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How Did Christ Live?

Dennis Priebe




  • August 30, 2008
    4:00 PM
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while we're getting the handouts out to you I want to mention that my website Dennis for EB .com is available in the spell right here for you is even spell it right if you want to dig deeper into these subjects a lot of material on the subject is available on my website including a Bible study course that you can take online or download on these very subjects so you can do it on your own and that is something new this year so you haven't visited my website in the year that's the newsletter RI Dennis Freeman .com is the website all right let us quietly begin by asking God to be with us one more time father in heaven as we discussed one of the most sacred topics we can possibly touch our Lord and Savior and his coming down to this Earth may we be humble may we be Reverend and most of all may we want to know everything that will help us to be like Christ I pray in Jesus name amen friends the only reason I tackled the subject you know this is a bombshell subject you know that it causes all kinds of controversy and everybody argues about it the only reason I deal with this subject in my seminars is because I don't know how to talk about righteousness by faith without talking about the one who was righteous by faith and I just a lot of your and I remember him not Peter Gregory 's message this morning he read the text in Revelation chapter three that we overcome as Jesus overcame see that's the point isn't it there is never any way that we will know how to overcome unless we understand how Jesus overcame and that's the point of the study this afternoon to try to divest yourself of all of the controversy arguments that are you've heard here and there find out what this can tell us about how to be safe or I go directly what was the Philippians chapter two Philippians chapter two verses five to nine make sure those of you who are coming in you get a copy of the outline as you come in Philippians two verse five if there were one verse I would choose for everything I want to say today and tomorrow it is a Philippians chapter two verse five let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus if we could experience at first my friends we would have sailing I don't mean we would be free from trouble but we would know how to make good decisions we would all have always have the right attitudes we would always be making Christ decisions after him why we need the mind of Christ pray for that who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross wherefore God also highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven and things on earth and things under the years and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father narratives my friends all in one set all in one paragraph the whole great controversy story and you know when that day will happen when every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord it's over a thousand years in our future my friends it's a long ways off this plan on God in salvation is a complicated plan God is taking care of every possible objection and and and problem so that sand will never arise again because you and I will have just as much free choice of thousand years now as you do today him whom anything you want to a thousand years from now there are no buttons pushed in your brain to stop you from sending and the only way that will be prevented is if God is that God answers every issue in this world before he finishes about until the last issue is every being that God is ever created will have to see that God is just including those who have turned against including those who went to their graves thinking they were saying because I believe in a false gospel because they believe in this or that of the other and they need to know why they would not be happy in heaven because they think they will be they think they'll be able to get along in heaven just okay and they will have to know why God let them in heaven it would be a miserable hell for them for all eternity they have to know that that's why brings about any wonder why he brings them up again to put them under the gray under the to death again because they have to know that they are getting the most merciful sentence that God could give an end to their existence because they are busy they would be miserable in the presence of God and you know I'm waiting for that day when Satan himself comes walking up before the throne of God lifted up before that city gets on his knees voluntarily and says in the presence of every being that is ever been created I am wrong and you are right the most merciful thing you can do for me is the end of my existence when that sentence comes out of Satan 's lips this universal recycling and again that's what this is talking about right here now is go back to verse seven Jesus Christ he is in the form of God but he made himself of no reputation that's what the King James language says it actually is simpler the original language it says he and deed himself and that's my question here what did Christ but what did Christ emptied himself and organizing a very quick trip through the things that the empty versus omnipotence would you turn to John chapter five verse thirty these are some strange statements that Jesus makes you would not expect them to make them John five verse thirty five Jesus says cannot mine own self do nothing was that boy is this Jesus that is speaking what was his name in Old Testament times your little but last night that was only one name what's his chosen name what is his preferred name in the Old Testament now Yahweh the Jews didn't know about Jehovah that is an English mistranslation of the Jewish name and we're not sure how it's even pronounce why age WH that is the chosen name of God by Yahweh can do up my can of mine own self do nothing that sounds very strange doesn't you ever read in the Old Testament are the all-white albino self do nothing you find out text for me at the rarer than the Sunday text but Jesus the same being when he's a human being the Son of Man says all I as a man can of mine own self do nothing isn't that amazing and then he even says I seek not mine own will but the will of the father which has sent me I would've expected Jesus to save my seat my will and the will of my father because they're both the same even say that we'll see what that means a little bit right now and again were going to go back and forth quite a bit between the online statements now and the first page so if you go directly to the Ellen White statements is on the back side of the first page Jesus is in the little boat on the Sea of Galilee the disciples are afraid is all over for him Dean Christ rested not in the possession of almighty power it was not as the master of earth and sea and sky that he reposed in quiet that power yet laid out he says I can of mine own self do nothing being trusted in the father 's Mike it was in faith faith in God 's love and care that Jesus rested and the power that word which still the storm and I would say raise the dead and healed lepers was the power of God and outages it was mighty miracles not by his own power as Yahweh did lay that aside why did he do that because you and I have no power in and of ourselves to do anything that is relevant to life itself when you can keep your heart and then you have some control over life but until that day you are subject to pull forces outside yourself and so was Jesus all rights unless the first point that he leaves aside the second point in your outline is memory you don't even have to look up the sticks as you know it Luke two fifty two and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature it's easy to see Jesus growing up as a little boy but how does he increase in wisdom on your increase in wisdom let's look again at Ellen White remembering the outline numbers here and letters are for your study where now on one being one B of the first stage one via the LMI statement so you know where to study on your own one the very words which he himself had spoken to Moses for Israel he was now taught at his mother 's knee he gained knowledge as we may do is to just be like to be there that day when that little boy Jesus I don't know how Old Navy for a five years old comes marching and was mother is why do we keep Sabbath from when the sun sets on Friday and when the sun sets on Sabbath and his mother were down because Yala told us to there is it always sitting before her and that incredible anyway made all things studied the lessons which is only written in earth and sea and sky no I'm a share something with you I can prove but I think I'm right you know more about the laws of the universe the lessons which his own hand in written and earth and sea and sky than Jesus did when he was honored how many people knew about germs and viruses in the time of Jesus how many people knew about cell construction Mike tells us in all of the other things that happen in cell reproduction the people knew about that in the time of Christ all right and in Jesus Christ comes to his people at the level of knowledge in which they knew his mother contagion that the Rabbi 's contagion that energy gain knowledge as we may do and he wouldn't know what you know about the way the review of the earth and the universe is constructed he wouldn't even know that the years goes around the sun I don't because I'm that didn't happen until very recent in our history I said can prove any of those things but I think I think that Jesus knowledge was limited to the knowledge of his day what a tremendous condescension of Jesus to come down to that level of ignorance to save mankind when he was twelve years of age is decided his parents took him to the Temple for the very first time and for the first time he saw land being sacrificed at that moment it says the mission mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior watch that carefully at age ten Jesus did not know his mission because the rabbis in Taliban 's mother didn't tell them that he was going to die on a cross hated by his own people only when he was twelve two things came together he saw the sacrifice which was God 's object lesson and you know what the Holy Spirit does with object lesson he impresses upon our minds with that lesson means and on that twelve -year-old my Holy Spirit said consternation that's what you said were sent here to do and from that moment on Jesus said don't you know I have to be about my father 's business everything changed for Jesus from that moment on so the point Jesus does not know his mission by training wide knowledge by inheritance he knows his mission by faith in the Holy Spirit speaking to his heart how do you know your mission by faith as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart not even by me telling you what I think your mission is only by you listening to the Holy Spirit that's how we tell what God wants us to do by faith Jesus lived his entire life by faith all right outline page four knowledge for knowledge look up with me Mark thirteen thirty two Mark thirteen thirty two is spent an entire chapter explaining what will happen between his first and second Cummings is now come to the end of the story and look at what he says but of that day and that our know what no man what they in our his second coming no not the angels which are in heaven neither the son of the father was Jesus just that I don't know when I'm coming back only the father knows is not a strange statement of Jesus know what friends Jesus is willing to be ignorance when God chooses for him to be ignorant are you willing Hillary didn't know most of our trouble we want to know one thing more than what God told us we want to speculate a little more than God said we want to say I think that's I think that in this good bayonet could be it seems to me let's be done with that was just a whatever God chooses to reveal to us we will understand he hasn't chosen to reveal much about the new Earth life any notice that I a lot of questions about what you are his life will be like I can give you about an hours worth of questions content is a instant when the Lord knows that it's time he'll tell me and I'll leave it at that their questions and we don't need a probe into Jesus was content to not know if his father chose not to reveal it to him again to see what Ellen White says section one C before he came to earth the plan layout before him perfect in all its detail is the always on every detail but as he walked among men that's Jesus now he was guided step-by-step by the fathers well run Christ in his life on earth made no plans for himself he accepted God 's plans for him and day by day the father on full display that's a good lesson for us to learn business we do not need to know next year we need to know maybe an hour from now or maybe tomorrow now the next one the next one is so important the Savior could not see this is when he's dying on the cross the Savior could not see through the portals of the tomb did not present to them is coming forth from the great conqueror or tell him of the father 's acceptance of the sacrifice put this in perspective now Jesus said on one occasion destroy this temple is the body and in three days I will raise it up you believe that the question of my friends understand that when Jesus is going into the Gethsemane cross experience something is happening to him that is never been he's never experienced before what is happening to him that changes everything from the point of Jesus perspective what does he no longer experience the presence of his father because his father has for himself away from his son not in anger not even in the court we would call rap but in mercy because God destroy the glory of God destroy sin Jesus is becoming the sin bearer and in mercy God pulls himself back into the darkness he still there but is covered in darkness and Jesus can sense his presence everything changes when you can't sense the father 's presence everything changes when Jesus isn't there what was true and clear in your mind is now all uncertain and money and now Jesus is going to the cross with only his memories of the past thirty three years because now it's different now yes rely totally on the past not on the present and I was hard for Jesus just as it is for us today I don't know obviously everything that Jesus went through on the cross but I think something like this had to be going through Jesus mine father I'm here because you sent me but right now I can see your face my disciples of all abandoned me that people that I came to save our putting me on the cross and I don't know I can't feel I'm not certain if I never coming out of this experience alive you are here anymore you are encouraging me the Angels don't encourage me anymore they are all alone will I I am a sinner and River State is whispering in his ear just like he does in us here to greater center you are so lost you can come out of this experience Jesus is behind the second death quality experience there is no coming back from that Satan says you're a goner and Jesus is fighting between two things on the cross just like you must faith and feeling at the battle of a lifetime they had feeling because your feelings will always tell you something different than faith in God 's word carefully part of a fallen nature it'll be a miracle of God when feelings why will they not really know will happen but is not happening very often these days there's always a conflict between faith and feelings and Jesus is going to have to go by faith and I'm so glad for the last words of Jesus Christ father into thy hands I commend my spirit you decide Lord you decide father whatever you decide unhappy with which means if you decide that I stayed at for all eternity I accept I accept that remember the death that Jesus died in his own mind didn't feel like a three-day death it felt like a journal separation and Jesus was willing to pay that price someone else was willing to pay that price for his people in Old Testament times you know his name to Moses and his people would be cut off because of their rebellion Moses asked God to block his name out of the book of life is a three-day death for trying here are examples of people who put the name and the honor of God above their own salvation now that is huge for us today my friends because I believe we got things turned around in our well little I call it art gospel are like gospel of grace friendly and don't talk about obedience the society that were living in today we are being told that the most important question to ask today is due I personally have the assurance of salvation bottom line do I know that I am say we're being told that's the most important question and I agree it is an important question but I don't think is most important was the most important one for Jesus wasn't the most important one for Moses and what is the song that people will sing at the end of time and the life the song of Moses and the way you know what we're going to be concerned about and I say we the final generation which were supposed to be in a better BS and you are going to be concerned about is the crunch comes down is not whether Imus squeezed into heaven by my fingernails but we're not be concerned about whether my thoughts my actions and my words are vindicating daughter safely and that's all organisms be concerned about when where and when where and in dire persecution when things are happening to us that are beyond our ability to withstand we are not safe time and then we lost because of this now that won't even enter our minds but the only question will be implied when a mess of God 's plan of salvation and my gun and help Satan when the great controversies will spend more on that time on that tomorrow I am I am going to be part of the vindicating or deleting issues in the great controversy between Christ and Satan and I believe that our basic question and motivation should be for being a Seventh-day Adventist today and my participating in the final vindication of God and God 's winning the great controversy I believe that's why we should live Christian lives being saved while it's a nice benefit frosting on the cake maybe added benefit special extra special gift but the real issue is in my telling the truth about the character of God today why my words my my acts by my thoughts and my vindicating .ca ideally that's what we are called to be and to do all right let's see what else we can find out only out of section the omnipresent section E Lori I would let you study those for yourselves every obvious Jesus didn't bring those five things omnipotence memory for knowledge omnipresence and glory that Christ emptied himself up why did Christ and he himself of these things I sometime say as I go to churches around the country that most Christians worship Christ who never existed most Christians worship of paper Christ why me but Christ that was written up by theologians down through the centuries to protect certain pet doctrines such as Original Sin and I believe that most Christians have never met or understood or heard the real Jesus Christ the flesh and blood of Jesus the real Christ of Nazareth most Christians believe that I've been giving a lot of lies over the past twenty minutes ask a Christian on the street out in Christ he was mighty miracles how do they raise Lazarus from the dead and what will be the instant answer you get because he is God of course God does mighty miracles all the time got Christ was God and he raised people from the dead ask the same Christian how did Jesus overcomes since over thirty three years he didn't even send once impossible feat how do they do that because the skull that's right because he is God and Joseph text in the Bible it says God cannot be tempted with evil drives their so if Jesus is operating as God which most Christians think he is then he can be you can send the capsaicin because God can't sin how can God be busy well try this site does is work better for you it will work very well for God all my friends if Jesus is operating as God is this all I shared with you is wrong as most Christians believe most Christians do not believe anything of what I told you in the last twenty minutes understand that if that is true that Christians are right and I am wrong then Jesus Christ could not sin now you believe he did not send their difference wow what a difference there is could not and did not if he could not send them there was no test if he could not send that over the choreographed lighting it was pretty written out in heaven and Jesus with his omniscient mind learn every line of vanishing line down the deserves repeated alliance faithfully finishes out just as the presently dictated went back to heaven in the audience applauded wonderful way that's all it was there was no risk there was no cast there was no possibility of failure many many Christians believe that this is the dominant view in Christianity they call it the impact ability of Christ there's a word for it impossible for him to sin and so Jesus Christ is not the Christ that you know and understand in that version is and then there's something else do you feel very comfortable when you know you are talking to a very saintly person who offers far as you can tell hasn't send in the last three years you feel very comfortable saying what was is how I'm feeling today and this was going on in my life probably not now here is Jesus he is holy he hasn't send in thirty three years not his entire life is on the high and holy pedestal and wear you down here in the mud sand wallowing around in your little problems of everyday life so how do you talk to this holy person in a way that you are comfortable with and that he would understand and so Christian solve this problem they came up with someone between someone in the middle someone who could understand both sides what was her name of course and Mary would be the way we could communicate with the impeccable son of God at work for a while and all of a sudden bachelor of Mary began to rise did you know the history all of a sudden she didn't have a normal birth she had an immaculate conception meaning she skipped four thousand years of human heredity and she was born with a sinless nature and then when she died she didn't go in spirit form the heaven like all the other saints but she went in bodily form to heaven where she is today at the right hand of Jesus Christ helping him to dispense the benefits of salvation to the human family as that pedestal risen the best I'm still wallowing down here in the mud of my sins and daily problems who I talk to now and Christians came up with answers whenever there's a problem with Christians come up with answers why would be St. Peter in St. Thomas and Saint dedicated other saints like St. Christopher and Saint John Paul II and all the rest why because those were ordinary people like us they started out in the same month of this older the same natures that we have maintained to live holy lives coming out on the sinful nature and world may understand what I'm going through to get the point they had been in my shoes I can tell them where I'm having my problems they will understand what my problems are then they will reinterpret my language and they will communicate in better language to marry will then reinterpret my language and communicative and better language DeJesus who may well reinterpret her language and communicate in a better way to the father and if I'm very very lucky I'll get an answer back here is that what the Bible teaches how many mediators and one mediator the man notice in Christ Jesus why is only one mediator needed because he started in the same mod that I started in the same ugly all the same equipment the same temptations the same goals and times and out of that unwillingness he developed a character that was pure and spotless and so if I now stuck in this thing is that Jesus should deal with that help me now as always a mess all we need you do not have to be afraid of talking to an impeccable Jesus because he was never that he was a victorious Jesus is a huge difference and now you can ask him how can I have the experience that you have so those are a couple of reasons that I believe it's essential to understand what I've been sharing with you in this first part of the outline now let's go to the dangerous part of the outline what nature to Christ you heard me say this morning I deleted his fallen human nature and were to look at Romans chapter eight verse three right now there are more taxes I haven't listed here such as Hebrews two you can find them for yourself Romans chapter eight verse three for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh stop right there the word flesh is the most misunderstood King James translation in our Bible maybe there are others what you think it would hear the word flesh meat right that flesh means flesh in our bodies flash is what the word means all doesn't come close to that and yet that's the word that the King James translators used for that Greek word socks as a RX let's turn to a text that will tell you exactly what flesh means Galatians chapter five verse sixteen four seventeen relations for Holger K Galatians five seventy for the flash muster against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other are we getting a little better picture what flesh means now the word flesh consistently not just once or twice consistently throughout the New Testament the Greek word for flash means falling humanity mind and body everything that is fallen about was even translated with the words fallen nature and be just fine some of the modern translations do use fallen nature to translate flash and that means my mind and my body working together because they are fallen fallen nature lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the fallen nature and these are contrary the one to the other the word flash means fallen nests including our mind including our emotions including our impulses including our tendencies including all the drives that make us human beings and there are good drives that God is created in us that Satan twists around those drives as well and so it says here what the law could not do in that it was weak through the fallen nature of fallenness of our mind and body God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful what I fallen us mind and body condemned sin in the lot in the flash and the fallenness of mind and body Jesus condemned sin in that fall in this that's the miracle of the incarnation as someone said if I Willie Mays or someone you know what great thing all right hitting Carol a baseball toward it the blight hit three home runs in a game nobody googles LOL that's just Willie Mays or whoever this but in Dennis Priti would step up to the same five hundred three home runs in one game it would be front-page news throughout the United States see the difference with someone who has all kinds of abilities okay it was someone with all the odds stacked against them because there is no natural ability it is miracle of miracles but there was victory and hear the flesh means everything stacked against Jesus Christ and yet he overcame now the word likeness trouble some people but whiteness of sinful humanity what in the world is like this manger to Philippians two seven where we were a few minutes ago it uses the same Greek word and Sassanian English Philippians chapter two verse seven and were going to do a little word study right here in Philippians two seven where it says he took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of man like this are simple question we've spent a lot of time on this which is the simple question why was Jesus an actual real human being or day was a just like a human being now if I were to take it back to the first century their live argument on that because there are group of Christians called gossip this instead now he was pure spirit he never took a flesh body at all but today I don't think that's true I think everyone of us is one hundred percent agreed that Jesus was an actual real live human being with all of the tent although they are the necessities of eating and sleeping and all the rest that human beings have a right prime so that's clear it says he was made in the likeness of men some as likeness means similar to somewhat like or doesn't be actual or real the actual here doesn't so the word likeness does not mean necessarily somewhat like now is to just a little word study here are six who being in the form of God well what is the form of God was Jesus like God or a picture of God or a representation of God or was it God okay so being in the form of God means actually God doesn't relate God fully God right so the form of God means fully God I thought it not robbery to be equal with God but to be made himself of no reputation took upon him the form of a servant so what is forming their pity really become a servant so the form again means actually served that is deeper than that the Greek word here for servants does anybody know what it really means it's a slight is addressed upward in the English language imaging thing James translation of the word loss in Greek means slay with no rights and no no no no ability to be a citizen even and Jesus it said took upon him the form of a slain at simple question when God created Adam in the Garden of Eden as in the image of God was that a slave there was also a form there was there it was perfect it was as close to God no human being and God Ellen White even says in physical form as well as in mental and spiritual on Adam was like the fault was like a I don't know fully what that means but she says that that is not a slave for when the Ed Adam and Eve and the human race turning the slayings in this and when they sin right what happened that beautiful physical for the Natalie was what happened it came up to look like you and me and I would be Gibran and what happened to that beautiful mind that brain that was probably three times the size of ours how much of our brain we use today I'm hearing reports that is very small percentages of our brain we actually can you compare to what they use slave form happened rather quickly for Adam to the human race the slaves form it says here he took upon in the form of a slave could that possibly be Adam in his purity and sinless nature and beauty and at all of the rest of the weekend he took the slave form of mankind yours and mine where the slave for us and that encompasses a whole range of air if there were no other text than this my friends in the New Testament about the nature of Christ I think this would be enough to tell us that he did not skip four thousand years of heredity that he took humanity in a slave for mental physical and Ellen White says moral moral evil he took upon him the form of a slave bulldozer a couple of the reasons that I choose to believe that Jesus took a fallen heredity listing what Ellen White says on the subject whereon still the first page of the online statements near the bottom of the page desire of ages forty nine find that statement it would've been an almost infinite humiliation for the son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in his innocence in Eden but Jesus accepted humanity when the race of been weakened by four thousand years of sand fly will bring child of Adam my friends put your name right in their life every child of Adam he accepted the results of the working of the great law of heredity what these results were as shown in the history of his earthly ancestors and we love to talk about Joseph don't wait we love to talk about Moses and Abraham don't wait do we like to talk about Manasseh or Rahab or any of the other ancestors of Jesus that weren't quite so good what these results were is shown in the history of his earthly ancestors he came with such a horrific design leave any room for Immaculate Conception remember people sell less as the Catholic Church Catholic churches believes that Mary had an immaculate conception she was exempted from four thousand years of human heredity the only reason the Catholic Church does that is because of their teaching that we are born sinners all Original Sin as the only reason they wanted to protect Jesus from being born a sinner is the best way to do that is a given one whole generation between Saddam himself it Mary was sinless then Jesus had to be sinless as the only reason for the Immaculate Conception doctrine is not about married is about Jesus Protestants have the same problem as the Catholic Church they start out with the Original Sin doctrine they have us born sinners because of nature and therefore Jesus Eddie were born with our nature he would be a center so Jesus has to have a immaculate conception exactly as Mary had in the Catholic Church we call it the miraculous conception was a nice words because it was a miraculous conception was not but what we mean by it is Jesus was exempted from four thousand years of human history that's over me when we say Jesus had a miraculously we talked about our scholars many of them in the Seventh-day Adventist church that Jesus had an exemption from heredity that he skipped four thousand years and what you'll be hearing these days is that Jesus took part of heredity you don't weakness he took tiredness he took mortality but he did not take tendencies to temper anger jealousy etc. she had a partial exemption from heredity is the most refined doctrine of the immaculate conception than I've ever heard an interesting top throughout Adventism you will hear it in our colleges and maybe even in our cat that Jesus was partially exempted from heredity and so my friends do we believe a clear statement or must we be forced to deny clear statements because of a presupposition of a doctrine that came straight out of Augustinian Catholicism that's the question forever it happens to decide now why is this so negative why do so many peoples and called how Christ written in Paraguay inherent cousin orbiter he next both parents transmit their own characteristics mental and physical their dispositions and appetites to their children as a predictor 's worst page two second paragraph on page two eighty the father transmits irritable tempers polluted blood enfeebled intellects and weak morals to his children while what a package of heredity and you say that Jesus didn't have a father and Mary have a father that Mary's father have a father we did some of those terrible tempers perhaps maybe he transmits to his children that's why we are being told Jesus couldn't have asked that would contaminate him blank contamination that's why talk so much about sin and contamination earlier the says parents mantra the children tendencies to appetite and passion here's the key point one simple question is a tendency to appetite and passion a sin or a temptation to sin and once you settle that gives settlor media matters about the nature of Christ just a blip in the Islamic complicated thing and either go to graduate school on this one is a tendency to sin is a tendency to overeat as a tendency toward sexual activity is a tendency toward this anything is it sanded floors of temptation to say entity related sanitation then you believe in the Bible record of temptation and that Jesus could receive those tendencies and not be a center that we're having people traveling all over Adventism contradicting what I am shy sharing with you this afternoon on the simple point here is an illustration that may help we are finding evidence is approved but we are finding evidence that a child born to alcoholic parents is more susceptible to alcoholism than a child born to nonalcoholic parents let's say that's true for sake of argument is a baby born to an alcoholic father and alcoholic at birth does that date he received tendencies to alcoholism will that baby likely become an alcoholic more likely than the kid down the street yes again when will that baby actually become an alcoholic when it chooses to drink their debts the tendency to sin is bad news the choice to sin 's guilt one is evil one is guilt by tendency is a temptation not to send I may let you read all the rest of the statements on this page they are clear reason for yourself turn with me to page three read what I said this morning do not believe what I say because I say believe it because you the study for yourself a clear page three second paragraph IHV in heavenly places page one fifty five a last sentence just the last sentence in the paragraph though yet all the strength of passionate humanity never to be yielded to temptation to do one single act which was not pure in elevating and ennobling bricklayer the last paragraph on the page desire of ages one twenty two in our own strength it is impossible for us to deny the clamors of our fallen nature would you agree with that and does your fallen nature glamour and you are right got agreement through this channel Satan will bring what's the next word in the Christian worlds as end right there fallen nature clamors and Bibles were brought to say no it's temptation Christ knew that the enemy would come to every human being to take advantage of those next two words hereditary weakness so three concepts equal each other planners of a fallen nature equals temptation equals hereditary weakness none of which equals a okay and in the next sentence and by passing over the ground which man must travel our Lord has prepared the way for us to overcome ground you have to travel climbers temptation hereditary weakness what ground the Christ travel over climbers my friend not just fallen nature but clamors of a fallen nature Ellen White said when eighteen -year-old nephew versus Jesus has experienced every temptation that an eighteen -year-old young man experiences best climbers my friend in a lot of ways and Jesus experience that from within and it was hereditary weakness which Jesus I think I have good news out of all the story the good news goes like this the new is that you can share with your friend your Christian friends or your non-Christian friends goes like this do you know my friend Jesus have you ever met my friend Jesus because they matter Christ that is not at all accurate crafts they had never met your Christ the friend that you know they have never met the one that struggle they had never met the one that took a risk that could avail that the whole universe was in jeopardy if one single sound than him but never met that Christ they've never met the Christ that had climbers from within like you have glamorous from within and you can tell your friend who's struggling with the problem in his or her life are you going to discouragement right now our people treating you badly either things going wrong are you angry with someone and in your your family let's find out what Jesus did when he had to go through these temptations let me take you to Jesus and will find out how you can have the victory in your life right now do you know my friend Jesus is the most important question you can ask of your family your friends and your neighbors do you know that me introduce you to my friend Jesus I even found a statement remember we read in John five thirty I came not to do my will but the will of my father listen to this one the human will of Christ would not have led into the wilderness temptation to fast to be tempted of the devil was that sentence didn't the whole does the Bible say the Holy Spirit led them into the wilderness the Holy Spirit said go to the wilderness and I'm sure Jesus didn't say well what should I do in the wilderness I'm sure the Holy Spirit told me to do fast and maybe even the time of the fast idle no outages note that forty days and do things on his own I believe in the Holy Spirit sentiment of the wilderness but the human will of Christ would not let them there his human will would not have led them to endure humiliation scorner approach suffering and death he is human nature shrank from all these things as decidedly as our shrinks from them Holy Spirit if you want me to go out there in the wilderness for forty days and into direct conflict with Satan when I'm all tired and hungry and emaciated you want me to do that I'd rather go back to Nazareth thank you that's what it's human nature impressed Christ to do the whole forget the wilderness I'm so glad for the next race what did Christ living to do it was the will of his heavenly father I came not to do my will which would be to go the opposite of God 's will but instead of that I came to do thy will that signs of the times October twenty nine eighteen ninety four and I believe that is the heart and soul of everything where it we face today who's will will we do what we do it the way that seems right to us or will we do it the way God has told us to do it bottom line we trust our wills way too much we say I can figure this one out let me put down the pros and cons on this is what I close I should wear let me go down the pros and cons of what entertainment is good for me what food I should eat but we see what my friends are doing plenty to poll I'll let me let me sort this out I think I can figure it out with my friends our wills are the most dangerous things in the world because their sin infected the rebellion infected we inherited defective wills and that's where the decision-making power of the mind takes place will choice the worst thing you can do is to trust your ability to choose and you must say not my will but thine be done I submit every joy this is your approval before I go ahead with it and I'll pray it out right here Lord on every issue that you're wondering what the right thing is to do not my will but thine be done all right section be here is the problem area no were not done you put them way too soon section B knows sinful propensities of you heard about propensities and yes you have the word propensity does not appear in the Bible so understand this is a purely spirit of prophecy debate there were dealing with here what does the word propensity referred to I'll take you directly to the statement has caused all the conflict and the Seventh-day Adventist church is on page four second paragraph page four second paragraph I am sure someone is read this to you be careful exceedingly careful as to how you dwell upon the human nature of Christ do not set it before the people as a man with a pro and the cities of sin he is the second data looked out of the last three lines he could ascend he could've fallen but not for one moment was there in him an evil propensity there we have it he couldn't have had our nature because I am evil propensities and Jesus didn't he was exempted from four thousand years of heredity and of discussion all right my friends the keyword here is propensity first let me share just one little bit of advice when you're studying anything I don't care it is the nature of Christ the nature of man sought out whether a person goes to heaven or hell when they die the Sabbath whatever this do not start with the most difficult text you can find an try to use sex will always make mistakes that wife where know a lot of Christians start when they want to talk about whether our souls go to heaven when we die is there a story Jesus told they love the rich man and Lazarus of course that proves that our souls go right into Abraham 's bosom there you said it all right you don't go to the most difficult text you can find and then try to sort it out you go to the clear statements of Scripture the overwhelming evidence then you find the problem tax and use all the texts you don't read you don't ignore them you don't rewrite them but you try to understand them in light of the total testimony of Scripture 's called weight of evidence weight of evidence there will always be a nagging objection to something or other no matter what teaching you teach even a something as clear as the millennium you will find people signal not all disposable and a Lawrence pre- millennial or it's a millennial and its cream trim and its post- trip and all men go on and on Baltimore seems very clear in the Bible so don't start with the problem takes the steps be a problem text it was never intended for publication while I was a letter to a man Australia Tasmania actually and it was put in the malls it was a personal problem that this man had that we don't know what it was were doing detective work backward to try to sort it out and it was discovered in the vaults in the mid- fifties and was put in the Bible commentary to try to help us understand this issue well that's the background so what is propensity me there are three meetings for the word propensity in the writings of the spirit of prophecy three meetings the first is holy propensity what is a holy propensity do you enjoy who you enjoy good food did God create that within you plotted tastebuds right with some chickens in our house I don't think they enjoy their food as much as I do for all and all that is wrong I savor my food God put taste buds in my mouth that's a holy propensity what happened to that holy propensity after adamantly say God twisted up in the end that's the second meaning of the word of fallen propensity we inherit both of those holy and fall how did that developed an appetite I don't when it happened but somewhere it did a what's that running through the woods over there let's kill him and in and he might taste good I had to start there somewhere Shea was at hiding under the rock in the sea shortlist boil him and maybe while I'm alive he might taste a letter those lobsters in your supermarket stars all right what in the world is going on here bands propensities have gotten twisted halfway and then there's a third meaning of the word propensity that we didn't have a fellowship dinner here today many of your churches you had fellowship dinners and there's something special about fellowship dinner time there is always followed good array of food on those tables right and you can pick and choose to your hearts content hiding had developed that he's alive that my son has he looks down that whole table any sites and all I had a time and ignores all the stuff you're there little questionable and heads for the and you know in some churches system people even ask his sister Jones is going to be there that day to notice worthwhile coming the Fellowship dinner just sees the good Cook Inlet in the church well when you pass that special dish that you never see it home and only once a month of fellowship dinner time you take just enough for survival and no more till supper time or you think ahead and realize your neighbor seems that your doctor to see that dish for one full month and you just about three more spoonfuls and good memory where did that come from did you inherit that no one lucky day you have to not have a reason while S the best thing I've ever eaten and from that day on it was a habit with you to eat it every time you saw right that is a cultivated or chosen propensity is there a difference between an inherited propensity and a chosen propensity is a big difference is there a inherent the inherited stuff you can't do anything about exactly what it did only what those fallen propensities but the chosen the habit propensities Ellen White says it's not in your outline we need not retain one's sinful propensity not one that means habits shows a propensity you'll find that in Bible commentary volume seven page nine forty three she even refers to natural propensity natural or acquired two kinds of propensities natural or acquired upward look three thirteen so those are different meanings of the word propensity which is she referring to here that's the question is not a cut and dried issue by a means people say will hear it obviously means that he didn't inherit our tendencies as with their meaning as much says it all it says he didn't have the propensities of sin that means a propensities two sentences propensities of sin and so couldn't possibly be that she was saying do not set Christ before the day before the people as a man with the cherished habits of sin could she possibly mean I will submit that to you for your thinking I will be honest and say to you I can't prove it because there's not enough evidence here to make a final proof statement were dealing with only one letter to one man and we don't know what the man talk but this doesn't prove the other side either this is not the smoking gun that some people think it is this is one of those rich man and Lazarus texts such as sweat a little over an essay what does that mean how do you sort that one it is not a proof text to deny that Christ took a fallen nature okay well let's see what else we want to say right let me do this let me summarize at this point what I've been trying to share with you over the last little bit here and what I put in when Christ came down to this Earth he did not bring his deity within he did not use it I mean he did not use his deity that was out of his experience when he came to this earth he came with the same fallen heredity that I have so let's put us down here this is a house we have fallen heredity but something has happened to us that is the same with Christ instead of this being a straight line in which fallen heredity never yield to sin something happened here at Arbor that doesn't allow this to go straight anymore we begin to develop habits or propensities of the sin of sin at the moment when we are convicted by the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ as our Savior and we yield ourselves to him he begins to remove these propensities out of our lives and we come back slowly but surely unfortunately slowly too many times to God 's ideal for his people the difference with Jesus is very simple Jesus does not use his deity but at the moment of his birth and this is the moment of our birth in this a moment in Jesus for the moment of Jesus birth the Holy Spirit becomes a participant in his humanity when does the Holy Spirit become a controlling influence in our lives at the new birth at conversion the Holy Spirit becomes a controlling influence in our lives and he begins to remove these from us so the difference in Christ and there is a difference in Christ from us Jean did not begin with two fallen parents and develop propensities or habits of sin he began with one parent involvement heredity and the Holy Spirit controlling that fallen heredity so Jesus never develop the habits of sin that you and I develop that's how I understand the difference between Christ and us not heredity but direct development of life why is that important when friends did Jesus overcame sin because he had an on all on or sinless heredity if that was the reason he lived thirty three years without sin then when will I have the slightest chance of living without sin well yes there is yet others and it's not never when I receive the same unfallen heredity that Jesus had from his birth and when will that be at the second coming so if it is a fun that if Jesus overcame sin not on the basis of the Holy Spirit on the basis of a sinless nature than I will never really be able to overcome sin until I have a sinless nature and God will push a magic button in my brain and then I'll never sin again I just don't see that is the way the Bible teaches the whole experience so this is what I understand that Jesus was different in one way not an heredity but in direction and development of life due to the Holy Spirit and I can have the same direction and development after I'm born again by the same Holy Spirit all right now let's look at one more point section see reality of temptations what is Hebrews four fifteen Dallas I think you know what I mean this is without even looking it up he was tempted in many points like as we are the says all does not in all points was a dented appetite was a dented jealousy was a dented the sexual indulgence was a dented my friends are just like we are tempted in all points as we are Hebrews four fifteen is probably the text which has kept me from moving the direction of many of my colleagues have moved over the course of the past thirty years I couldn't get around Hebrews four fifteen I didn't know what the duo did I don't have to make for fifteen fit with an unfallen nature and so I stayed with this view instead of the one that's popular right now section D victory through divine power in section E possibilities for math I'll leave you to study those on your own because we will deal with that tomorrow in our last meeting but I want now to take it one final statement on page five all right let's just be honest right here we dealt with some heavy-duty theological stuff if someone is gone right over your head what was pro- density thing I didn't get back at someone is just whiz by you here is why if you understand anything about the nature of Christ this is the only paragraph you will ever need to know if you want to know you can have the assurance of salvation that's what you need not on page five one third of the way down page five desire of ages three sixty three every word is important in this paragraph as one without notice as one with us to share in our needs and weaknesses he was wholly what's the next word in game and not independent upon God him the sacred place of prayer he sought using for something you already have these sought divine strength that he might go forth braced for duty in trial as a man he asked now and then please is so located the throne of God still his humanity was charged with a heavily current that would connect humanity with divinity throw continual communion day received life from God that he might impart life to the world guess what his experience to be a you have just read righteousness by faith in one paragraph you can set aside some of the arguments in some of the controversies here you can dwell on this meditate on this pray over this make this paragraph your life you will have peace in your heart my nose carefully it says till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that would connect humanity with divinity golf carts it charged up every night they plug-in and they get a full charge and then they run around the golf course all day long on the charge they receive the night before you receive a spiritual charge when you go to church I hope so that's what is therefore evil that charge will last you for one full week to get back to church again that's not righteousness by faith it is not golf cart religion is old-fashioned trolley car religion trolley cars that no batteries trolley cars that no engines trolley cars and a connecting arm to a power source a power source of electricity oddball and beyond them as long as they are connected to the power source they moved just fine when they are becomes broken for some reason their dead in the water they'll go one step one yard when you are connected says connected your doesn't when you are connected with Jesus Ross you are righteous when you disconnect from Jesus Christ how do you disconnect from Jesus Christ by choosing to send shares again when you choose to disconnect from Jesus Christ you do not have a gas tank of righteousness which is that the full level you do not have a battery charge which will hold you you have no righteousness reservoir you have a righteousness connection when the connection is severed there is no righteousness you are not righteous you have no righteousness and all your righteousness then is as filthy rags when you are connected you are righteous when you are disconnected like the trolley car you have no power no righteousness no victory and no Joe so the key word in this whole paragraph this connection connection of humanity with divinity in connection there is victory in this connection there is failure so what I want to share with you as we finish this particular section how is very simple a lot of controversy goes on around the subject but blood is boiling down to the key key part if we are in relationship to Jesus Christ as Christ was in relationship to his father through the Holy Spirit we will have righteousness peace victory and joy in our lives when a slip and fall but remember you can reconnect if the hand slips out put it right back in the open behind your back don't wander around for a while when the handsome there's one thing that should scare us to death it's not sin and is not even Satan but one thing that should scare us to death and all the red lights in the buzzers buzzing in our minds is I'm disconnected I'm not there anymore I don't feel his presence in the hits and I'll is gone I lost sincerest because there we are wandering without help in a barren wasteland connection my friends stay connected Jesus was connected every minute of his life that's how he produced thirty three years of sinlessness God can do miracles like that in our lives why connection let us stay connected and we simplify the whole controversy and we don't have to worry about all of your lives raging around but I barely remember I started this Ivy League that we cannot really talk about how to be righteous except studying about the man who was righteous and how he didn't then I think we have some hope our pioneers knew that Jones and Waggoner knew that we cuddle lost sight of that because we begin begun borrowing concepts from the evangelical Christian world and now we have a marriage of true and false theology in the gospel of Jesus Christ which is no more benefit of success than marrying creation and evolution in saying you believe in both you can't marry opposites and have success and were trying to do that in the gospel well let's believe in Jesus and Vincent is a little inevitable we can do that sin and Jesus are antithetical they don't work well together and there is power forgiveness and power in the grace of Jesus Christ you are right it is almost time for supper in a separate is what five thirty so we had a couple of minutes for questions if you have any or anything that you'd like to ask so I'll give you a minute yes yes yes yes a fallen behavior and I are and what about fallen nature carnal mind nature and enmity against God those are all key points right here carnal mind does not mean the fallen nature that is the mistake that is being made today well the carnal mind is enmity against God are not born with that no were not born of the fallen nature which has tendencies to a carnal mind which has tendencies to Carmel and notice carefully in Romans chapter eight verse seven says the carnal mind is enmity against God is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be the carnal mind hates God 's law doesn't want God 's law what do his own thing fallen nature has a tendency to do that the carnal mind is developing that the carnal mind is character the fallen nature is equipment and God is good to take which they haven't character and nature stays on this earth so right here this is carnal mind which has nothing to do with equipment it has to do with attitude attitude enmity against God verse six for to be carnally minded is death finally minded is death so how does God solve this problem he sends the divine nature guess what the divine nature is let me share it with you I didn't give you the statement I was meaning to Christ's humanity was united with divinity he was fitted for the conflict by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and he came to make us partakers of the divine nature of the divine nature in dwelling of the Holy Spirit indwelling of the Holy Spirit nature it is not equipment inherited at birth there is equipment shared by parsing that is a desire pages one twenty three the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is partaking of the divine nature so when the divine nature comes into our lives it was devised what Carmel by the old man carnal mind old man old creature all refer to the way we were in rebellion are characters developed in rebellion this part of our lives right here that's carnal mind that is enmity against God fallen nature is the tendency toward a carnal mind toward an old man experienced toward enmity to God and divine nature which is the Holy Spirit removes or destroys the carnal mind so now we can have the mind of Christ that's all I understand those concepts this hour this is an is is what a Jesus out as a baby that is different from the way we have and how we develop and bottom line right here in this area we are given very little information right so we have to do our best with inadequate information because God didn't choose to tell us everything so there are two or three theories here the one that seems most reasonable to me is that the Holy Spirit is coming into Jesus life in the same way that the Holy Spirit comes into my life what does he do in my life he begins to remove the propensities what he did for what you do for Christ prevented the perfect propensities from developing in character he prevented the following heredity from developing this way so yes I believe it is the quality of the born again Christian experience is not the same because he never had to be born again but it is the quality of the divine nature I said the divine nature comes in here the divine nature was in Christ from his birth and that is different than us so there is a difference some people say Christ was exactly like us know he was gay chose his parents view the live before he came down to this Earth view he had the Holy Spirit for a father to you so the word exactly is not the best work he was like us in heredity that's what it was like I said yes as a child she says he was not like other children so there was a difference in the early years of Christ there is a statement that that she says he came into life you experience it and ended his life with the sanctified humanity what is sanctified humanity fallen nature controlled by the Holy Spirit this is just this is right I is in and will and I and he is in you I will and will try right to you I think I understand what your saying she was saying the Desmond Ford of this generation doesn't understand very much about them because I was way back in I think is minimizing the new people that will annihilate a benefit and sell right here what do we understand are we just confused now as we were than what I have been sharing with you this weekend I told you about this morning as I went through that but we thought we dealt with Desmond Ford no we didn't at all we simply said you can't teach anymore we didn't talk at all about his gospel about original sin the nature of Christ justification and perfection we simply ignored it all what happens when you ignore false teaching they comes back and grabs you with a vengeance a little later on they goes underground for a while this leads for a while and it comes right back up and hits you in the face when you're least expecting it and the reality is that yes Desmond Ford is off the same and hardly anybody in this generation knows what really happened as we experience that Kevin Anaya Pacific Union College when we were going through that experience live on the scene and when I read statements in our publications and inherent in our camp meetings with precisely the same language on the same terms of the same concepts that Desmond Ford used in the years nineteen seventy seven through nineteen eighty one I say while he does come back in full flower in force again and we weren't watching when it came back because we said is Desmond Ford was taken care of no my friends why I see I been doing this now twenty three years and I always always when I go to a new church talk about these subjects was the only subject I talk about for the first time when I come to a new church why because these subjects are more confusing today than they were in nineteen eighty when Desmond Ford was on the scene they have now come back full flower and we are now being phased with them in our schools and in our cap meetings and in our publications and you will be done as soon as you go out of this world this room when you go back to your home your churches you will need them and so this is the righteousness by faith is the most confusing misunderstood subject in the Seventh-day Adventist church today and guess what it is the most important subject in every thing that we deal with Satan in which subject to deal with these the Bolivar Sabbath alone maybe not our Sabbath keeping but he'll leave our Sabbath alone Friday to Saturday night he will leave our state of the death of the state of man and death alone they believe are teaching the second coming of Christ alone he'll let us believe the truth on those subjects if we can get us on his wagon train on righteousness by faith in the gospel he doesn't care what we believe in Santa doesn't care what we believe on prophecy is goddess in the palm of his hand this is the temptation that would deceive the very elect this is one I yes I yes that's right and now precisely precisely how can you deal with something where you don't know what the issues are and that's what I have dedicated my realize I'm a very


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