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  • September 1, 2008
    7:00 AM
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I start by saying this is our floors some for season conference in every year my thesis tested in some way or another in these meetings and it without going into any details about how my faith was tested this year in particular was God is always faithful and seeing what's happened here this week and how all the speakers became together how their messages one hundred and really in all the four conferences with how this is my favorite one and it's challenged me the most it's encouraged me the most it's given me the most encouragement of all the conferences with other of the first one has a very special place in my heart as well for those of you who were there in force falls back in two thousand five days it yet someone told me last night now that you have a hard time ever topping this week unless again I want God 's more powerful than this weekend and when the latter rains poured out of a be a hundred or a thousand times more powerful than what we've seen this week so don't set the bar too low for God and don't think that were not see anything ever more powerful than what we saw this week and serves notice challenge you as you get back home don't set the bar too low for God in your churches are in your homes or anything else what happened here was clearly the moving of the Holy Spirit and if God can do great things appear he can do great things everywhere else as well says this time if you have access to Mammon invite you to come up to the front and speak from this microphone and we will proceed until about eight o'clock process someone here Michael Friedrich share how God has touched you this weekend franchise family and I plan my name is Chris McKenzie am from a thirty first Street Church in San Diego and John just a few privileged to be here the wonderful speakers the wonderful messages and down I am was on a very discouraged though on our home on Sabbath because I bought two groups of five youth here a group of from girls and boys and on the chaperone on the chaperone for the voice five points and never again by task to be only one or maybe have a college coach you know if that little boys are taught praise God for girls but so anyway on I basically came I was very discouraged and I said because of the love of the home that I see I seen it am at the Claremont church with Justin and Shawn and Bob in and do yoga youth and how they're on fire for Christ and the reason why came is like me I want my kids to be like that and basically lay members so I home office really care but I just love God and an end with Witt this is conference doing and what happened out was that all of that change Steve last night and copy some of these heard the disc reaming though whatever it was his big commotion between boys and and no using language is unbeknownst to Christians and numbered any result of my my roommate Christopher talk with them and I was looking for the boys I do know where they were but what happened was we got down to a person we went over to the girls cabinet everyone kind of spoken but hard open wheel anyone and everyone cried and we were there for about three hours and just giving of ourselves and it did not come to unknow they gone back change they are going back changed not the same individual that they are all on so I should add and one of things I shared with them is coming when my famous quotes is that a distance and without his own he says we are what we would read we are what we repeatedly do excellence then is not an act but a habit but for the Christian life it goes we are what we repeatedly do Christianity that is not an act but some have it and I kind of got more ingrained in me this weekend with looking at the old just some of the speakers that came up and the power and the passion that they have a work praise God for them continue to pray for them that we will be the final generation that brings God thank you for writing church family I don't like being up here I only feel it has an estimated the own maybe this weekend were amazing the speakers were great I do not come into this meeting for the right reasons I came to see the old friends that I had met before the SMEs voicing in two thousand five and now I see just me and then you now have been on our backs letting passed before this and hearing all the speakers hearing just the power that God on just how has and can bring up here through the speakers is just amusing to me and it help me to trust the Lord more one of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs thirty five and six trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path so this he confesses then an amazing experience for me as and help me to trust the Lord more and nothing on my own understanding but the Lord and he will direct me so I just praise the Lord for that and thank you very morning good morning my name is Hazel I'm from San Diego find church and him say that this is been a life changing experience for me and I'm not that same person that walked through the store Friday him they also that I have a new outlook in life from a different perspective and I have come to Jesus and I definitely have a lot of change to implement in my life and this is been an awesome experience for me spiritually it's I've grown so much this past weekend and I want to think the Holy Spirit for the leaders of this church for orchestrating this whole event and the speakers there so phenomenology they brought the message on so strong and it really cheers me in the heart and unchanged thank you I will take it mining and happy Sabbath case I feel like it's something Kathy day and sold and also I love you as I tend to talk a lot uptight shakiness is the song I'm so blessed to be insulting focused seeing the husband really really struggled tonight not bring me here I wasn't supposed to be here I was actually replaced and I told people that also actually replaced by I was replacing a guy and was supposed to be in price capping that also and because of that I was unable to see hear the message on Friday and I think that's also seems wearing and so today I now realize that God has overcome Seton and I'm oh so thankful that I have them in my life and I don't really like it I know that he might try timely so they look at I is privileged tonight I've never experienced in the mix for the music that they are learning from San Diego Senator Phil Gramm knows my wife is once oh five this bout me for just a minute here and it's a cursor from the Holy Spirit and his father has to come before you this morning as the new Buick name is short this morning them again and whatever comes from amount that it be from your heart Jesus EMS on these things forums and get straight to the point I think I share this couple times with the some people here that I met that I don't not good at name so but I feel compelled to share with everybody here there was a time my life where I thought I really love Jesus and you must scan our pastor was talk about the garbage and recycling them whenever they step my heart because that night I went to the Roman government needs what Jesus goes talking with Chris did on our knees in the pan and as to forgive a process in which our backs and was imprisoned in organic MMO pastor was an memory said today that everything am writing the book he says for those staff don't just stand because everybody stand stand because it's in your heart you feel that you wanted to change so nice then I stand with the change in mental the Lord that even that Saturday evening I said forgive me for saying that I love you shame of it because I felt that I did was put in a trashcan recycling bin and I also told him to forgive me for saying that my children don't belong to me they belong to which they do don't get me wrong but I felt I wasn't doing it out of love sites will also forgive me and I said Lord my children belong to you so use me to be that life to raise them because I know this is your earth in your footstool and every step that I take belongs to you so every word they speak and say to them to strengthening using and use me so that they could become like Christ so they can come up to Jesus and have the crisis might also want to think of Michael Tucson for being very persistent on my wife and I to come because I don't want to get into the reasons why were saying no but no event are available reasons were good reasons but I I've I praise God for using him as an instrument in the tool because that is also testimony that is being used in I pray forgot to continue strengthening on you wonderful Raymond that also are part of his organization and I think all the speakers everyone here today and God bless my name is Travis Howell and I'm from Bethel Seventh-day Adventist church but I haven't been a check for probably five or six months and I've gotten to the point where I stopped believing that I could come back and I kept getting Satan say it's been too long and just give in to me totally but I think God that I heard that there is a stronger then that person is Jesus Christ and I also thank God that he told me through the minister last night to leave the distractions although they might be good but what I needed was the word of God and so the Scripture that I found I was Psalms fifty one and verse seven purge me with her son and I shall be clean what see I shall be whiter than snow made me to sheer joy and gladness of the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice I think that I can rejoice in my meetings today and is seeking in this weekend and am so glad you came here with nothing but had a wedding and mentioned that it's I was so happy on him and him only think you're on the right path and then usually everything is a great case you change needed right thing and you feel like everything is going directly and the message comes from sermon it just stretching the heart and plus you get to do everything yourself in the right way and that's the type only on the type that seek and because there is student kept saying is if you say God is your God then why isn't he Lord of your life and it just it made sense but then NOAA still wasn't going to act on it or I thought I was acting on it but then I realized it wasn't because when pastors he was saying when we pray for something what do you pay for what do Holy Spirit and he FM understand she asked for the Holy Spirit and I realized that I was afraid to answer the Holy Spirit does I like being in control and is afraid of what might happen to change that must have been because I knew that the spirit is very strong anything maintains their life and has freed that what she is the change that would happen is something that I was that read this morning is going for walk and then the sun came into my head of the Lord is my light in which case here all I think is my pair every day now for the Holy Spirit to come into my life but also could mean not be afraid for the changes going this week good morning I is a blessing to be here this is reaching the end of the SWI CNN and and before I came here I give I was in a small town in Northern California and feeling like I have lost my first love is one of the most is going to the form of of doing nothing ongoing wonderful saltwater in getting studies freezing but I I thought at first desired my heart it is become the data is loaded nomination and and I felt this for the past the past few weeks as a toddler I do know how to fix it I come back to for sixty years and the first worksite assessment Baha'i I this week the messages and message devices by I know that God is able to create new nuclei a new high price heart is not as simple as not as a form of religion that is truly what God desires me a half to vibrate spiritual life and I feel like it because God is the beginning by faith the worst vessel and I think the lords of the problem is not for this week are favorable for the word as you believe on his word and trust are in faith and go through different entry images look in his generation with young people I was really impressed missiles to be another convention this last weekend settlement convention website will not change the whole plan and my brother message someone here and secondly last night I can analyze as nice peaceful cooperative DVD in early May leaving this life but we do not know it can be under captive to Satan that clearly into my mind of God indeed he's going to an Ivy League does it is done in the University is little young people are leaving the checks by you within the young people increase the people we have performed well we could deal a costly than people and I'm very happy that many people are here and these see how the emotionalism the love and care for each other him all the speakers believe each one brought something that helps us become close to an big Odyssey 's young people because you have a mission to do in these genetic visiting probably kill and let the youngest one here I'm a third-generation is and I've been blessed by bringing that when I was young this did not happen this is my second conference here I take it back to my church last year we had quite a few of us here circumstances was we couldn't all be here the eye can see the Lord working in your generation keep the faith my friends because Jesus is coming soon and you can be that generation that brings is waiting for you and remember first Peter five seven when you get discouraged just your fears on price on him because he cares for you and he wants to come soon and thank you for upholding the Lord keep the faith this is the triathlon with her many messages from godly people I will with you in our mind that weekend in the will as we can I live at the insurance or meetings no we have two and keep everything in our life as wrong as it is going to run this in August he even had us all ability by his will that we are either of these as a result the righteousness all our snares of the middle the days are long way already going on was from one of these please use my favorite on this this is still in this is a promise is also not failing would be completed I we come to the through the throng of God and ask and we I learned yesterday we heard that some people are under the control of season something but the Lord Jesus came in on Monday and is a independent press on we feed the need and you might always do a duel gods who do not add many things going through a lot either a lot of my dollars go on behavior just as all shared the just client the wheel of the load of going into the wind of God when we break down on to say that you will when being on acid and other lists when they hand you all okay I will slow the road expects from us to hold me an invite his day at the newspaper form five commitments if you want perfection I remember in the woman in the win from within the snow okay was about the refreshing mobility professional item the retired reserve from the least informed by the way I don't use affect the most liberal of the Nessus we are so happy weekend to discuss the plot is it also perfection the organic this small profession not a go go to main sonar when it comes on me yet then I might think that I would head north on itself as the man at every Christian is not a now remember I was I have family in the within the city .co I slowed it is best okay maybe that I know that I die my vessel with everybody just to talk about that about one hundred benefiting from this loan is a honesty all I really issue with the Lord Jesus Christ our relationship be interested to know so I felt that she should see I'm behind the commission said I'm sorry it's not enough to be a Christian tradition for an alarm of Christ who is with the mother missing the infinity of the notebook with them note that came to Doctor Kim I was lucky enough to put that song in Oslo on the fifth of June on violence it might be outgoing or are not doing I ID this message with you what makes and every one of you be on wall on more behavioral live that you are going to be the most cases cannot these be perfect and without their fellowship with our best in the kingdom of God is an commencement of the later register citable grandpa is but I'm glad I was experiencing on it yet I'm anything we can all just need to clearly point to Jesus Ladislav thank you for what you've done ninety praying that the things that experience would be the glory of your name when I came up this weekend I was really excited because this is my first WAC I heard about it I've heard people go through blessings of experience amazing things but I have never experienced Cialis out of out-of-town are as busy and I was able to and so I was really expecting a lot and it surpassed my expectations one of the experiences that the message that really hit me home most was the message on Saturday night as I got the faith of Abraham and it helped me a look at a brand-new way faith isn't just going to guide prayer and giving things to him it's it's really believing really believing that he has the power to do what he has promised and that he is faithful and his love will accomplish what he has promised and Russ and I woke up Sunday morning a little bit later to sightedness the morning meeting which I heard was a blessing from Jay Gallimore but I had a powerful experience on my own to register I didn't want to ruin my favorite marketing asleep anymore so I decided to schedule the ability to have personal devotion I was in personal devotion just trying and I was was asking God to help me to be able to have that faith and to maintain it now is pleading with him I said Lord this will leak and I will I haven't wanted wanting that you know you get many of you five and conferences before and you go in your inspired but then you come back you go back the same old same old I said Lord I do not want that to happen when I go downhill I don't want to be the same person and the size as the name of that message you know what I want to claim the promises if you guys soon you mean your Bibles to Ezekiel chapter thirty six holding my grandmother was a creature of key figure thirty six twenty five two twenty seven thirty one says then will sprinkle clean water upon you and you shall be clean from all your filthiness and from all your idols like Lindsay a new heart also will I give you a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh and I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you shall keep my judgments and do them and I decided to clean up promising as looking at it and something impressed me God is able to do this right here right now and I said God if you can and I decided his claimant expected as a guide if you can make it on the Sierras will come to life if you can bring a child from Abraham you can do the same you can bring this heart of mine for life and you can change it so that is a go back and this was different from before because I pray this before in the past but you know is conscious like going to God and just giving it to bitch and then you leave but I really believe this time and I have that assurance I was on China devotion to make there breakfast now is walking along the way and I got this impression you didn't ask me what is wanting a new hire in asking what you want me to take away from the old heart and sizes were writing a need at a breakfast for him to how many how many times does God ask you what you and so I went over in the bushes in our view processing I wanted on this one you change this when you take away this and by his spirit I have read the assurance that those things in the listings again be on a reality and fantasy a reality and just think enclosing up last night was that there's many things and really get my heart this weekend last night was another thing and I just thought and I I really I really appreciate as we can because of the decisions that called me to religious messages it is a decision that I made in following through with those last night 's he was talking about you no sin in our lives and how it has a hold of us and I stood up I was convicted and I stood up to make a decision and I know by faith that God give me victory over is not always easy making ourselves vulnerable and he knew usually I don't mention specific things except as it applies that I thought that this might help somebody here said is not convicted not the shed so I thought him the eyes wanted to mention that I was last and each of us can take this experience down with us we just have to have faith him a him and praise God for this weekend the last time is that of the front of a lot of people was like seven or eight years ago when I spoke went down to Mexico spoke to Mike three hundred people in my own language and mixed the so God has done so much for me this weekend and when the miracles that no one at Shelley and lately I've been having like a really high blood pulse rate and economic Denison and we monitor patients compulsory for the coming into the heart cubicles in Loma Linda dental school but mine has been around eighty to ninety and is really unusual and and and and and while I'm not criticizing than what the Lord has done for me is given me a new heart and he's given me trust him and him because his word is true and its holy and he's really changed my life and I've been monitoring my pulse rate over the weekend and I just measured it was like sixty six and if that's really good at and on the praise God because even his medical affects even our arm in arm in this blog entry and so that's just an honor to get his glory as things lying I is another life-changing event how is additionally second she was yet to demonstrate unity was in Minneapolis and when any yet in place a and a commitment to myself to my guys at first every nation that ended up with hi see the on religious activities that I've always been receiving in front of us I don't want any distractions between the speaker and myself just because a million bucks or more than that we may turn on a release one word and I get a window went there excited me and my best friend and when I reflect on that it would be unfair if I want to tell this to my friends in church and the best thing Covina and then I always pray that the Lord help me to be influenced to bring more young people instead of event and so God help me and I've got about twenty year and because it is a state of ephedrine you give it if you are leaving a church and you and you justify us identify yourself if it's your first Thanksgiving they this heterogeneity but if you go to a safe if any of your latest sub again I think something stronger conviction that you imagine if you bring at least fifty percent of your members the next USC and delete same mindset as you view over man a serious and then so we plan Superintendent Ian Michael is seven two buses from our basic QAC spamming event is undervalued you cannot knew something important especially and you know what is your person when you go back home I need you go to Chase and sometimes your return are the speakers and speeches social sermons because I had right here I identify myself sometimes you lesser interest and then testing about for me in a different health things you know when you first I went to do a before reform and he was December when I get back home diagnoses of craving is different right otherwise if you don't crave the negative eleven something stronger than Virginia so encourages the way you know you craving more you know for me you you read you spend more hours reading the Bible he said that anything is going to an hour or two reading about Mister craving increase makes this so this is a transfer you know you might find pictures of for those numbers because never been handing Virginia Jason so someone speak about was just increase your eleven integrated for the words and I just should appreciate the leadership of this district lost his institutions that you know you have something that is going here were one seven deputies sometimes it's good that something that I I'm declaration seven Adventists made the advice of the amendment Yankees minister something to do that you're just in the package and because he's a bad thing let's face it this is the case changes is beneficial if you make it right now I changed is determined that if you delete it if you decide going up from this mountaintop I can decide if you decide to make decisions couple of lesser send tonight doing right now is the dangerous it to another big see they saw in heaven I have one more testimony here and we wrapped up in the Princess and the clever part right and I usually will you are so many issues going on for my daughter and please look at fifty three he got out everything is going great vegetable and I don't know if you are actually understanding what was going on and people who went new job that you know he had at challenging on CD now is only great experience every day in but as you know because I understand that we need to locate on this shift in the thinking is it's amazing when we are reminded of how real God is and how he really can change our lives it's so inspiring to hear all the testimonies that insure this morning I know there's a lot more there was working on your hearts Samantha testimony that you can share with your family and friends when you're not come so the testimonies don't and now they continue on his radio back when we kneel to close with prayer father in heaven we are satisfied your power and by your laws and how you love each one of us so much that you have made it very clear to us about how to live a life of faith and to be ready for your time and we pray that we would be fully surrendered and bright lights shining as a witness for you wherever you is pretty would-be with the decisions that are then made this weekend may we stay faithful to those on your power I thank you so much for the people who has committed there the wife see completely man two men never we pray to the things that have happened through this week and will play a part in his nursing return to frailty sings in Jesus name


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