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What I Like About Mohammad

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 16, 2005
    12:00 PM
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for everyone I am very delighted to see those of you will hear I am woman I am truly privileged for two reasons the location that brings us all here on the fact that every single person gap before me is counted so precious in the sight of God that he sent his son to die for you for that reason more than any other I am highly highly privileged to be review is that though the reason that I see you sitting over there of the recently established initially one giant in the service of God came in place this is the sin of greed the last earth I pastored would you believe he was my assistant something that is wrong he wants my system a tremendous amount will serve goals maybe sixty years item guessing so I feel very and courage by the presence of the reader with us today it is about eighteen minutes according to this expensive looking for after twelve I will release you will buy ten minutes the one that is an ironclad lifetime guarantee you won't worry you understand ten minutes to one I am done and every day of the twelve o'clock meeting the same does not hold true for the evening I understand I have available logical left you so it would be a little longer but for this morning or early day session I will be done by ten minutes to one I want to let you know that the first sermons of the day will not contain us much meet as the evening sermons for very obvious reasons I will have more time in the evening I said that deliberately to entice you to come both in the afternoon and in the evening you shall will will close I urge you to bring your friends I seriously mean it when I say bring your enemies because the messages that you hear will convert them from your enemies to your friends this is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth I will message for today what I like about Mohammed what I like about Mohammed let us if we can lower heads reverently and pray our father in heaven this is more serious than perhaps anyone of us dimensions we in your presence your unseen but you are here in the presence of the spirit follow up on me lies the burdensome responsibility of delivering the words of life as you communicate to me Lord I thank you from my thoughts because I don't live there the message passing over the is subject to contamination vote to prevent that I asked abruptly the presence of your spirit the spirit of truth that he may speak for me the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart may be acceptable in your sight I offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake amen what I like about one hundred I've always sent to friends unto myself but I wish more would give me the power to go back in time and spent a few days with certain individuals about whom I have read in the pages of history I can think of that regulatory genius Alexander the great I would've loved to spend a few weeks shopping with him as he went from Macedonia is where all the way to India I would love to assume with Christopher Columbus I see within the safety of quotation marks discovered the New World I would have loved to have spent at least five minutes on the art as it rolled the global floodwaters I would've loved to have stood in the back of a crowd and watch Jesus as he said on Lazarus come forth as to see that man come forth I would've loved to have been on the battlefields of the Crimea in the eighteen fifties and what Florence Nightingale with her land going from six holder the wounded soldier I would've loved to been with Marco Polo as he made his historic journeys that each but here I am positioned in the twenty first century I cannot do that but there's some men I really really would love to connect one is Confucius I would left of the Confucius Confucius was born at the time of the feudal system of China was collapsing all around him their wars as feudal lords battle for supremacy of four control his father was about seven years old when his mother about seventeen but Confucius was born tradition says that the father was a huge man about a gifted warrior a particularly ugly that's what tradition says at the officials drove to the line of genetic inheritance Ritalin he was born particularly unattractive child a large head all output portion of the rest of his frame but perhaps the size of his head process the wisdom with which he would bless the whole world Confucius taught very succinctly that have I will personally was not to be found in the person 's connections in the pursuance as he needs the persons of genetics of the value of a person should be measured by the quality of life that that person by the quality of deeds that the person who carried out and perform Confucius believed that several education and learning and the development of the mind that basis person could be elevated to the UFO of the mobility purely by efforts and work and following principles that unknowable up lifting and little damage to one's neighbor well how can someone argue with principles like that I admire the principle of hard work it is biblical the Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse ten whatsoever thy hand side of the duel to it with five mites and that has Confucianism written all over it in the sense that Confucius believed in the hardware of the Bible preaches hard work and so I admire affect teaching Batman encourage people to develop for my developer matters I develop tomorrow's how can anyone object the backbone of instruction and these instructions have influenced and shaped the lives of millions of through the ages at the day millions of people fall rule the teachings of Confucius almost as if those teachings constitute a religion I admire Confucius and Confucius died about four seventy nine before the birth of Christ about the age of seventy seventy one about the time Confucius lived one of his contemporaries was another outstanding person call the was a privilege royalty the premise of the visibility New Jersey when he came into contact with the suffering in the larger world outside of his world he was born in what is now the Paul public officials saw the suffering of the sickness of the property he set himself to try to answer the fundamental questions of life why do people die why peoples shall thought why is this sickness why is it from the journey from the warmth of the form is played by suffering and tribulation and trial with dedicated himself to come into contact with the highest source of knowledge for life she wanted to and like himself actually the word Buddha means the end like the one border talked that human beings should not be controlled by material things to say this should not have the part they shall not be controlled by material things that Jesus Christ said precisely the same thing decade on the road of covetousness for a man's life consisted not in the abundance of things that he possesses and we see the play among us today people measure themselves by the kind of car they drive and measure themselves by the neighborhood in which they live in freedom measure themselves by the friends with which they associate them measure themselves by the tableau that is displayed on the back of the shorts on the back of the fact that this outstanding man boldly he preached that we ought not to be I buy materialism but we should rise to a higher level of living so that we're not tied to that kind of why we understand what material things go we will so far greater good but we are not in that process materialistic viewpoint that among other things protocols that we should always try to use the right words present entertainment room thoughts we should draw the right kind of work also work hard I hire that man the Bible says by your words you shall be condemned by all words shall be justified Jesus that every idle word of man speaks he shall give an account of the judgment of this man was that we must watch all words watch out with the watchable thoughts whatsoever this is all aspirations so that whatever we give all is not negative it is positive I admire some of the teachings of Buddha and then this outstanding man died in five seventy A.D. the Arabian Peninsula there was one man whose name is perhaps more widely known as the founder of the religious movements name is Mohammed and when we think of his lab we think of Mohammed there are some things about the religion with which Mohammed is so closely identified that I profoundly admire because they are almost perfect reflections of what my religion teaches some of his pillars are precisely my coders there is long gone of my religious persuasion tells me there is one dog Deronda Chapter six relievers for hair oil Israel the Lord I will what is one Lord Joseph Doctor David Travis Shema was long gone I believe that another pillow of this and they said five times a day I wish more Christians with rallies twice a day I tried to press many times like Adam on my knees walking in the supermarket on the playing in the boss before coming up here I believe a draft it is not Islamic eventually but I admire the math of all the vacant for as a discipline Jesus has the same thing instead pray without ceasing men ought always to pray and not thinking it the first one I've even pray I believe in fasting Bible says some demons of upfront about but by prayer and fasting the collection of this whole deliberately bringing up on a person a sense of deprivation feelings the cry of flesh and saying no so that in the event experience women participate in the experience of Christ when he will call lifetime sentinel to the cry of the flesh I believe in fasting levels remove the religion from prostate resting has physiological benefits and you will there are those who do research and longevity antiaging unfair to say that one of the principal causes of a long life is caloric restriction heedless even less the causing of fasting so I believe in fasting I believe in giving alms to the poor and Islam believes that Bible says the board to have with you always it is a principle of understand him out of bed to receive it is more blessed to give for a picnic to the needs of the poor we alcohol so we must come set up the conditions of others and my Jesus Christ who left on elevated position to come to save the ball one may we must find the place a lot for the poor of this man Muhammad found the religion that this is a premium on taking to the needs of the poor my closest twenty minutes to one don't panic please use of young like ten minutes to one the fifth but I have my off make a pilgrimage yes I confess I have no desire to make a pilgrimage to Mecca I wouldn't mind seeing it as my primary desire is to make a pilgrimage to the holy land to see where Jesus walked on the disciples walked to the concept of pilgrimage is important to me I made a pilgrimage to talk to see the farm of William Miller I've had to make a pilgrimage to Battle Creek to the burial site of an uncool white there are sites to which we ought to consider making pilgrimages as expression of respect for the past of laws who gave their lives that we may now enjoy the quality of life we enjoy with a materially or spiritually I believe in prayer I believe in one God I believe in fasting I believe in giving alms to the poor I believe that we ought to have great respect for what we call holy sites and holy places and in six thirty two one hundred about four BC Amanda was born goal Jesus Christ whom I also admire all many of the things taught by Confucius by Buddha by Mohammed on I guess it might even some of the Jewish rabbis people drop even when we know nothing worth expressing the flames that are consistent with the trolls that Jesus himself within Ottawa they are but we know that's rules the opposite portability a really all the restrictions of California of the Michigan office United States 's role in the residence from Gaul Houser universal quality to it this man Jesus Christ was born I like Buddha like Confucius like Mohammed 's name is associated with a religion because the philosophy a way of life it is called Christianity like officials he was ridiculed like Buddha he was ridiculed by Mohammed he was ridiculed driven out of his homeland he suffered what this software you experience the pain of preaching are having very few people use the officials died believing he was a fairly brought up would probably felt the same way that Mohammed died he could not count over one billion followers as is the case today these friends die not having seen the full flowering of the perspiring efforts when Jesus died to a few disciples in the upper rooms today when you close the number was not much large they are parallels in their lives on as him just by that I was going to die how many lived a full life of the possibly quoted the prophet of Islam God Jesus God I'm not computing one review I'm simply giving a long line of individuals whether man of woman with eyes sincerely admire for certain qualities in their lives and certain accomplishments that are committed to them but all people have favorites your favorite basketball team is probably the Lakers or Clippers and favorite football team is probably the Los Angeles Raiders my his agenda requires much prayer the Detroit Lions we do have favorites when you go to the cafeteria don't take everything is present despite your desire perhaps to do so you have favorite foods you have favorite friends Jesus died like Confucius Jesus libeled I think I get better Jesus like a prophet of Islam but the repertoire tells me out of the scientific evidence is that Jesus 's crimes came back from the dead all this requires a second look it does not diminish the admiration of all others deserve it does not diminish the admiration but there's some man who died as came back I guess someone die and come back being raised from the dead is not a novel defense there are people with Jesus what was he raised people from the dead raise Lazarus to raise the son of the widow from me he rated his viruses the Jesus returned to his origin I have only one piece accepted by force for me he raised focused from the date Paul and accepted twenty was as if there were twelve he was breaching any priest saw all that allow young boy he was sitting in a elevated window three he fell asleep propulsor McKendry imagine that someone falling asleep repulsive and at the time Paul raised him from the day that is an account I believe in second Kings were Elijah after he died he was betting on the dead man was thrown into Elijah 's sepulcher when the Dan Bobby touched the bones of Elijah the Bible says that the man came back to life soil coming back to life is not so much a novelty Jesus race people Paul raised people Elijah raised people show race of people but I wanted something official look at this event of Christ's coming back from the grave it is not simply he came back from the grave he was not resurrected from the grave I wanted to understand he raised himself from the brain now that is entirely different Paul arranged the Balkans but cannot race himself because he's the right upon raising you because I should say the dog raised Baptist but Peter himself cannot raise himself Shaw raised him and analyzer is MS Outlook but Jesus Christ raised himself my wife my Savior and the book of John chapter ten reform for sixty hi Republican from the King James version of the Bible says other C-peptide this is Jesus Christ which are not of this fold them also I must bring and fish out hear my voice and there shall be one fold and one shepherd therefore doth my father left me because I made all my life notice the wording I lay down my life that I might take it again was eighteen no man taketh it from me that he was the one man taketh it from me I lay it down of myself since Jesus Christ am forsaking of John Terry concludes this way I have power to lay down and I have to take up again what Jesus is saying I even before you die the minute and when I die I will raise myself when the tools give the pilots Matthew twenty seven four sixty seven sixty six that said we've got to see the one he was yet alive say a three days I will rise again then write an essay on this and come out the form of a sample of the mission of October then they left the disciples come by night as you have want away until the people is resolute little command reads himself as Jesus was not only a matter to me please this is a broken request Jesus was a man who was also brought arguments in which improvement improvement I will one go to sleep automatic mode you know everything about us sell normal everything of other than the genes you'll know everything about a poor digital everything about of SI why do you know everything about a combination of your bottom line I don't know what I accepted by faith because no one has ever accused Jesus Christ of being alive is ridiculed to be met yes these ridicules of being human was asked yes John eight Bible scholars who accuse them of being alive is that I will raise myself from the grave and he did not if Jesus has the power to raise himself from the great if he can himself has this in explicable power to reverse their girlfriend we fare most is that apply reportedly receptive to horses for the most of their forasmuch then as the children a particular flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same through death he might deliver them without the power of death he might destroy him without the power of death that is the devil and delivered them through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage we are born but if you can die and dying he disliked that I became a mile he says to you one problem is if you have that I can fix if your problem is addiction to alcohol is an alcoholic addiction a bigger problem to solve than raising someone from the dead at the center but I understand your sentiment that's all my visit when a probable man Jesus Christ raising himself from the dead now the comparison does not exist this in the eyes of a human being is the one that is a possibility from the standpoint of reversing as Jesus said I request that I can read once that addiction I reverse back on my killer is the temptation that has probably will for years from strategy open and refund your spectrum of the abilities that one has so lavishly before a meal if I can raise my sound I can review what I am saying quite simply that Jesus Christ has within himself the power to deliver you from any one there's nothing now restricts the full expression of your humanity as God desires that this shameful thing you are my needs who is come to Jesus Christ as a Jesus I heart you have this power at a quarter to one and I need some of that power in my life I want to think there's a corpse if you are spending more on the corpse of an era abuser you would get all that sugar and run because that is not supposed to help reduce the are some people by the quality of the life you have led we view them as hopeless cases additionally prisons one readable edition program for the next one various of the next one since of the next one career to the next chasing a life of fulfillment that seems almost out of reach is like a call on the nineteenth of April on water is twenty feet away Jesus says I have the power to extend federal the full twenty feet of a movie I demonstrated that power not necessarily by raising Lazarus that was not the highest demonstration not by cleansing lepers that was not the highest demonstration I know my times one four minutes not by calling the storm on the sea that was not the highest demonstrated the highest demonstration of my power was my raising of mice from the grief yesterday Bible text that say the father is in the Bible typically the father claimed responsibility because he is of the Carmack and Jesus while he was at the vertical Mac aneurysms out the family life was when he was then he heard the command of Jesus and he got up mysteries but reality is nonetheless and that power is soon is available to you no one has any acceptable excuse for moral failure no one because that is a source of power available to give you victory and lasts no a movie through the years to come you must understand when I speak I speak to you from my heart as your brother of the government most of what I know if you try what I'm telling you normal life which means profoundly and with the change of your life as it is witnessed by force around you will and their allies would see the domino effect of delivery 's outsourcing of you how many of you are glad to give it quickly original right and you're glad you came God bless you I particularly like the golf sent me tonight I will say things I could not see now because of the constriction of time make every human effort to come tonight I scoff to make with forty from the work and come tonight I will repeat this but I will say things I did not have time to say how many listen to me was a twelve minutes to one present up to set touch me just touch me pray for me please whatever reason which I want to pray for me simply resort him again unless I may than the rest of us because our every about our father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus but Jesus will raise himself up by so doing demonstrated his possession of Allah Teresa from any problem we have to break the bonds of slavery objects in the name of Jesus will by his self resurrection demonstrated that he indeed was divine about he was not just humans but he was also brought in he is a name that blog I ask you to bless those who raise their father I know you exist I know your son exists I noticed that exist on your part in it to access a file but all of this little faith of my men bless my brothers and sisters Ruth Adams for those who didn't want you bless them as well please the shop quickly by choice is that you got to love them and desire to save them to level them I pray bring them back tonight I offer this prayer from my heart this Jesus name and for his sake amen fundamental question whether the studies well at work prices we may God bless your family I was due to my


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