking on doors doing a survey finds in its interest in the Bible study Lisa down the home and week after week we go through some set of lessons you know whatever historical 's or whatever set were happened be using but there's there's a problem with both of these methods for one thing but thought about public evangelism for a minute public evangelism is expensive it's exhausting you can only run it once or twice a year and that's not all you church members can stand up and what I've noticed one of the problems the public evangelism is that it tends to encourage a spectator mentality like within a common and work at support the meetings this bargains and we should write but like the way we do then dismissed and meeting the site is the wrong something 's wrong with that picture I mean we need to be more active than that this isn't quite that it am and so I look at public avengers it just doesn't seem to be the free and can that is going to mobilize vast majority of our members that is available to call that great but most of us that's probably not what you begin and with personal Bible studies I think for some policies are wonderful I always enjoy getting Bible says you get to meet wonderful people is not near as hard as you think once you've been there a few times to become my friends and I decided to get it in the great but the fact is many of our church members do not know the Bible 's menu struggle in their spiritual life and do not really prepared to meet another person across the fact that they were go out there and not influence his door or Mormons or someone like that they themselves would prop might very well against them my question is on that answer and they might even get confused by the many remembers are not really ready to do that and the reason you get up and have a Bible worker training class the reason you have noticed a fraction of your church members will come to visit many the members does not feel ready to or they may feel afraid to do any of you and your kind and nervous at the thought of going out knocking on doors and no one really enjoys having succulents get out there besides unlocking and there is of course was a notice document and I just think maybe where eventually get to have the vast majority of our church member just going out knocking under the media made it all happen but of I don't think that this is the in Geneva and when you look in the New Testament you do find a few incidences of personal Bible study take for example Philip talking with Ethiopian studies but by then and I hope outside of the net in the carriage with women is on Bible studies baptized on the spot that's a powerful sort of a personal Bible study and using the public evangelism yet Paul preaching and usually end up getting arrested or stoned are now selected data suitors on Micah Whaley was definitely doing public event was a question about so both of these have their place but there's a quote in Christian service on page sixty eight it says the work of God on this earth can never refinished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church leaders notice the work is never an enemy finished until the majority the vast majority of our members are somehow actively involved in evangelism I have come to the conclusion that is neither public evangelism nor personal Bible studies that was the primary engine of evangelism the New Testament church urine accepted to think about this for just a second you have Jesus had spent three and a half years with the twelve disciples traveling around together like a tightknit family the family they together they slept together and work together talked together traveled around are constantly together for three and half years and accepted to verse one the Limited Pentecost was fully come they were all with what one accord in one place that these men had come to such a state of unity and love and fellowship that God was able to bless their relationship with one another don't notice outward relationship is able to bless their relationship with one another and such a powerful way that the Holy Spirit was poured out and we have what we call Pentagon's number the story here preaches powerful sermon and go through it many people were convicted as it would have to be to be sensitive and be baptized on an three thousand souls ride to church you can read in verse forty one Nokia one of these twelve disciples and all of a sudden you have three thousand new believers brand-new believer just suddenly flattened out and help you three thousand people come in the back of the church on hardly anything about Christianity that they made a decision to follow Christ to do well if you read the next few verses you begin to get a feel for what the disciples did acts chapter to begin the verse forty two describing these new believers they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and is Fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayer is not just teaching the word but they were spending time together in fellowship they were eating meals together they were enjoying their praying together they were enjoying relations with one of the notice of verse forty three feared him but every so many wonders and signs were done by the apostles and all that believed were what together and had all things common these new believers became like one big family they they were close so close to give everything I had what's mine is yours with years of my war were all in this together it's not like we sure a little thing we just pop out of the Jack-in-the-Box on Sabbath morning and we go back to go well it wasn't like they were living their lives together in fellowship and communion relationship with one another verse forty five they sold their possessions and goods and parted them to all men as every man had need for the semi- geophysicists on my something we need to find out we we put some money in the offering plate and we support many services online whatever in and we help people get sugar but but I get the picture that there's more going on here than just putting a few dollars and offering plate a minimum selling everything that they had he given you do it right knee there were no needs in the New Testament church we have needs in our church that knows people in our churches that needs and the continued daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread in this next race from house to house it ate the meat with gladness and singleness of heart this phrase house to house I don't believe it mean that they were going from door to door that's sort of how it went that sometimes remind what I believe it means that the disciples got all these believers we need to start meeting in homes some people here some people here some people that MS disciples every night of the very different on similar meaning in the believers on this in the believers home from house to house and going door-to-door to strangers that we don't know even know from Adam or are talking about the Christians were getting together in homes and they were spending time together in prayer and Bible study that having a meal together and enjoying in fellowship they were sharing they knew what their needs were gender just a group of people hangers and eleven and the belief in the system this became the foundation for the New Testament church when Christians got together they would start meeting in homes for small groups and then expand such a level of fellowships at the level of family is what the disciples that expense is that they encourage new Christians experience and you know I believe that this is why people were so attracted to the early Christians there was a something like I have a friend or coworker the want to come on our place in it and I would have some of our friends get together and have a Bible study where does come join us never knew whatever we thought it's okay okay and he would tell many mischievous Christians really caring for one another really loving when I see them united in kind and sensitive and meeting went anything I've never seen anything like this that disorder like Amanda they were drawn to the fellowship to the love to be caring it was in these New Testament churches these homes and small group meetings they were drawn to the reasons they are going be part of this but accept a five mother with you that the first forty seven is versus is the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved by just every Sabbath but every day their little groups meeting every night of the week and people were joining the church every single day to me as a beautiful picture acceptor five verse forty two the last person the chapter this is several verses later now there's thousands of Christian Oliver Druce daily in the temple and where in every house they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ everywhere all over tourism is little house meeting the house your house your house your every night of the wages group somewhere that you can go and invite a friend you have a meal whenever special time and they can be drawn to Christ through the love in that group acts chapter twenty this is always traveling back to Jerusalem after his second missionary tour and that he stops by Ephesus I forget exactly what it was because all the eldest message to come over and meet with me as a little session with and he's reminding them of the things that he taught them all users remind you of the most important things in Nestlé says in verse twenty X twenty twenty two they kept back nothing that was profitable idea but have showed Jenna taught you to raise again publicly and what from house to house this is years later policy Nomo was linear and emphasis when I was in the city nothing I did was allocate you publicly on Sabbath we go to synagogue anyone don't speak but every night during the week were to think while less in missile and missile and missile in the song teaching sharing for Christ and in these little home-based fellowships then these were the building blocks New Testament church and Christians need it even only synagogue their meeting in a minute is whether to worship but that the real Christian activity took place in the homes house to house not just the personal Bible study we knock on strangers going going to their home not just meeting all your rent and auditory mean by people to come in on ABC but those things happen but the foundation the engine that was driving event is the New Testament church were these home-based fellowships these home-based fellowships in your Bibles to look at acts chapter eight as a member thinking about without starting this that instantly that he is referred relating around my mind and in us talking with the elders that started this church in Australia I mentioned early on and talk about more about it later and he said you know how did using person act saying he shared it with me and I looked as is a less interesting and I just know when I'm anything and probably hours later also they hit me what he said that he is just like having a rather happen some as SMG shall get into an hourly how I went back and looked at what to accept a verse three as for Saul he made havoc of what the church how to do it entering into where was the church there in the houses and that's where the homeless were the days of the church is in the homes all undetected church is solid it would go into the homes in a meeting on Monday night immediate season-ending meeting here was that it would go into the holds possessed with the Christians were your problems not that we have church buildings and electric moving back to promise not to become a black man building to begin me to have large meetings like this at all the PA system and air-conditioned houses great the problem is that we expect the Christian life to be lived in the church the Christian life needs to be lived in our homes in our homes when we open our homes to our friends or coworkers and our neighbors and their relatives who made by people and our homes this is where the beauty of Christianity really shines out on McGowan knock on someone's going to them for an hour a week in a disorder say that that side of us that we showed me going in the Bible singer but openly invite them into our homes and really care for them in a and spend time getting to know them where we open up our lives may see how we interact with one another and in the group chairs and ministers when they see that love I sure him in the home in a and a home-based fellowship is when something collection are my favorite something about these Christians it's different from anything I've ever seen it was with Jesus a member in John chapter thirteen eleven I missed this for twenty years it never dawned on me the power of love to change lives John Chapter thirteen verse thirty four and thirty five site here's here's a clue right here a new commandment I give and you that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another business per se by Best Buy what by how we love another loving one of the same way Christ loved us by yes shall all men know that you are my disciples if you level genetic the way that someone is convicted that Christ is in you is when they see the way you love your brother and the way they do soon as they have to come in to our homes where brothers and sisters in Christ are interacting with one another and they see the difference in our relationships he said this is how people will know you're truly a Christian this is out to be one of your children if I see something different by how you interact with women in your homes another reason that we prefer to come to church to having Bible studies in small groups in our homes it's easy to come to church but it's a sacrifice to open our homes our privacy and invite people in our real life that's what we live our real lives in her home but Christ can take over the whole Christ can radiate out of the home to the home life meant that that's that's where real Christianity units is infinite John chapter seventeen he said same thing to some of the differences in his great prayer her accent is the inverse twenty twenty one lumen different phrase but the same idea neither pray I for these alone document the twelve but for them also which shall believe on me through their word that's all of us he's praying for all of us that believe on Christ that they all may be what one as output are in me and I needed they also may be one in us why does he want us to be one rest of the verse that the world may believe that Dallas sent me when the world sees that will wonder where United one one a core were in this kind of scholarship that the world cannot interestingly see that were one and the world will know that Christ is the son of God I believe that God wants us to get back to this foundational model for evangelism will be open up our homes and we invite fellow believers into our homes struggling Christians made a couple stripers that little group in our homeward by and we started buying our neighbors nor friends or classmates or coworkers in the vitamins our home and we see how we interact in our homes is that church I mentioned his goal gateway maybe so you've heard of it before it's in Melbourne seminar strategy is to go there twice for a couple weeks it's a meetings over there it actually using our fast program it to train every new member that comes into the church it may have a credible system this is just blows my mind advertising that they're doing over there persons baptized in the right if I specify no edema taking asked by solicitor member the church is under law to be membered to join this class the get the memorizing to do not have a devotional time happens or growing spiritual be trained in how to be involved in small groups and then went with that as they grow in spiritual maturity date they start putting in in small with the volunteers may have about a dozen of them all over Melbourne I just go to some of either incredible any scare good start I just very simple just a small group Bible study that some prayer they have a little meal at the beginning of a chance to share with going on their lives and pray for one another courage of and that becomes like a family is that the campus church very much like you are just other young people that are there for a few years many him come from different parts of Asia to get some training is medication they would have the family have no relatives and they just people that we live in I decided that we live in the most disconnected age of think there's ever been in the history of man and especially in Western countries we live so individualized fried minute lives or what is not connected with people and people are starving visitor lonely just crying out and then they get involved in these characters may comment I was there the last time I was there disputed example I join the care group on Friday night that all attributes on Friday night and to see how they're doing it and and had a very simple meal nothing fancy just get together and have little meal there was talking and sharing other weeks been in the nude going to the living room and they have a very simple Bible study is like no sixty six books in the Bible some in the Old Testament is a basic stuff most I didn't know everyone in the group who is who you know but at my kind of formalizing this person 's advertisements nodded in a film unit have to group was not at and up and I had a personal Bible study about this great and inevitable time-sharing in this particular week one of the guys in the group 's name was Jim Jim or Joachim are acting as Jim at was his last week he was transferred from Melbourne to Sydney the finishes that do some breakfast that Sydney is this last week suicide is an little bit finished I never really been an improvement in monthly Auxerre something about Jim as we went around the circle and one share some story and Jim is anonymous he wasn't a member the church you mention it about a year now share how they appreciated his a friendly wise in this mine he really was a companies are talking me to several from the guidelines got and if they were austere little things that they remember different experience than outing and go north to the zoo or whatever and just a little expensive remember them and in fact that they appreciate that if on the other and the serpent again Jimmy is the last one he was a born in mainland China raised in communism atheism evolution and no Christian background you come to Melbourne to study and that he had been there in Melbourne for two years and begin share story limits of the Avenue for two years or three years now and the first two years I was Melbourne I didn't have a single friend and until I came to this character and again sent to meet with you guys and you just love men and he began to share how they had been his real friends and this this tall strong Chinese young man raised in communism it is he just began to break down and cry right there in this he was leaving his friends fortunately there started started started up in Sydney and I immediately took them up to the CareGroup over there and just and and I just got e-mail from donating the one that are the elders of the down the stretch and he said that he just made a decision for baptism affects you or the other young ladies in the CareGroup also made a decision for baptism at their last April whenever what you are saying over that I was really good Johnny Vizcaino nurtured such line going he said this in the sermon he said no what we can do that as we say first you believe in anybody behave and then will let you belong those that are not believe other things and you do all the right things then maybe will let you join our church and the people get the message they get the message to come in and they may not be dressed the way we think they should be drastic I may not know what we think in a methadone I guess they get the message I don't belong but their philosophy gateway they said if you can get them to belong the begin to believe in the start paying another thing they needed baptizer when they join the Churchill without knowing you get a major character then they can belong to that group and their people that care for them and love them at work with and then they take ownership of that group this is their family these are their friends they feel safe to come presume they're inviting their friends and once they begin to feel like they belong and I believe this would happen the New Testament church would start to come they would see the love of Christ is that I really like this is interesting and what that began to feel like they belong in these the heart up to the mess to begin believe in the word of God as it was received into the heart increased change in the life and then again paid user expression as you make them feel like they belong the begin to believe in the start today and I think we got this backwards I think we got this backwards you look in the New Testament accepted to but accepted it again I witnessed such a simple model there's really not a think obligated about this verse forty two here's our strategy for things that continues to invest in apostle Doctor Neville Bible study every week and fellowship that have a time for sharing every week breaking of bread have a meal every week and in prayers at prayer reading his other characters felt I just discovered for get together about simple meal a simple Bible study they share what's going on in their life that I got upcoming exam in an interview for a job with you to share and then have time with a friend couple people praying the group that is only got them all right there they were doing in nothing did not as you question if I ask you not get unless you really has been very asked me how many of you be nervous about going out and knocking on a stranger 's door trying to get in their home and you mostly know how music would raise your hand probably a good number in this group but if I want to go over to Paul's house thereof sunny and in the Jim's house or know whatever and if you have a simple Bible study invites offensively couple of my other friends from church there and maybe a few visitors need to be nervous about being part of that many of us can do that right and he was either a simple Bible study were not using the CareGroup to indoctrinate them were just using it to build a relationship with them they start to come to get to know the people in the group and then pretty soon in accounting event this meeting of victims asking questions will give them Bibles that that will come the first to build relationship with anyone can do the same I can be involved with this and maybe you're just a brand-new Christian yourself maybe I'll actually learned some things from the Bible study and you see how the leaders work and how they interact with non-Christians in us a something well denounces him as a bin in the race in the dirt all our life and we don't even have the faintest idea how to talk to someone outside the church where I want to say we don't know the language usually don't know the topics that they thought we busily have to learn how to do it is natural and so you can see this model and some comes into the church and they begin to model in the taken leaders that are pretty soon they're doing the same kinds of things for you know it are starting her own care Barry and in Gateway in Australia started with three carrier groups in downtown Melbourne and within five years that had gone from thirty members to about a hundred and fifty members and they had twelve care groups in the city not only that but because this is the University count many of the members the researchers of the most immersive effect also immersing the reader center under thirty many of them graduate finishes to go back home and they have lost scores of their leaders have gone back in a study care goods all over Asia and China and Hong Kong and Malaysia and Singapore just all donation and they still been able to maintain this rate of growth not only that one of their mission goals was to plan a new church every three years five years into the Stradivari planet one church 's thriving they started a second church in their making plans for a third church this is all in five years the Lord is blessing in your the most amazing thing to me is that I don't mean to just boast about the startup my heart was thrilled when I saw the needle in this church about seventy fingers fifty or sixty percent of the church members are actively giving Bible studies every week now to get the Bible studies some of the children in a seminary of the minority friendliness asking question that only has pictures of sorry what you do this or that and say well we really don't have time this day that here but some of it would be happy to meet with we got some victims say that with you near in your dorm room whatever the answer is starts November many of the church members up to three for baptisms in it about him and they just join the church and seven year ago or two years ago and almost all the growth has been from outside the church is not been transferred we hymn is just amazing what you seek their whole Sabbath school is transformed into training about it then different levels of training for everywhere despaired to Weber disciple work on kind levels even have it on the babysitting class for transfers that come in just haven't really understood what it was all about have another classes that get them over that you are the biggest class as a gateway to have a discovers class which is for people that are studied for baptism and I went there on Sabbath morning probably thirty or forty members studying for about every Sabbath morning and then they hadn't explored class is for me but don't know anything about other than any Mister they believe in the Bible or anything and everyone in the class for them we know ten or fifteen people that is this was the most thrilling thing I think I've seen some that may not see a church that is combining evangelism training and the way they do their evangelism is these characters meeting in homes inviting people in the Fellowship and the love and support letting your picture will quickly hear scarcer their strategy think of evangelism as a funnel with three different sections and tell me if this doesn't make sense when you have a lot of contacts kinds of outreach events we pass out literature he surveys we hold a seminar maybe in the guest speaker come in do a cooking school health Expo by anything about time things are given a DVD of all kinds of different events to make contact with people and we have what we call the communication state this is Laura Oxley systematically going through the Bible doctrines so that a person can make an intelligent decision for Christ may be a public event is the campaign may be personal Bible studies but we have various methods were weak leader person point by point into a knowledge of our faith that make a decision for baptism think there's anything between these two women in all these contacts and were trying to get them into there's a big stage cultivation we take this contact and we begin to cultivate a relationship with them most people are not rated the job of a door-to-door survey into twenty four weeks at a Bible studies Linda you immediately come from a health expo or cooking school into a fantasy series the seventh market to be that most people are not ready to make that jump there's a few and praise God that there's a few that are ready and is aware getting just a little teeny tiny bit of growth because were skipping this electric to take someone had just been to cooking spots ahead we have a get together on Friday nights we service Kenya's want to come to start with the manual model significantly final joint and remain a be a little nervous but they're more likely to come something like that besides the sides great they get to know friends and pretty soon they start asking questions no supplement and something about death is not the question about it we get together with the outside of our care group in capital Bible stay with us of June a session or whatever and studied up right and pretty soon they're starting to learn the message you know what Monday the church was the Majesty series and enough material to get this bigoted in becoming these meetings always been a great article so they bring our friends I'm a just when you build a relationship with somebody comes natural to go for contact and communication but if there's no cultivation the contacts don't get communicated IID regarding back home my wife and I and her daughter we grow a garden every year we try to end the I enjoy the sewing stage I enjoy going out telling up the garden and making the bed planning is Tina does look so beautiful and I enjoy reading states I like going out and picking tomatoes and slicing and making centers fresh tomatoes I have a gardener or peppers or whatever I love the sewing I love the reason but you know if there's no cultivation in the garden between sowing and reaping there is no read we may get one or two tomatoes plow your way through all the grasping grows up and always would you not to get a harvest if you don't cultivate as a churches we like to design events and we like to be raping events but where is the room who were the men doesn't take place in the cultivation and building relationships and getting to know people mingling in the note you are you caring and love them and want to serve them when you win their confidence when you win their trust went when they begin to feel like this is mine whom I belong here in the heart is open to the gospel reserve you all my hardware timeslot second time and I think five more minutes you might if I could buy more minutes the majority of real quick illustration that they're using over Gateway mode if you want to learn to build relationships with people in your character this is like one of the most important skills you can learn and this one motive is an acronym for different methods that you can use to build relationships of people and on any order to dispel the weather salaries and that first one is now find out when the birthday is there married underwent anniversaries whatever and send them a card to go on vacation send a postcard to get to know the people in your group and an use the post office to communicate with them is a powerful it's very simple doesn't cost anything my wife is a solid large-size sinning car to someone it I can't say how many times some as companies seminar card just when I needed it most just was going to difficult time and we need to be Spirit led so we can send the card people will appreciate it don't we we get so caught up in her life are not thinking about people but recent occurrences I was thinking about you I care about your important outings noise you want to build relationships with people go do some things together go on I know what kind of things you go to mounting a hiker or another closer to the ocean go down and take a stroller or go to the zoo whatever you guys do anything just do something together as a character genuinely all get together seven afternoon it Avenue to take a hike vinegar decent kind outing together is not just sixty minutes every Friday night or ninety minutes every Friday and then the rest of them were not know about building relationships image afternoon outings things did get to know people and it may come down again upended again that's okay because you building like the vigil .com telephone no were all lives such wired life these days are so vibrating cell phones going off to estimate a miracle usually there's the young video or just give a quick drink that has gone us thinking about you and and I had your job interview how to go want to know strangely did enough to be long it a quick check and just how you doing posting your little things like this make a difference make a point of calling him every so often to see how to do it Internet would think they do a gateway is at the end of each care group leader will take out prayer requests and thus send out an e-mail about the different kingdoms so they can pray for each other during the week and maybe you find a little person that was encouraging you can send a little note to summon the details think about you this week I know having this challenge is promised to encourage me to be long around our inboxes are just bald to send a little something here little something that any of the old meters that they see your name in that return lien they know you are thinking about them and sent them some and we can learn to use the Internet to communicate with people your people nowadays the have even learned some stuff myself use Facebook and MySpace Nesconset this is important some people know how much it would mean that if you actually went to their MySpace page or Facebook page and left the comment left hey how you doing I just came I see your plate whatever your profile your little things like that make a difference is how we connect with people so we build bridges relationships this is evangelism friends this event is how you win some of the visits them in their home and just in the neighborhood guide stop in zero things are going to invite them over your home and in this in your something about going into someone's home and you learn something about them can find any other way yet what when I I I need people like this but when I invite him into my home it's a different relationship something is change the relationship when they come into my home I'm going to their home and he'll have to be sensitive of euros in the house would be disaster whatever your fine opportunities did to visit them to stop by and bring in something a gondola for granuloma my wife made some wrath I dropped off a little fuzz over this part down whatever the make up an excuse whatever you do this visit them in any vitamin year home you want to come over to my place and will do something accusing Iran visits in the home this is powerful in the muslin is that evangelism even if they're not a member of the church you can say I wanted all pass out cards as we can invite people to our character or Ravenna I have a guest speaker at the hoping we can invite them on the cam onto company can help them or don't get them involved you don't send it to me don't want them to feel like there an outside their part of the group get them involved in whatever kind of an nonlife income one of the customers talked about visiting this mankind left the church to begin to talk to Mike he was a member like he was active in the church and I think in some books or something salads and then he came back into the church just because she treated him like he was a part of church so able to be doing some some outrageous afternoon Robin get together this can be fun want to come join us and get them to feel like they belong remember if you can get them to feel like they belong and begin to believe and pretty soon the start to behave it's all about loving one another tall about Sarah I look at the New Testament church yes their personal Bible says going on no doubt about it you there is public abandonment and happen now usually with presiding result that it was going on but the thing that I see as the primary Internet goes right from beginning and all the way through the New Testament is using home for evangelism families making people a part of it to feel the love in the harmony and unity and if we can learn some of these basic skills to just cultivate relationships build bridges build connections I believe that our evangelism can be begin to be successful and effective as I want to challenge again I not been trying to challenge you with all Sabbath lunch on your more time did involve precise objectives image that this one out of a get the same name from Australia or some else came up with the name of but this is my most beautiful things that you can get you want to be effective in ministry line into the character pleases to be the best thing you can do for your spiritual life of the most effective ways you can invite others to Jernigan what if everyone you're going to character can imagine after it's all over the campus and start inviting your friends and an precision scan a spread from dorm to dorm apartment to apartment home not that I can do some mighty things of God alone to care government eleven saga methods is not about brochures are or the Bible says about genuinely caring for people and the innocent opposites all about in first Timothy one five is now the end of the commandment is shared with your heart and good conscience in the face and saying something like that Charity Augustine though that the purpose of being a Christian is that the love of Christ reproduced in her heart the love of Christ constrains us and I believe that if we will learn to love one another God will bless us in treatment but similar to prayer and then will be dismissed definitive question that we have to stick around for a half hour whatever being just the identifiable help answer questions for spring but in heaven we look at the love of Christ as revealed in the cross in our hearts Marvel we know that you called us to follow his example to love may mean sacrifice sacrifice of time resources energy emotional energy would you call this to the same kind of sacrifice and love one another help us to do it Lord help us to give ourselves to your costs and media be fruit all over this campus change lives people that are just one writing to the church in writing to a life of fidelity and integrity I pray for admin hoping the leaders here that your blessing beyond this little group we thank you pray this in Jesus name amen


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