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All or Nothing

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • September 1, 2008
    10:00 AM
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will I think of Jeremiah chapter one verse nine the mold before this haven't touched my mouth most of them to be pulled I put my words in Weimar father do that for me now globally understanding of your sons and daughters in Jesus name I pray amen our message for this morning is entitled all or nothing all or nothing Mark chapter twelve verse twenty eight Mark twelve reading from verse twenty eight all or nothing if someone asked you does not have a Bible please do a Christian thing that the person reload with you if you she wants to Mark twelve reading from verse twenty eight all or nothing Bible says in one of the scribes came and having heard them reasoning together and perceiving that he answered them well asked him which is the first commandment of all Jesus answered him the first of all the commandments is here or is wild the Lord our God is one Lord about the love below hello my heart and with all my soul and with all that in mind and with all my strength this is the First Amendment of the second is like moving this thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself there is none other commandment greater than these undescribed an opinion well Master thou has said the troops father is long gone and is none other but he and another with all the heart and with all the understanding of all the soul and with all the strength and love his neighbor as himself is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly he said of the power not far from the kingdom of God let us examine the response that Jesus gave to describe which is the first command of all the chief principle answers is that correctly household love them all by ballroom all my heart with all my soul and with all of my mind with all my strength now Christ was quarried from the Old Testament there are churches today who call themselves the New Testament Christians and they disregarded entirely the fact that whenever Christ preached on the apostles preached their quarter deliberately from the old testament to forget about the golf wall on the shores of Galilee is the same God who called Moses out of the burning bush the same person Jesus Christ was a call price then but it was the same person Jesus Christ let's go Deuteronomy chapter six and seeing where Christ was quoting when he responded that spry our subject is all or nothing Deuteronomy six reading forces for an fine of his aware that God gave to Moses their lawyers while the Lord our goal is one Lord of the house I love them all back on all my heart and with all thy soul and with all my thoughts about if you combine what is recorded during the six five with what Jesus said in Mark twelve verse twenty nine of thirty what you have is we must love the Lord with all our heart soul strength mind and want I would describe responded verse thirty two of Mark twelve of the scribes and of the wedding must've always said the child folders one bought a business other but he am totally okay with all the heart with all the other understanding described as something one described and it was accepted by Jesus because were told that when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly so Christ accepted what he said so what we happens the Bible says we must love the Lord with all our heart so straight my Mike and understandable however you would apply these explains with emotional makeup your intellect spiritual side of physical slack whatever they believe what the Bible is saying we must not go with everything we had not biblically the motive is the duty of obedience there really is through the Second Amendment says thou shall not make under the any privilege or likeness of anything that is in heaven above all that is in the earth beneath all that is in the water under the earth thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for I won't thought am a jealous God visiting the victory of the fathers of the children unto the third of four generation of them that hate me and showing mercy of the thousands of them that love me on yes they are connected you cannot separate obedience from low for all practical purposes they are the same and so when the Bible says you are going to heart it means obey him with all your heart a question asking no what gives God the right to make that kind of demand love me with all your heart with all your soul with all you understanding loyal strength of mine whom I know on what basis can he make that claim there's a principle by which more functions one of many let's see some examples of that principle of operation let's go to John chapter thirteen we shall reverse thirteen as we continue all or nothing John the thirteenth reading from verse thirteen this is a chapter where the Last Supper was recorded in greatest detail wrote on Thursday reversed that the Bible says he called the mast on Lord and the zoom level so I have if I got your Lord and Master have washed your feet you also ought to wash one another's feet what I have done what given an example that you should know us I hope that you the principle is one law requires of us he demonstrates first message on board seven fifty Johnson Steve rated from verse twelve rather this is my commandment that you love one another how outside of a video in other words this kind of photo is going to love you set the standard first venue defines that the grid of Manhattan all of the middle of the various data manually and down his life for his friends and Christ is the man slave from how far back the foundation of the world so that example was sick even before the world was made there was a universal example of you know about love is entirely self sacrificial and God says that's how you love one another note that's how you love one another unless the goal is great and love one another can you imagine what it means to love God if I am required to log into the point of giving my life what is required when I love God on my enough of God must exceed my e-mail for those of them was this horizontal left he set the example then he said for first John four nineteen another example of this principle of operation first John's up before first light to grab afterwards the back of the Bible first John four nineteen oh subdivision all or nothing rather now really nice a lot we know KY because he forests left us one law requires of us he demonstrates first there's no division shall before reversed for the one vision for reading from first thirty one grab that rid of me let all bitterness on raw and I got an clever and able to live front with all manners and being caught I want to another tenderhearted forgiving one another how far crisis it not we must forgive the week off there's a principle by which malfunctions bounces wants me that you do is click once how I love you that you love me the same way as is humanly possible for God so loved the world that he had not went dog did Jesus want to give because he set the example of giving where you give the best when God gave Jesus Christ home all walks did he give because he settled example he requires also follow Leslie to Jesus who is little Colossians one Raven for sixty or so subject of or nothing is not almost the all or nothing is missed on the physical principle your mama told you when the when was that as in the physical zone this would limit government for those of you who study designs whose physiology muscle physiology how a muscle cell contracts out the best the class is all or nothing a muscle fiber volume of June when you curl that barbell each individual fiber that is recruited to me that you would contracts not facility or does not have the physical all or nothing as a physical gong constructed his divine muscles disables all Macs similarly what would I send you to one or sixteen this reef for by him were all things created that are in heaven about it are visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created by him and for him and he is before all things advise him all things consist now combine forces six zero seventeen sixteen tells us whom they ever think of was that Jesus Christ yes I'm the father acknowledges that it was interesting composition or one-sided conversation I should say in Hebrew step one where God is talking to the sun than the sun doesn't answer back because our golf side of this conversation and God says in verse eight of the subtleties there by throne O God is for Apple and Evelyn all columns on condensate block five throne or God is ever on F1 offset the own righteousness is the set the United Kingdom this is going to father addressing the sun force myself to righteousness and hated iniquity therefore going to go back to optimal due to the oil of gladness above biphenyls no listen to what the father says on the subject were spent on now Lord wanted with me they're living in a hospital what is the foundation of the things of earth and the heavens are the worst of my hats of this is wonderful publicly stating the creators not go back to Washington on Tuesday and we have a restricted municipal things Chrysler's me seventeen thousand that it is in him that all these things of urgency hold together with agent says in him all things consist but once consistently let the Bible to find that people sample one hundred and four verse three of the computer all or nothing it was one reading from first three or just verse three of the Bruce Chapel one reinforcement spending of Jesus Christ for being the brightness of his glory of the express image of his person and upholding most things by the word of his power upholding all things house by the word of his power the Bible is collapsed if you were a colossal system again on seven hits to all things mentioned four times all things repeated in Hebrews one three of the message is gone then all things must focus on and he upholds and sustains everything that he makes it worse the only thing Jesus did not meet was what God the father of his own items are looking to upgrade are you with me was always been the father-son Holy Ghost is in this agreement understand little about it when we get to the other side of anyone at the domicile of producers I would get the inside and anything else was created by Christ on everything Christ creates he sustains that's a principle by which it functions some of the apostle but does it again differently if hunger produces a car it is very possible that someone from a Chevrolet plan to fix it Clara yes we acted my car ninety two Subaru levitated from agent but I don't think the Subaru dealer in which money I gave some general mechanic and he does the same thing but with Jesus what he makes when he can fix by following that even if it doesn't even think what came next only he can do a lot sustain unmaintained that's a principle by which God functions by the way salvation is a work of creation of the principle applies spiritually as well if Christ changes your life which is a work of creation that he is morally bound to what incest rules in men's a week about same as a lot of people will want to give their life to Christ because of it if I didn't like the price my life would crash out there don't understand the under legal implications as I said last night well you didn't know what the price price becomes more rooting a meeting to be responsible for you of this was the person of the father did at the risk of failure and took the loss of subject I like Wright's new integrated material section nine paragraph one in in one great gift for the dog he poured out for us all the treasures of heaven this is also difficult and distorted about a boy but if I receive the blood would run away and spent all his money enforcement upon the Bible says now was eldest son was in the favorite survivor group fifty of his eldest son was in the field and I think it would like the house your music and dancing I called one of the service of possible obviously spent and he said to him like brothers of thy father hath killed the fatted calf because he has received since it was all and he was angry and what not go in their book in his father out financially to him and he answering said to his father will please many years why simply neither transgressed I is I recommend that you will never get Disney up ten and I like big bed with my friends but as soon as this my son was come which has been followed by living with harlots thou those skilled in the fatted calf son words follow up with me next to the father of the boy represented God all the high half is for you all bought has is not the will Jesus will focus at another parish destroyed or I can do everything I have by giving my son and risk losing him of thereby losing everything not using some new losing everything it's all on a single consent Gabriel because going to have something you don't have a backup plan for Jesus Jesus is the ultimate laugh we believe a backup plan for fuel by the medical school of dental school section seven of my right foot you'll get a harbor universal vision was second in Loma Linda University of what Clara so he will have strategic in your application is on the top level would let alone a book somewhere along the line out anyone to understand what that's all I have lots price if this doesn't work as an example of a great about it is all said on not so the Bible says it offers a safe apostle of the world that he gave his only beloved son that whosoever believes in all the give his only begotten son that's all sin is so horrible that the only answer for six was everything I some what will happen you sent one of the problems of Christians we don't understand how vulnerable citizenry don't because it is so up the plot of the public to listen send for the very existence of God 's kingdom I will never suppose for a threat of sudden mike Leach was recently brought half anything less than all of this is not a lawful act everything I had to be if you are I will respond by giving what you see the automation can be dealt with is when blog having given all the little then I give all combinations of name is the list of the one happens most of the time here's all from Bob Anderson is nothing it doesn't work the only way it works is all and all the women were shopping device of article seventy dollars and seventy five cents negative twenty minutes and put it right back where I want to give ourselves on the escorts which voice is my life I did change of it says I want to control who I marry messaging shipment it meant the control who want mental with SI my profession let us I want to let this something in our lives we want to decide when Bulger Jesus said vehicle of course was not only moved once it was a permanent roof everything God has you give to us your system does not support when it is understandable that one out the garbage so cruel to bring people to help his other response for someone who rejects everything on and help how is the proper response is someone who sees gold giving you what essential the only response when I will like that because health must be proportionate to the rejection of the gift question unanswered some Christians believe because they are blessed as they progress in their involved with bonus in Matthew five forty three giver to happen said Buffalo Bay enemy but I send you love your enemies missed them that curse you we would limit it to recommend despitefully use you and persecute you such individual default which is another of his best fourteen this is song arise on Christians as such sign of blessing yes although it sounds I require for life I just know God bless you tricolor sinners and Saints the sun rose upon evil and this is a blessing is what it looks on the because Donna's must've believed that the database outside of the main unadjusted Oneonta ha ha Colin this morning with my body won't live this morning welcome to represent you love the Lord with all his life is gone but I found some things one does what everybody so because your job and your student is not seek back to basketball if you lunch with Morgan Hardeman brought to you I know you haven't it will not come to a show of the child as the basis of an effort of this order three he demands nothing short of absolute surrender children's health well-defined absolute ninety nine percent forget about everything you do nothing of the land of us were made possible commitments the block we sat along the way of the manuscript releases volume seven page one six two gone will accept nothing less than absolute surrender of the mind the heart but will the straight Tyler being that this control how much more sleep they get elected in her language is old Newman Christians of them was in the mood of the citizen to have testimony time the Lord will whoever gets it everyone will will will will will feature different my brothers and sisters Gore hasn't changed is less than revenue one forty five members recounting the blessings of obedience obedience to God which is poor we heart ourselves when we needed a partial surrender could go because we deprive ourselves of essays which normally perform some limited person and so I appears it was more what gives all the right to demand everything is because he first did what they all says on the moral legal ethical basis of my example I have every right to require the state of you not just for my own gratification but because that's the only way I did become in your life to your selfish of the gift of Christ misses everyone relive some array of Ross betrays that is a result of Christ ally said California's template everything I understand it carefully the cross of Christ secures little to this but on smaller wireless but influence in the kingdom of God is for those who received goals old by making the deadline bought all I can read and so I ask again I ask myself have you really given your own defenses no as I closed the book but if I did I leave the absence of the I will see you walk out of your perfect going to walk over there with having developed the perfect talk will be my perfect but below I said last night sacrifice Isaac Abraham set up to act he acted out a hot bath was fully determined and what sacrifices God accepted the as actually having it of your ISA sacrifice Isaac also it is not necessary now to do it physically embedded PC in your hot absolute perfection begins when you want I think our problem by stock with social start with a slice because Christ's object lesson three six too bad we don't buy the book the authors compiled of the heart you can make up your mind right now to give you have to go that's what he wants even if you slip it was one looks at the heart he looks at the heart when it is in the heart of the Beagle efforts are put in this area in the heart hoping that's what I'm sold O Rasmussen are we willing from the heart this is all about I surrender my idea you have to make that decision going Wilma make it for you but in his mercy of his portfolio he sends his Holy Spirit the capital 's shoulder and said please please think that the session is the price of the role by his death on Calvary the people and is waiting to get what you pay for my withholding your life from here you are guilty how shall not steal stealing is taking what is not yours you walk with a price we are not our only wish you would think that was we would be differently with stress differently go different places if we are listening when I'm supposed to come from related license that unless the watch is what he says where he goes what he doesn't know why the install files this request is for Arsenal I must ask you to understand what I'm trying to say it's all some is one nothing is muted like okay some is Google Gordon Hill suffered the degrees of punishment is also visible are you understanding that but how much this applicable regard to recent symptoms and a pleasant looking with many stripes some of you scribes so there's some nice people and help available commercial but we were having had so many apostles limited on which is a significant legal rise unnoticed okay what can I want you will find my slap through the worst Audubon will also run all week you were the one half days off at risk in that sleep with you with vision but did Jesus and his son received the images of the goaltender auditors told so be a nice digital video I'm going to read myself it wasn't the rental note of every round until he won't produce over little for the parcels have very nice voters want two months you want to surrender your illegal immigrants illegal by the multitude of which means without the become up to transform the transform this must be portal like Jesus the legitimacy you must begin and what you are the ones that is what you say you must know what your initiation and you must come back once she is different because you look at a father as well as I is also sufficient in Johnson's estimate of this but I like the best medicine if one of highfalutin African-Americans what about whatever it is a Lula Bush Americans Iraqis Americans of Polish Americans Mexican-American California Americans of all of this conflict and as long as users will will and I thought I is you lose them make a decision is suitable for your salvation is the decision more than neutral he will not sit on this cause of approving these on television all day long eleven high something there is only the best of emotional popular monitor specimen is not so much like a hollow about if you like to send it back levels of public authorities if you like what I do send me back the zero 's business is who he is missed on screens over the commercial proved both as thirty days if you like what blogosphere comments of visitors is probably going to be one month beginning now you give nope no serious about hot photo every thing of God all all and see what happens in your life and in other words we together who want this relationship for FY and gall does not wait to demonstrate his pleasure the acts such as the arbiter of so I made a commitment myself to give everything I don't all of me little physical spiritual emotional intellectual social unit cultural event of your witnesses decision serious you have used your favorite instant it's then up to the love of about seventy to make it it's okay I once thought status religion portals with God outside of everyone else miracles ready of molecular music you have opened refrigerant video book telephone message she was about the visiting schedule is all about the the first follows close the Mountainview whose fault would have in the name of Jesus Christ please receive a small class we give ourselves to fall to accept the surrender of ourselves we have everything we have as far as we can relate to build a sacrifice and father we pray you receive this submission was no spirit that was the life of Christ was obedient unto death enabling the death of the cross it was not to try to open a song about regardless of the cost of one of about the bigger the view has written about eyes closed is there someone wishing to me I think the kind of surrender but you scared to really like what you are scared you know I really wanted to rethink going your life to make what use can you like me to pray for you especially written it has now you've already do this run vastly extend if you've not made a formal surrender your free special prayer you want to talk to Richard okay you want to move the polls with the light arisen as okay as a measure of obesity in some way to hunt you want to do it but he also knows the time the Brooklyn Bridge as for your father in the hands of those who see the wheels because the bad people go through different experiences before the contact point for the raising that has no mice is willing with pressure suite of asking you click on costly hearts shine the light of divine common sense of the bias that they be quickly that also written it up because the some of the missing of the enemy 's power is in the son of a seeing a demonstration of the power in your life touched them they are not really his riveting it is humbly pray to God of all those who made it more we can ever enjoy before we go to bed tonight because it must be a constant renewal of our surrender to God who lives in a way that becomes collateral lost that heaven is free to change our tastes there was another time for spiritual things that I find Shaw hereby rather the problem really is a fine choice but by the television is like to live a cognitive sense rather the company says Shays Allah is the best quality arches big on and it was the decider for the kingdom that will change how I don't please go that far because it is oh well it is your will and him set up I think it is confident that we have it again but if we has anything at all is well you know that's what recipes you all available upon a big part of shame trusts save costs to health Laurie though enjoy your visit with my heartbeat go I believe everyone is really good for is Jesus able for his sake but all God 's people say a manner that enable us to focus it all back into the goal


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