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Studies In Galatians Part 1

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 30, 2008
    4:00 PM
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you have your Bibles invited her new book of Galatians this is a seminar not reaching this afternoon so you've got to get into this allowing the American question I said that they want you to be reminded at times they are recording this for audio so easy that in mind but I'd like to get and I'm not going to probably get you into sessions amounted to the entire book of Galatians but I want us to catch is how and so I want to start background is one of the earliest books the apostle Paul wrote early in his ministry it was also written to what we think are healthy people that were happening in having Asia minor they are and that we know the Gospel penetrated Scotland and Ireland very early we have Saint Patrick Galloway all on the regards to my Catholic friends he was not we can tell Roman Catholic he was a Sabbath keeping early Christian probably handed down and Columba who also from the island I lie on the helped spread the gospel established a mission station and the Scottish people a lot of Scottish ancestry they were pretty wild people with the gospel has a way of calming the best of us if you know anything about them they they would their religion with the Druids were very much into spiritualism paganism and they would catch to themselves that in the woods of all things and the way they would tell the future is not the time they felt their chief was too old they were killing and watching die is dying agonies they figure they could tell the future that's how love human beings fall without the gospel aren't you glad you're a Christian I'm so glad we'll talk about everybody's ancestors in your because we've been delivered and the apostle Paul is you feel that useful power the possible on how flawlessly rices this early in his ministry he's not an old man at this point and and he goes after like the inmate is wasting time he moves right into hitting running the first one you don't have your Bibles even be lost some value-added time you need your Bibles this afternoon as we wrestle this book and I will entertain questions as we go along this is a seminar and I believe work to be I'm not prepared to specific reach on the problem would be good we needed to Paul an apostle not from men nor through an invoice of the site was down his credentials the first five or six versus the public relations some people said we just had a long we would have the entire Gospel of the Lord Jesus places I ever find as I want to remind you that I didn't show up there in Galatia called Sydney I didn't show up there because I just thought it would be nice trip to see the scenery I'm telling you that I showed because God himself certainly the Lord Jesus sent me answer that is that Paul had a revelation book of Galatians the revelation he had God on on the gospel but through Jesus Christ and God the father who raised him from the dead there we have the resurrection and that even includes the church policy on longer pieces in all the brethren who are with me had an entourage that initial work anything rather than with me also this comes to you from them they're why I'm writing you and they want me to know this so we should never be I said we'll see that in the writings of the apostle Paul we don't do anything in isolation everything I see some icons started ministering isolation in the idea that they were they were the only one left invariably God has to come in pull things down we are very careful not to Lucy is a long grace to you verse three raises you and peace from God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ's who gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil age even was any relation is any relation between the liver home now I am not ashamed Oklahomans written later I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God and the salvation if you have the power of God in your power of the gospel is because you believe if you really believe you like will be changed it will not be the same building transformation of character power gospel has power to deliver the present evil age so I think it's a good wonderful comfort in this analyzable things code all pumps are seminars not Sabbath morning present evil age you think you have sophistication you think the devil commonly makes traps for you either he studies the Seventh-day Adventist church and lays out a snare I think he's got more than one of the evil angels are to study a lot they study is from generation to generation evil angels know all of your forefathers and four months and they look at you and they they anticipate you're coming to the working plan alliances with the great controversy with the devil in the end of time is working his master plan deception and I will say praise God Jesus is working last inch and those to come for action in so it doesn't matter when you're ready he was doesn't matter if you have read the Hinduism are you a Muslim are you were just a pagan Christian it doesn't matter where you came from the gospel is able to deliver you from the present evil age is no way this new generation of God is not seeing the temptations of them under that age is the gospel 's power to deliver us from versus Yahoo launches Ryan is there's not a lot diplomacy right here on Marvel that you are turning away so soon in call to the grace of Christ to a different gospel what is different gospel we better know what the gospel was in order to be able to different gospel was noticing the third account for thirteen dollars ago was only thirteen dollars fifty studied good good money you'll know what the real thing is I'm more to turn what is the real gospel what is the different gospel the percentages which is not another but there are some troubling you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ isn't it the devil already was perverting the gospel of Christ they all fade as a signal for the gospel of orgies right now smelling the devil is just like the terrorists use this uses our own weapons if you can against us as a son authorities done a second-most powerful New Testament books outside the teachings of Christ the book of Galatians and the book of wrong and he's used them as a basis for work the gospel of Christ so we need to understand these books is the timeless invisible under Nablus he resigned his Bud Light upside down at times of war and a half Galatians feels like Donna the book of Galatians the reason for our existence becomes so powerfully clear and our message and why was this and so power was a need to have a wording gospel eight that even if we are an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you what we have preached to you let him be accursed to thank Paul 's passion for the sport of events for power it's listening from heaven shows up to you and preaches a different Gospel Angel be accursed they said later on he says it we knew it let us be accursed verse nine subsidy force I say again if anyone preaches another gospel to you than what we have received that in for now see before do I now persuade men of God but I seek to please men whereby still these men would not be applied so of Christ on returning in one sure statement of the gospel is we are saying by price alone from a ship sailing we are not saying that Christ lives we are not saved by Christ plus anything else anything else that tells you that you are saying by Christ plus is a perverted the is also a perversion of the gospel to perform the gospel we mean with her menu gives all you sci-fi Christ alone by passing in his righteous in our trust in Christ righteousness are my salvation then it is his righteousness my dear friend and not some righteousness of your own ninety and his righteousness is defined by the word so that's how you it doesn't really matter what Jesus asked me to do I'm creating another gospel statement Ursula knife and give his credential and amino acids long vowels in the Linden linguist make sure we get something really really clear who is in the Fellowship but I make known to you brethren that the gospel is talking these Celtic savings safe and in the church will make known rather the gospel which was preached by me is not according to me we simply saying is hiding out in a bit I got this revelation don't know don't praise me for this this run neither received it from man nor was not halted but it came through the revelation of Jesus Christ is anything clear than that that cleared waste each as English as he got yet Christ for you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism he goes down to help itself whole story there the biggest down to verse fifteen but please God who separated me from my mother 's womb and call me through his grace to reveal his son to me that I might preach him among the Gentiles I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood nor did I put the Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me I went to Arabia and turned in Damascus faces I am telling you that this revelation Christ I can go get your brother and I and the other apostles but now he doesn't just leave this leave them alone he does something else but then after three years I went to Jerusalem to see the theater is not important as Humana and remain with him for fifteen days what I'm doing wrong this last song on other than the other half Solomon of the other apostles except James Lord 's brother so he spent two weeks of the some people said what apostle Paul apostle Peter had something like I don't say that all I don't see that the cost Peter did say that there is something that the apostle policy that are hard to understand that some people report to their own destruction is that through the teachings of Jesus Justin is viewing people who think Jesus would prefer someone who can perform teachings of Paul if you're not careful you don't like the whole thing is the fastest to his knees I felt a powerful two weeks of Utah theater together warning leaves the presence of Peter he and Peter I want core of what the gospel means that all understood the gospel was that you were saying by faith in Christ alone now let's let's go afterward burst twenty one he talked about his missionary journeys end in verse chapter two then after fourteen years I went again to Jerusalem with Barnabas OL I rely on your new study life is one who got all involved in the mistreatment of the parcel Stockholm Antioch including the visionary journey of the PowerPoint preaching in Antioch and interesting the church built up and also to try this with these guys that fourteen years later with Barnabas and kindness in one of my revelation was the Lord holding Paul eleven talk to the brother and communicated to them that the gospel which I preached to the Gentiles voices I want to make sure that in preaching for fourteen years raising up churches I wonder that you are at the brother in Jerusalem that were in charge of the General conference charge of God 's work that they knew what I was doing living no division special effect last week attitude but prominently to those who were reputation at least lest by any means I had my runner had run in vain as for me saying to the brother but this is what I've been doing tell me if this is what you see and I've been doing the wrong thing but in teaching the wrong thing not say what that's doing due diligence that's making sure that were not going off on some tangent by ourselves the church we need one another and because of the consultant brother by the revelation of Christ still with me I you doing pretty good on afternoon regarding at once powerful someone already seated good now here we go first three chapter two yes not even hyenas who was with me being a Greek was compelled to be circumcised who so he says Galatia I'm giving you this is so that you can understand that not even the General conference brother said that Titus had to be servants they did not require a visa face of what we were doing was fond of what we were teaching is what they are and this occurred because all this occurred in other words the the sentence leaving the gospel marvel I turned to another and this occurred because false secretly brought in obtaining bus they'll avoid that will always listen it seemed that will show up the hello the devil on your CV doesn't work that way his cell he proves that airplane your means you create all the house thing long before we had the defense and myself to spy out our liberty as we have in Christ many people jump from work liberty hotel you that we are free in Christ because we are green see negative news that is deliberately that we rejoice for me this liberty that we have in Christ that they might bring us in on to whom we did not yield sufficient even for an hour that the truth of the gospel might continue with the from those who seem to be some whatever they were making a difference to me God shows no personal favoritism to no man for those who seem to be something added something always late that Gennady think the gospel we were preaching on the contrary when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcised had been less another word for Gentiles had been committed to me and the gospel for the circumcised which would be the views was the Peter for he who work effectively and here for the apostleship to the circumcised also work effectively in the Gentiles he was simply safe for the brother and solve it thought it is Peter to reach the Gentiles it is need to reach the main use me to research and tell Peter to reach the Jews and the gospel we were teaching is the same gospel verse nine and when James Cephas and John seem to be pillars receive as given me they gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship that we should go to the Gentiles in faith the surface now have a very interesting than the backup folder and to stop right here what is this false party what is this part that shows up in the early church not yet under certain circumstances remember that the Temple in Jerusalem Temple of Jerusalem is still standing all the rituals are going on the lands are being slaughtered sacrifices are being made on the Jewish nation whole nation will revolve around that Temple you have all these new Christians and even if they have one and most of them argued even if they still have ties to that Temple listen Jesus doesn't always reveal all my life at one heat he uses what I call Melissa get turned on the light over the time sometimes some of the turns at all certain faces but that he doesn't usually always did it with our eyes cannot figure what if you write like to know the feeling of that guy Sissy and just that quick VI jobs so there is going to be a meeting progression and in that regression of taking to ensure from the time to an earthly sensual is going to be painful and there is to be expected some difficulty in getting up what they have been used to all of their line this all part of had come to the conclusion that you are saying five they are in Christ plus hanging on to the Jewish Temple religion your saving faith in Christ whole lot surface you think that probably didn't have any customers we activate you think they hasn't Bible text the share they did talk about Abraham even think about all that is certain to you they talk about how electronic things they were into that they had thing and in the precision taken these Gentile Christians been converted and they had pretty well convinced them that you will usually want to be say you've got to minimum you violate the Temple minimum you got to at least a circumcised or you but Pete Paul said what I been here two weeks and the disciples John James and others crossing our times the size and now fellowship verse eleven now when Peter had come to I withstood him to his face because he was to be blamed well I thought you have some vigor of youth here and he's not being very diplomatic he simply said Peter was the boy asked into his face because he was lat out all I need we need to correct it forty four certain King James he would eat with the Gentiles when they came through and separate himself fearing those who are the circumcision Alexis the health and hypocrite and that's her spotlight such as get the picture here all week long I have long your been there with only a Paul he does this have a great time Gentile Christians were fairly long eating together in fellowship together there is having a wonderful time of the Lord and they were making progress for the gospel labor preaching and teaching if they were come back in the evening had an evening meal all of a sudden this group is open James shows up now these are the guys that are certain that you will not be saved unless you believe in Christ plus surface and they show up in the minute they show up they don't have the same thing all I have to show up there duration of the rather timely everything was wondering this on my shows up inside I better not get too closely associated with because those folks alike those focus racing the howling around the scope the scope of your not the likelihood you got fixed so here when these guys show up Peter will not on the sin of the same table with the Gentiles the only evil of this party from James Nichols are all circumcised and these guys are circumcised and that just Paul just had there's a real reason you can just go all the beams on speak the apostle Paul understood the implications of this year is that he did not get this thing in the blood the entire Christian church was in jeopardy and tell you if you look Roman and his fingers gently and a lot of Christians evading the apostle Paul's right the standard theater and feeling this as it is right right you and this is what he said verse thirteen the messages also play the hypocrite with him so that even Barnabas was carried away with her autocracy on those not clear why this is not wonderful farmer 's pharmacists on our marriage I have this thing has a powerful appeal if they suck and I will if I have some kind of appeal to the human because there's always somewhere we want to come to some conclusion that we can be saved in Christ that we can just add a little bit the moment you add anything to be saved by faith in Christ along the minute you add anything now grace someone may be synchronous I think this whole has moved things of sound whatever but the government turn out okay I can send sometimes people hear the you of the conclusion my brother by I got stuck re: let's let's move down by the verse fifteen we were Jews by nature and not sinners of the Gentile knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law and the law here by the way means the whole entire Jewish system of these aberrant one everything that's there people say me know if that means everybody means all the Jewish rituals that does not include the ten Commandments right I said it includes all of this a negative evening that you didn't mean it includes its increment some of the Commandments in the sanctuary that is public trouble if you just be patient this about a way I want this is part one hundred Park tomorrow so forever that's what our promise to the turn all our promise you that we get done with Galatians we will say with the apostle Paul leaving the voidable of God through faith God forbid we established we are not justified by anything that is in that cabin neither the moral law nor the ceremonial all that's there will will will punch in moral matter and that were seventeen but if we seek to be justified by Christ we ourselves and we ourselves have bouncers call all the wonderful tangents here is Christ therefore the minister of sin certainly not illustrations uses one about some items as I get wonderful testimony videos on the awful is the Gospel undone that for the Gospels not unbound one at all the problem is not with the gospel problems with the person who's lost their faith in the gospel verse eighteen for Bob Villa again those things which I destroyed I make myself a transgressor now we just go over and say let's look if I have if I have a doghouse it's a Althouse terror apart and put it out for the garbage and I say to myself why did I do that I like that miserable doghouse and I don't even visible doghouse on rebuilding it would you say about it so you're not once-in-a-lifetime now is not just around building what the apostle Paul said listen were saved by faith alone in Christ and were not we we we tore down all the pagans that someone can add your salvation or save yourself which one all that now because I'm not going to go back and rebuild out if that really clean many comes to what I think is the most powerful part of New Testament for through the law died alone I might do you think of their turn Romans chapter six for just a moment I spent a little time here Romans chapter six and I will look at verse five liters regulations regarding regulations and requiring questions this afternoon so we must be okay verse five for if we had been united together in the likeness of his death what is it mean to be united with Christ in the likeness that retain what it means innings if you come up in front of God sin commandments and you look in the mirror the perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ here the character of God and you see yourself and you become in fact often ashes of your sins you will overstock site I don't think of everything are you aware of your seat you we all your sins when you when you have that kind of repentance when you finish sackcloth and ashes as it were say oh God you got the Army and I don't want to go there anymore I'm so sorry for what I have been in his health ashes that is dying with Christ it is I can explain this I don't know how he did it and I know I don't I can't get time to get into that right the second all I know is according to Romans chapter six of Jesus to my carnal nature he killed so I can face the face in repentance belong and I die the good news is that Jesus doesn't leave you there out before I go on the next word which is sort of I I like to work with more than one hundred let me talk below about the word substitution that is very positive way and much of the Christian world they teach that Jesus really did die for your sins you can pay a penalty guy is a penalty for yourself it's 's popular back in even among certain circles there are people that are saying look look you know Jesus really didn't pay the penalty God is really happening judicial anger he does one make this book very petite actresses is a compact the Bible when we talk about the sufficient things are important we understand that some of you understand I finger to talk about Adam and Eve this morning it went once men fail you had he had the say and since we were all in atom when Adam chose to sin he acted for all of us recall that substitution now we knew that all the time in our current world by using illustrations to illustration of your person somebody that is rooting for their favorite ball team in front of the television and there's saying all the time you and they they crossed the goal line or they do whatever and jumping analyses are yelling inside why we want and we will believe and why any of the work the next morning when they say to the people that they work with they walk over shoulder setting up and that their friends their course they were reading the office in a safe young we would beat you we clincher and you know they were hiding just goes on and on and on we just never attached the ball tomorrow that's called substitution they put their faith in that team whatever that team did it was like it was the only really the same thing in war when we tell here feel your views on what we want to do what we tell we say document won't want to week which he said he was crazy Nazis but you remember when anybody was remember on what works in theory no I'm saying we don't be allowed those soldiers to act in our place is exactly what's happening here Adam begins to operate in our play so whatever he did happened all of us overall mornings follow .net Rob Dell understood that white is the government so we need is another what you get another since we've all send control of the glory of God is not only one of us is to criterion in another Adam one of the criteria is that you have to be responsible for creating all of us and number two you got to be a human being the only place you're going to find a second Adam is in the Godhead itself and when Christ became baby in the manger of Bethlehem he instantaneously qualified to be the second Adam so whatever he does he now does all of us is not good news is wonderful news the world needs that we only so he is now our substitute so he now died Howard then I say hallelujah so when I put my faith in him I put my faith in him by means of repentance he calls me to repentance that was a great sermon they message of his ministry reap in the kingdom of heaven is at hand and I repent I die containing that means is that next word certainly in verse five Romans chapter six certainly we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection the good news is that you die in repentance and Jesus presently there was awards certainly aiming for sure it's going to happen it's not a chance of is not going to happen certainly you shall be in the likeness of his resurrection that is the new birth experience in repentant sackcloth and ashes and the Holy Spirit reaches down to make the new creature out any of you will and now you are a new creature in Christ Jesus and you must experience this resurrection death and resurrection you do not experience this death and resurrection the spiritual death and the spiritual resurrection you will not experience the literal death and resurrection at the end of time the reported better everybody experiences the death and resurrection but you'll come up in the wrong resurrection because he never got rid of that old man Christ Jesus so you have to dine now I know that your gone verse eleven an online Galatians that think it's okay but relations another unlike new American Standard it says in the letter and verse eleven this limits is reckoned verses eleven likewise you also reckon yourselves the bed in the decision but alive to God in Christ Jesus was it means you reckon yourself it says consider yourself in poisoning rinses consider yourself that it means that your dad but you're not there that is the old man still around you have a good imagination you with me okay watch coming with this is very good your imagination when I draw heart at your heart but two things in your heart not for the theologians please don't take an illustration push it in over the you just use it for what it was meant for a method of disclaimers nowadays you get in trouble for was that share him him the more refined itself wrong got it what you do is wrong you'd give orders and if you like to give orders only if you do this it is you do this but we have on our throne yes someone gets orders yet these are the executive hours of your mind you decide to come to this convocation as at some point in a decision winning that you suitcase back to get the keys out to me today as all executives decision in your mock also he probably won't get this one in your heart now below is a threatening vision is at the jail with me so here here's what happens when you when you repent and Jesus resurrect you use the seedlings ultimately born old minimum on his orders and legal moment from an simple to recognize that Ensign Christ Jesus Jesus please come help me I was dying to come to suck on you come in repentance resurrection spiritual resurrection in Jesus continually wrap that all guile and he shoves into the jet and lots adjacent now he's getting your beauty this don't do that please visit some Christians don't like Jesus they still want to get themselves back from talk to some but pretty soon you know the old guys down there and after one I is remembered me we were the things we use the following season has a pleasure for will likely rank always know the route I went to see the jail was you know you can do that again he's got let me a moment of weakness grabbed the door of this is painful regrets Jesus because Jesus Gail he plans on the phone and says go increasing burden of the voice and says what would you like that all the recognizes the voices a repentant sackcloth and ashes is over Jesus happened to support Opera decision have you locked the door and he's grabbed an old man is slammed for type wife Seventh-day Adventists have Christians stand is because I want that old man in my life to go blind there I wanted to go else this form is a no fee outcomes is so hard for us to understand everything if this don't think adding the phone to choose the one for which you choose to listen anymore yes he's a video screen bloody murder span Avalon is a hungry to run out of energy warning that in your life that he will never be bit this year that interstellar money that he can get we can get so we has absolutely no power in your life when the devil came to Jesus Jesus said about himself when he comes when the devil comes people find nothing in those there's nothing to respond that you won't get there tomorrow for the lifetime by you want to pursue holy you never know when you try the following the people who think they know how to live having arrived is the Bible that says pursue holiness is our work to pursue Christ all holiness this is Christ life that's why I rejoice to resurrect his dirt resurrection so glad that Jesus didn't leave me there he resurrected me to debut new birth he is so now sits on my all I know that he is in charge of my life nice rice advice power but I will keep you in charge back to Galatians clothes Mrs. I understand maybe better powerful punch Galatians two twenty encompasses both justification and sanctification justification and sanctification are two different things but they evidently work together by faith faith is the chain that draws both wheels bicycle justification gives birth to sanctification sanctification is with my justification place statement summed up in these words were eyeing crosshair of been crucified with Christ it is no longer on the but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith well said this morning by someone you are justified by faith process you need and sanctification by faith is no adding of anything of yourself it is by faith alone I will trust Jesus to forgive my sins I will trust is that we must substitute all atrocities like the place of my life justification and I also trust that Jesus has the power to transform you make me a new creature I believe that on a daily moment by moment basis is that trust in Christ and a willingness to surrender to his Lordship keeps me in the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God finally nothing really faith in the son of one a living faith in the son who love me and gave himself for next time will answer the question is the law of God against the promises are father in heaven thank you for this powerful statements that we are crucified with Christ nevertheless we live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life I now live by a son of God and gave himself for us all morning that experience of every one of us within the sound of my house and far beyond in Jesus


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