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Revelation 14:6-8: The 1st and 2nd Angels Message

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 6, 2008
    9:00 AM
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father thank you for the Sabbath they we thank you for the opportunity to study the Bible we created is recently the three Angels messages today that you you would give a special understanding sides of the things of God we thank you for all the sins and uses them until I haven't been here for a few weeks so size me back and she weeks ago manual back the first Angels message here in this class I listened to it on audio version is a very interesting class so where we are in revelation right now were noticed Hayek the first Angels message briefly and move on to the second Angels message and probably get end of the third Angels message today that if you look at the structure of revelation Fort seen there's three parts in the manual that talked about this last time you have the one hundred and forty four thousand in the first five verses and then you have the three Angels messages of verses six through twelve see the special resurrection of researching and then verses fourteen through twentieth the harvest now as we learned last time here you have this special group of people the one hundred and forty four thousand and we see that the one hundred and forty four thousand Hartford geez by the three Angels messages so hot and forty four thousand special group of people produced by a special set of messages the three Angels messages such an man when you have the three Angels messages and given by the special group of people the one hundred and forty four thousand you have the harvest just before the second coming amount of the end of Revelation fourteen sets the structure of Revelation fourteen knots I'll assure you one verse that shows how the concept of forty four thousand three hundred messages high in verse five Revelation fourteen we see that in the hundred and forty seven one hundred and forty four thousand responses in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God then we get into the three handles messages Emerson says that the messages the first angel fear God give glory to him I want to charge the Psalms chapter thirty four and starting in verse eleven sir violence here that would be willing to resolve chapter thirty four versus eleven and thirteen Psalm thirty four verses eleven and thirteen volunteer over here said Fonseca thirty four verse eleven in verse thirteen speak up for my children listen to me I'll teach you the fear of the Lord verse thirteen keep your tongue from evil and speaking lines okay so ever since he has us keep your time from evil and your lips from speaking guile DC that connection with the characteristics of a hundred and forty four thousand and mouth was found no guile and in Psalms thirty four part of the characteristics of what it means to fear God is to keep your child your lips from speaking guile therefore you can see that if you follow the admonition of the three Angels messages starting in the first Angels message the very first thing line about kind of fear God you're aware on how to keep your lips from speaking guile as the characteristics of a hundred and forty four thousand seven hundred not everything has again the first Angels message which is the first message of the three is the message that contains the everlasting gospel and the everlasting gospel address like to talk about this and say oh yes we teach the everlasting gospel and yet in reality most Seventh-day Adventists probably don't have a complete work clear understanding of what the everlasting gospel with plenty give you an example of how far out some people go with the gospel and you're a dozen forgot to be in town this weekend this is how he defines the everlasting gospel said okay I know that Jesus lived here on this earth and the four Gospels describe Christ's teachings on the everlasting gospel however all came after Christ he was a lawyer therefore he gave a more accurate legal description of the Gospels in Christ it and Hall's description of the of the everlasting Gospel from a legal sense only is found in Romans three four and five therefore the really the only place to find a description of the Gospels found in Romans three four one five and Romans reform five therefore supersedes any other part of Scripture when it comes to the gospel even the teachings of Christ and so out of Nashville sale yes we believe the everlasting gospel but then they start latching onto this board like gospel that says the only thing that saves use the covering of Christ's righteousness you can keep on sending in your fine us not the everlasting gospel so before you okay the reason why this is important his if you're going to get from the first Angels message to the second Angels message and find of the third Angels message and all three as a package produced the one hundred and forty four thousand have to understand the everlasting Gospel the first Angels message or you'll never do it understand what it means that your God-given wording of your enough throughout the judgment of those forwarded because his Gospel so there's what's the purpose of the judgment was thrown out so you understand the first Angels message in the concept about woman fallen will make any sense and the third Angels message with a mark of the beast is irrelevant so starts with a clear understanding of the gospel and if you study Romans one through eight in its totality that's the everlasting gospel but I want to read Romans chapter one verses one through three was get a volunteer to read Romans chapter one verses one through three and is there volunteer we have one I doubt here's a Roman chapter one verses one through three flawless servant of Jesus Feld be an apostle separated the gospel of God which it promised afore by his prophets and holy Scriptures concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord which is made of the seed of David according to the flesh and reverse for often and declared to be the son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection from the dead okay now if you have an understanding of the book of Romans Paul summarizes the gospel first few verses of Romans chapter so when we see here Hall is separated unto the gospel of God and what a anniversary he says concerning the Gospels concerning what concerning Jesus Christ our Lord which is made of the seed David according to the flush so what the gospel is good news what's the good news is the good news of Jesus Christ specifically what about Jesus Christ but he was made of the seed of David according to the flash and when you get to Romans chapter eight we see that he cannot likeness of sinful flesh consent condemned sin in the flash but the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit so what's the gospel of the Gospels that Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh so that we can live a righteous and holy life is seated that's the gospel so he get to the first Angels message the everlasting gospel is the good news that Jesus came in the seed of David in the likeness of sinful flesh condemned sin in the flesh so that the righteousness of the law be fulfilled unless you walk not after the flesh but after the spirit of us the everlasting gospel course of the good news of him dying for the cross forgiveness of sins and the just living my fifth of all part of it especially the good news that we can live a righteous life by faith as Jesus did so that we can stand in the judgment which is part of the first Angels message search Emmanuel A covered a lot of surges wanted to get a few this point and one other thing of his servants when we see this concept of fearing God giving the Lord Limon if you want to see a biblical example of someone who feared God and gave glory to God there is one Bible character that meets both descriptions you know who it is whose updatable biblical character who is the strike us as fearing God and also is giving glory to God I'll let you status on how Ms. Abraham Genesis chapter twenty two first twelve and Abraham was about set to fit the nice and Isaac Angel stopped him and said now I know that you fear God and Amram is chapter four verse twenty one he believed against hope that he and Sarah to have a child who may repass how Bernie he believed in the creative power of God Romans four twenty says he was strong in faith giving glory to God so Abraham is an example of the first Angels message he feared God by offering up Isaac he gave glory to God by believing in the creative power of God to give him a new child to Abraham is an example authorities the father of the faithful now notice of this assist in the first Angels message the hour of his judgment is come now a lot of times a seventh address the revelation will jump straight to the three angels message is not that there is a crucial message and we'll talk about this judgment our message at home Allstate for myself that until a few years ago on I could go back to Daniel seven and maybe a revelation fourteen and talk about the judgment hopefully all of you can view of leak and showed that there is a judgment beginning in Daniel seven and in this length of this cleansing of the century with a twenty three days in Daniel eight year chapter fourteen is set up the three Angels messages link up with a twenty three hundred a prophecy but looking at the book of Revelation when you understand that seven churches the seven seals in the seven trumpets then it makes a lot more sense when we read that the hour of his judgment has come just to remind you when you get to the last church the seventh church later this year means the judging of the people the way to see is the judgment our church the seventh of the seven churches in the seven Seals we see that God 's people are martyrs for their faith and the false cry out under the altar how long till you judge an event jerk wad so we see that there's going to be a judgment on the wicked for persecuting the saints and that the the persecuting power during the time of the seals is taken on table rock and then we see in the seven trumpets that taken and papal Rome are charged in the seven trumpets and we talked about this before but this is a brief review the first four trumpets God judges Western Robinson Western rump falls by four seventy six eighty with the fall of the Western Roman Empire seven six trumpets are the Ottoman Turks judging the Eastern room in the fifth and sixth trumpet Diane's by August eleven eighteen forty and on the seventh trumpet is the judgment on April and if you redirect Revelation eleven versus fourteen three nineteen we see that the seventh trumpet began to sound when the art of the sample was opened in heaven you could see the archivist tests are that the temple of God is up in heaven you can see the archivists are some of the most holy place and based on our understanding of Daniel and Revelation the most holy Place was opened on October twenty two eighteen forty four that's when the seventh trumpet begin to sound that the judgment on people around and soak when the three Angels messages announcing the first annual at the hour of his judgment has come we now understand that we are in the final phase of the judgment on Iraq and because we are in the final phase of the judgment on round God is raising up three angels with three messages to prepare a people oh one hundred and forty four thousand to be he is answering the judgment to run ROM is the seed of Satan here on this Earth you can see that Revelation chapter thirteen and one hundred and forty four thousand come from God 's remnant church and so in the judgment the great controversy will come to its end the forces between Christ and Satan will come to a final hat and God needs to have a group of people to counter the people that he is judging double calendar condemnation of the judge and so God is judging around that in order for him to finish the judgment he has to have a group of people that showed that it's possible to be like Jesus and so that's what the final judgments all about that's what the three Angels messages are all about the everlasting gospel is powerful enough the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to turn the most wicked sinner into someone's shoe lives just like Jesus euro Mister and so we learn how to fear God and give glory to him file production as those who are without dial in their mouths and without fault before the throne of God by the power of God as they live in the judgment in our and part of that we see there is the message of worshiping him who made heaven and earth the sea and the found waters a reminder that God is creator Sabbath is the sign that God is creator and so that's just a review of the first Angels message to hear we have the beginning of the three Angels messages which is to produce a people to stand on the day of judgment and we see that if you look in history you can make the art that while Kate is the first Angels message says the hour Mister judgment began in eighteen forty four then the first Angels message must begin on October twenty three two forty four actually did and I think the manual the Cardinals lost under the Millerite movement and others in Europe were the people that God raised up the sound of the first Angels message and actually William Miller one of the key verse is that he presented in addition to Daniel eight fourteen was Revelation fourteen seven God give glory to him for the hour of his judgments William Miller believed the hour of God 's judgment was the second time and said the Miller writes preached his first Angels message and in order to get from the first Angels message to the second Angels message you have to accept and live the first Angels message and a Millerite movement did however most of the Christian churches most of the Protestant churches of the eighteen thirties and forties rejected this message because they believe there'd be a thousand years of peace and prosperity on earth and then Jesus would come and so they were personal analysts made in except this message and so does they rejected this message when God 's people move forward to the second Angels message all those he rejected the first Angels message beats paying part of what the second Angels message talks about and what is the second Angels message document here in verse eight is there followed another angle think Babylon has fallen us fall in that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication now I'm never read the statement you're from great controversy now what happens is in the Millerite movement as the churches began to reject this is the mellow right suppose you were teaching the second coming of Christ began to be fixed out of their churches and to be fleshed out and one of the first Millerite preachers correct me if I'm wrong I believe first no all right creature to preach that that that will not only consisted of papal Rome it also consisted of the churches the Protestant churches you were rejecting this message was Charles such an William Miller and Joshua Hines actually were a little bit uneasy they didn't want to join along with this teaching the Charles Fitch started preaching this message first and August summer of eighteen forty four the ends higher Millerite name accepted that yes indeed the churches you have rejected the first Angels message are now the fallen church is about and so now by before October twenty two you have the first and second Angels message is being preached so and you see you as the question will get there one of the third Angels message begin to be preached it would have to be after October twenty two when Jesus goes in the most lifeless because he couldn't fully preach the Commandments of God and the third Angels message verse twelve without the Sabbath message and so the third Angels message begins after Jesus is into the most holy place let's talk about the second Angels message said it began shortly before October twenty three two forty four Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication so Babylon would consist of the churches rejected the first Angels message now here is food for thought Ellen White make six Crystal clear that the Santa Fe Avenue North organization is not and never will be Babylon that's clear so if you go to a church where your pastor is saying the Seventh-day Adventist church has now become part of the one you can be assured that your pastor is now all not following God because online is a crystal clear that the seventh MS organization is not never will be but here is him some food for thought Babylon as we can see conceptually consists of the churches that rejected the first Angels message and in the first Angels message we have the Sabbath message worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters that's according directly from Exodus chapter twenty seven Exodus twenty or the Sabbath of the acute alloy for in six days the Lord made heaven near the sea and all that in the minutes so you have a direct quote in the first Angels message with a status and so fallen churches about Wanda rejecting the Sabbath there also rejecting the judgment our message in eighteen forty four and again remember that the Seventh-day Adventist organization is not about one however if you have an eye I hit the ministers that maybe and and Dennis Ritchie start the organization that want however if you have ministers and home the Adventist church to start shoe throughout the judgment they start to change the everlasting gospel and just send them live gospel they throw at eighteen forty four and the twenty three hundred days that's also a problem you can be on you can be on one side this is the honest church is not one you can be convinced that your pastor is not following God twenty says that if your pastor or anyone else that you have says that eighteen forty four and the judgment doesn't matter they're rejecting the first Angels message what happens when you reject the first Angels message you may be part of the seven thousand this organization that your face faith that you profess is not the biblical Adventism that we find in Revelation fourteen and so then when the test comes you'll be shaken out of God 's church into what constitutes valid one now even if you are technically part about one such as just a point now I want to point out a couple things analysis of Babylon is fallen is fallen notice that it says fallen Schweiz is fallen is fallen so why does it say is fallen Schweiz Marie from great controversy page three Q and three eighty three Babylon is said to be the mother of Harless by her daughters must be symbolized churches that claim to her doctrines and traditions and follow her example of sacrificing that sure is in the approval of God in order to form an lawful alliance with the world the message of Revelation fourteen announcing the fall of Babylon must apply to religious bodies that were once here and have become corrupt since this message follows the warning of the judgment it must be given in the last days therefore I cannot refer to the Roman church alone for that church has been followed has been enough fallen condition for many centuries further more in the age of chapter of the Revelation the people of God are called upon to come out of Babylon according to the Scripture many of God 's people must still be in Babylon so here's the point Babylon is fallen for centuries after the judgment our message was rejected and rejected and we seek Babylon is fallen is fallen the second is fallen refers to the next group of churches that rejects God 's message the Roman church now we have the other churches so he had to fall ones in Revelation four and you may say well okay who's Babylon and how do we know that Babylon is talking about churches both first of all if you like to dance aptitudes Babylon of iron and clay with China study that now that the feet of iron and clay actually it's miry claimants with iron iron represents the taken aspect of rounds the miry clay represents the corrupt the church so you have and remember as a man thinks in his heart so is he Babylon is still the head of the image so Babylon is the thinking power of the entire image so when you get to the feet of iron and clay a corrupt church with the pagan elements of RAM there's still controlled by the head about one today it's a revelation when it describes Babylon were describing the system down through time and Revelation seventeen and eighteen describes Babylon is the mother of harlots and because it's a matter that means it's a woman and a woman represents the church and is the mother of harlots and abominations that have to be a corrupt church so again Babylon is a crib church it's fallen is not just hateful room it's also the fallen Protestant churches who rejected the first Angels message decision she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication now this message about Babylon and column begin to be given for October twenty two eighteen forty four how a ever the second Angels message has not yet read it can reach the complete fulfillment because it cannot yet be said that all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication there's a specific time in the Bible and Bible prophecy that happened where you get to the end Revelation seventeen but that's when the seventh had and it's not seven folks right away that's when the seven heads the seventh of the seven heads home has Howard for one hour and all the kings of years that's when all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication and that is when Revelation eighteen will reach its fulfillment the earth is light for the glory of God and the messages battle on the great is fallen fallen to let me say this a lot of times Adventists made it more or less do an okay job in the first Angels message by even talking about the true everlasting gospel that is that where the three Angels messages stop the everlasting gospel fearing God giving Oregon the Army 's judgment is China's that were the three Angels messages stop now it's not an in order for the one hundred and forty four thousand to be prepared all three messages need to be give as he stopped at the first Angels message and avoid the more objectionable points of the second and the third Angels messages one night I get to the one hundred and forty four thousand so here's aware absences start to run into some perhaps they get concerned they worry about the objectionable points we want to be accepted by everyone said what if the second Angels message we just stop talking about it as fact for those of you around this history questions on doctrine is complained mostly about how it changes the teaching of the atonement and the nature of Christ and it's true tell enough of that that will people focus much on those two points that they fail to realize that the authors of questions on doctrine also dumb down the teaching on the second Angels message in the remnant on because here there trying to write a book that their evangelical friends Martin barn house to find acceptable so what they dearest they do say there will be a valid one and there will be a remnant they don't identify who Babylon and the run are and God makes it very clear who that one is not God makes a very clear to the remnant is and that's part that's the second Angels message out you get hung up on the second Angels message identifying who Babylon has vineyard areas of the third Angels message now here's here's the other key point God gives us the second Angels message and the first Angels message so that we can call his people out of Babylon you can see that Revelation eighteen so if weren't for Ray Hsu did the second Angels message and identify Babylon then we basically don't love God 's people who are in the fall church is about one's youth God has given us the responsibility to call them out and history through the last time so the real question is do we love God 's people and all those other churches or do we not and if were not willing to show them the full truth for our time instead sake while we all believe the same thing was just a long we actually don't love them if we don't sound the warning so the true loving messages the say Babylon is fallen into a find Utah wanted to got cut call of God 's people you're living up to the lifeless churches out of Babylon and the God 's truth during the last days because remember we are living in the time of the judge so why would we want to prepare people to not be ready for the judgment by not telling them the part about where the common down here so this is some food for thought this is a common down here in regards to your statements to Street 's is not did you read the testimonies early on in the cemetery had this themselves fellow white writes about a constituency in the church that existed that was a problem for them and that was a love for the world is when you really you get the idea that the judgment our cry were more interested in what we had here and we want to remain here and we don't want to appear different from those who are outside what the second and third Angels message or corporate training we really need to look inward where we are where we are do we really love the coming of Jesus do we really want to get the message because we have a burden of this world coming to a close and you know it doesn't is a phrase in the world when the fat lady sang the parties over the fat ladies about the same as Seventh-day Adventists are very comfortable in this world and the messages that come from Advent hope and like them is a wake-up call there's a message needs to be given it is it has behold the bridegroom go ye out to meet in Babylon is fallen is fallen and that you don't want to be caught on the wrong end of the spectrum are Shylock check up on what do we really want the coming of Christ here's an illustration that could make this perhaps relevant you were supposed to God wants us and we hopefully need love the Lord with all of our heart soul and more now if Jesus is the person that we love minus of anyone here on earth and heaven or wherever it would only makes sense that we could hardly wait to see him come in the clouds sailing in this illustration if I had to leave Joe well my wife for a month I I can guarantee by the end of that month I would be counting down the days would hardly be able to wait so I see her again does that make sense now if you love Jesus with all your heart and in your heart of hearts you say this out while you're speaking this in your mind I hope I finish this before he comes or I hope that you get this degree year get this job or have kids or whatever that be meal like me sank what I hope I can go see this really neat and on you know national park or whatever before I see July because it will begin this year but I'd rather see this first before I see her again at something 's various something becomes wrong with that relationship is us who do you love more ordeal even while the work if that's you know what's coming out your heart he cannot say the sellout if you don't want people to know that that you would rather do this before Jesus comes back yet hopefully you would have never said that about yourself oh I hope I get speed this before I go back home you permanently I'd rather do this without her yet we don't say that we don't think that that yet when it comes the second coming there's a lot of things we'd like to get done you're on this Earth before Jesus how I have nothing to do with our preparation for now if it's in our harbor like what hope that the Lord will give me time so that he can give me the power to to purify my wife said that this fall to my wife that I can be like and that's one thing and that's fine and I want my close is that we should pray for the one that struck to be withheld so that we can warn others that's another thing as well we love the Lord so much that we want as many other people do to be ready as well so that's fine but it is so that we can get things done here on this Earth have nothing to do with the second coming last four things become a problem now see here we don't we will see I wanted to point out just about the wine of Babylon she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and we always talk about how the wine of Babylon is false doctrine I wanted to show you one verse from Hosea four versus of eleven and twelve of several volunteer to read Hosea chapter four verses eleven and twelve could someone read that for us Hosea four verses eleven and twelve seconds of the wine of what wine represents Hosea four verses eleven and twelve with a volunteer back to the mainland take away the heart when people ask counsel at their stocks and their staff declared unto them for the spirit of the Lord arms hath cause them to error and they have gone whoring from under the got their God is Sony just wanted to share we see that yet interesting we see that the language of Fordham and wine here in Hosea enough length Revelation seventeen and eighteen Bob one received the wine of the wrath of her fornication she's the mother of harlots and we see that the spirit Fordham causes that you have the spirit to air so if you drank wine and participate in an illicit lifestyle you're going to air and we see that Warren represents false doctrine on Linux a very clear and the two key false doctrines about one are the immortality of the soul teaching that you go straight to heaven when you die when the Bible clearly teaches that the dead know not anything and so that's that's part of the one above on the other teaching is Sunday's sacred literacy teaching Sunday sacredness and the immortality of the soul constitute the one about once a economic sense because here you have a judgment our message that is rejected by Babylon and which includes the seventh day Sabbath after eighteen forty four and yet Babylon rejects the Sabbath message ends is not Sunday they reject that the debtors asleep until Jesus comes as though the judgment becomes irrelevant because if you go straight to heaven when when you die what's the purpose of the investigative judgment starting in eighteen forty four why would God begin a judgment when people of either gone straight to heaven or straight to hell at the moment of their death that makes no sense there would need to be no investigation of anyone in the grave if their spiritual straight to heaven anyway so this one I have found one you reject the investigative judgment because they are want to heaven when I die my diet was with the need for a judge so anyway I guess is the rapid we have essentially from the second Angels message will pick the third Angels message you next week thank you everyone for your participation must be seven thousand give the three Angels messages in the 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