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Delivering the Captives

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • August 31, 2008
    7:00 PM
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our father numbers twenty three sixteen no word since more than met the lab and put the words in his mouth father your word speaks very negatively about Billy Jude verse eleven want to them to live Golden with cable ran greedily after the way of the lab for award very negative fault if you can put awarded VLANs mouse was going to cursor people put the word in my desires not come to cursed but to deliver the truth as it is in Jesus so put your words in my mouth I pray for your own glory in Jesus name amen wrote that before reading for over sixteen also love to read it from verse sixteen raffle for reading from four sixteen and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for the ring that was limited to him the book of the prophet 's sales radio and the book he found the place where it was written the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he often wanted me to preach the gospel to the poor have sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty them that the rules the priest acceptable year of the Lord because the book and give it against the minister and sat down the eyes of all them that where the synagogue were fastened on him to be since then this baby is the scriptural fulfilled in what is I've directing your attention to what Jesus said in first eighteen and nineteen as he lists the purpose is why he came the overall purpose of course was to glorify his father after all make atonement for sin but he says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to do what brings the gospel to the poor have sent it to do what he knew the brokenhearted than the first equity makes to preach deliverance to hold the captives was a misstatement did a lot recovering of sight to the blind and to set at liberty them that Abreu is now please think with me to set at the liberty vent that approves the very presence of the word deliberately gives us some indication of what being rooms like me someone proves needing to be set at liberty something about being rules must suggest oppression or some form of imprisonment he came to preach the difference to the captives what is kept and deliverance from watch when Jesus spoke these words as were told they were seventeenth was limited to him the book of the prophet a sales and when he opened the book he found the place never smelled fine with that place Isaiah sixty one rating from verse one Isa sixty one let us see how Isaiah actually rotates this little difference in wording but the meaning is the same we see the exact wording that Isaiah uses Isaiah sixty one reading for swap this is the passage from which Jesus Christ is quoting grabbed that reference the spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me to do what Rich good tidings to the lake the absent with the bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim what new liberty to hold and collect the final stable diverse opening of what the president told them that are bound now Isaiah says that one of the missions of the Savior would be the afternoon the prism of them but I see says to preach deliverance of monsters to preach deliverance to the captives I visited is proclaimed liberty to the captives simply one is this deliverance and for the captives and four thousand and I want you to listen very carefully cultivated work of God to be merely a sponsor spark of respectable proclaiming liberty to the captives preaching deliverance to the captives setting a liberty and that our brooms in connection with this is also recovering of sight to the blind it has to do with proclaiming liberty to the captives of Michelle season let us thought Isaiah fourteen Isa fourteen there's a good overclock it's a woman to watch seven thirty thank you my good brother this is seven thirty three 's uncle by your I will I was fourteen reverse twelve out of the place all about fallen from heaven was the son of the morning thou cut down to the ground which is weakened the nations about faceted Barnhart I will do what I would ascended to heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high yet thou shalt be brought down to where the hell to the size of the pit for a sixties as well faith that see the shallow gnarly look upon the consent of the same is this from that normal humans he said I will say these exact words is the site Oklahoma is this the man that made what we have the trouble that did shake what Jay Leno 's is this the man that lived the world is a wilderness of destroyed the cities they're all well finished four seventeen Fellowship and the fetish for some definitive map or plat is not the house of his prisoners it is essential that you and I understand there are some things simply will not do unless use force and the force that forces gave one six eight is about once offering looking to Jesus that was not a house of his prisoners when Satan gets you responsibly as some of us Satan refuses to let you go only when he is forced as there is only one power under heaven that can force Satan to let us know how that power is Jesus Christ somebody say about what Jesus said the spread of the Lord is upon me because apologies as exercises as we discovered a couple days the goal is exercised through his agent who is close and so Jesus said that Spirit is upon me because he hath anointed me to my humanity enough along to the to bridge the gospel to the poor the obscenity to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives now someone in their sunlight is attempted going to be smoking spousal abuse theft of the time whatever it is that has you a house in the bottle I might pass on lights magical and we knew and we cry because somewhere in our hearts we don't want to continue listening but is almost as if it is a power irresistible that propels us and compels us to behave this way we are but maybe there's someone here will such that unflattering description Jesus sent I came to set you free this is no joke the real estate group room religion or Christianity is a joke or send out that this was a joke it's not a joke there is a battle for my life there is a battle for your life about Beth was intensive it's bloody as the Bible says he will not do house of his prisoners that he doesn't know a request that I can visit your free then someone has to open that house allow the captives the captives possibly be listening to the possibilities it were the angels in heaven the angels were thrown out in habits of unfollowed worlds or the inhabitants of this world now we don't organisms and have the fallen Angels well they are in another prison segregated force for worth golf the angels that sinned but cast them down to have unlimited chains of darkness to the reserve that is imprisoned of Oswald was forwarding the fallen angels are involved prison exists circumstantial prison but a prison none the less reserve there's nothing they can do to ask a map condition of being reserved unto judgment you have changed is this one this leaves the Woodbine student achievement wishing for the roses one two three saw the fallen Angels they are balls prisoners not Satan 's presence in out of unfallen worlds will sit is not reserved only to this route again plied his business with veritable a prophet informs us so they on following will send where it is no sin there is no captivity the state we understand you do understand that when there is no send their snowcapped of wealth with our group left of the other group left is those who inhabit this fallen world since in our lives gives Satan the right to occupy us but when Adam fell based on the principle centered leadership at the worst nineteenth photo for a man is overcome of the same easy brought in bondage when Adam fell the world turned over to Satan 's dominion Christ one that Doctor Lelia Calvary I say legally because Christ himself the prince of this world enough the price went back all calls in the goal of this world so legally but price is not yet occupied of that day is coming can you say them let us all day progresses to be with Christ when he octopi back which presently is the leader is based on Calvary but only this world and all the universe affected by sin but for now to some degree Satan has his way when I travel Indonesia in October I was attentive with a half ago I usually go to the Embassy of United States unregistered my presence that comes in the door and something happens hopefully someone can help now when I step onto the grounds of that embassy whereby the United States legally seven that is US soil of the police of that country cannot pursue me into the embassy they have to wait outside that's why people seek assignment in embassy some people remain empty for years because they can be shipped out again but they can be pursued and that but in that embassy that is the soil of the country in a similar way if you go to visit a Malaysian Embassy in DC on your revenues when you enter the ground you up on movies since certain is Satan 's endless and Jesus respects that is a lot of there's a lot of legalities is the righteousness are using so this is this is a legal battle and outgoing call is illegal said Hassler writes for the sole where sin is a permanent resident because that's silent state shouts of Satanic embassy and said it has the right to occupy that life and Jesus has no legal rights to crashing a unless there's a cry for help missing when you give your life to Christ resume or I confess my sins I didn't want to accept as my semiotic manner the EU will become Christ's and Christ comes to get what is his own forward persistence is not to say a mistake constitutes an implicit tendency the smallest sin was system which redid you to help as much as you knew who was presumably to worsen you can think of now in Matthew twelve the school Matthew twelve I don't have a title for this present did you think of one and use it Matthew twelve reverse twenty two it's or as a Matthew twelve and of course twenty two read Matthew twelve then was brought on to him one possessed with a double blind and what and he healed him insomuch that the blind and dumb both speak and Saul interesting word he deliverance from demon possession is a healing not just an exorcism it is a unity Jesus heals the brokenhearted he heals and reported set up your renal therapy therapeutic he healed him and so far that his condition was reversed I was one of the one possessing the double blind and dumb that was as good a shape and he healed them and so much in so much suggested to the extent golf saves us how to be optimal since bridges of the students sitting from deductibles deductibles and so much for the blind and dumb both speak and soul gives conditional laws reverse the move people across Ramona Matthew twenty seven forty four bit fees also which were within test the same of his teeth when he was being abused and humiliated by the passes by the elders chief prescribes with thieves plural did the same thing the twenty three where we have moved out of familial story of Jesus saving up now the Bible says one of them said one of the malefactors which were highly relevant say if I were to Christ saved by seven thousand twenty three certified by the other with answering rebuked him now we have a rebuilt what he was doing enough to try to settle for a walk he does the opposite and twenty three was forty why because he has been taught by Christ himself much I'd also be an attack on Christ what a defendant of Christ that's how price he was in so much that means to be his wife now willingly dies by the doublespeak console hold the people were amazed and said is not this the son of David when the Pharisees heard it said this fellow death will cast out devils but by guilds but the subject and seizes new defaults were stratified Matthew twelve percent of them a king every kingdom divided against itself is brought to what the solution in every city or house divided against itself cannot stand if Satan casts El Cid is divided against himself how felt that his kingdom set undefined by Beelzebub cast out devils by whom do your children testable but it will be shut beyond just what Pisces including pharmacies you have the cycles of booms with each of their presumably cast out demons know what a podcast about my doubts about it by going to bet just about the same accusation you make against me it was written against your disciples who were children this record we are spinning Sun 's followers so quest has been recorded argumentative difficult density that frustrated Jesus says but if I cast out devils hot by this that the kingdom of God is come to you I was in first for the all else how can one block and took it to hold a strong man's house and spoil his goods except he first bind the strong man and then he was pulling his house would spoil was made to get rotten needs to take away not in the context of the movie healing that Jesus did for that matter verses twenty two to twenty two by delivering him from demon possession and by box at Stanford in the Bible says how called anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Pollock went about doing good and healing all double the price of the best word that will press needs to exercise dominion over one by saying they are people who pressed MySQL the art in his prison house and system does every thing possible to do what keep your house keeper that sent keep use okay keep use as she gave me hold one in this Jesus says there is a stronger gold has the power to buy that strong timeout viruses verse one then call the also you really don't sweat the small against the disciples of the Lord went up to the hype was a decidedly leftist Vista Damascus of the Senegal but if you followed any of this riveting to Christians whether they will then always that he might bring them by Seymour buying a strong that he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem I went volatile a nice he said and I said what it was for you is that a yes authority for the cheapest but by all the qualified man at last understood point is I cut costs Jesus is our duty to St. Vincent I could buy in order to let you go or else how can one enter into strong man's house unspoiled his goods you see the man Christ delivered was the goods of Satan are listening Eric of trust is that man Bob got his name of course but Google might B12 blind and dumb blonde woman that enough of them is blind and dumb that's extreme satanic imprisonments but there's more degree of possession but Christ range he said he came to what is an insult to the power of Christ to say that's the way I have I can't change and too many questions take comfort in saying that's the way I has exactly one constant because that's where you are the best aware reduces can lead man's blind and dumb Christ delivered the wayward animals inasmuch insomuch that the black doublespeak is in Matthew eight four sixty the Bible says when even was come be brought up in all that will possession of devils and he casts out the devils were possessive people to cast out devils by his word Matthew at sixty he cast out the devils out by his work though I don't know what form of imprisonment are experiencing if any at all but I want to tell you tonight that the power to be delivered Israel hands I have nothing to his therapist but Jesus is the purpose will sometimes I business awards I hate I have come to hate because of the associations you like the word celebrate I think the other popular consciousness celebrate this could celebrate that celebrate your lesbianism celebrate homosexuality celebrate the about health celebrate everything so I develop animosity it was the word summary and a similar measure was working great and brave she'll face and Grimshaw fact and then some you see I find just into whose words is really something wonderful your imprisonment this therapist five psychologist flying unit in room listings one and the sales above seems that one was I hate is closer God knows I despise that word will everybody once closer and closer to modify his he heard that he am I need closure my wife to the badly I need close while this is not funny as Oprah Winfrey and those doing that well what everyone is until April national TV vacuum of this page get closer and then you wonder what happened to forgiveness when prices on the cross lacrosse that focus on what you say far about what was closer than any most greatest offense ever committed against sin against God if anyone needed closure it's not when Steve was stolen and accepts what were his dying words lawyers who mingle this soon the charge was closer to me forgiveness is more powerful than we understand under that authority what is on my stock of Christ yes you can talk to buddies on with over the past two years five audited out of Chris to psychologist you the foundation of your healing is this because the Holy Ghost works and this is why Jesus original six sixty three it is the spirit that cricket if the flesh profits nothing for what I speak of you may allow just that Mister Holy Spirit 's work fast like Tyson he was the one to cast out demons because this is the same word that said negative I otherwise like punching a second that if you give this work as so many can acquire the best of it Willis is that evolving is not to talk about the pistol Jesus as it is meant to match will not live by bread alone but by every other person if I would welcome them safely back the changed conditions if now because I will broadcast myself down what is with these give his angels charge concerning the other they had additional video lesson anytime my foot against a stone Jesus again it is meant to the changed Jesus never changes because there's only one thing that works valuable because you cannot deliver itself I heard someone said was some this option I have a friend who used to drink me to stop using the vertebrate okay this was a corporate but what I've always wanted seven will be used as a described in that interest does when is the kind of victory with it only takes a severe calamity to send you back this evening around from the event but when your victory is based on Christ it is to all the tests I will see you go back and right don't get me wrong but in the back of my mind at all if desiring to tell everyone in a credit that victory to God because a sufficiently severe event will send you back to drink something with Doctor Brittingham said this morning is minimal to send the vicinity forgive because forgiveness does not remove the scar US law the Bible describes Marcus Justman a righteous man it was Abraham at least the right to judge righteously about it was just attributed two six two eight righteous but the catastrophic choice you made in Genesis thirteen when he chose to live lives of some and less than we find in these visas are he suffered the consequences for the rest of his life father and his children's children not by his own consent off at about Minnesota he would've been in that situation he was forgive the buck he covered the scars for life massif on the cross Jesus for David he was heavily involved on the cross but he was not taken off the cross Jesus and the one across because we've got to pay our say is at least the second you are pleased you said you have admission to heaven for me but you've got to pay your debt to society stale rolls will give visitors also consensus while the inhabitants of the note on this very moment this is one of Rosen the own forgiveness my sensitivities the forgiveness is guaranteed in human beings is not because we need to understand prevention is better than cure absolute digression J Susskind he is but the surgical scars remain of it affect us different because the memory but soon stays with they affect us limited back to bebop Christ wants to deliver you and me sexual addiction you that you must want with all your heart with all your soul you can stop reading stupid novels Harlequin romance Christ can get enough if that's what you want for them to qualify for the maximum with every forces you getting involved in what he says all that there was such a hot event that there was fairly as I think but maybe also Senate what one really wants is the hot is it ha ha to all day once you get all that hot in the hotly present opening is because out everything comes together Wednesday drug everything starts in the heart is not no new points one of the nose Vincent are you with me it also scans since the Seneca Riverview if you have asked did you miss you Susan are you following me at the outset I want here to be fully committed to me like a weblogs that sacrifice of automotive lesson of how the underground was aborted one hundred tablets after two of his young men with them Isaac is not applicable to the board of upright rows up on women because it was not old and he began to act in the then Shawn called the hockey of the Gulf said not by habitable glad I've been looking at the reports London's as to form the hall what will I like the cigars from was shown here he is from this show is one of the steps towards a woman whose show shown me how badly you want to stop smoking it is not shouting what are your patients with those students who think Shelby Walton on the setting of necessary salaries has gone out of bounds by sentence of the law is on the outside you can't get out your meow yes show me someone you like auditors because we did Tiger Woods affair with the report worked last is always going on and submit the selfish wish we so slow going you want to be set free celebrating with changes in your life this was only unwilling roofers of revival Crusade in Detroit during this young lady came to me as you did a member of the church right had approved pastoring up until two thousand one hundred was struggling I knew but I also could see beyond the struggle she had a heart to serve God but she was twenty one so I left such a suitable want now is to wait seven years later she comes prescription work on the Sabbath but wants to stop officer through a full boyfriend wants to stop that came to me and she said she said no I went through my phone book in Minnesota she set a cutoff I erased all the numbers of friends who were of no spiritual value not what you don't develop should show a single walk come down and brought openings what comes out of Ravi might have a civil war demonstrators would liquor stores are you walk down the street you won't be you want to the cigarette from between your limited us and won't put out of that man's house where development is not going you can do that by his help show me you see some people enjoy kept his millions light level things with profitable as well as the first design of the described how they would eat a lot of fish which we did into Egypt freely that you come to the Netherlands than the onions and garlic but also as right away as all decided on I read before I said that the arena is little of the these sniveling some people well I think captivity I was up that says without around on a leash the wellness minded rules and meet deserves business on muscle false old event has been the girls in church once the windpipe and you just don't bring them all the time they have some responsibility to be the walkout they have some responsibility yes because you are deposed now viewing this is where you start regretting asking to speak but I have to say some people go to hell because of you that this is an industry yes this is me when also became where is able to run it without asking for information from the GPS system he was asking for he was telling to you what I have some knowledge of the condition of your breath because you bear some responsibility for his state temperatures over some of them digressing again a people we don't even care about comes to us wears a member workman that the lady with the juvenile husband doesn't want of thought I was busy passing out tracts it on some school superintendent had decommissioned by the treasurer and I don't have time to see who was hit was not but bonus lesson this was her brother of Sabbath mornings and Norvasc comes a sissy 's assistant where is robust thoughts when you walk past the high Council people at the councilwoman whose problems lost one one one one the second before men young men one for the problems as last they tell me why in the first reason the D is the way the ladies dress in the church will visit us this business I M saw off it's your business to get your business to explore it want a business out of it and then I'd also just pop it as if it's what everyone else comes in the world influenced by circumstances of person they have mask off plan development Mustang with a local court of info once the child sees the father sees the Mama 's is the relevant sees the upside and is exactly what it is the desire that needs these the right things in Sunland in the present of the last of our country depends at the bat incident stress pileup limit of the church told him to spot beside the normal decide right you closed zero Houston affiliates this deliverance tonight starting tonight identify you know my one thing you know I know we have identified in one hotel having done that question number one do you really want to get with episode appointments question is not pointless do you really want to get whose solubility somewhere in the world of mercy somewhere in the world because these messages go over the place and seeking to me using the man was not a husband so why don't you stop he supports much of the bulk of it not as much as what is most much is that okay we support your life is in respect risk and endangering his to some degree you need to stop and trust God to support Junior to as I can see how I like that I don't didn't understand I don't care I just don't care when it comes to a total liabilities you must say I don't care I'm not using Microsoft but she she wanted to want to go she brought a reason why she needed to stay in that cell of infidelity a lot of it was maybe my prison is nothing I do I enjoy thoroughly little I like the Moses give up the pleasures of what as for season seven is pleasurable substance and is not to be denied when you converted your final questions and if I join him in spiritual things at the change in some of us all of our imprisonment is so own luxurious Olympic shots are convicted of crime that a woman's imprisonment you and I don't know soon and very different prisons were like countertops eleven Martha Stewart cheated autosensing was the one in this area writers I was on these name one she'll just a hobby Cheadle in establishing why she went to a country club prison gourmet meals you can go home and take it you never come back but so the vessel rubbish and that's where she went now some of us are imprisoned like console we have ceased to see ourselves in prison now that will quickly associate with the earlier line this is a form of imprisoned book of Isaiah forty six Isa forty two Soto forty six forty six and seven quickly Isaiah forty six and seven less associated like this now with the present davits I will call the righteousness of a hold I have I will keep me I would give it for a couple of the people for light of the Gentiles were seventh written with big advocate of version to the law of the blind eyes of the law and all the rest of firmware of them that sat there a Baptist I want to present out that blocking this is a form of prison that's why Jesus came to recovering of sight and sound even belying the fact that prisons about first by his Holy Spirit Jesus Christ tries to open the eyes agree with me when I want about the confession of the addition edited I don't realize how deep-fried was in the delay some of the prima people have experienced this might I started to pray as I would cry Lord when I stand in the point let me see over your North Shore before all of these years you will be more baptized lives were changed I was too large degree glorifying myself and punish all that to me you're how embarrassing that was in the house because all this time I thought I was glorifying brought them along to giving any impulses right on the point was another secret don't tell anyone visible this is serious it also gives me when I glorify myself you see how I preach from it that's my conviction I have the choice of our pushes me in the book there is a vigorous forget but also merciful I apologize you what happened tonight what will happen I like talking operators alone I'm sorry I apologize you want to does Bridget this is what I will illustrate I'm talking about what you imprisoned I was pretty Australian nation by I started preaching from my memory when I is for Microsoft verse of the Holy Spirit said to me yes after you have been to the board to FO shot and open it as wind turbine was that I got is my business I was in and I have an appointment and I say something cute that God doesn't need my memory goes back in the media of lesion is not to panic because what will I see a lot of affiliates in the presence of anything that happens I saw the unsightly you got any set on my prayer is a lot of knowledge of made me aware of this I want to come to the place where you have to bite my memory to know I noted the presence of I was in Georgia cells promotion our last exercise of forty two six and seven University of good background of mercy without I was missing I will satisfied in all my glory what will I do not want to instruct but you get the discounted but not all of the other priest of the applause to his name but I give them know who's not only was in the prison Mister am I still Russell every day to present likable I come across unpleasant because my mother by myself but I am wrestling I pray I am thinking when I stumbled please follow since been subconsciously met the consciously and unconsciously direct the glory to you you identified years in prison do you want to get call of Christ make up your mind I want to bring this thing are the ones you to see over the forms if five people you elected sure where I want over people going to get you out of that addition of humidity of Christ who never had to sit anyone dual layer of anyone how to qualification the Senate was Christ it was great enough was available and he just took the heart of Buddha Mohammad you should be his doctor imprisoned you just shy career revival church is a breakout of always argued about the Bible visits excitement and fun of a petition listed below are get all the Bible is believed to be reconverted and an intellectual discussion it was an ophthalmologist about appointment Sollecito have relativity is out of eleven thirty one years and was not included in so on is my brothers and sisters let's make decisions I have formed of his arm I want Christ to break me out through his work burns intensely giving up four zero three eighty the division is of the devil him from the beginning for this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might want destroyed the front bindings from this one wasn't doubled by the first humans to forty four as much as a child of God the chosen a particular fashion but he also himself likewise took part of the same through death he might do what this medium Christ in nineteen before but will they give you power to threaten serpents and scorpions oval fold the power of the revelation from the great dragon was cast that power can work for you starting to make a decision he bought some multisite for you he decided to set price but again besides the ability to make a decision Lord I don't to be delivered from this five Bible texts associated with that it was on the use of the nuclear power of the word of God to destroy up to come out I did Christ back is anyone listening to me as a phone of imprisonment as you have visual and mid-level to woman's novel form of prison to himself as the recording Angel is preparing to write once a breakout sent it is not long to divorce the problem is our unwillingness to afford and I were Jesus as a flip us off I been so long time with the above yet hostile mobility Philip Mister Matthews was with assault with a sharp contrast to the ice expects some things to happen quickly most publicly before him but this is a fine deceitful I want to bring up a thing is identified in my mind find Bible verses connected with it you feel this with his pain Proverbs sixteen thirty two is official to anger the start of the mighty of income with this but then he that taketh a city Ephesians four twenty six what is I would let not the sun go down upon your you find forces that deed with I got if it is to put amendments up shop not still whatever it is you get close to the Bible identified forces directly related because when the devil said if thou be the son of God command additional David Gray Jesus didn't also remember the Sabbath day and I decided is whether the match by Babylon is so unfit with them to look like a receptor site and ultimately and mobility needs find texts consists in forming what everybody were sports reference situation dividends iteratively from fifty seven of before but it's specific of those verses in the head every day singular from the everyday otherwise there's before Christ means wholehearted proportional to stop on a repetition of this diversion everything is want of one type of person and every day as if half the new for me and keep me delivered every negative pride is what delivery from father to be I come to you seeking your humility today if unfortunately but I think you find a random humidity are eligible to manifest your say is a personal work out your award of power called constant this is once about what you find ourselves and give gone at all your heart and see what he does in your life even shorter period of time than you would've been the freedom begins tonight because we're sent out the call every head bowed every eye closed father in the name of Jesus first of all if I preach badly forgive me please take this patchwork attempt of my Lord six and apply to every heart please father is a delicious five ones ten Festival and liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free father that's what we need to stand in the freedom that the costs will bring us to days gone please hear every of his heart cry for deliverance from fact which has happened by maybe five years and doesn't cry all you come on and with all your forces by such strongman and set us free please do it father we invite you to do it we give you permission to do it in new age who was we come into your house as clean in the hands of the popped up by vehemently as you have on past occasions and deliver us it is so much that it will buy now we see and we speak fathers believe the this message not be taken away by the birds of secular thinking of it but let us reflect then assume that it takes the message now for the process of meditation missing out into our hearts and which the rules to my will both teams God please hit his humble prayer I offer for my hunch with a request for forgiveness of sins of Thanksgiving for two begun to do it Jesus is able for his sake that all God 's people say a man at an event book please have


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