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The Invisible Man

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • August 30, 2008
    9:00 AM
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this is the smooth hormones remind me and his word was in my top father please put your wound in my tongue and for your sons and daughters will do for them what David Braden someone like you were seeking open thou mine eyes open all of our eyes I pray that the truth may be understood received at the in Jesus name we pray amen our subject verse five is the invisible man when I say invisible man I was feeling is looking unto Jesus and we discovered last night that by looking to Jesus we are looking for someone who is equal with God the father someone was divine someone who has all the characteristics of the father were looking for someone who alone can restrain the power of Satan who is our enemy at every level but I want to remind you that Jesus at present is not on birth where we are where is Christ alone this is for what is his form is a map but he is also God what I'm saying is Jesus Christ this minimum is both physical map and dog he has still retained his human flesh are you with me when all rights motion swimmers were smiling in front with the fullness of the Godhead how bodily amounts about decades after Jesus Rebecca in first Timothy chapter one verse five chapter two verse five there is one mediator between God and man was that some man Christ Jesus Jesus is so physical because of this he cannot be everywhere at the same time so Christ is not on earth now Jesus Christ is in heaven we are on earth of the battles we face are played out on the earth we discovered last night that our enemy the devil wheels of the greatest power in the unit was next to blogspot and if we need help with that follow-up we need help that is present with us but Jesus is in heaven then how does he get that power to us Senator Holy Spirit then when we don't to Jesus we are also looking at to his agent are you listening are you watching those are coming blast that seriously we are heavily and easily distracted bungalow human being looks like I will see what you have to turn every time someone comes in I really don't I don't know what's funny about what insane but I really don't we must learn to focus because if we plan to look onto Jesus Satan has multiply instructions which world for so many was awesome than we did we shall focus on price without succumbing to the distractions that's we cannot study the Bible intensely because were distracted by the game that's playing in the background by the way when was this morning what were you talking about there was a Babel of voices we discussed in the Bible no was your conversation sabbatical probably not what is so wrong with walking is what this abortion argument was all the word of God I just commune with God I was from one to talk so much let me encourage you for the next session which comes immediately after this one if there's a love inactivity from the desk tribes expect take your Bible some of my UFO read so those coming in seeing this wasteful I'm hearing silence but seeing people reading goals were fastened really really bothers all right Jesus Christ is physical is in heaven rotor fighting this battle how does he get the power loss and incorrectly responded through the Holy Ghost then if the engines of Christ will cost to us to pay us in our battle with the follow-up that is second will also follow-up under the battle with Satan but drawing is not enough you must be met three then we can clone you need to believe that that agent must have one of gospel or he cannot sufficiently assist us in this struggle he would have to do is get real dignity and send the Holy Ghost visit of Christ must be as powerful as Christ lets look of the Bible and see if we can come to the conclusion biblically and with some degree of reasonableness was our subject let us identify some qualities of divinity and see if we find them in the Holy Ghost let's go to a Isaiah Isaiah forty six related verses nine and ten Isa forty six versus nine and ten the reading from the King James version of analyzer forty six nine and ten the Bible says remember the former things of old water bottle of Venice not us I am gone there is none like nobody immediately separates himself from all other thoughts because they are other dogs that's why the First Amendment says thou shalt have no other gods before me I need to be gone number-one and bought not only in the life of God understands the other blogs so-called but he must of necessity distinguishes itself from other blogs and even gives some qualities in Scripture soccer and volleyball one of them is mentioned in Isaiah forty six hundred ten rim of the form of visible items while others will notice I bought a good reason unlike Rinaldi tells us why he is gone and it is laudable like him he identified the quality and divorced in the additive from the beginning and from a sometimes the things that are not yet done one of them got upset about himself everything bought it also walked the end from the beginning not the Holy Ghost is one of the button again first Peter chapter one reading from personal bolts as one of the things that make involved is not one of his qualities I should say nothing makes God bought one of his qualities is that he knows the beginning from p.m. he can tell you things that will happen before they happen first Peter chapter one reading from verse nine our subject is the invisible man it is though already twenty four minutes after nine receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of your souls of what salvation the prophets of inquired and searched diligently it who prophesied of the grace legend to certain watercourse level of matter of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify when he testified before and the sufferings of Christ and the glory that shall follow mouth is examined for celeb search and what not worth what people are saying is that the prophets of old Vic earnestly desire to understand the things they were told to write there want to understand something want a walking matter of time the spirit of Christ which will signify testified before the keyword before them the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow before the Super Bowl the profits will beforehand about how far before his beforehand was the first profitable and was the first profit in what the White House is within you the first genuine profit and Scripture is enough now the final results prophecy you'll is mentioned in Genesis we learn about it in June June first fourteen at four sixteen the book just before revolution June and is also the seventh from Adam prophesied of you saith behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints execute judgment of all quite all other provision of all the ungodly among them of all the ungodly deeds with graphical objects committed to holding our speeches with ungodly sinners have spoken against the law the prophecy of Neil recorded in June forty fifteen how far back do you live for talks about the Holy Spirit 's ability to motivate the beginning of the quality of God when Enoch was born out of six hundred and twenty two meters along with so how long to deliver contemporaneously three hundred and eight years one might say when a law wrote what he wrote which was not a production of his own life it was a revelation system of Christ first to one eleventh business that of Christ which was in it signify whether testify for him in the voting that is the Holy Spirit come right with detailed what would happen to price almost full albums and views before it goes the Holy Spirit mold beginning from the end yes consequently wrong of the quality of the spirit what I called the invisible man because so little emphasis is placed on the policeman and the Bible says all manner of sin of blasphemy against men shall be forgiven but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men if a word against the son of God it shall be forgiven him but whoso speaketh against the Holy Ghost it shall be forgiven him in this life neither the logical the Holy Ghost must be the most sensitive being in the entire universe God knows the beginning from in the Holy Ghost let's look at another quality of golf as we continue with the invisible map Isaiah forty five Isaiah forty five reading first twenty two Isa forty five reading verse twenty two the ravens remain to resume on the wall save other people all have severe fire of various non- had again gone through this is expressive I bought a businessman out on the basis of the fact that I can go out I can say no other God can see was losing him with you can save we must conclude that he's what God is the father is gone is not the son is gone let's go to Jesus 's words in John chapter three reversed eight John three first date there are several people standing if there's an empty seat next to you your holding for your spouse original have so someone can come and sit down whether starting to looking for seats about destruction there's a half years I have years I had any deceitful and a half spreadsheets that will multiply all rights blessings on you my brother to have the back to my left these rebels seek what would I say what chapter one verse the wisdom voice women elicited a Mohit is the sound but just not tell whence it cometh all with the English that suffers so is everyone that is one born of the Spirit now what is meant by born of this what process is Christ describing but it was first very unfortunate life except Amanda born again he cannot see Bob verse five except a man be born of water and he cannot enter into the kingdom of God this is the means by which this new birth phenomenon as the spirit what was the brother of crimes while the consumption of high semester working in the womb of a woman took place individuals that you haven't filed under review is not about a woman's run around use at home to lose me into a book to be joking I don't another country girl Google said the Holy Ghost interview the Holy Ghost shall come upon the power of the Almighty shall overshadow this is the same thing the Holy Ghost is not different from the power of the only does this say they are therefore also that holy thing without even seeing the meeting shall be called the son of God because the expressions of garbage you can withdraw on the stuff that is why whenever Jesus use of expressive and references have been trying to get the Holy Ghost Jesus answer is the agency that brings about the universe and universe visible from flesh the spirit as Jesus said in John seven three four six five which is one of the flesh is flesh that which is born of the subplot identify the qualities he has that Nixon bought Eagles the end from the beginning because they are holy most of the same thing as a Hebrew stuff before we did verses twelve and thirteen as we continued invisible man regular of the Jesus you also need to look unsolicited intro stuff before versus twelve and thirteen the business is looking for seats with someone identify an empty seat for the lady please like it might rub whether the greens should also need to see someone at Rovers was right up front but this is the momentum you decide to use it okay for forces to thirteen for the word of God 's law credit powerful shop of the two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit of the talking not only is the desert on the thoughts and because of the half mica is there any creature that is not what manifested as sidewall things I want naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to know the blessings they have three phases when assessed in the eyes of him with an epitope positive the law is aware of what he knows what everything Bob notes everything sometimes unpredictable potency Goldmans and cease the Holy Ghost know everything if we can establish that he knows everything we do for the evidence that he's going with enforced reduced to reading from first first witness to reading from first our subject 's invisible Man split one minutes to mind up to ten is above insurance proceeds please make sure that child of God gets a seat all right old nuances is that the two seats up front right next to her what would I say what's up to ready for first law as it is written R C Miller is her night I have visited the heart of man the things which will have prepared for anyone not know many of us we don't reveal that we say will visit with one afternoon some idea but thought we feel the most was how his process for step up give me for this weblog will search this to understand and examining detail for the special to all this but asserted it all hang long just all things but we have additional descriptive information in a blog that the things of God things that would cause I would rate this is not about the Bible says so to all phases EA but the things of God was all things exclude one of the openings include what about all those who can finish what I'm about to say the Holy Spirit knows is the Holy Spirit born us live this event about half of the Spirit of Christ is none of his religion to be a child of God you must have the Holy Spirit going to Joseph before generated for six John fourteen reading first six the invisible matters are subject eighteen and nineteen minutes to ten John fourteen whenever six reading the Redmond said that first if you have that kind of Bible what does Jesus say I have the way the truth and the life yes yes yes momentum of the father the Jesus says I have a way the truth and the life if we can establish from Scripture of the Holy Ghost is the way the truth and the life we must conclude before honest unholy ghost is equal the defined as a society and five owing to the Galatians five relations five because it is visible bad when you look at Christ the also immunization because it is in the House of Commons that you are literally went as an ornament of my heart because classes and have a bodily crisis telephone at your heart it is his agent the Holy Spirit does then you need to hold the quality is what kind of personal personality is the essential representative times in my battle with Satan who wields the greatest power the car I need to alter like the message vision five sixteen escalations something else vision five sixty the Bible says while this I say that walked where there is good and they shall not dwell fulfilled the loss of the flesh now when you walk you must walk in what a way by what is a map with my feet until I got my past but to my way walked endless products this is the way it for twenty five if we live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit of the transmission because we like the spirit because of this we have my limits now wall you justify admittedly justified person notice if going to save you they could be alone norms are limited by the explain many people want Christ to save them and then leave it at that don't tell me how to live my life now to save with one of my life no one will know if he is your safety all you must be your Lord Lord means he expects obedience else why enforced because of the three four six the Bible says that Eva Lucero will be Abraham calling him long if we do this but let us also what all interests because the spirit is the way on the way which is the spirit the truth well told forty written for sixty dollars for favorite of course extreme important to them and I will pray the father and is subject of a custom at it abide with you forever even the spirit of since the spirit of truth John sixteen four thirteen John sixteen Mercer within the Bible says howbeit when he written resume the spirit of us please call us or for stonefly brewery that passage this morning with open records spoke forged on five ratings verse five our subject 's invisible man are you there was even over the world that he would believe if one for Jesus as well some of the necessity that came by water and blood people Jesus Christ well I will really want one I'm not a euphemism for additives the spirit that there is witless why items away the students away I was was is is the spirit life Romans seven is reading from personal Romans eight three subject 's invisible man as we cultivate if the moving onto Jesus when you look at the juices are you looking onto reestablish less likely to develop what we found out this morning Jesus is the physical is going to manage to have physical glorified person with whom I have when we raise the dead all translated in the condition he cannot be everywhere the study counted by a person so he does that through his agent refining on the engine there is a very power of Christ's on organizing what's up the blood firstly of course one there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus walked walk not after the but after the swing of this but as the review for the all of this but it all and made me free from the law of sin the law of the Spirit of life in view Revelation eleven in the top of the door this is a version of this is about the three days on a half the spirit of life going into each of them and they stood upon the feet and great fear fell upon the whistle I have a way I'm the truth I'm the life the Holy Spirit is a way the truth and the life was good I said fortified with University I was forty five verse eighteen May have a possible more than ready to have bought himself the form of limited you established it incredibly motivated and informed their house if it is of course I thought I'd better us why why because of his ability to create the Holy Spirit Creek incident but will establish that in a roundabout way let's go back to John three John three Mister Christ Holy Spirit a divorce maneuver phenomenon which no one can understand the request are you the way the worthlessness of no-hitters the sound middle but does not tell whence it cometh over the invoice for this enforcement maintenance so as everyone that is what all of this now that the special mark now the field work is a work of creation if an event in privacy as well it's really a new creation the physical creation helps us to understand the spiritual act of creation why is that because there's a principle by which one function and the possibilities as in the natural soul in the spiritual attribute losses based twenty four paragraph to a like right as in the Knoxville soul in the spiritual world she also writes as for the maximum world will be has been a lot of blog is because Bishop of fruit bearing on when to teach people to disregard what format you prevented him from peripheral to his glory I thought the blessings of Israel five I've been in on others broke the connection between the way things happen at the physical level of the way that happens is level and the progression as we study to further develop to understand the spiritual facts why it was on this basis that Jesus becomes Christ and the Holy Spirit explain East yesterday big red he went to the back to give them some understanding of spiritual things work as in the troll so in the spiritual beneath the connection for instance there's a lot of says about that of rest or emotion tends to remain at rest or emotional unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force is a physical but that's the way it is spiritually the sinful nature is an object at rest or motion is there anything in this inflammation at the stop itself and simply what is required an external but not only is has to be on balance meaning greater than the force of the object moving work rest and unbalanced and external to change its that on balance of external forces Christ what I'm saying is a part of the physical laws if a marble is rolling it will roll them up if there's no friction is nothing the role and the car stopped rolling and open leaving is precisely the same as in the children's values example will now commence work back is the Holy Spirit creates investment of the conclusion was he must have read it Mrs. drove through the reversal the spirit of Lord hath made me breath of the Almighty has given new life someone will for first thirty oh seven full-fledged spirit they are creating also read newest the face of the earth read Genesis one reformers wanted to beginning God created heaven and earth and it is without form and void adopters was upon the face of the need of the study for some member of the Godhead identified by name and the spirit of God moved upon the face was Jesus says in John six issue three it is the spirit of what the flesh prophetess it is disputed that his life and so now change the blood of Christ he says that the Chris about a global format of the dust of the ground reason those muscles and breath of life advantage of living sort of assistance have had a chance to twenty six for as the body without the spirit is there so faith without works as in the physical the Holy Spirit is going to win Russ was given to harm you seasons as the Jesus says in John sixteen fourteen thirty first thirty first how did when he was put into this he will guide you with altered voice almost become himself was on before the example was when we got here that's how you speak and he was so divisive shall glorify me for he shall receive of mine fell short of the authors of the father hath are mine therefore said I you shall take of mine am sure that you have received Jesus asks if we seen the father hast who's in control of those of Abraham wanted us a wife resizable reason Eleazar a little big ultrasounds about what rubbish I don't really I am Christ is both a map of the Isaac to figure Christ literally Abraham represents home about the five who gave one resulting officer not Jesus I don't export for momentum come to me except to follow you sent me draw him how does the father draws so that the spirit goes in search touching the hearts of price revision concept of verse sixty five of John six when Ebrahim one wife I said he said the reason represents the Holy Spirit while Susan was his former staff of the servant who ten camels of the camels of his master for all the goods of his master were in his head meeting one may want to have represents control of power everything Abraham was unlimited he is a scriptural yet what he said will show kindness to us that he acknowledges that he was coming back off in four sixty five I believe it is the identified and I wanted that if you set it is my last this believable ice it is a recognized him Rachel as his master Crimson is his most original forty six Jesus says but because it was the Holy Ghost the father shall same of course it is for the toughest intransigent on the web accomplished on the photos I will send you from the father was in the Holy Spirit father 's everything the father the son hath Jesus Brady Johnson within all my enough either via my first Kevin Johnson all have to have the Holy Spirit has unrestricted access to the benefit of the church so when you look Christ's you must understand it is not price that comes into your heart personally but all that has price all the problem of his victorious life is not lost by his agent the Holy Ghost because the power needed to overcome Satan is the power of God the Holy Ghost brings that power because he is not really different functions and it wasn't blocking diode across it was the Holy Ghost was the sizable die it was the files has been with the Holy Ghost and what is the first visible man the Holy Ghost Jesus told you in leveraging this season being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit November one just us know we also have representatives that work is the attempt asking for money resting format masterful woman asking for success in our career we would map out a detailed we have no digital cameras I would glorify God we asking for a also a Jesus will there's something if you watch for your guaranteed yes the legality just gone into the soldier confidential till your your your approach you what a challenge TV yes there's undoubtedly going to human there's no galaxy to let you move up in your critic is busy in the damages was beginning to do about it is the job individual life you want to live my Jeremiah 's fishing qualities is an somewhat John the Baptist but it is guaranteed if you are supposed will begin you would voice and we lost because we don't even think about Holmes we really don't know you said you don't just know much of what you preach about people refusing make these unscientific surveys unlike this is the news using you what pleases him Mister Bergquist pray for this program Michael and is a privilege of reasonable general your intimacy on those requests presently to be just like you present is little here's what I see pray for my job my husband is not feeling well my wife is beating it will prefer this preface author 's preface I think this is an almost twenty five percent T real I love you that you come to a reasonable conclusion where is the emphasis of those people what you bring forth until if any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is not most of the Lord shall understand the things of God okay already degrees you get from Andrews oral or last euro of new University of Battle Creek health chefs will assist us in all things what we seem to love God has hidden from the life the whites don't find out you don't understand me was that he has anything to hold the wine or the ones who are reviewed with the babes but revelation from God 's Holy Spirit because he's the spirit of truth it is that sets us free it is true that signifies that the Holy Spirit is such William a big commitment to principle goes all deliverables will be at five thirty pray is what I with individual children as young as you sent me an e-mail a few months ago I was the last I spoke with chores I chose a dreadful twenty one days removals must produce is always referred to as the post you always existence there was nothing else to print money if you want to product privilege all over the spouse over the health authority of the Holy Spirit of which if I wanted a cause most was the one who brings the house when applicable before the school she doesn't even she said I am a different person in Chisholm I have box on what you sent she's so I put the first person because one of the Holy Spirit almost as you bring with you and me he brings the right Joel he brings the right man uniform that he brings to the also today either promoting the agent of Christ the invisible man the holy ghosts pray for the holy ghosts remembered what this lady of your event Elizabeth six seventy through the power of the prince of evil can only be held in check by the power of God is the first of the Godhead the holy 's home in because of this message and one of infected cattle in our sinful of the deliverable at the role of the Holy Spirit in one of the prisoners would be reviewing up from the argument in the the rules is because the decision you make is recorded and have people the site of a faulty as more home to restructure fields because audiences if obligations are conditioned to respond out of current also you got eleven of himself but I wish from my heart that people will only get is the approximately convicted as you travel for a few genuinely was a father on one else in my life spend and really pray at about eye 's closed father in heaven very simply directly after the gall to register these commitments although the father with the gift feels he was mindful that five foot ago the Spirit is given to those who will be fought and have without the spirit we are a number of euros it is he that bears witness with our internal spirit that we are the sons of God please God help us to understand that what we need more than it else is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit father in heaven open blind eyes bring out the prisoners from the prison house of ignorance that God so rough as we go through the formality of the church remain optimistic power of a relationship with Christ through the agency in the name of Jesus touched every listening heart I pray that when Christ comes together his seats in the final was ready to receive but none of us may be lost I offer this prayer for my heart in Jesus name at all goals people say a manner that will question


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