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What I Like About Mohammad

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 16, 2005
    7:00 PM
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also this evening as it was this afternoon is what I like about one hundred when I was in school I don't recall whether was elementary school junior high or high I have to eagerly appointed by heart it was cold and still is called the Psalm of life my point called Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the force stands of the poison says tell me not to mournful numbers life is vitamin D3 and the soul instead of slumbers and things are not what we seen with a sense of applies to Austin Mike is the one that says Elias of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time not whether we want to or not we all leave footprints on the sands of time are for some people fall in those footprints for all those people avoid both footprints but it inevitably we leave footprints on the sands of time our subject is what I admire about one hundred that are generally two classes of people and I also on the beheading of the effect of their lives during and after death let me mention one great person whom I admire Alexander the great but for relentless military genius but I've never met someone who tries the path of his life by the principles of Alexander's military exploits I have not yet met that person perhaps they exist I have never met them but Alexandra is indisputably regarded as one of the greatest military leaders of all time remains remarkable total this morning will I have yet to meet anyone who has started only just called talking total brethren I have never met I have never met but he was no doubt a great explorer and rich frothy but then there are those who after passing off the stage people live their lives by the principles that these people have left behind their footprints in the sands of time by the state for instance Mother Teresa she dedicated her life to helping the impoverished immigrant slums of the cities of India and there's an order of nuns after her calorie on homework she is that she is gone but her influence remains of there are those whole walk into footprints on the sands of time that she has met footprints will have this gun at risk the life of the men he fought against what he considered an unjust occupation of his lab and because of his efforts his country was eventually released from the colonial grip on what is independence of there are people today who are so social change by the same techniques that will hunt us down the use of perhaps the most notable is our own Martin Martin Luther King in whose footsteps people follow today because of the life he lived on the ideals for which he was willing to sacrifice his life and shed his blood was a man called Confucius his teachings are followed today by also counted and millions of people and whose lives have been changed profoundly materially educational and anyways because they have incorporated to minimize the principles that this man propounded when he was alive principles of personal development principles of the determined acquisition of education as the serpent means of lifting oneself from unless the principles of the quality of the class is bound together by a determination to live normal lives the principle that one ought without cessation develop the mind develop the models undeveloped amendments Confucius believed that learning should and it would raise some sort why just footprints off followed today by millions of people was a man called Buddha he left large footprints in the sands of time footprints again that off followed by multiple millions of people people who have a deep respect for life as for the pulpits people will pursue peace people will believe the fundamental principle of life his love people will believe based on Buddhist teachings that one ought not to be captured and called like an animal in a cage by material things but of course all to be able to arise above them people who believe that if full path don't speak good words have good deeds and good work but I wish the fall 's board of his father was a man called Mohammed Ellis subject is what I admire about one hundred of the extent that him will I have already made one hundred is associated with a religion that straddles the globe a powerful dominance religion he thought among other things five phase I believe in myself and many others even non-Muslims one hundred fathers want God I believe the same thing I don't call my God what he called his but I believe there's one God that is found in the text that functions as my authoritative vortex Deuteronomy chapter six forceful here or Israel the Lord our God is one Lord and I believe that prayer is a vital part of Islamic life is a vital part of mine is a vital part of the lives of Christians for this five times a day once a day of fifty times a day we say that prayer is the breath of the sold I believe in prayer fasting it is not only something people do in the month of Ramadan but fasting is something some Christians do once a week some Christians fast usually little grooming Wednesday fasting for Christians is a valid and necessary spiritual exercise is essential as prior and Bible study and engagements in evangelism giving all the poor rental by John on also see if his brother also have this world needs all goods as if his brother have need and shut up his bowels of compassion from him out of the love of God in him John the beloved disciple closest to Jesus Christ he taught that we should take care of those less fortunate than we are this is not simply an Islamic concept Christian concept existed both religions on I admire it and I try to practice it the reason I believe that this should be a pilgrimage to Mecca I would love to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem the holy land and seeing where Jesus walked of the disciples walk on the Old Testament picture out lived their lives and crisscrossed the land going about the business of the gone I believe there's one blog I believe in prayer I believe in fasting I believe in supporting the poor I believe that we should regard certain sites that are important to our sauce part of the history the one to Jesus as so often although the Old Testament tells us remember remember remember remember in history is important on pilgrimages apart of remembering history yes I admire Confucius lived his life made his contribution and that he died he went the way of all flesh I admire Buddha you made a sterling contribution that he gave up the ghost of you die I admire the profit of his land for his persistence even when he was driven from his homeland with just a few followers you must at least I might have the persistence is something humiliating but enough six thirty two eighty Amanda was a man called Jesus like Confucius he lived a human life regular he tried to provide answers to life 's fundamental questions have define which we call Christianity like these great man and/or disappointment in your shave rejection riffola John one eleven and he came unto his own and his own received him not the officials was rejected while the term from his homeland is found for the rejected Christ rejected after a brief life of forty three and a half years Jesus Christ died so we have some strings of commonality human beings all for preached principles for the improvement of life Jim gave of themselves for what they believe I made the ultimate sacrifice for the beliefs on all four died when it was a with all possible respect the Confucius Institute there a Buddha is still there the problem is Lamb is still been but Jesus Christ who made a particularly clear when he was alive the evidence scientifically examined tells us that Jesus Christ yes having died he roars from liberating which told the reasonable mind should be some want to say allegedly take a second look at that map how can a man die and come back from the grave welfare while the man him experience notably mass arrests but I did not take a second look and Lazarus the sun of the widow of the Jesus racer he came back from the dead the bottom gyrus she died she came back from the dead Jesus raised the unit cost of young boy who fell asleep while Paul was preaching Paul raised him from the bad accepted twenty forces is through twelve but I don't give a second look to you with us Baucus accept the knife was forty Peter raised him from the dead I say again there have been people who died and came back Jesus died and came back what makes them different this is what makes Jesus Christ of US was raised by someone else Baucus was raised by someone else Lazarus was raised by someone else the woman in the life of Elijah whose son was raised that son was raised by someone else Jesus was not raised by anyone but by himself and this sets him apart from all those lovely footprints on the sands of time because these are footprints that desire to be followed by every living man and woman how can a man raised himself from the dead what kind of power must you possess normal land was evident that thy claims to have possessed and Jesus gave found wanting when you know that he would go this drawn to the two reverse nineteen uses as an incentive for them destroy this temple and in three days I will raise up and said the Joe's fortieth six building on one of our rare it up to three days for study one but he spake of the Temple of his body Jesus said this trimester both have a three days I will raise it up I will raise up whether or not they caught the significance of that tremendous statement Christ will say is three days after my death I will release myself from the grave I am telling you my beloved brothers and sisters this is significant it is a stupendous event that we must consider the lab was also bought had within himself it was in heaven with it in to raise himself to cancel debt to bars that are competitive yet they are destroyed Matthew chapter twenty six four sixty one one of the false prophets are wonderful witnesses called by the high priest I have disappeared as Jesus sees that we heard this fellow say I can destroy the temple of God under three days build I am able to destroy the Temple Jesus built with again in three days Matthew chapter twenty seven sixty three the chief priests and the Pharisees gave the pilot saying sir but remember that deceiver said when he was yet alive in three days I will rise Jesus said what he was a lot and for this reason for such default Matthew twenty seven the chief priests and the Pharisees recommend that the pilot and therefore have a separate of the live show until the third day message disciples come by night and steal his body until the people use was from the bed so that the last of his the first have heard him say that he would rise and Jesus was as good as his word I admire Confucius on one piece before I have my border and what he stood for some of the things he stood for I admire some of the principles that is alas I'll spread one dog stay up all programmers or replacements I am in my obesity I have my flowers nightingale and watching it as a nurse a decline in walk I admire Mother Teresa on a self-sacrifice for the poor I admire Jesus but I must tell you publicly my admiration for Jesus does not remain of the level of adulation I not only admire Jesus I worship Jesus Christ I wasn't a man who has within himself the power to raise himself from the day I must stress this because the point I will arrive but so is that this is the same hollow that God uses to make transformations in our lives the same power provide notice of the seven I admire Jesus I worship Jesus I love Jesus and of Ephesians chapter one rating from for sliding the apostle Paul earnestly desiring Ephesian members to understand how bout functions in the life of the kind of power he observes the list of Amana woman from degradation of same he said on what is the exceeding greatness of his power also it will be according to the working of his mighty power which he wrought in Christ when he raised him from the dead father say Apollo sidebar you'll says that he wants in the life of the man of the woman that comes at the San Paolo that was you was the raised Jesus Christ from the dead now either songs if a given conflict he said he raised himself he was raised by someone else will he raise himself but let me explain the power on why the Bible so often said that while racing to find undulations up a one horse one accept the enforcement of four reports with units for first then on elsewhere when it seems that the Bible are safe while the race and went and bought issues a command that it is carried out he claims responsibility for the act of reforming let me give you an example in Genesis eighteen three men come to the tent of Abraham Moses a verse one hundred of the besides unusual for this about him already saw them he rather because of the Temple on about himself to the ground and first six he tells his wife Sarah history of the tent of the Sarah of said make ready quickly three measures of five video needed a big takes about a half or seven other apparatus of her obsession costs tend on both I get another young man and he hastened addressing he wants a free view through stringent rules identity he does not know I'm trying to explain why the Bible says bought with Jesus on what I can see Jesus reasons out there is no conflict in first in Genesis eighteen the Bible says and heat the butter and milk of the calf which he addressed by the Senate before the party stood by them under the tree updated economic of course it again and he felt butter and milk and the calf which he addressed now with for several the roof into the herd effect a cat Canada and he gave it all to a young man and he wasted to address it not Abraham Abraham did not physically dressed that he did not see the big but it was see if it's a man on the Bible says that Catholic is addressed to the collaborative rubber for the Bible says the Lord seventh Ebrahim Debbie out of my country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house of a land that I was shouldering but I will make of your great nation and I will be excited great about to be a blessing I will bless them that bless the person that posted be but if you shall all nations of the earth be blessed all faculties not God commanded Abraham to leave more of the counties plus lots houses so Abram departed of the Lord have spoken to him a lot went within a neighborhood center five years old when he departed out of here enforce one goal tells a believe in force for Abraham believes is Gorbachev fifteen four seven this is called speaking the Bible says and he said to him I am the Lord that brought out of her of the Chaldees to give you this land inherited God claims responsibility I am the Lord that brought you Genesis chapter twenty when Abraham is explaining why for Abimelech and for thirty days as the limit I get the past that when God caused me to wonder from my father 's house Gore caused me to wonder from my father 's house Genesis twenty four four seven as a favorite I'm speaking as if the device 's highest servant of the Lord God of heaven who took me from my father 's house and from the land of my kindred and which they come to me on that sweat of anything other nice seed will I give this land it remember seeing going to at the responsibility if God because he is to become them out Jesus said in John M beautiful person stated unoriginal identify the quality of the command but Jesus did the raising drop than we do from four six zero seven thirty the Bible says other seen how my which are not of this fold them also I must bring other women hear my voice others found one four and one seven therefore thus my father love me because I lived on my life that I might do together for safety norm I think of it from Mister Jesus Christ but I lay down of myself now this is the beginning of verse eighteen I have power to lay down on I have power to take it again this comes up I received of my father in other words the father copy of forest that tells Jesus Miranda took off from the gray suede Jesus role as heroes by his power and the command of the fall because Jesus always had life in himself what I'm saying to you my beloved brothers and sisters who don't know so much and why based on June fifty twelve and commanded to love my form of a command with push the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is the same power goal uses to transform your life that's why after all rights Ephesians one nineteen of twenty on what is the exceeding greatness of his power to also who believe according to the working of his mighty power which brought in Christ when he raised him from the dead horse one of capital says you will have to click on or were dead in trespasses and saves the saying the grave and diversified individuals want his the same power that we possess from the grave of sale it's the same power because seen as such a terrible thing that only a power capable of reversing this is capable of transforming the license and an Jesus made it very clear to us I possess that power because I can back from that which Olson needs ultimately finally on Veterans Day wages of sin is death Jesus that this face-to-face he submitted himself to death death held in for three days I wonder three days expired before the stepson it's time to rise Jesus selects his divine muscles broke asunder the bands of death the bands of the Herald the courts of the grave money came up having destroyed death and hell and he will have the power of death which is the devil what does this mean for you while this means for you is that there is a little thing there is more power of the devil to exert in your life that Jesus Christ cannot also if you will give your life to Jesus Christ after all the power to break a habit you either have is not merely that which is needed to reverse this if Jesus wanted to I want to move slightly broken cameraman so I want under Chu so you can make the necessary artistic adjustments this is please I don't want original hands where you sit you and I were staff we are struggling with something gophers offensive confirmation we are struggling with something you have a gambling addiction the problem is the congenital laziness yours may be the inability to handle money it may be that you see the wisdom of having one girlfriend it may be that you can't stop stealing if it be that you feel called to cheat it may be that you smoke no one knows because you don't quietly it may be any number of things that ruin us internally evil four times it is not outward evidence affecting total disintegration of the soul what I'm saying to walk it is struggling with the remedy is the power of Jesus Christ I realize this is a sense of visit our sense of intellectualism on the capital such as this where science is perhaps the month brought it is difficult for some people to entity the fault of the reality that cannot be proven in us Ceballos rate of the power of Christ cannot be proven by science as we know it it is nonetheless real is real and it is available to you for the transformation of your life it is available to you all in acetate or prayer for the transformation of the life of that child of yours who has gone astray him no answer to your earnest care for Pratt that's your spouse may come back to Jesus Christ it is available to you that are relevant of yours to language in a hospital bed may experience a dramatic recovery because Jesus still does the powers available to your that your children may perform well in school and having a mass epidemic a distinction committed and dedicated to the cause of Christ that power is yours for the asking it is not diluted when it is good with you it is in this and cause such wicked for this also think a three-part humanity to the divinity of Christ when he gives you the power he gives extracts because that's the orderly power that can reverse the curse of sin in your life and mine I'm closing the book I prepared to close the message the three minutes I've tried to make it clear I need not prefer an hour it is not difficult known to bless people all he requires is an earnest heart I'm going to respond in a microsecond when he was running he said Lord save me you can speak those three words in less than the second of them as much time it took Peter the save them in even less time Christ responded and saved is there something in your life that requires the application of that power but Jesus demonstrated when he raised himself from the grave there is no need to send them there is no need to Russell with burdens when Jesus Christ 's times always like an athlete in the blocks waiting for the government of all that he mispronounced that tape one hundred meters Christ is waiting if the blocks all he asks of us the fire the gun of faith and he will fly down the track of the cosmos through the agent is an respawn to your cry for help and to my I have seen him do it rough going to speak United States Canada Australia England South Africa Kenya Uganda and listed the I have seen him do it he is no respect of persons it will do it for you tonight I want to ask a derisive according to get a little card if you have them I want to fill it out here's what I'll do I will take them with me if you have a prayer request on the card I will pray over those cards when I pray I would literally scatter them on my bed that God can read them this is what Hezekiah did Isaiah thirty seven fourteen when he got a threatening letter from an invading army of items as he took it into the temple and he sprinted before the Lord on high will pray for you if you have a prayer request I want to write on a piece of paper put your name is called to see your name your essay just boggles my name yes what you put your name your ten Commandments after speaking at these the Romans of his apartment written record right it's like a vitamin it was the Lord bless Summerall blessed specimens or bless Jehovah blessed old call you by name after having written over a request I want to make one more mark on the paper if you're been blessed by what you heard and you will simply say I would like to know more about Jesus just put an X on the card assaulted to simple request I would even though you already question I would like to know more about this Jesus will raise himself of this strange power which he has to transform lives you want to know more about Christ and people an ex- on the card if you will is not compulsory but a prayer request notice the preforming customer questions with your sick pastor I'm sick put on their past I have a trial was left twice the rate my spouse is a load my husband has left the church whatever it may be right it given to the ushers I will take them I will pray for you I would pray for you from my heart God bless you as you make those marks on his right those requests let me reassure you that as you sit where you sit guard yells you individually the see differently actually God loves you as though no one else on earth exists that's how personally blogging loves you where you six of the word you is through road guard yells you you love you Galatians two twenty one twenty I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet I but Christ lives in me on the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the son of God one of three I get himself for me we must personalize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we must personalize the tremendous probably used a razor so we must personalize the grace of God he died for me he rose for me don't generalize personalized on radio talk to the full impact of the personal relationship the personal investment Jesus I haven't made it you then you are of heaven to take that good news and generalize it to someone else personalize it to Mike please see the rhythmic arts do enough buses to collect them and I would pray and release you a quarter to eight fifteen minutes ahead of time I do that I want to be nice so that you come back tomorrow I release the group voted today I precisely tend to wander as I promised on I hope they come back tomorrow I want you to know that what I promise you something by the grace of God I will try to keep my word now that they ask you how many of you will try to come back tomorrow night raise your hand I'm incorrigible bassoon tried to bring someone with you save a life in so doing bring someone with you that he or she might be exposed to the saving word that is found between the pages of this holy book are all the cards in all the cards in the uplifted hand to my left please get back are they precious to me of the Christ nipples carts please give those cards here's a hand thank you and over there but they reassure you I will be praying for you over those cards if I get a fruit of the morning I will knew and pray over those cards when I can't sleep at night I do two things either read the Bible I try to memorize Scripture allows them pray the wonderful thing to do I will be praying for you some of the cost of picked up our last stand with us on the position and we will pray understand the thought is the card also says I would like to see the preacher I think it says that the statement don't hesitate to check that because I love one-to-one interaction this is very general I love this but I love every one-to-one interaction Jesus had event illicitly he won the first he did not win all the crowds that came to him all his one-to-one you one biggest power in one-to-one conduct one-to-one you will really see that I mean it when I see there is no in my hot for you somebody save me notice forehead 's I refine through so much for Jesus Christ even when we do not understand his power we thank you for him Lord we pray that the words we heard tonight would remain in our hearts like water from heaven it was seen through the soluble minds right down to the very subconscious and changes from that level all the way up from the inside out West every person here tonight every family represented I pray to God for my heart take them safely as a child whether my car for the cycle bicycle bust however the travel walking take them safely say angels I was on the Missouri suite bless the families the jobs they held about four more drove in close of the Christ bring them back tomorrow might bring them tomorrow for the early service of father as we and we are exposed to this life-changing work let us see the difference in our lives Lord accept my profound thanks for the high privilege of giving to me on this solemn responsibility of being a mouthpiece disgraced you anyway this pulpit I apologize to you father and ask you to help me to surrender Wolf fully tomorrow that you may use me more effectively bless us keep us bless this institution and its leaders every student of father if you see fit to raise us up tomorrow let us rise of the consciousness that we have been given one more being forced to do your will I offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake amen


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