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Studies In Galatians Part 2

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 31, 2008
    4:00 PM
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I'll invite you neither hands with me our heavenly father we confess before you that this word that you have given the inhuman vessels is indeed a revelation of your own will through your son Jesus Christ and we would like to understand I pray that the Spirit of God will be here that you'll not nearly a lumen are mine but that you will inspire are mine that he will be our real teacher and Lord I pray you keep me from making mistakes but if I do not pray that you will hold your hand and find the truth as it is in Jesus will come out and shine gloriously father not just so we can have an intellectual understanding that sort to become a glorious part of our life and our living as we think of regulations we thank you for raising up the apostle Paul we know he's sleeping now waiting for Jesus to come how Jesus was long to see him afraid it will help finish the work to understand at the heart of all that we finish is this great understanding of how we are saved by your grace through faith and not of ourselves where is the gift of God in Jesus precious I want to start if you have your Bibles size set I hope you're all position that you can see the whiteboard here because I want to use it I promise this afternoon so it will be crucial to what were talking about so for whatever reason you don't have a good eye for it you might want to find a place for our second heart on Galatians part two on Galatians obviously we can cover the whole book we were covering parts of it and I'm looking at chapter three chapter three looking at verse one oh foolish Galatians once again all passion coming through who has bewitched you that you you should not obey the truth that health is that there's a struggle the truth has a struggle forces unlike the forces of darkness there's an unseen thing going on here and so that's what we privately open the Scriptures you don't you don't give the problem is that people approach the Scriptures and think that they can figure out how this thing says and what it teaches the truth is they cannot and that's a very very dangerous ground on us while you never opened the Scriptures without prayer about his prayer is a formality the premises were pleased not real future I hope my mind and heart you've opened my eyes so that I can understand your word that I make myself subject you work on one to obey you word I let myself to be judged in taught by your word and so there is certainly a great controversy going on here who has bewitched you he says he's taken away from you and to see what he says that skipping down just a little bit if you please all of this is important but for second time we cannot linger there for seven therefore no that only those who caution number six just as Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness what is the word out me it means in this image credited it means given to your account here's our problem but always does something similar later in the book of Romans and if I were there my wife is a CPA issues and account and are so other somethings I know a little bit about this but I don't know everything about this about one of those wonderful jobs with tax season comes Judas has signed here in Isaiah so now remember this is amount of preaching session this is a teaching session okay so I'm not I'm not reaching the second work teachings as you have questions with a long logical free to raise your hand and I'll try to get those questions I get to me don't get bogged down get down the punch line because I believe the punchline of delay additions and what is the real FEMA regulations of any right to hear it here's our problem our problem is that we don't just have zero in our account of righteousness where and that but we have mega mega debt when it comes to righteousness that's why we cannot save ourselves you've you can never pay the debt you can't you can't live in turn and pay the debt so you have to have somebody that comes along that has righteousness they can be credited to your account the beautiful thing about what Jesus does not only comes and pays the debt you not only brings you up to zero but he makes available the merits of his life for the rest of your life is not good news so I'm I'm running on the merits of saints like yard your Catholic friends I'm not working on the merits of sites because the Saints can't say they don't have any merit they can even save himself so how can they save me I'll need your indulgences but when I do need is Jesus who not only brings me up to zero but he makes me very rich in righteousness because I can column his righteousness here with my prayers before God is mingled with the suite influence of his life his merit goes with my prayers that's why God will even hear me otherwise Godwin even hear me but he hears me because he's given me his only begotten son is not my family father enemies on gotten son suck mother son 's merit so I pray you nearly and that's that's good news so that word count is your porn credited to our account looking down to first for as many as are the works of the law are under a curse for as many as are of the works log on the curse on the site is recently talking about a system talk with the Jewish mind year and is also talking to the Gentile mine recently saying to them this is a system another was the Jewish people figure they kept the rituals get yourself cleaned it all the right things if you participate in the Temple service like we were supposed to you would be say as while the Pharisees were so so intent on getting the spring ride while the look of the common people to have a chance and have a chance is uneducated rabble are all going to hell anyway so I'm left on the minds of the Pharisees but we got made because we're doing everything just right to get this thing just right with you be safe that's the way they thought so this was a system you understand a system of salvation outworking of the Jewish people perverted their system using what version comes in just a little bit I am intimately going down here no one is justified verse eleven no one is justified by the long side of God is evident for the just shall live by faith now I don't save that our reemphasized it was reemphasized I see my good friend for the previous year and we were talking together because of money saying that study NASA's permission that we were both affirming back as were doing a little discussion that you are justified by faith and you are sanctified by faith there's no other way for that to happen so that just always in justification and sanctification they are always justified or always living by faith and the whole issue at the heart of it is to live by faith in the son of God and love me gave himself for escalations in learning about living our faith in him who gave himself for me I'm trusting you sacrifice my not trusting his merits among on I'm trusting in our thing that he's done for me my not and then I'm trusting to grow in Christ by his grace and nice powers of trustee 's power trusting not only is redeeming Savior work I'm also trusting Lordship I imagine that the testing think a lot of people willing to Jesus as Savior but they don't take this award owner on a line this can happen that way there is the great delusion in the Christian world that is a somehow you can have Jesus as your Savior and not having this somehow I can be in charge of my own life you cannot do that I was had time to talk about the will and how how the will is vis-à-vis learning move right down here verse twelve yet the law is not of faith but the man who does them shall live by them so if you choose to be safe system of works and that's you just have to fulfill it I'm not a big problem of the Pharisees got a problem and here's the big problem the problem is that all of sin and come short of the glory of God and they cannot keep all that sure perfectly so if you decide you really saved by you got a huge problem by submitting a violated that you know human pride sometimes teaches that the verse thirteen for Christ has read deemed us from the curse of the law was the curse is adept as a penalty you violate the long run as a penalty the shell not so we all broken the law always in control the glory of God will send the death penalty Christ is redeemed us from the curse a lot how do you redeem us from the best this is a fascinating statement having become a curse for us how did you become a curse for us according to Romans chapter six I don't know how to get it out oh one ago there was I can understand all I know is he wrapped himself and not he is a mild carnal nature exposed it to the wrath of God the justice of God the judicial anger of God and that the Christ becomes the curse how can this be that substitution got recitation of that yesterday this is a big problem this text is a huge problem for some of this talk will be about just about what that will do more for the moment this concept is swept in from every direction this indicates weapon from from liberal Protestantism who did not want to believe that God could have judicial anger they wonderfully does what all stars out there God loves everybody am absolutely God loves everybody I was just reading though in in the Galapagos desire of ages in the chapter on it is finished that from God 's love flows listen to this from God 's love flows boat is just this and is mercy so he is just this is a revelation of his love just as much as his mercy his revelation was locked and I am grateful for God 's justice do you know what you want right over God 's justice of God 's justice is a guarantee the same thing as the conduit in him guaranteeing that sin is not to crop up again in the universe is guaranteeing that God after the whole plan of salvation this is marvelous to me I mean you you you can think about this this is marvelous to me I can't grasp it but it's marvelous and that is that the plan of salvation will actually allow God to have a universe that since an free importer that I do sinless and free by speaking the curse words became our substitute stepped in our place to God 's penalty took the penalty of Calvary 's cross on have time to talk about Peter 's sermon on the day of Pentecost another time perhaps but that that takes away any of this concept that God has no justice that he has no judicial anger God does have a judicial anger listen I would say it is clearly in any gospel that tells you different is a burning gospel God our holy heavenly father hate me and it can get if we can't figure out why we just need to open our eyes we just look at us look at while is one present all old age positive liquid I thrive on radio will be something wrong with God it is that all you know it's not so bad because it's core so he has judicial anger toward and he's going wipe it out out of the buddy doesn't want white out his children see you have got has since been resident in on this matter would do that but you know it reveals trace my grandmother and the snakes snake she chopped up that hope that God has a problem on other theologians and so God is never brought up it just spot read out okay guys problem the snake is his children aren't you landing doesn't love us only because of his emotions but he loves us because his principal of his life aces among alendronate they might be filled with snake like habits but I'm going to save them not to give my only begotten son and he'll go down you become the curse the sinless but he becomes the curse takes the blow and I can forgive them only to forgive them I'm going to transform last general conference theme was using the word transform in Christ we become new creatures aren't you glad anyone really justifies not just some little thing on the books up there I understand prisons officials and legal issues etc. etc. but more than that it is actually a new word and because of that you were we have the privilege of entering into sanctification into the walk with Christ and the pursuit of Christ's holiness and he say something to these folks believe that God has no judicial anger in the Jesus therefore didn't have to pay a penalty see the logic of what they're going there and here's your years about like if you are really good book on this is a non- Adventist but I think you still honest John Stott called the cross of Christ the first chapter to skip it the rest of the books pretty much of a hallelujah chorus amount and in your you get a good understanding of this whole concept is going around it so so powerful he eaten he knows his thing down Scripture standpoint but with a healthy course of talking about as far as your subject is concerned that this whole concept that that God has the usual judicial anger therefore there's no penalty accident yes the question of why Jesus time covers cross Stott uses an illustration of an expert powerful it uses well you know they argue that Christ died on Congress cross to show us how awful sin once and then he's asked the question he says if you have a child visa my words if you have a child that's drowning and somebody slims out there and save the child's life but in the process of saving the child's life loses their own life what you call that person a hero but what if that person stood on the shore there is nobody rounding anything you know I I I will show you how terrible it is to drown and so I'm going to go out and I'm going to drown I think I heard it from the audience and start to what he called a few locations is what I was describing that kind of foolishness the God of heaven and sent his only begotten son to die by the house to show us how bad it was thank you we went bearing our parents were bearing our children were bearing the world around us hello we know all it's opportunity because because the cross of Christ is is foolishness to the Greek and a stumbling block to the Jew the cross of Christ the stumbling block to the Jew because the juices know you got elected Reginald Fleming yes it's nice how Jesus we running under the rituals in order to be safe they cannot understand it I is the rituals cannot say after the great it is blue I argue so on me all you don't think that God would come down and sacrifice himself for us lower human beings and that's foolishness to even think about it so Paul is right and what we have in this modern moral influence theory that Jesus doesn't pay the penalty for our sins what we have and that is Gentile pagan philosophy is what it is it is not biblical it is paid its pagan thinking the quiet someone is visiting the understand what I said this concept of moral influence the Jesus did not die the paper penalty of our sins isn't on biblical Hagan and Donna and Dennis teaching are twenty eight from the police we believe clearly substitutionary atonement of Christ becomes the curse if you lose faith in that heaven help you because it's your only hope curses everyone hangs on a tree on a Christ become the curse why become a substitute what he paid the penalty by the way the people attacked the cross of Christ and Jesus paying the penalty farce is that it don't attack that there's nothing sacred but let me tell you what the NL places the same thing sheet John Stott almost almost word for word is as holy sacred ground that this is the heart and the essence of the gospel that that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ that God in Christ sacrificed so to his own just this NSAID bus free that is holy ground for sifting brother must begin the manner of men though it is only man's covenant yet if it is confirmed no one knows it or adds to it your reading your Bible with me now to Abraham and to his seed were the promises made he does not say indices as many of many but as of one and to your seed who is Christ and this I say that the law which was four hundred and thirty years later cannot annul the cover which was confirmed before God in Christ that should make the promise of no effect or if the inheritances of the law is no longer promise but God gave it to Abraham by promise voices saying we simply saying by the way I make no apologies for defending the cross of Christ and I'll tell you something else if the apostle Peter to get exercise apostle Paul that exercise and write about Paul's hypocrisy that we start should call people to accountability for teaching staff is totally and completely un- biblical and anti- to our very salvation we need to call people to account on something as white let me let me go to to the mountain this is this is Mount Sinai I will pardon my life writing in my drawing I'm not in the Nathan Green the South Sinai courses whether ten Commandments came from and so forth the whole sanctuary system Inc. Mount Sinai and then you you have many years later and you come to welcome you go back none none no piggybacking I get this right and the Mrs. Abraham phase for Abraham on something 's wrong here I let me a Israeli branch of a God made a promise to Abraham and he says you're going to be saved when you trusted me the right is addressed to me here's the promised inheritance inheritance is made to hear and then then you have melts Sinai comes here four hundred and thirty years later so what Paul was saying Galatians is that whatever happened at Mount Sinai does not undo the promise does it so whatever the function and the role of Mount Sinai is it doesn't make a new system of salvation that makes sense so whatever mount Sinai is it doesn't undo what God has already done debris it would make our right now that's the one first nineteen yes the logical question what purpose then does the loss served nothing yesterday that that law includes all of the century serves us were talking about sources your remain ten Commandments I said yes it's in their if you beat bejeweled stay with me will turn out all right is both ceremonial law and it is the moral law model you really are there two different functions but they function to gather and I'll explain alone but more about that just a moment little bit it was added hearing is the answer to that verse nineteen he was added because of transgressions till the seed should come to whom the promise was made and it was appointed through angels by the hand of a mediator so another words the wall Cyrus king was added mouse I was added because of why because of transgressions no words it serves a function because of the increase in fan and it was going to last until the appearance of the mediator which is calories cross with me so now you have the promise to Abraham then you have signed onto Sinai does undo what God promised knitted interviews a new system of salvation and this and this mount Sinai dysfunction lasts until the cross now let's go on see what else he has to say using my place we got over twenty nine mediator does not mediate one only but God is one is the law then against the promises of God is returning that is not sign up now against the promises of God that were saved by faith in the Gazette powerful answer in the old King James it says God forbid like that in this new King James is is certainly not for if there had been a long which could have given truly righteousness within by the law not better they powerful statement of what God is saying is why would I want to get through the apostle Paul while I wouldn't want to get my only begotten son to Calvary 's cross while going to become the cars all I want him to suffer the judicial wrap the center center off suffer why would I put into all of that while I give him as a gift to the human race why would I do that if I could simply make a law that you can obey and you have my annexes so that's why the law cannot even though the possible is another place on it is the long line and it is the law but what you broken it remember were dealing with people broken the law so you can't make along after some nice broke the law that they can obey so there's no ritual but you can put together there's no amount of sacrifices that you doesn't matter if you kill a thousand bull and sacrifice that is not in use if you sacrifice your own son and your own daughter cannot atone for the sin of your soul there is no rich that you can accomplish by the way that was a quote when the Old Testament prof kind of there's nothing you can do is no law that can make that you can see that can deliver your soul that Hesiod firmly implanted in her mind tell us that's the one verse twenty two but the Scripture has confined all under sin sin control the glory of God but the promise by faith in Christ Jesus our Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe notice that you get the promise if you have faith in Christ MRI first twenty three but before faith came back here he's a space in the sense of Christ be the sacrifice on Calvary 's cross for our for our sins these these uses space as when faith came when Christ came with the mediator came when the sea came when the the Messiah came that's what it means invoices when Faith King and I have faith before the cross Desmond Howard faith in Christ Jesus as the Messiah before faith came we were kept under guard by the law is Mount Sinai kept for faith which would afterward be revealed therefore verse twenty four the wall was our tutor to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith so now he saying that there was a purpose for Mel Sondheim was a wonderful purpose not sign I was here to take care of us take care of Israel until Jesus should show up I explained to solve a personal experience when we had our little girl we were in Wichita Kansas I was pastoring in Wichita Kansas a licensed CPA she's working on part-time and so we had a couple of grandparent like wonderful people in the church that you care about a girl Harlan and Donald Stearns and so there will couple afternoons a week that that you and your conversation to keep her for maybe two two afternoons a week maybe three afternoons a week that about five o'clock you hear this conversation Iranians need yes right well no I think I can go get the baby tonight and on the other you here now I think I believe they can indeed hear me say that you know if I wonder they deny you can get home sooner and get supper fixed I don't you think and act they know it yet she said no I want to get the baby so we compromise and say what spoke with the so while we doing this I like to suggest to you that Mount Sinai was given to be a babysitter in a sense another words and I would ask the question art are babysitters that another good normal and they can be good at my right and I don't starve her to love them my liberal love them back he had to back into hits that have been replacing a kind of funny wall physicians about two years old she's walking behind the garden she just she limits his walk I like always the clean change of clothes so that after she got to play the afternoon and aftermath I don't would bitterly clean clothes before we can figure out and so she was already in that you would stand and in the front of the glass door to watch for our karmic and when our car would come in drive in the driveway I will girl which are clapping her hands and doing her little turns and jumps up and down and it was that little experience my wife and I were saying that's why God gave Mount Sinai God gave him else I know about the way you think Harlem and don't make their own rules for the baby Arden eight hour rule and made our LLC 's so the child is not confuse the babysitter is hired by the parent to do with the parent once done and I write the babysitter doesn't do with the babysitter once a day the babysitter is in place of the parent that's one I'll sign I was good enough I got the ten Commandments on on stone that's why he gave the ceremonial system was so that they would understand what the real parent was like you understand heavenly father used to understand in that context in that day you used in the sanctuary you understand reason why I would ask a question what if we went to pick up the baby the baby clung to the neck of the base and begin to cry and we and say I don't want to go on Wednesday are asked questions how would we feel I would tell you that that's exactly what ancient Israel did the problem wasn't with the babysitter the problem was with the baby they long for the babysitter the time of Jesus Israel had totally perverted that system like Sinai was given not as a system of work from Interpol arias said that was not under the promises it was given as a system of faith but they made it into a system works the apologist 's home when he goes on when he goes on just a father here person twenty six brawl and your sons of God through faith in Christ its faith in Christ now that we find our hope on what he's these the real parent he's really come as beautiful text verse twenty eight twenty nine and one hundred Chapter four for second time I want to punch in on this because if you leave you read use this any a digital strategies is what what you have a child in an arc in our conferences most conferences we have a trust department and we have parents who may trust with us our wills with us and this is not an actual case but it's a it's a proverbial case it could be a real case but it's that let's say that you have two parents and they come in and they say okay here here's our trust were putting in a million dollars into this trust this trust it now if something happens to the both of us then this is what we want to have a half million dollars personnel we do not want Johnny to get is when he gets eighteen we want this money to be spent for Johnny's education for Johnny scare when he gets thirty get twenty five percent of it when he gets fording has little bit more since he can get half of it and even that stuff so we agree that where we're the where the trustors and are the Monday but right trustees for Sasha have that right by now but anyway were the ones that are responsible for holding this in trust and so that the awful thing happens Johnny loses his parents at seventeen he wants into our office and said I'm eighteen and he says I want one it was over sorry young we can get this money is for us to take care of you major your bills are paid a support for your living expense and you get a college education you know the University were to pay all of those bills we all must take care of these is no you don't understand that's my money of my parents we know that your money that you parents have an agreement with us that you're not going to get it was I think that's why it's my money and you should let me have it besides I get a brand-new Corvette and I background down the dealer would buy the brand-new core values of that's precisely why you're not going to get it because you can't be trusted you need somebody to look at the view gets incense on being very blunt right and so it didn't matter how much he screams and pleads in bags and you can take as the court if he wants to be smuggled to get that money why because we have a legal Ross to keep him under our care until such time as he grows up and the parent says he can have it according to the terms that's exactly related since assign function to function as a trusted another illustration try to tell us that that sign I kept Israel under its care it was given to Israel until Jesus the real one should show up until such a time as faith paying for that that's the picture now I once get never thought I would want see what would you go this if his home here now if you look under verse three even so we when we were children were in bondage under the elements of the world question answer what our element among the dozen scientists and were elements main one and it's it in an element is metal of the world horse around with elements swear under elements yet okay so what would you I don't know that Gazette but that I would punch down now diverse agency run coming from just a second but then when you did not know God nice talk with the Gentiles is talking to them in the room they were pagans reminding them of the fact they want the Jews not talking these converted pagans but now then indeed when you did not know God you serve the those which by nature are not God so what were these pagans they were nature worshipers so what do they worship Ellen 's button now active in converted after you have known God are rather are known of God how is it that you turn again to week and beggarly elements in which he desired to be in bondage again I get a skip is clean out ask a question what was the sanctuary made out elements that is made out of Alan Louis under its control until Christ and was those elsewhere those elements perverted by the Jews so they came the place like London after the babysitter action trust me I was for the salvation and the rituals that went with that through the now he says to the pagans you or send you learn you are worshiping the trains will actually know what adware and we know that energy into Christ by faith you found salvation hand now tell me why you want to get back on their helmets again no reasons we can do there is something we do but it's the result of our salvation and not the calls are selfish and even we are saved by faith faith is his active faith moves that you cannot have faith without action is impossible with the Jane says faith without works is one in the lacing it is not safe Jimmy your works by your faith James is not contradicting here he just simply say you got faith it will turn into some but the words are the result of faith and trust in my right the CIM in California were sitting in this building comfortable as can be MRI if the ground begin to shake what would happen next maybe maybe you're different the Michigander but anything with his Michigander with out the door I would go why does suddenly my trust in this building has been changed by an outer action MRI so where you put your trust always will give you ask every time right now I'm not afraid were not representing your despondent at this building and shake I think all of you be out the door and I think I be right behind you I think you're smart enough you know I think I would think you said here with you you reassured me I can do is yes to trust yields on trust and obey but remember remember that the works are not the ground not the beginning not the foundation of your salvation is only the results but it is a shoe result the medicines are illegally going as this is good this gets real good and then in verse ten he says you deserve days and months is that that's all sanctuary staff that they got pulled back into all the rituals etc. theological sometimes they miss the point of Galatians they forget what what Paul Montague polished divorce than from depending on the surface entry for salvation age trying to get them to depend on Christ for their salvation you understand he is trying to the way from depending on the sanctuary plus Christ our Christ plus the sanctuary is trying to depend on price is trying to write this relationship is ill-gotten relationship with the babies at the Galatians is trying to do now I would go down if you would verse twenty one tell me tell me you desire to be under the law not some people nearly played little games here when getting the best I can only play locate a certain commands can be sabertooth and didn't ignore thought that that is not the picture here that Paul is doing what pocket and then that's true you can just keep it in commands and him because I kept the ten Commandments I can be safe if you're saved by the grace of God you will keep the ten Commandments he calls you have found and put your trust in Christ Jesus that makes sense you have to get the car going to court for the car up heart from the horse so it's not against the law to commence the movies on its obedience people get all hung up and I can stuff policy Paul is clear about what is trying to do here Alyssa where he is going to go was a a in this is this is this is powerful Denise speaks to me tell me tell me you are desired under the law under the sanctuary under the rituals under under that that Jewish perversion view here the law was written that Abraham had two sons one via bonds one and another five forty one but he who was of the bondwoman was born according to the flesh and he and the free woman through the promise which things are symbolic for these are the two covenants the one from Mount Sinai was gives birth to bondage which is Hagar for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia which corresponds to Jerusalem which now now is the perversion of you please which ends in bondage with her children what's what's with all doing you know the story Abraham and Sarah and Hagar and I would go to that story for just a moment as you know God promised Abraham that he would have a child Sunday through this child in the promise and would bless all of us in your member the guy keeps appearing to Abraham and and and silly words Abraham saying Lord you know I guess you know I I have a solution to our problem got worse in this case never had a problem but he met Abraham think Scott has a problem so he says I'm not Eleazar my trusted servant and he can be the inherent injustice no Eliezer is not going to be your son is so in the course of time Sarah has no babies and found she is the place that she her womb is dead is not going to have babies in the normal kind of time and one day she comes to Abraham and she says you know the customer around here is that if you have a servant a slave a servant that that servant has a baby is really your baby calls their slave and and that's when we can have a child find out this lovely young Egyptian slave servant and so Abraham why don't you sleep with her maker your concubine are your some wife and will have a baby daughter and invisibly wonderful and Abraham was foolish enough to accept and so he does and he and Hagar have a baby called Ishmael Ishmael is about thirteen years old twelve thirteen years old when God shows up again and is is a brand-new grandson immigrants is looked on that issue on this wonderful guises now it smells not going to be the promise modeling this shows God 's respect for marriage somebody should a sitting eases you and Sarah you'll have a baby by Sarah that's what I recognize and she in that baby will be some know it about a year Liza comes along and Isaac is happy little guy in Ishmael is not happy by the way Ishmael has learned all the arts of war you can probably throw a spear with my hair 's breath so many feet away good arrow through hole is that he's he's he's athletic Abraham is trying everything Abraham is poured everything into this boy because he was figuring this boy was on the take is place this was Abraham 's solution to God 's promise one day Sarah comes to Abraham and Jesus Abraham send this boy out here is threatening the baby maybe Isaac the Bible says the Old Testament says the thing we favor have a very strong word Abraham says I'm not going to do this is muffled to understand Sarah any particular you got me into this maybe but he says I'm I'm not I'm not doing this I am not sending my boy away he's my son that night God appears to Abraham in the vision and he says that Abraham in the morning soon Hagar and Ishmael away quantitative that must've been the toughest night of Abraham 's life is also tribute to his great faith because he takes every natural emotion of his heart and his life and after a sleepless night gets up in the morning I mean you put you to put yourself through this for a minute can you imagine the reaction of Ishmael never mind Hagar can't can you can you hear Ishmael pleading with his father that do not sitting there don't you love it can't you hear it all continue here as Abraham ushers them to the borders of his camp and asked them to leave knowing in his heart every emotional being him to shreds inside but despite that he is putting his last in God trusting that God will take care of Ishmael by the way it's interesting that again visible sera responsible for that he holds Abrahams a no yes this was at this point you're absolutely right not happy was a very unhappy situation I will make a few observations Abraham 's choice to take this Hagar was a choice of faith or choice of works he was Abraham coming up with his own solution to God 's promise rather than trusting God 's promise he comes up with his own to follow it through how much pain video calls Abraham to get out what he had messed up was it painful to return to trusting God alkaline drive this home because his this is the essence of Christ are righteous we have made many illicit relationships in our lives we have trusted lots of things we trusted people we trusted money we trusted employers we trusted husbands we trusted why we trusted children we trust in this that or the other you can put it in their because the human heart than natural human heart all hats items and every time that you and I have developed an illness that relationship the other some people be lost because they love the carcinoma they love the caramel of Jesus the only way that you can restore that trusting relationship with Jesus is to get rid the illicit relationship the question is this how much Islam a RAM caught a man of faith this prepared the way or not Marais I think this was the worst night because he darted through this when God came he wasn't happy about asking God asked him to sacrifice Isaac they are even through this and he concluded according to think it's Hebrews that God could resurrect I think the ashes of young and I was trusting God to Scott suggested to the question for your information Galatians is how much will we trust this over our emotions I had go in the room they were living they came in and tell me what was going on the life of the same and I'm making decisions with messing up my lighthouse at issue are funny sometimes you want a swimming table your problems also we hear God 's ten Commandments and over here are your emotions and asses your DC you're right here here to see you think these emotions are you there not you facilitate what you is you you are your decision you are your choices your characters whenever would you decide to do what you're letting happen these emotions control you instead of abiding by constant men you see Abraham besides abide by God 's command that night with Ishmael and so we challenged them with Isaac it is said that said I trust you Lord are we willing to trust God with us what righteousness by faith is all about are we willing to trust on our life are we willing to trust the substitute that paid my penalty and comes across cannot trust it and are willing to trust that you don't trust the friendship of God you trust to give that came out of his heart you trust Christ gave himself how can you trust any trust in and just well it's okay that you trust what God gave the Pentagon wouldn't trust a the penalty for their sins and to wipe them clean you trust his power to transform you do you trust his his directions for you here you trust that's why the just shall live by their faith no notice I see your hand coming but I got to drive this home forgiven I want you to notice something here the pagans what was nature supposed to be come on Athens it was me a revelation of God in all right second book etc. so what did the pagans do they make an illicit relationship with nature instead of the giver of so wanted Israel with their sanctuary they made a deal with that relationship with their sanctuary what Abraham do with it with Hagar he made an illicit relationship and every one of these relationships for additional and the only way home is to reject these illicit relationships of works and returned to put your faith and trust in the giver of every good thing question and answer had Abraham been faithful and not me an illicit relationship with Hagar what would have been Hagar 's role with Isaac the babysitter these were all given good wonderful healthy roles there's nothing wrong with the sanctuary there's nothing wrong with Mount Sinai but it fulfilled its purpose is the babysitter and we no longer need to talk about the earthly Angel wearing my right when when five o'clock Sunday we need Harlan any longer no we pick up the baby now listen to the punchline of Galatians the punchline of Galatians is verse twenty six but Jerusalem above is free she is our mother no longer what is in the heavenly Jerusalem is the heavenly sanctuary the Christian now as though Margaret Todd and urban sanctuary therapy ceremonial system we now have a heavenly sanctuary with our heavenly high priest who carried out the original ceremonial system for us and what we has Seventh-day Adventist our mission is to help the world to understand that we have put our faith not in our same as the sweet kindness not a Mormon to polls not in Hindu temples not in Catholic temples with the church lately the wipers at not in Protestant preaching preaching is good news and I mean by that take your eyes off of man and put them on Christ who is in the heavenly sanctuary and who is the one alone can save us and his bloody nail scarred hands latches and nail scarred hands are evidence that he pay to do when you pray there's going to be an answer you put your faith in him you putting your faith in the one you should the police hello may you listen relationships in this world take a question and then I want it back because I've got I got to show you something else before that is five ten months up until five thirty sometimes you want a few more minutes here with the right was the demise allowed force your question is simply this you sure that the question I got right and you can nod your head is issued she's going to be there is the learning to the question is how does this affect Ishmael was Ishmael figuring to this is that fair was saying he is on salvation right right right what is I leave Ishmael okay what is I leave Ishmael and all this hotel considers two things you remember Paul uses the web and use the word symbol here another words he uses the story to illustrate a truth value moving the practical part what about Ishmael has God forgotten Ishmael and the and the facts are that God gave the promise that night and he would take care of Ishmael PED 's were on himself out take your pick you just trust me and let me take care of Ishmael and MS we have to do sometimes this is what my father my father lost his job and begin the seventh therapist of the Sabbath my mother didn't work it's little boys at home under the baking on this hand on the the doorpost of our reports there is in my mother young lost my job he put his trust in God and I have to trust that God will take care of his family there are sometimes allied some people have not trusted God like Abraham and then they make a mess and then they come back to God does God still act in a practical sense in mercy for people and the answer is he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance so God is still looking after them he still pursuing Aber on me I a Ishmael still pursuing each update I went over to take this just if you give your mom will take this to start out a little bit father talking about is relevant learning just drive this home is little bit was the hope of salvation for the ancient and alluvion world was that hope in nature was the hope of salvation for ancient Israel was that hope in the rituals of their sanctuary was that was that at was Abrahams hope in Hagar for the promised son it was only in Sarah and I write so it was Isaac in which all the hope of all of us came to I want it as you look at the heavenly sanctuary at Jerusalem above is our mother then you are taken to the book rough on my part of the Revelation is talking right now you take a look revelation and what do you see when you're introduced in the first chapter book Revelation what you see is Jesus as a high priest moving through what sanctuary the heavenly sanctuary and he moves to the first compartment heavenly sanctuary in the candlesticks he moves the table shall read which I believe the form of God and he also moves in and I could take some time on that I have what's on that and he also comes to the altar of incense with the prayers and the revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen the apostle Paul says on-site apostle John says he saw the heavens opened and he saw the Ark of the covenant so that means that Jesus chapter the image after eleven to the finish of the revelation nineteen that Jesus is now moving I believe right this moment moving through the holy of holy now I've had people say to me since what you know Galatians is a sanctuary over here is its it's the babysitter so long you sold since it can commence a part of it threatening to think about them and I will write and my responses than for the sake of the art let's say you're right got quiet for the sake of the art let's say you write but I send them your look at Hebrews chapter eight in your Bibles to turn Hebrews chapter eight verse one says now the main point of the things that we are saying I will not underline something here for one chapter a book of Hebrews the main point is the main point I'm not partly funny on this underlying the main point is the main point of my right the main point of the things we're saying is we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven say to them on this it goes on administer the sites where the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man the main point here of the book of Hebrews is that we do have a centurion had been a heavily high priest you agree with that yes you cannot deny that I be as add something here the early Christian church understood this clearly it was lost in the apostasy and the Reformation never really grabbed it back until the menace came along and understood after eighteen forty and it is our business to restore this to the world so people know where to put birthday go and will come back to this I had a hosted business about some one lady that her husband was on the church and he looked at me and he said he said that uses you know I would ask a question is it going it uses you know you have been stationed its usage is interesting pieces to the Roman Catholics say they get their authority from hostile act succession and he says the Mormons say they get their authority from a restored it's such succession committee said so when you add to your fourth good question where New York board why hadn't I had a fairly decent answer I said well and I use Jesus illustration that you really do children to Abraham to do the works of Abraham so if you were one of the the children of Jesus who works in Jesus that has nothing all that answer I got to thinking about I was praying and riding my car towards some meeting and obscenities like heaven came down and opened my mind and said it has no new voices you understand this depression just depression and said in essence Jane this you get your forwarding from the heavenly high priest in the heavenly sanctuary when you put your faith so if you put your faith in the high priest in the heavenly sanctuary you have a full so we got Adams minister who has faith in a heavily high priest and heavenly sanctuary at that time the knowledge of his anger his church has already as long as they in Jesus in the context of everything the reason the world releasing them into the hundreds those they believe in Jesus without the context of anything that greatly first to minister the sanctuary of the true tabernacle which God the more rested not man and that he uses the earthly sanctuary to be an illustration of the heavenly sanctuary verse four for the price for all the earth with your priest on earth places he would not be a priest since they're not their priest to offer gifts according to law Allison verse five needs and earthly sanctuary to serve copy in the shadow of heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for he said see that you make all things according to the pattern shown now sausage so that means dear friend that the earthly sanctuary has three elements it has a shadow a pattern and a copy the question-and-answer if you have never seen a human hand anybody seen the shadow of it are the things that you can tell about that hand my right lung things to get done everything right lots of things you cannot figure out just from the shot sausages a lot of things that the early century has that are shadows of the heavenly that needs to be revealed to us probably be revealed to us in the book of Revelation I believe that certainly Moses saw in heaven and by the way I've said this essay was sweet kindness I will take the testimony of the apostle John and Moses and Paul who saw the heavenly sanctuary over the imaginations of some theologians who don't think it exists thank you I'm contending for the faith so the other thing is a pattern so in other words this this earthly sanctuary has a great new lasers in the pattern how many of you sung from a pattern and see around are you okay you know that I watch my wife do it young it is wrinkly little paper thin paper stretch out and come on the lines Brontë why not you'd never catch my wife in and in the in the pattern do not know where the pattern pattern help reduce our give us an idea of what the real MRI that is another word it's called copy no we understand that clear we have copy machine we have fax machine MRI a copy is not a shadow a copy is a copy that looks just like the original makes sense so that means the earth essentially also had a part that was a cock tell me what part of the earthly sanctuary was accompanied now not the whole thing no not the high priest come on after it over here thank you that is a ten Commandment in Iraq is not done right is with the centimeters when I knocked a copy so I say to my friends I told into Revelation eleven verse nineteen and I read about John seeing the ark of the covenant open in heaven and I say to them the issue my dear friends is not what you will do with that earthly ten Commandments of question was simply a copy but what are you going to do with the heavenly ten Commandments which are the originals on a copy and that's what we say to our evangelical friends at the website by Roman Catholic friends of our Mormon friends and Walt Disney World as Seventh-day Adventists is what are you going to do with the ten Commandments that are in heaven and the heavenly scent is and it's been right about the marketability Margulies in the context of the heavenly sanctuary in the context the holy one always in the context of the Ark of the covenant in the heavenly King the problem that the Christian world has today is that it's made in this relationship with its own philosophies and its own reasoning and before Jesus comes it's going to produce and Ishmael his hand is against everybody in everybody's hands against him it's utter confusion it's called Babylon as seventh day Adventist Christian we are saved because we put our faith in the appalling blood of Christ Jesus we are saved because he races from us the penalty and forgives our sins we are saved because of his great gift of himself to us and we are safe we put our trust in him and he calls with our trust in him we go on in new creation and living trust and the ten Commandments become our delight because you see the earthly sanctuary was a prophecy all of it pointing followed to Christ he became the ceremonial law behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world we believe the real ceremonial law about real ceremonial law is going on in heaven right now we don't name the earthly sanctuary based in all of those kinds of things would rally symbols I don't know how people get caught up in that I get caught up in that you like take their eyes off the heavenly sanction with a heavenly high priest after the order about thousand and I believe in the ten Commandments because Jesus came believing ten Commandments now hear me out when you are born again and it is Christ in you the hope of glory it is the ten Commandments the landing ten Commandments were actually be living out in your life by faith alone that's why it's no longer an issue of whether we keep the ten Commandments are not the fact is that if you have a far thing in your justification in your being born again you have the living Christ in you now you pursue his holiness and he lives in you and he lives out his lolling that's why settle there in Christ in our Abu father in heaven the Christ in us is so precious to us that we will plead with you to keep us in your hands and never let us go that we will save you award God we do not want little moment or an hour or a day without believing makes me that you need thanks it's so close itself for it becomes absolutely unbreakable and that Satan and all of his host that will let you carnal nature that is been by the grace of God considered bad that the world will follow this to patients that they have no power to break that union that is sealed moment by moment in our faith in Jesus


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