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SWYC 2008 Question and Answer




  • August 30, 2008
    6:45 PM
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right of first question no not all you need to answer the question if you feel inclined to review feel like you have the financier of verdant answer this question you're more than welcome to the question is can or should administer both for issues and or candidates in office special with upcoming election in the along I think this is a very important question I will share fundamentals of Christian education wares at about four hundred seventy five or so that says that we cannot with safety both for political parties we must bury political questions if we elect men to office who repress religious liberty we are guilty of the sins they committed while in office there are cautions her she didn't say don't vote but she did give us some very important cautions I think it's pretty good after fundamentals of Christian education I write for seventy five I think that's it we cannot with safety vote for political parties let us bear a political questions when we elect men to office who repress religious liberty we are guilty of the sins they commit while in office the whole chapter is vitally important in that section alive and living with you that my mother reminded me the other day a week some things you thought you mother you don't talk to other people and and down to money then alliances with ministers of the gospel in a in participating my words in partisan politics they should be removed the minister the seventh banister should stay out of it we always have supported issues of religious liberty on moral issues and talking about on the level between man and man the last six commandments but we believe that that relationship that vertical relationship with God that the nation should leave them alone and I don't want to get into how fast I think this nation is abandoning its liberty our next question some people say that God does not destroy what is the Bible position in disbelief what is the danger disbelieved is gone destroyed or merely remove his present the Bible evidence is very clear that God does destroy this absolutely clear it cannot be denied you have turned the race rewrite whole sections of the Bible now does the Bible this is does God destroy arbitrarily of course not the bottom line is we destroy ourselves by our choices and we bring ourselves out of the place where God can further bless and give us life so we make the choice God only mercifully brings to an end the rebelliousness in certain cases so that worse events don't take place such as the whole earth and no one left that no was time or other situations in which God brings an end to rebellion so that there will be the and option left for God 's big beginning but the evidence is too clear he does in life I will destroy some morphogenesis nineteen twenty four businesses then the Lord rained upon Sodom and tomorrow rainstorm fire from the role of heaven simplified revolution twenty first of them was in the morning when the Contessa city gone since I also have destroyed them all destroys in acts chapter five there were a couple to people as I have them down fire afar and then and then lied to the Holy Ghost number that an when it is also confronted them the dropdead item of a computer killed him saw hunted and I most likely God killed them estimate has been cleared God does kill why because he is the author of life and can use the taker of life if he doesn't have the power he cannot be gone if you believe that God created things but he doesn't we destroy is almost like deism gone me something and you know hands-off policy of pixel I believe that God has the right to take life because he is the author of life and what is wrong with leaving this kind of document some people believe this way in order to protect golf contractor to making loving merciful as we killed Jesus to all who are left on behalf of back to them you know something happened with something that happened to them not always you talk to the golf character of the problem is as if your premise is not these upon the Bible a new look innocent in a beautiful front to protect off character but that long fragments can lead you to the chain reaction to alter ceremonious doctrines so be very skillful of this conference in the book of acts chapter five Dorchester pastor really if there is only a choice why do some people diet little babies before they are old enough to make a choice because of evil in our world evil in our world means that things don't happen the way they should and therefore I because Satan is the master of the root and the ruler of this world and God allows him a great deal of freedom righteous people are killed people who have made no decision are killed and babies are killed all we know all we know about babies when they die is that they died the first death that's all we know beyond that is speculation as to what their future will be but but simply that the issue of choice doesn't arise with babies it is an issue and God will solve those problems in his own way much better than we can by speculating about next question is the doctrine of the Trinity supported in the Bible is the Holy Spirit a third person was that the Catholic thing I don't think that refer to anything about that this weekend how might that affect I will be limited to the committee is very abundant of his father son Holy Spirit of the equally divine coeternal excellent Catholic teaching it is a biblical teaching and when you question the Trinity making warmest and boldest goals witnesses make Jesus a Golden God menu a salvation because every person the father-son Holy Ghost unfolded salvation and each one has to be fully divine in order to carry out his partner network is sold in the Trinity is the biblical teaching if you study the Bible plaintiffs which I'll however Catholic the witty teach Trinity is not the same way that we teach Trinity there are many interpretations on that word Trinity Church visibly means tri- union but we Catholic teaches I look up and Catholic is a video it says the father is on begotten God 's son is begotten eternally begotten implement a son is begotten God and Holy Spirit 's spirit between father and son I believe this teaching is dangerous we believe that God the father son and Holy Ghost at all equal and have different rules the reason that our pioneers rejected the doctrine of the Trinity was because of the Catholic misstatements about the Trinity if you read them carefully it's very metaphysical and very substance and essence oriented and have it it is it is almost impossible to understand and make any sense of and are pioneers rejected that concept of Trinity I personally prefer to use the term Godhead Trinity does carry some baggage with but even though it's a legitimate word next question were we forgiven at the cross or once we ask for forgiveness and his forgiveness simply a removal of guilt in him he repeated this where we forgiven at the cross or once we ask for forgiveness and his forgiveness simply a removal of guilt multiple questions question we forgiven at the cross if we were forgiven at the cross and so was Hitler because what these Jesus did on the cross is good for all men and therefore he provided the gift of forgiveness for every human being but if he forgave all men of the cross than all men are automatically entitled to salvation in word universalism so the provision was made for all men that's my understanding for the first and the second is that forgiveness covers more than removal of guilt that is its primary function but forgiveness is also empowerment and begins the new creature the new birth walk with Jesus Christ it is also a making righteous in addition to declaring righteous and just that it can sometimes assemble about the semantics you at the cross Christ provided he made it possible for God to legally forgive everybody that wants forgiveness was already in the heart of God was not legally provide and the prodigal son is a good example that I asked people when was the son forgiven and people will say well we came home and some people will be bold enough to say when he left unlike a suggests that he was forgiven the day he was born this forgiveness is an attribute of God 's love and God 's mercy but his justice cannot affect that art would not allow that to be effective until home had been provided and so I say to people even though the prodigal son was forgiven the day he was born you can estate in the pig and the rest of his life and every experience what was provided for so we don't have sustained existence there is forgiveness in the heart of God and we can go home and get it experience it but we do have a choice to place with a respond with God has provided for us next question I believe this is for you other previous there was a statement by one of our speakers that said we will be judged by our works this doesn't sound right in light of the text that says bike racer you saved and auto horse with an immense both are we saved by Christ righteousness plus works or by the righteousness of Christ alone obviously is by the righteousness of Christ alone but it's never without works we are saved by grace but judge by works that's what the Bible teaches Morgan have to make some sense of that and have to try to understand what that means it is grace unmerited by anything we provide or do that saves us there is nothing that we can add were making better what Christ has done merit a lot this is his allotted only through Jesus Christ Marat never applies to anything that we do but when the faith is there that brings justifying grace it always works it is never without work and the only way that the universe can tell we have been saved by grace is our works showing that it has happened in our life and that's why the judgment has to deal with the works that are provided and produced by saving grace that's what it seems to me and we are saved by grace through faith however we will be judged by our works because I will works will show the quality of our thing next question and other download like to hear your thoughts on this one what is happening at the NAD because evolution and humanism is being taught in our universities Loma Linda University football first of all let me make a few things really clear my overseer ship stopped at the borders of mission at and that's a fact events that's a reality I do not speak for the North American division the brand-new University unison general conference institution I do not share their board on the board on but having the that clear and not knowing the specifics and wanting to say there are many wonderful things being taught in our schools at Prince God on this and some the finest teachers in the world a lot of blessing from but there are some challenges going in so let me just you can just figure out the rest of it from this comment and make this public so I don't mind saying it again if you're teaching at all here who it is you're having doctor 's degrees you have behind your name or no our universities and colleges are confessional universities that means that week that Jesus Christ is Lord we confess the authority of Scripture we confess the inspiration of the Spirit of prophecy we confess twenty eight fundamental beliefs so that means that we do not have academic freedom outside of that confession therefore if you're teaching in our schools and you don't you cannot support a twenty ice seven day twenty four hour consecutive day right creation if you believe in theistic evolution and your teaching that have enough integrity and honesty to quit enjoy your paycheck from the University has no scruples but do not ask us to send our kids are young people whom we have prayed and sweated and love in order to have their faith undermine by your lack of faith in the GPS support the pleadings have enough honesty to lead a man him a nice question in Revelation chapter thirteen verse one why is the beast described as having seven heads but ten horns I think this question requires more than four hands him to and more than seven hours I may need to try to guide you to other places please compare them carefully with revolution twelve the dragon with seven peasants and wounds and also carefully compare that was the beasts and it was the seventeenth seven has in Temple 's and the interpretation of seven thousand ten horns are given in privileged upper seventeen do you homework I can give you the answers the ones that I have studied over Doug telling you don't offer pulses in the logical sequence I will give you many has and you cannot think properly so I think it's not wise just to interrupt answer so search the Scripture next question what are your thoughts on Congregationalism and if one of you can define a conversation with churches that act independently of what to rethink of congregations and I'm suggesting Congregationalism practically means churches to act independently there's no conference that has control of union each church acts independent desk assembly to prevent around him and I hope I get some help first of all believe in the Seventh-day Adventist organization so I expect you to say that I because of what you do not administer the Seventh-day Adventist Church probably learned organizations divinely put together I have real serious concerns about both inside as well as outside all powerful voices that are trying to the structure herded at General conference session principle is vigilant many many divorces there but this was one once you send the name you being instant recognition and written a bunch of books send you know we don't need all these layers we need to get rid of these layers and I thought to myself as I was thinking about it here's the problem this person doesn't understand first of all your theology gives rise to your mission and your mission gives rise to your church organization if you do not believe in revelation fourteen that your have a message to take every nation kindred tongue and people then go ahead and settle for Congregational mode of church government you can have some powerful fact is all the money for yourself you can look like Saddleback or will greet maybe if you have a pastor that is smart enough and entertaining and often etc. that you cannot have a vision for the world dictate a lot of denominations and a lot of mega- churches that can drool at the mouth they look at Seventh-day Adventists and what God has done for us many many finished by saying that the only way that you can have a world church there's two systems you can have a potent system a model a religious monarchy and it works but it's an biblical and Seventh-day Adventist we can't accept it the only other form of church government you can have is a representative form of church government and you have to have those layers to encompass the world we have four basic layers of just reading that the Church manual brother like you haven't read the Church manual read it they say why yes it is being attacked from every direction it's what holds our church together and you wanted not to be so boring is very powerful stuff as we have four layers were of church government local church conference union which the unions are the building blocks of the General conference and the general conference the divisions are part of the General conference you have to have those four layers in order to take Revelation fourteen to the ends of the years the devil is very shrewd if he cannot get us to abandon our position of Revelation fourteen he just attacks the structure of the church if you collapse the structure of the church for all practical reasons you've done in the mission of the church so we need to quit carping now that is minicamp we can tweak things but we need to quit carping and arguing about collapsing our divine in my estimation given to us on structure of church government that spreads decision-making all across to many minds and Jesus has given us is the only way we'll ever keep unity in the world they just finished a commission of the job is to work on it I'm on one of moment high commission is another commission on church structure many came out of North America basically become an certain other Western government division the whole idea behind it is weaned to collapse some of the structure we collapse it the devil gets pulled that off and opened that's going to happen but if he is able to pull out all the ability to carry out Revelation fourteen is finished we clearly have the option in the beginning of our church should and development to go to the congregation way there were many who wanted to go that way and we had clear guidance from the spirit of prophecy that this was not the way God designed for his church to be and I don't think we need to abandon the next question how do you reconcile the just nature of God in the Old Testament and the merciful revelation of God through Jesus Christ in the New Testament it seems as though the Old Testament it you you hit someone and you hit someone back in and in the New Testament if you turn the other cheek so hotly how do we justify that difference it seems in the old and New Testament first point the same one in the New Testament it was the loving Jesus is the same one in the Old Testament who is Yahweh whatever were going to say about job I were saying about Jesus Christ because they are one of the same and so we can't answer it by saying the God of the Old Testament God of the New Testament that's a copout so what we have to address is does God act in certain ways that are not his chosen ways to move his ignorant people in the hardness of their hearts to a better way in which you can say in the old days we did this but now I say unto you this is the way I want you to be I think that when we do believe in progressive acts of God and revealing his will and sometimes God allows what he does not like and sometimes even what he hates and he regulates as part of the answer model next question this was written by five -year-old how does Jesus change my heart is that person presents another question how does Jesus just the hot is that little girl boy you were but missing my little sister that's an angel that has no wings you will get yours when you get to have Jesus changes to heart when you give it to him you just give your heart to Jesus Susie Jesus here's my heart change it and he changes it through the work of his Holy Spirit is up against it for you that's a legitimate for the grown-ups is easier for you would've for grown-ups so God bless you for giving your heart to Jesus and his work to change it want to give it to him as an important announcement row quit one a make sure this person can go home someone left their lights on a dark blue Volkswagen golf aids by the horseshoe area so want make sure you can get home next question are the seven plagues literal or symbolic while you get to the drawing of the river Euphrates that's different but the other side is the son when he scored to the abyss so greasy is always on the first of the season turned by the rivers returned by the darkness on the seat of the beast hailed from heaven with it the other literal but the dry number of Euphrates that has a spiritual symbolic interpretation of the frogs are comes out of the help of Dragon and beast and false prophet I believe that's symbolic I hope you symbolic yes this is the next question this sounds like one that some of us can relate to one of our pastors preach the four-part series based on the size of the Beatles the one sermon I went to they played B which is longer quotes mother Mary saying let it be I want to do something about this which I do when I'm on a conference president with a intra- libels Israel brother things you talked is his rebuke and when I look deceitful as we misunderstand rebuke you just both your past having print first searching your heart recognizing that Scott sums for funeral and you must know where you were probably spiritually hurt that others might be damaged by the message understanding he had good intentions but you'll want to help him explain until you pull to him about that nonjudgmental e-book with concern for the effectiveness of the congregation and then see what he says if you think the effect is catastrophic enough on the charts then you may need to go on perhaps another step but even before you speak to him personally it might be better to speak of the elders who represent the church because a pastor is an agent of the conference I guess officially the world one family of the elders told to go past about this method of sermon presentation the question still remains my finger are at question is what happens if all that fails that is a tough question isn't it what happens if those seem to be dead ends we have done our best we have tried to communicate in the way the Scripture asks then where we go from there I get asked that question more than any other single question the meetings I go to around the United States what do we do a letter urges Brazil pastors pastors up on the tremendous attack by the enemy since those if you sweetest people use my business several have the machine this got them so we must pray and I have some reservations about people who want to challenge pastors will reform pray for you leaders of the past as the conference present unit but they are on the screen then this attack by the enemy is if you hit that have to have false default so pray for the parade it's amazing what Goldman do in answer to your prayers pray for the leaders of the church I really need that delivery unfolds and done most than only as good administrator some of the jungles of liberals either Democrat Republican will pray for the eye means that with all my heart because they need to do human beings next question will I be lofted by joint don't join the Seventh-day Adventist church even if I believe everything he teaches and live it out in my life yes yes the other the experiment yes you are lost for disobeying the living of the truth revealed to you God holds us accountable for the light we have he does not hold us accountable to our voices and last events page two seventy five none would be condemned for not eating like demolished enough ahead of the could not obtain now if you have to like and turn your back on you are condemned and if we really do believe that this is the right message and we are living up to the standards that it upholds why wouldn't we want to be part of a movement that we support and why wouldn't we want to be part of a group that will go forward with this message why would we want to keep ourselves separate and the reason why you might want to you you believe every been wanting to join the church right maybe the reason the producers because of somebody nutritional like because you like the person to grow agenda have been refusing to go to filter the bitter feelings so is not a good idea but I would just like dance is wrong for an answer in this one it visits his church if he established it and you believe that another feature is an God calls people into this one rebel against the Lord no rebel against because you accepted by faith and its system perfect church on store one time about little down the mill is our hall in the hall kept edging or the dog Zamboni teaching and somebody said the davit hawks migrate you know is not validity to in that hall can edging toward little bouncing e.g. in some sender that will do either fly out a year and some said there's a storm 's and knows not know what that hall each their trouble sometimes the church but it's God 's it's a ship sometimes it's a little smelly inside and but it's his and he'll bring the old gospel ship in the harbor at last August one of the own Lord next question how would you explain the hundred forty four thousand they're probably asking if this is literal or symbolic how would you explain a hundred forty four we can only explain what we are given and what we are given is that it is the special group which are called to be to do a special work at the end of time that no other group has ever been called in the history of this earth to do to finally vindicate God 's name by being a part of it we are told that everyone who wants to be a part of a hundred forty four thousand can be and that we must strive with all our hearts to be part of that movement that's what we know about the hundred forty four thousand and that's enough live in is and thinks that the one things is to emphasize that I'm trying to be part of the department next question is is a one that's very relevant for this present time we live in how will we know when to leave our houses and moved to the mountains right I think we haven't nice for no money to study the think we need to be careful about someone else standing up and telling us that we are beautiful walk with God and to know when we need to make changes in his changes will not be for everybody at the same identical time there cities to warn their principles there's the benefits of country living but we are moving also through time when there's been a little time of trouble in the news would be the great trouble when she gets a great trouble no current moving gardens help you much this will be the inside of the jail or worse so I think that we need to take the Council and read praying sick on the teacher and my helper and help me to discern the times in which I am living our last question is a question I think we all have it's a personal question I have reach one of you I will start with Peter Donald Witold Phebe I was at USC two thousand and three in the believe I talked over creamy about this that there has been a movement among young people in this generation that probably hasn't been seen before I like to get your thoughts on this with the recent movements and UIC of all the conference is being set up of the primitive godliness being set up in the young people do you believe with all your heart that this generation the people you're looking at the people who were here that we actually can finish the work in this generation if we can exercise faith that is required to live in these last things if we can fit the description of your locations seems related to the kindness of God and faith of Jesus yes it is possible if we regard works in all of him I thought it was just for him of if we follow Christ Councilman Matthew six thirty three seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness I believe if we would search our hearts as I suggested sometime today goals work is not first we spent a lot of time watching what Pope is doing what the illuminati is doing and what job and who else of the Council on foreign relations what they are doing before the Bible carefully noticed living off of illuminati offered counseling formulations of Florida Los Angeles Lakers goal is waiting for walked his people are required when the Gulf 's police fridge he comes in rid of Mark four twenty eight but when the harvest is scum you immediately put it from the sickle what brings the harvest messages of religion forty six and twelve so we if we told that with the list and then receiver justice amid the necessary sacrifices because finish this thing quickly if rid cautions one twenty three Paul states that the gospel was preached to every creature under heaven in his day that was a localized fulfillment because the developers of Ms. Coulter Brazil or China but now it has to be totally uncontrollable fulfillment of the localized fulfillment we can settle the timeout we should notice of the things both helped with the Buddhist house recipient of the regional outreach these people invest long thoughts problem because the above problem if you have a problem that across the disciples had language assaulted when they put aside all the petty divisions of it and they took care of that van Gogh saw how to reach all these languages he saw and he can solve the problem how to reasonable supportive of originating this message is from the one we need to do is let go and know how to reach us and when God reaches us through our permission then we will seek going to things that will just results it also was not work businesses but we need to be one hundred percent committed many of us relies to go to record just about we don't have double agent on the deck even the death of the cross of Jesus Christ I don't not like an analog to a towing as well as serious questions of our day I mean you're young than a few short years you look like the rest of us him to him read the rest of us didn't include him in humans in the world 's leading face the brutal woman nine to sixteen was on a bicycle mother two nine nine and thirty car in a car in for the hearing and yet he hit fifty station and I think it's warping in the speed of light right now most of you don't take serious enough Moses 's admonition number your day seems like yesterday we were holding our babies in this I'd really rather not retire is not close close but start to begin to see it I like to see Jesus come in my lifetime and this Paul Rosaura says I I really know not take the underground express like to see in him to come from the top side latte while removing another thousand years you didn't overdo as well as on the seriousness of education says the noblest note was gold in a for young people in this generation we should be passing on to you is to see the gospel finished in this generation now it's already liturgy was contained questions as you want to pay the price I'm telling you that there's going to be a generation will pay the price there will be if you willing to pay it we can hasten the coming of Jesus on one of those old guys that believes that hour he finally got some women would ongoing father but they're been mighty men women of faith there already that it's closer than it would've been already and we can add to that the questions is what you do you can make a decision for your friend but you can make a decision for you if you really believe with all your heart all your soul that Jesus is calling you to give your life without reserve to him and you will and to do the daily basis hold for someone who wants an unknown future I do not have a future in which Jesus is the one ability willing to lay the future tomorrow in his hands and not griping complain I know the world presents a very pretty picture about life but it inside that picture in the package 's death and sorrow and regret the question is am I willing to pay the price in surrender and were willing to pay the price in prayer tomorrow morning for this is done still cost us everything I believe it will be worth it in you probably ask the most important question that we can think about it as we finish up this evening it is hard for me to realize that this group sitting up here I'm now the oldest of the group that seems impossible for me to come to comprehend I began doing this work of going around the country meetings and churches that you might do it for for five years at most and here is twenty three years but we have been doing exactly this in churches and schools around the country I have been observing obviously this church for good luck good many years I think there was not much going on in the church when I was growing up other than caretaking taking care of business raising our site goals raising our ingathering goals doing the work of the church nominating committees anon anon and it was good work but it seemed to me like a lot of wheels turning without much significant forward progress and then as we moved into the air of the attacks upon the spirit of prophecy and upon our doctrinal beliefs and particularly in the Desmond Ford era I began to wonder what would happen to this church wouldn't split wide apart would there be any future to the church and all of a sudden I saw that there was a response on the part of people say no we're not going that way were not going to let this church go down the drain it is not going to disappear into nothingness but again even after that time it seemed to be that there was just the few voices a few people here and there in churches around the country that that I would come across that were on fire for the Lord and willing to put everything on the line for Jesus Christ and all of a sudden it seemed to me in the mid- nineties something began to happen which you are expressions of it this meeting that wasn't happening twenty years ago a meeting like this wasn't happening yes we had use rallies yes we had used converses but not like this not like this and this just wasn't in existence and a number of us were saying where will our young people becoming from that will carry the torch of the final generation is a mighty army that will go forth to victory is it ever going to be seen and I began to wonder and even to doubt a little bit and all of a sudden out of nowhere seemingly the only answer can be is that the Holy Spirit is much more of a guide or than any of us can ever guess and the Holy Spirit has plans that none of us know about and when he can take ages seventeen to thirty seven turn them on fire for the Lord when they haven't all been hearing that from their mentors and teachers and get them to be interested in two things what is true then how can I share it and nothing else matters that seem to be a miracle of the Lord and as I watched this group form and develop I began to say there is a possibility that this really could be the final generation and that we might see the fulfillment of the promises and I have been more enthusiastic about this than anything in my entire lifetime of forty years in the Adventist ministry now with that said can you ever believe that Satan he knows better than any of us know what this could possibly mean for his future on this planet he knows and can you ever believe that he would leave a movement like this alone that he would say I was just watch it happen less to see it develop let's see if sweep the continent and sweep the world let's let it go you know you know that he's not allow that to happen you will do everything you can shake a part split apart divide this movement and you know his best opportunity to do that is best opportunity to split this moving apart is over getting us arguing about how one is saved in the gospel of Jesus Christ and what that means for a final generation is trying to do that right now within this movement we had better be on our knees my friends praying that this movement will not split apart over the issues of righteousness by faith we will split apart over the Sabbath we will split apart over the interpretation of prophecy we might have some differences we won't split over that we won't split over the doctrines of the church but we can well split over how one is saved and what that means in justification and sanctification and perfection and Satan is going to do everything you can to drive a wedge deep into this movement it is a very real issue right now let us be on our knees let us be praying that first of all we will understand what the gospel is all about that we will not go down hybrid has on organelle set of putting together what God has never joined together that we will not walk into a counterfeit righteousness by faith in the most glorious youth movement that God is ever called into existence in the Seventh-day Adventist church let us be sure that we know what it means to be saved and how God saves us and then be on our knees praying that Satan will not be able to destroy this movement because if he does and if he does bring this movement down to squabbling and arguing and to an division we need to vote we and I mean you who are just a little bit younger than some of us we all go down to our graves and hope that another generation can get it right and I don't see that happen I think this is the best hope of Seventh-day Adventist so I'm going to ask that we get really serious really serious about studying the word of God for ourselves and know what we believe because we have studied it and because we believe in it with all our hearts and then pray that we can come together in unity pray that we can settle our differences there are real differences pray that we can get on our knees in fellowship with with brothers and sisters who might see things in a different way and settle them as the disciples did before the day of Pentecost they got to be settled they can't be left this cancerous source eating from inside and so we've got to be more serious now the challenge is on you as the younger people of this church to make that happen we can't do it from the top down this has never been a top-down movement this is been an up from the grassroots movement and it must continue that way and it must be good to be developing in that way so all I want to say is for the benefit of maybe a couple of us we don't have a lot of years left if we don't get this thing done soon we do it we take the underground express and I'd like to see this movement done quickly and it can be done very quickly so let's the really serious about being Seventh-day Adventist young men and women with that older can you close the super father in heaven I just pray that your Holy Spirit will rest upon and free part here tonight that no one may see himself or herself just a spectator watching to see how speakers perform old Lord I pray that everything that is said here from the pulpit may only be for the purpose of inspiring and lighting a fire that can never be put out again by Satan solves and I pray that we individually may dig deeper than we have ever done before in understanding what it means to be seventh day Adventist that we have a unique and special message that no one else has been given to give to the world and that every one of us may ask only two questions what is truth and how can I share all Lord help us to make that our only goal our only purpose and I pray Lord that the devil will be totally stymied and will fail in his efforts to split us apart in Jesus name I ask it a man thank you very much will be guarding our evening program it is possible we went over a little bit of time but I'm sure each one of you had enjoyed the session I surely have and so I have each one of you to such Abilify quickly find your seats and will begin shortly


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